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j1010cam Send email
Mar 20, 2018

DON'T SIGN with 21st MORTGAGE!!!

DON'T SIGN WITH 21ST MORTGAGE!!! If you have to continue to rent or live in a hotel or even a homeless shelter for a few days then DO IT!
We've lived in a manufactured home for almost 12 years now--since Sept 2006. My first inclination that something was wrong was the day we chose our model and the sales rep said, "We only provide financing through 21st Mortgage. Is that ok?" I asked why would he have to ask if it's ok, but he didn't really give us a straight answer--and then the conversation turned to the fact we were already working with a finance company (which I had to call and tell them thanks, but no thanks!)...I had NO IDEA that once I signed on the dotted line I would NOT be able to refinance with anyone for a lower interest rate--we closed at 7.75%. I still didn't think we were in financial "danger" because 21st only has bi-weekly mortgages. I was excited and even stated "That's great! I've never been disciplined enough to make that extra mortgage payment on my own so now it will automatically be made for us!" The sales rep just sat there with a smile on his face nodding his head in agreement. I even explained to my husband that extra payment meant that we would pay the house off at least 7 years sooner! When I first called 21st a few months after moving/settling in they told me they don't re-fi current customers until we've been customers for 2 years, but I could look elsewhere for re-fi opportunities. Also didn't know that NO ONE will re-fi a mfg'd home--even though our credit scores are 750+, both my husband and I are college grads and have stable teaching jobs. Well after calling and asking around to no avail I decided to give it a rest until the 2 year time limit was up. Then in December of 2008, I called while I was on Christmas break from teaching so I would have all day to discuss re-fil options with 21st. But when I called I was told "Oh, I'm sorry. We stopped refinancing with our current customers in September." I was floored and devastated. I have tried several times to re-fi and to get appraisals on our home and land (which is bundled into the mortgage together). Unfortunately, since the market crashed, so did the value of our property (which was a steal compared to the prices for a fraction of the land back where we previously lived). SO...back to that "EXTRA PAYMENT thing"...after a while, I noticed that our house payment was still almost the same as when we first moved into the house. When I called to ask about that extra payment being applied to our mortgage balance I got the BEST SHOCK OF ALL--it DOESN'T!!!!!!!!!! It's just another regular extra payment instead of being taken off our mortgage like many (dare I say most) extra payment plans. I never heard anyone refer to 21st Mortgage as a "Predatory Loan" until last December when I, once again, I tried calling various companies in an attempt to refinance our 30-year-7.75%-land & home bundled-mortgage. Say a prayer for us that in the very near future we will be able to actually re-fi. For those of you who are morbidly curious, We bought 6 acres and a brand spanking new DWMH in North Central FL for a total of $186,000. Coming from SW FL where a normal 2-lot homesite with no canal/Gulf access or city water was going for anywhere from 35,000 up to over 55,000, 6 acres for $86,000 was a deal!!!
Mrssquash Send email
Oct 4, 2017

Letter sent offering to PAY us to move out

Today we received a letter Offering to PAY is 2 grand if we woukd move out. I about died laughing. They are smoking crack. They try to bully people thinking that they can frighten people into doing what they want by threats. My husband had open heart surgery so we go behind on mortgage and omg the threats they make because they think we are stupid all because we live in a mobile home. Prior to that we had filed bankruptcy because he had lost his job and the letter we received last month said that if we had a bankrupcty discharge then we can just resume making normal monthly payments under the terms of
The contract to keep the home and today we receive the offer of 2 grand to move. Im thinking a big fu and contacting the ny state attorney general
Johnnyandjoy Send email
Sep 20, 2017

Heartless Demons

Any person who allows himself/herself to be schooled in being a heartless human with such a company as this company, deserves everything unfortunate and unforeseen that wrongly happens to them in life. Hurricane IRMA came to visit Florida and my family and I were affected by it. I called 21st Mortgage to explain what was going on and asked could my payment for this month be put to the back of the loan so we could get back on our feet. I was greeted with a question of "what did you do with your money before this check?", I was stunned! Really! and then he says "don't you get paid tomorrow, what are your plans for that check?" I asked the heartless man "Is this a heart from a human I'm speaking with? I asked you if I could put this month's payment to the back of the loan and you ask me that after being in a hurricane?" I told him, "I don't know if you've ever been in a hurricane before or was affected by one but it's not fun", so then he says, "Yes I have been." , so I sarcastically chuckled to his answer because I sure can't tell, then he says "Well if we give you an extension until 9/29/17, will you be able to pay the payment for next month on 10/03?" (its a long story so I'll stop here) This company was heartless after being affected by a hurricane. I hope no one in Mexico owes them after their bad earthquake because they are doomed if they do owe them anything.

