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Consumer complaints and reviews about Usell.com

mikejenkins1 Send email
Apr 22, 2015

No check

Well they quoted me 29.60 for my IPad (ver 1). Contacted them and finally got the packaging. Sent it to them. Weeks go by and no check. Well now we move to a new local address and still no check. So I contacted them and they finally agreed to send a new check to the new address and cancel the old one. Well now it has been yet another month and still no check. I am going to contact the Ohio Attorney General in a week if it does not show after 1 more month. NEVER use them and sorry I did not read this as well. Seems like this is a HUGE scam.
kristin55 Send email
Apr 16, 2015


SCAM - this idiots took my phone IPhone 5 32 GB .. claimed it was fake and sent me back and IPhone 6 Screen . Its disgusting that they are getting away with this ..should have know better when they would not give you a contact number .... Hope they all rot in HELL
Ghastly Tech Send email
Mar 11, 2015


i sent usell.com a iPhone 5c in perfect condition. They quoted $88. I wait for THEIR packaging and added 3 inches of bubble wrap around the phone. They claim it was damaged and changed the offer to $21. I'm waiting for my device to be returned. They ARE a scam.
tashab Send email
Jan 6, 2015

un happy customer

two orctgree weeks ago I sent my samsung galaxy s4 phone to usell for some extra cash. the phone was damaged and laying around the house, they offered $11.00 for it and I thought why not. but here I am still no check, I know its not much but it was mine. I wish I would've looked at this site of complaints before I sent my phone
ugh lesson learned.
jazzy20 Send email
Sep 28, 2014

My Phone

I Sent Them My Phone That Was In Good Condition And I Didn't Hear Nothing Back From Them About For A Month Straight Then They Respond Saying They Moved To A New Address And They Responded Back A Whole Another Month Talking About I Sent Them The Wrong Phone And That My Phone Wasn't In Good Condition Now There Telling Either I Let My Phone Go Recycling For Free Or Pay A Send Back Fee Which Is $6.99 They Are Gone Crazy I Need A Lawyer Now !!

Esther Fairow Send email
Sep 23, 2014

No money, no merchandise

We received a quote for $50 for an Ipod Touch 4th Generation 8GB on August 16, 2014. To make a long story short, after receiving the run around from Usell, we were told they never received the merchandise and the tracking # was never entered into the USPS system. How convenient. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!!!! This company embezzles and steals from the public!!!!
Cheated_Notdefeated Send email
Sep 22, 2014

Bad check

I sent my nearly perfect condition iPhone 4s to usell about a week 1/2 ago. They said a company called technollo was the buyer and I received a check for it last Monday, but after I deposited it into my account. Days later it was rejected on the claim there was insufficient funds so I was fined for that as well. So basically they sent me a bad check in exchange for my cellphone. I have written to usell about the manner, but from reading everyone else's experiences I doubt I'll hear any sort of response. This is so distressing knowing full and well you have been ripped off, stolen from. All I want is my phone back at this point, wishful thinking, I know. Wish I would have saw this forum before I decided to use their "services". They decided to not uphold their word on the basis of their business even though I kept my end. Ridiculous this whole thing is. First time being ripped off and I promise it'll be the last.
SRinaldi Send email
Sep 10, 2014

uSell is a scam

I sent my son's good condition, fully functional 4th gen ipod touch. They claimed the screen was damaged and wanted to offer me $8 dollars. I said no, send it back. I haven't gotten it back and when I click the postal tracking link provided, there is no tracking information.

So, they stole my kid's ipod.
Kain3526 Send email
Sep 7, 2014


Sold my Samsung Galaxy S 4 through usell now the buyer isn't even listed USELL won't respond and I never got anything for my phone what a bunch of thieves
Nethaniaelaine Send email
Aug 31, 2014

SCAM Don't use!

