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Consumer complaints and reviews about UEI

Delatorre8584 Send email
Feb 1, 2016

UEI Lawsuit Associates in Business Management

I took there Administrative assistant and Associates in Business Management Course in 2012 Im stuck with a 20 thousand dollar loan and i did not get placed in any job. The major part of this is the credits are not transferrable to another college because they are not accreditted so Im currently at Mt.Sac starting over again. I want to sue UEI can any body direct me on how to start the process. Im very serious but i dont know where to go.
catt Send email
Jan 30, 2016

dental assistant

I went to uei college for dental assistant. Everything was going good but when i was almost done they told me i had to stop working for i could complete extern. If i didn't do my extern on time it was like i never went to school and they would need to drop me. I'm a single mother of two boys i had to stop working and moved back to my parents. I couldn't afford daycare or make school payments. I found my extern sites closer to home. because the school tried to give me a location that was to far. again no job no money and single mother of 2. Even tho i finished extern on time and school. I didnt get my certifications of completion because i was not up to date with my payments. Till this day they haven't helped me get a job. i looked for jobs on my own again but because i don't have my credentials of completion and certified paperwork. I cant get a job. I'm really upset and disappointed. I called and request copies and they said no. i needed to be current( paid off ). How do they expect you to make payments if they tell you to stop working to do extern 170hours . And now I'm trying to get a job in the field that i went to shool for and have a career.
FutureMedicalAsst Send email
Jan 20, 2016


If you want to complain call this number it's the Better Business Bureau (213)-631-3600 I just started going there I been there for like 5 days & decided to see the reviews it seem like it going soooooooooo good like it's just going to be perfect but reading the reviews I'm checking out ASAP .
Scontreras Send email
Jan 12, 2016

I want my money back

I went to UEI for medical billing in 2010 and the only reason I decided to go was because they said they guaranteed a job and an externship ... It was the worst mistake of my life !! The cost was around 9,000. I feel like all I payed for was my books and bavkpach which should be less than 9,000. When they found me an externship it had nothing to do with medical billing .. I was like -_- are you serious??? Luckily my externship was at a hospital and I looked around and asked if there were any billers I could speak to and made friends with one of them and she had her manager arange something where I can shadow her every once in a while .. Then after the externship was over, Uei did not help me find a job. They asked for my resume to "send it out" but I never got anything.. What's the point of paying for this if I can just send out my resume myself then. I've payed my loan on and off with jobs I have gotten myself but I don't feel like I should pay anymore. I feel like I should get my money back. They stole my money. It's already hard paying monthly bills. But this, I feel like I'm just giving my money away
morales Send email
Dec 10, 2015

worst school

I went to UEI. Worst school ever everybody that I know didn't get a job when I went on my externship I was doing many things that they don't show you at the classes.They are only there to get money and not to help students.
karv Send email
Dec 7, 2015

UEI worst mistake ever

I attended UEI college in 2014 they promised they would get me a job to help me pay for this school . I went here because in mid july there was no way of getting into a community college and I needed to get to school after so many phone calls I decided to check this school out a representative helped me right away brainwashed me about how great this school was . So I joined and they said we can help u with loans and u can pay them back because we promise to help you find a good job. They lied I have been going to there campus many times and they don not ever give me a call back with job information. I am now jobless with a 18k debt and interests keep going up every month. The financial department also lied about the interest rates they shamelessly lied right in my face assuring me if I got a deferment extension there we be absolutely no interest only know I looked at it personally and find out its an extra 22$ per month that I don't have . This school is ridiculous !! I want to file a lawsuit
daysha Send email
Nov 22, 2015

medical assistant

Hi i want to get a refund back because they didn't give me my diploma to me. I went to the school to pay off what ever that I owe. This lady said all I need to pay is for the graduation and that's it. So I said okay
. I graduate in 2012 and they told me to wait a day to get my diploma. So I did and they send me a note saying I owe them money. And I was like wait I ask the lady is that all I owe before I graduate and she said yes. I call the school lots of time and no answer. I couldn't get my diploma I couldn't work at all. And they promise to help me get a job but never happen. I mean I spent a lot of money for what. the teacher don't do nothing but laugh with the student. Sometimes we get a different person to teach us.This college just want money they promise us to help us and get a diploma but no they don't do nothing that's why these schools are shutting down. And now I have a loan to pay off for what I didn't get my diploma. They are scamming us.I want to sue
mwarrior0816 Send email
Nov 16, 2015

UEI gives you nothing but fake promises its time for them to take full responsibility for what they are doing to us!!!