Baps_2113 Send email
Aug 22, 2017


I have been having a lot of the same issues with 21st as everyone else is. I have been told my other bills don't matter and if I couldn't make the payment on time that me and my family needed to vacate the premises. And so much more that's not even half of it. 21st Mortgage is a joke and it is bullshit I don't see how it could be ok to be harassed by a company and they get to get away with it. Does anyone know how to go about filing a class action lawsuit ?
Jlc Send email
Aug 2, 2017

21st Mortgage

Man, 21st Mortgage is by all means the most rudest company i have ever dealt with. They think they know everything and they don't k ow anything about your situation. I was told yesterday that i didn't need my vehicle because i didn't work. Hello who the hell are they to pass judgement on me for not working. I have a son who depends on me to get him back and forth to school and work. My husbands work depends on how much he brings home and they know this. Im not selling everything we own just because they think that a home can run without power and water. They expect me to let my family go hungry and that is 100% out of the question. My family is my first priority. We have other bills to pay for not just them. They expect us to come up with a very substantial amount of money in one week knowing full well we can't do that. There has got to be something we can do to stop them from doing this to us and people like us. Its a shame how many people go through this with this so called company who are complete a$$holes to people asking for understanding and a little compassion. Not to mention they won't even try to do a loan modification or even a refinance. Cause one time they say they will and whats the point when they don't. Then they say they don't. I mean seriously either you do or you don't. What they are doing and saying and how they treat their customers and how they talk to people is so wrong. Someone can try and help all of us who are having to deal with people like this cause its unlawful and uncalled for.
[email protected] Send email
Jul 21, 2017

Treading on thin ice

21st century mortgage takes it upon themselves to contact people and businesses that they ARE NOT legally permitted to contact!!
Have been with this #@%t company since GMAC went bankrupt and sold my acct to SATAN himself!!!😈😠😨
I have an escrow for property taxes and had received a letter from the county auditor stating I had a surplus of $879 and the needed a copy of the paid taxes from my lender...ok no problem, lmao🤣! I called HELL and spoke with one of the "lovely" harassing minions, told him the situation, asked for a statement and got nowhere! They wanted a copy of the letter, I told them NO it's not any of their business....40 FRUSTRATING mins later I hung up! Today I called the auditor and as soon as I said my name she knew INSTANTLY who I was🤥becausr someone from 21st century called her and HARRASSED her about what info she needed and wanted to know how much I was to get back!?! Hmmmmmm THAT'S ILLEGAL!!! I DID NOT give my lender PERMISSION to speak with ANYONE regarding this PERIOD!!😠😠 I'm SOOOOOOOO READY TO FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against 21st!! Anyone else?? Your lender CAN NOT contact ANYONE that's not already noted on your mortgage paperwork that you SIGNED unless a foreclosure is impending.... PERIOD!!! I'm over the HARASSMENT and ILLEGAL ACTS of this PREDATORY "corporation"!! Anyone else??
Gillis Send email
Apr 22, 2017


I have a mortgage along with the insurance on my doublewide trailer and now where it was joined together it is now separating and the insurance will not fix it. They state it is a settling problem. But be very careful of how your home is put down, that could be the problem. Eventhough you pay your insurance they still don't help to fix much. That's a shame !!! They want that money but don't want to fix anything.
Durantok Send email
Sep 23, 2016

Ripping me off

I purchased an awesome 2600 square foot house top of the line and did everything I needed to do anchored cemented on 2-1/2 acres for $130k. Land is already owned. They initially gave me the rate of 9.99% which is a huge rip off but I did it thinking I'll just refi. Well not so many companies handle these types of loans so after a year I called c21 for refi. They said they don't do it unless you've had the loan at least two years. Never been late make a very good income. Payment is $1300+ per month. I've now been here for two years. When I call them they say we don't do refi for existing customers. I said that's not what you told me a year ago. They said now you have to include land to refi. This company is a Berkshire Hathaway company. They are a rip off. My car payment is almost the cost of my mortgage and they don't refi. Where is the attorney to help me file suit against them?
Unsatified Send email
Nov 10, 2015