Had an iPhone 4, great condition. decided to go thru usell because they offered more. Should have read all the reviews and kept my phone. Sure the offer stuck. And they sent a check. Here's the kicker: the offer check bounced! So now I don't have my phone, my offer money, & now charged banking fees because it bounced. No one from the company has contacted me with the matter. This is totally unfair and bad business practice. DONT SURRENDER YOUR PHONES TO THEM. You'll lose you phone and your money. Assholes.
FINDER Send email
Jul 6, 2014


this is mean
FINDER Send email
Jul 6, 2014


Willlev Send email
May 7, 2014


Got quoted $75 for my broken phone when VERY where else offered $40 so I went trough with usell. Sent my phone in and here I am a month later still no check. Extremely frustrated. Someone needs to sue this company. Here is proof people are all getting ripped off.
unhappycustomer27 Send email
Apr 20, 2014

bikair and usell suck

i sent my phone over 2 months ago, never recieved my check in the mail. only an email saying its not worth anything. i told them to send it back and they havent. usell.com stole my phone. NEVER use this site, the buyer isnt the problem. this website it. DO NOT USE.
User929544 Send email
Apr 10, 2012

So far not so good

I have several cell phones, from sprint first flip, to the first droid, setting in a box collecting dust, wanted to call this company and
get a quote, but glad i read these reviews.THANKS for schooling me on this company.
Aaron Manns Send email
Mar 21, 2012


usell ripped me off good about7or 8 cell phones when the class action comes, they forgot that i have that paper that you stick on the package with the numbers on it.thank you. Aaron Manns Mad as hell
USell.com Send email
Mar 19, 2012

This is a straight up scam be warned

Hi Ploidoe. This is uSell. Depending on which buyer you choose, payment could be sent anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks from the time they receive your package. They also offer different payment options, such as check and PayPal. Once you quote a device, click on the "see details" link under the offer to find out the buyer's terms and payment options. Our support desk typically answers all emails, but please send a note directly to me at social@usell.com and I will make sure it's addressed. If you have received your payment since this post was added, I hope you'll consider coming back to this site and letting everyone know!
uSell Send email
Mar 19, 2012

uSell Rebuttal

uSell.com was first launched in October of 2010. We are a publicly traded company and through a round of investing, were about to fund a massive TV campaign that was very successful. However, we were overwhelmed by the consumer response and did not have the back-end scalability that would allow us to handle the massive amount of orders. Because of this, we suffered severe customer service issues. Many, if not all, the complaints on this board date back to that time period and have apparently been re-posted to this board in recent days and weeks.

In June of 2011, our board as well as our senior staff decided to take a new direction. Instead of purchasing electronic devices directly from consumers, we have partnered with several of the leading electronics-buying companies in the country to purchase the devices. This guarantees that no single liquidator will be overwhelmed by a high volume of orders, thereby ensuring a satisfactory customer experience.

The majority of complaints date back to transactions that were made prior to June of 2011. Furthermore, please see our BBB rating, we have an A- rating with the BBB. All of the customer issues have been resolved and we are focused on our new business and providing our customers with an easy and secure way of selling their unwanted electronic devices.
We acknowledge that we did make some mistakes in our early days, but we have done and continue to do everything we can to make it right for every customer. If you have an issue with a current transaction, we strongly encourage you to contact us directly at Support@uSell.com.

For everyone who is concerned about uSell's credibility, here is some information about what the majority of our customers experience with our company, as well as links to customer reviews of our partners: http://www.usell.com/blog/usell-university/proof-that-usell-buyers-will-not-scam-you/.

In addition, uSell was recently recommended on the Today Show: http://video.today.msnbc.msn.com/today/46782770#46782770. We hope this information helps to set your mind at ease.
Usell Sucks!! Send email
Mar 11, 2012


I sent in an iPhone 4s quoted to be worth for $325.
I got $19.00 in return! Usell can rot in my basement!
that site is worth crap! i hope they go bankrupt and end up working at a thrift store!
Ploidoe Send email
Mar 2, 2012

This is a straight up scam be warned

This company say they'll buy your old cell phones. I sent in my phones on March 9th it is it is the 28th and no response. It was no problem for them to send my so call kit for me to send in my phones free postage. That took three days but i tried to report maybe the phones were stolen in the mail because they claim to reimburse you if anything happen and i haven't got any response. There's no phone number on the website, no address, just an email they don't respond to. This is a straight up scam be warned. I should have done more research before i sent my phones.
Donald Dry Send email
Mar 2, 2012

This is a straight up scam be warned

i sent in a phone 2months ago and never got my check either did it before and got my check but what can we do about this donald dry .
Viianna Corrales Send email
Mar 2, 2012

So far not so good

Wow I just saw the commercial and I changed my mind after I read all these commrnts. WOW!!!
Techgeek97 Send email
Feb 27, 2012


i saw the ad on tv thinking hey, i could make a few bucks on a couple phones i have laying around
and when i entered usell into the search bar, i saw this blog about scam stories
I read a bunch and I feel for you guys
if there is ever a lawsuit I will hope for you guys because i feel bad for those who got scamed
please make people aware of this situation so we can save others from the loss of their money
-sincerely, ticked off guy on the sidelines
Natelan Send email
Feb 23, 2012



I had switched from T-Mobile to Verizon and no longer needed my Samsung Memoir, which doesn't work on the Verizon network. My Samsung Memoir was in mint condition and was an 8 megapixel smart phone.