When I went to check out the UEI campus in Riverside, I was promised to be in a class with knowledgable teachers and told me I would learn so much. The teacher I got in the Business Administration course Mr. Gonzales was a lazy and horrible teacher. The whole class would always complaint so we decided that one of my classmates and I were going to go file a complaint with the director Mr. Latimer. We were completely ignored. so a few weeks ago the whole class and I decided not to go to school for a day....By 8:20am when they saw the class was empty they were blowing up our phones ....they investigated our teacher and he finally got fired. The problem now is we only have to 3 more modules to complete and still not know a thing so I want a full refund!!!!...We now have a diferent teacher almost everyday and We just feel so lost in this class. feeling depressed and disapointed smh.....who ever wants to join a lawsuit e-mail me at mwarrior0816@gmail.com
jolyssa91 Send email
Nov 6, 2015

UEI College is a joke

I went to UEI 2013 graduated I did everything right and still got stuck with there bullshit! I'm a single mother of one and had to work 2 jobs just pay my tuition that they kept bugging for and still support my daughter and home. They said they help and make arrangements but they lied. And it's so hard being in debt at a young age and having a family .Its hard I want my money back or be debt free and have nothing to do with that scandal school. I'm tired of the harassing calls to make payments and there shit lies they are full of it and are a joke! They need to shut down for good!
AshTheMagicDragon Send email
Oct 2, 2015

worst mistake of my life

I was homeless at the time my friend had just told me about UEI & i just wanted to get my life back and have something to look forward to in my life. I found a friend who would let me stay with them I went to them. I went to the school I felt like they where pushing me into it. But they where right I had nothing at the time I was just a hopeless kid who was trying to do something my teacher was amazing she did every thing she could, but I think deep down she know not all of us where going to get a job. She would drop little hints here and there. I finally finished turned in all my papers and even walked the stage. It's been 5 months since Graduation I fell behind very hard on my student loans and my bills. I decided to call the Board of Pharmacy only to find out they never received any of my information. that I've been waiting for 5 months for nothing, digging myself into a hole of debt that I don't think I can come out of. I can't even get a Jon in my file cuz they never sent my information. They very rube and organized. every time I called them I have to call them multiple times just to get a hold of them and then I end up arguing with them and they always tell me the same thing I can't talk to you like this call me back tomorrow only to call back for the not answer... all I wanted was to make it on my own
moosealex Send email
Sep 16, 2015


I attended UEI College in 2009 I have outstanding student loans that I can not pay. I never got a job as a Certified Medical Assistant as the school promised upon signing up. I also know several classmates that are stuck in the same situation. This school is miss leading and leaves you lost in the world hopeing for a better future and leaves you oweing money you can not re pay and job less.
Imdeve2 Send email
Aug 7, 2015


My Daughter signed up after graduation from High School in Jan 2015,
With promises of a bright future she has an instructor who has been a negative Nellie from the very first night... Saying how when in iffice situation there will be gossip and mean people in every office you work at. This May or May not be true, and least of all it did not need to be started out the first night of school... This instructor should not be teaching...she has had many jobs she tells but always leaves due to not getting along.
The school moved to a new campus and still runs short on supplies...my daughter is now 18 was working full time as well as going to her MA program and just recently went to 3 days a week work schedule... Starts externship week after next still no site found. They told her it would be best to find her own site! Also she has been in several times to have her payments lowered or deferred and they say she CAN'T!
Yet many students got in to school free or for very low payments.
If my daughter had a kid it would not have cost her much of anything!
My husband and I have been seperated for 4 yrs and now he has a terminal lung disease and had to sell his business, he claims my daughter his step daughter and this causes her not to qualify for any loan programs. I have been a care giver to him and he only give me 800.00 a month so at this time I can't even hardly make ends meet to help out my daughter! They won't let her go to her site until her next payment is made! There is much more that can be said but I will wait to speak to someone!
daf Send email
Jul 28, 2015


What a scam of a school. I cosigned for my daughter for a loan. The school promised to find her a job but never happen. Now she is stuck with the loan and i am stuck with the parent loan. We defer payment but the interest keeps growing. I nor my daughter can afford to pay it back. I would never recommend any type of school like that. You are better off going to community college. Would definitely like to join a class action suit.
Cfoster40 Send email
Jul 15, 2015