If you have a problem with 21 St mrtg

Quit paying.let them preforclose if they want.find a legit lawyer and speak to them about your situation.Keep all documents and write down every phone call ,person and discussion.These people are crooks and thieves. If your payment is esrowed and your mortgage keeps going up.You are entitled to get your own insurance company and they have to pay for it.Trust me,I been through the ringer with them.Don't trust them ..NEVER!! Call a lawyer and explain you situation.Please Find other sites to pass this message. Social pages and have others to post the message so others may be saved from this heartache.This is what 21st is all about..Greed and Dishonesty
greenmtngal54 Send email
Aug 15, 2015

21st Mortgage Company

21st Mortgage Company will not work with me even though I have never missed a mortgage payment, or property insurance payment in 10 years! Me and the (now) ex fiance bought a single wide mobile home in 2005. He took off with another woman in 2008 after I quit claimed my originally mortgage free property to him. We are both on the mortgage and title and now my ex is married and wants his name off the property entirely but I can't get 21st mortgage to work with me! I have spoken to everyone imaginable there with no luck. While they are not all rude(at least to me) some of them are. I told them if they won't work with me I won't work with them. The minute I see a letter from the court or a lawyer for a partition I stop paying the mortgage, property taxes, and property taxes. Why should I??!! My credit sucks and it is my ex that has been racking up MY CREDIT SCORES all of these years!!! The company has even gone into my checking account to place my ex's name on MY PAYMENT!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER sign ANYTHING without a good lawyer going over it first! Once you sign something (quit-claim) you have as good as lost your property forever. It is too late for me but if this sounds like you..please learn from my mistakes!!!!
Rosa P. Send email
Jan 26, 2015

Customer service

I have a home loan with this company. This past month I was laid off of my job suddenly due to contracting issues (state employee). We have done our best to budget but it has been a problem of course. We have been able to work with other companies and get extensions as necessary and be treated respectfully. With 21st we have been able to work out a plan for me to pay on a certain day with a $50 fee. Although I think to fee is extreme I do not dispute it, but I do have a problem with the service received.

I was contacted by our loan manager, Sam, and was interrogated on why we cannot make a payment immediately even though I had explained our situation multiple times. I also explained that I would be starting work soon and will be receiving money to catch up within 2 weeks. I then talked to his supervisor, Rachel. I asked to have a private conversation and that Sam would not be listening in. She laughed and said 'He will be aware of anything we talk about'. I let her know I understood but would prefer he would not be on the phone. She was very rude from this point on. I let her know I did not appreciate how she was handling the situation and I would appreciate her understanding. She was still very nasty for the remainder of the call. We worked a payment plan out and I asked if she has a supervisor I could speak with. She explained that it would not help and the payment was set. I let her know I accept the payment but would like to speak with her supervisor. She then put me on hold before answering me. I was on hold for 10+min before speaking with someone else. I was pretty upset by this point and tried explaining the rudeness and the unprofessional attitude of her employees that I have been experiencing. She let me know she has been working with both of these people for a while and there is nothing she can do. She then went to explain that they are not in the business of "customer care and only collections".

In my opinion if you work with people you should take care for what you say and have respect for people. I do not think it is OK to treat people with such rudeness. As stated before I do not wish to change anything with my payment or its arrangement but would like my experience with these very rude people to be known.
cariann Send email
Jul 10, 2014

Amount owed going up instead of down

Took up payments on a mobile home financed through 21st Mortgage in 2005,they said there was 7,000 owed on it.Well 4 years later we call to find out payoff amount and they say 17,000..WHAT? We felt like we were stuck,didn't want to ruin our credit and be homeless. We thought at 4000. a year it would be 4 1/2 years it would be paid off,and we would never have to deal with them again. Well today 7/10/14 we asked for a payoff amount and they said 14,500,NOOOOO! I don't understand this,what are we gonna do,we cant pay on this for the rest of our lives. Any ideas on what we can do?
Frank Send email
Oct 10, 2012

21st Mortgage Preditory loans

I have had my mortgage loan with 21st Mortgage for 14 years and I pay about $600.00 dollars a month, that comes to over $100,800.00 dollars paid to this company and all that has been applied to the priciple of the loan is $1,350.00! If thats not preditory lending I don't know what is. This company is harassing my family every month either over the phone or by mail. 21st Mortgage is a preditory loan company that preyes on people the same way a parasite does sucking the blood from you drop by drop! They will charge you extraordinary fee's for just being a few day's late on your payments! Please watch your account very closely and check your balance every month!

