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Electric Norman Send email
Aug 20, 2012

Aaron Christner Raging Asshole

Aaron you are such a RAGING ASSHOLE. Far be it from you to EVER do the right thing- I doubt you could even spell the right thing correctly. You screw people left and right all day long with so little regard for anyone but yourself- you are a steaming pile of poo. So go out and get stoned with your boyfriend Ryan. It is so obvious reading your drivel that you are (in no particular order) an idiot, a liar, a stoner and a crook. And you have no conscious.

Are you proud of yourself Aaron, and your little telemarketing empire? Are you proud of how the world looks at you... as a lying scumbag, a cockroach, a pimple on the asshole of the world? To call you a zit insults all the puss-infected pustules that have at least SOME morals. How do you sleep, stealing from little old ladies, and bouncing checks to your employees- people who for whatever reason trusted you.

Again, Aaron and Ryan, I ask you: ARE YOU PROUD?
bellyache14 Send email
Aug 19, 2012

Accomplish Learning Group / Black Box Firm Telemarketing Scam

I worked here through the beginning of the year, and I can tell you that this was a poorly run telemarketing scam. We were told to sign people up and get them on the program for fulfillment. Then we handed them over top The Blackbox Firm and jimmie would upsell people to even more coaching and stuff. It as all about the upsell. And everything was all over priced, mostly things you could already get free on the internets.

The moved us over to Black Box just about the time Aaron fired Colin from Accomplish. For Aaron to say he was not involved in Accomplish is like Clinton saying he never had sex with that woman. That is a great analogy... mainly because, just like Clinton, Christner probably beleives his own lies!

Anyway, Aaron would hide everything he did behind other people like Colin and Danika. When Aaron was at Accomplish, I heard him at least once pretend to be colin on the phone. Or Vince Scapuzzi... that was another name he liked.... not sure if it was another person he was f'ing over or just a fake name. Another name Aaron uses is Riley "Hutch" Hutchinson... i think he made that name up for a different online scam he was going to run.

I have since found out they had to hide behind colins name because the State of Utah took away Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen telemarketer license. Guess what for! FRAUD! Why am I not surprised. So two guys who had their license revoked for FRAUD pretend to be someone else (Colin Hayes) to get a new license! What a strange world!

And then there is Josh. Pretty worthless. Just stoned all the time, he was only there to get Aaron weed.

So I am not sure what they call themselves today... once it was Accomplish Learning, then it was The Blackbox Firm, then they started keeping it fresh. Then they start a new business name every time it gets the old one gets busted, or they screw over too many employees and the word gets out.

Like did you know they are not supposed to telemarket at all- they lost their license. So everything I ever did for them was illegal. They have so many fines and cases against them it is crazy. here is a list:
raul Send email
Aug 1, 2012

Accomplish Learning Group / Black Box Firm Telemarketing Scam

Boy, where to start? This is all such a jumbled mess.

I was contacted by Accomplish Learning about setting up a web site and getting an e-commerce income stream. I was going to get a full fledged business, website, seo, and top of google rankings. Accomplish set me up with financing (which in itself turned out to be an expensive scam). Then they turned me over to their partners "The Black Box Firm". to coach me and make my site.

So after a few weeks, I finally get my website. It is pretty cheesy looking, and I say so. They don't care- they say they did their bit, and they want 5K. And they want even more money to get the SEO going and get the Google ranking.

Needless to say, anyone who promises you top of google is a scam. And so I looked into this more, and found out this is just a continuation of a scam these guys are famous in Utah for. It seems there are two guys named Aaron Christner and Ryan Jensen (I think- they have a few aliases, but I think this is their real names!). Every year or so, the Utah Depart ment of Consumer Affairs shuts them down and fines them, and then they pop up under a new name, and start scamming people again. I looked up their previous company's with BBB, and they all score an "F"- look here:

<b><a href="">Accomplish Learning Group</a></b> (
<b><a href="">Diverse Marketing LLC</a></b> (
<b><a href="">Simplified Marketing LLC</a></b> (
<a href=""><b>The Black Box Firm LLC</b></a> (

At least they are consistent, huh? From the reports at the BB online, it looks like they just abandon their customers after a couple months. I can say that is EXACTLY my experience. They do not even answer their phones any more when I call! Why should they- they got my money already!

They must have pissed off a lot of people, because there are a LOT of complaints about them on the Interwebs. I see from some posts that they also do not pay their bills or their employees. Nice guys. I googled some more, and I found some very well researched sites into this scam. Here is one site with a lot of background on <b><a href="">The Black Box Firm</a></b> (, including court documents backing up the claims and court cases against Aaron Christner and Ryan Scott Jensen. Here is a similar site showing <b><a href="">the Accomplish Learning Group scam</a></b> (

Along the way, I also see that Christner and Jensen are trying to muddy the water with sites of their own, claiming they are nice guys and give to charity and all. I seriously doubt that... and there certianly is no documentary proof of it. The above linked sites show actual court judgements against Christner and Jensen, and new ones every year. I think it is obvious who is pulling the scams here!

My advice- if you get a call from anyone- research it closely on the web. If you get a call from Christner and Jensen, hang up immediately. These two are no good at all!
tycre Send email
Jul 19, 2012

hater train

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endlesssummer Send email
Jul 18, 2012

Black Box Firm

Just wanted to chime in and agree with the above. The Black Box Firm is a scam ripping off clients left and right. Their phone number is 877-908-0178 now- they change it almost as much as they change their names (or open anew rip-off business!)

Looks like they have pissed off a lot of people- someone has even started a website for this now! Check out
to learn a lot more about how Aaron Christner and Ryan Scott Jensen rip people off!

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