I considered three different cell phone mail in companies, but usell.com offered the biggest quote. I should have known there was something amiss when I noticed their quote was double the other two companies' quotes. I now realize that they over inflate their quotes as a bait and switch to steal your phone and your money.

Usell.com offered me approximately 70 dollars while the other two companies offered me 30-38 dollars.

When I finally got my check, it was for 18 dollars! I was sick to my stomach that my original assumption was correct; Usell.com is a scam. Being robbed of 50 bucks wasn't the worst part, but rather the shame I felt of thinking I might be walking into a scam, but subduing my better judgement by telling myself that I was being cynical and that this is a perfectly legal and ethical business venture, and then watching those initial fear come into fruition.

As soon as I emailed usell.com for an explanation, I was stone walled. Then, they had the utter audacity to tell me that the phone I sent them was actually a Samsung Behold, not a Samsung Memoir. The inclination I got was that they normally deal with people who don't know the difference between similar models, and that they could bully or convince me into believing that I sent them a completely different phone than the one I actually sent them. Unfortunately for them, I am a computer technician and former cell phone seller, and I know the difference between a Samsung Behold and a Samsung Memoir. I have never owned a Samsung Behold, so they are either lying to me to justify stealing 50 dollars from me, or they mixed up two customers' phones, either scenario is a justifiable reason for any potential new customer to avoid this wretched company.

They refused to supply me with a contact phone number or mailing address for escalation and I feel completely and thoroughly violated.

If there are any lawyers among us on this board, I would be a ready and willing participant in a class action lawsuit against usell.com, please email me at natelan@gmail.com to get this party started.

Also, to potential customers... A person claiming to represent usell.com will soon provide a comment to my complaint on this board. They will sound nice and try to diminish my complaint as a misunderstanding, and will claim that they are getting a bad wrap. But believe me when I tell you that the niceties exist only in these complaint forums. In private, via "customer service, " they will call you ignorant, stupid and try to silence and demean you.

Keep in mind that the CEO of usell.com has been convicted of defrauding the public with money for cash schemes, also a by-mail scam cooked up to steal your money. I didn't learn this fact until it was too late, but it's not too late for you to learn from my mistakes!

Rocsin Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Domain service provider: web domain registrant information for usell.com.
Technical Contact:
Technology, Information it@upstreamworldwide.com
Upstream Worldwide Inc
200 E Broward Blvd
Suite 1200
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
United States

ISP service provide: This domain translates to an IP address of This IP address is owned by:
Name Cloud Loadbalancing as a Service-LBaaS (ORD)
Handle C02752681
Street 9725 Datapoint
City San Antonio
State/Province TX
Postal Code 78225
Country US
reference: http://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-50-56-52-0-1/pft
This is company has no abuse but is provided service by rackspace.com (abuse@rackspace.com).
Here's what you do, send an email to the following addresses:
In the email state that you are informing them of fraudulent activity conducted by their customer "usell.com" and that by providing service to them they are enabling this activity. Request their help is stopping this activity. Detail the issues you have and point them to links on the web showing the scam. Try and keep it to the point and matter of fact - abuse departments get 1000's of emails a day.
In addition here are the contact details for upstreamworldwide.com -- call them and complain.
Chief Executive Officer Doug Feirstein
Office No.: (954) 915-1550
Chief Financial Officer: Daniel Brauser
Office No.: (954) 915-1550
Chairman of the Audit Committee: Grant Fitzwilliam
Office No.: (954) 907-1209
Outside Legal Counsel: Michael D. Harris, Esq.
Office No.: (561) 478-7077
Whistle Blower Hotline:
Toll free North America:
Toll free Outside of U.S. and Canada: Toll free fax (North America only):
(888) 883-1499 (203) 557-8604 (866) 253-5201.

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