Worse school ever

I attended a school who isn't accredited school and promise assist with job search upon graduation, the jobs I applied for in the area of expertise will not accept my certificate because the school is not accredited. The school has discontinued their Medical Assistant program in which I enrolled as will as all other programs (dental, medical billing & coding, massage therapy except for business administration) and the also changed their name to UEI. Now I'm force to pay a student loan back from a school who breached their contract. I live in Jacksonville Florida and attend the school in 2009 , yes I would love to help file a case action against the school and all I'm asking in return is student loan forgiveness and have it removed from my credit.
araceli Send email
Jun 26, 2015

worse school

i am very disappointed i went to BOA class in gardena they didnt have a internshipfor me to go i had to look for one. they never help and the most sad part about it is that uei keep getting away from it while alot of people are with no jobs and with a 22,000 loan. everyone in my class didnt get a job.
SabrinaHernandez Send email
Jun 25, 2015


they said this school would prep me for a better/brighter future...yet I have a diploma that is not worth 20k. I would love to have my money back ASAP because they should close this school down. They enroll anybody and even people with high school diplomas or GED's. They ruined my life with debt at such a young age. I want to fight to get my money back! They are a scam! I wish I would have NEVER went to the UEI. I don't know why they are still open! I'm so unsatisfied with the turn out and I will do my best to be as vocal as possible! The financial aid people tweaked the system just to get me in even when I said no! They still insisted! Oh and one more thing the woman who enrolled me got fired like 2 days after I started! What a couinscidence right!
angelrivera319 Send email
Jun 25, 2015

Worst And Waste! Need My Money Back ASAP

I would love to get a refund back because its a waste of money.whoever sues them I'm with you because I don't wanna pay for something that didn't even help me find a job. So if anyone sueing them please let me know so I can join!
Delatorre8584 Send email
Jun 11, 2015


I completed there associates degree program in Business Management and they promised a job placement which never happened. I tried to go to every college near by to get my bachelors and the credits dont even transfer. They lied about everything now Im stuck with a $22,000 loan! If anyone is sueing I would like to join!
ramaya27 Send email
May 10, 2015


Hello? If anybody out there trying to sue this scam school? I will gladly participate. They ruined my life when they promised you it would get better. Anybody that even wants to start something against this evil school please let me know.
JANETT Send email
Mar 19, 2014


where do we stast lets all get together and finish this debts and no jobs for us
Anne Wilson Send email
Oct 25, 2012

UEI Lawsuit

I am an attorney from Duckor Spradling Metzger & Wynne. Our firm has filed a lawsuit of behalf of students UEI College for unlawful and deceptive business practices. We would like to here about your experience and see if you fit into the class of students we are representing. If you are interested, please call or email either myself (wilson@dsmwlaw.com, (619) 209-3046) or Annette Clark (clark@dsmwlaw.com, (619) 209-3054) to set up a phone interview.

Anne K. Wilson, Esq.
Duckor Spradling Metzger & Wynne
A Law Corporation
Email: wilson@dsmwlaw.com | Web: www.dsmwlaw.com
User644116 Send email
Apr 4, 2012

Worse School Ever

Hay everyone, please go to this site and file a complain against big scam UEI. I already did, and i am trying to start a class action suit for all that got ripped off from UEI. If we all work together and complain, we will have a case. bppe.ca.gov/enforcement/complaint.shtml
User644116 Send email
Apr 3, 2012

Worse School Ever

User644116 Send email
Apr 3, 2012

Worse School Ever

Hello, I would like to know how to file a class action law suit against UEI. UEI is the huge Scam, they do and say anything just to sign you up, and all that said is out the window. I would love to start a class action suit against UEI for misrepresenting them selves, When I first went to UEI, I told them my situation regarding how i want to get in, but it would be kind of hard since i am a single mom of two. They told me not to worry, they offer financial assistant. I asked them what if i only attend school for 2 or 3 weeks and quit due to circumstances, they said no problem, i would only pay for the time i went there and not the whole amount which was about 5, 000. They even gave me a form in case i wanted to drop, they said that i had two weeks to chance my mind, and i Will not be charged at all, as if i did not go in at all. I said OK sound good, i will give it a try. LIES!! I went for the two weeks, then i had to leave, what happened! they send me the whole bill amount. All what they told me was nothing but lies just so i sing up to meet there quota. For over 3 years now, and the collection agency harasses me everyday on my cell phone. I called UEI and told them the situation about 16 times, to find my paperwork to see that i should not have to pay according to what they told me, know one calls me back, nor reply to my emails. If there is a Class action law suit out there please add me to it.
Thank you Halla Elsineit
User644116 Send email
Apr 3, 2012

Worse School Ever

If any one will file a class action law suit aginst this Rip off school UEI, please add me to it, or if anyone know how to do it, let me know and I will start one. I cannot belive this scam of a shool is still open. Please say NO to UEI! they will tell you anything just to get you in, and denie what they told you next day.

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