God bless you all and good luck. Remember to Fight! Fight! Fight!
Frank Send email
Oct 10, 2012

21st Mortgage

We have had our loan with 21st Mortgage as our current lender for the last 12 years. We have been paying on our home since 1998 and it is now 2012, I checked what is currently owed on our loan, we have been paying $600.00 a month for 14 years which comes to $100,800.00 and only 1,350.00 has gone toward the principle. What is wrong with this picture people? Watch your accounts very closely people and check your balances! This is predatory lending at it's best! I haven't even got into the harassing phone calls and threatening letters. This Company and the people working for them are parasites living off people the way a leach lives off a persons blood.

God bless and good luck to you all on fighting this injustice. Fight! Fight! Fight!
User930205 Send email
Apr 11, 2012

unlawful and harassing

I made arrangements on April 6th to pay my payment. I'm now late due to seeing a specialized doctor and visit I had to pay for. The visit was $200.00 I currently have a bad back and health problems that I have to see different doctors for. I see a pain clinic and also another special doctor that I have a high deductible for. I have been in and out all the time for this constant problem that I have had for over 3 years now. Obviously I don't plan on when a emergency comes up, I just now that some doctors I have a higher deductible than others. With that being said my husband had been contacted by 21st by Vicki Ho who is our Account Manager. Once my husband had spoken to her Vicki then passed the call to her supervisor. My husband had told them that due to one of my appointments I had to pay money for that visit and it was an emergency. This supervisor had said, what does your wife spend her money on? If she is making $600.00 every two weeks we believe she is blowing her money. The supervisor also stated "you said a month ago you said you had an emergency at that time and you were late on your payment then." (which we were) We were late that month because I had to go into the hospital. Then the supervisor stated that she has to pay Vicki for her job, she has to pay the electric bills, the phone bill to call us and they have to pay them every month to call us! It seems that every time that we have made arrangements we are and have been bashed. I understand completely that it does stink if we are late. I apologize for life. But this is so unprofessional for them to treat us like this! I am so sick of them. I wish we could pay off our mortgage right now just not to deal with them. I am SURE that we are not the only ones who have been late. We have never been more than 3 weeks late. So I am sure that they have much worse cases than us. I hate being with this company, I too hope they get their turn.
User273215 Send email
Apr 11, 2012

unlawful and harassing

Do NOT do business with this company. They will harass you 2 to 3 times a day, lie to you to get personal information and unlawfully threaten you on a constant basis.
I am behind on my mortgage and have been cooperating with them fully. Today I get a surprise phone call stating that everything I've been told is a lie and that if I don't come up with my arrears by TOMORROW that they are pushing for full default.
The lady even stated that I should move out and have all my utilities turned off, sell everything I own including my car (which isn't worth anything anyways) to pay them right now. Then she changes her story and says that I shouldn't move out but I should still have my utilities cut off.
The list just goes on and on with what she has said. Unlawful and ridiculous suggestions.

I understand that their priority is the company and getting their money but this is ridiculous, unprofessional and it's NOT LEGAL.

This company also targets uneducated poor people, which is what I was, when I agreed to this loan and it's terms. I was very young and knew nothing about how mortgage interest rates worked. They claim this is a real "mortgage" loan but it is in fact a personal loan. They are charging me close to 20% interest but they are using a mortgage calculator.. on a PERSONAL LOAN. You cannot receive any of the government breaks, but you are paying the dues without any of the benefits.
And SURE they are easy to finance through.. no wonder.

Now it seems that there is complaint after complaint online about them, unfortunately, there was not such a collective list when I signed for my loan. I am really surprised that they have not seen more legal action. I suppose that the the benefit you get when you are dealing with poor people. They usually don't have the money laying around to pay an attorney, obviously, since they are late on their payments.
Cnbt Send email
Feb 29, 2012


I don't know who the manager is I've dealt with but her & the other lady are complete bitches. I have never dealt with a company like these people if your 1 day late they will blow your phone up it's ridiculous & what's bad my name ant even on the house its my boyfriends & they tell me I'm just as responsible for the notes as he is. They have asked me how much child support I get a month that's none of their business we was 18 days late making payment & I was told they was coming to get it. They even asked how much freaking tax money we was getting back. Well after the payment was made & the next months payment were ahead don't owe till April they still acted like assholes asking me if the home was vacant okkk what does that matter they got their money so why do they wanna know if anybody is staying in it @ the time. Last year @ this time we owed 18000 on a 1997 model which is a dump when we called few weeks ago to see how much we still owed its only came down 1000 bucks & we have paid 4300 in this past years time you tell me what the hell is really going on... Paid that much in a year & its only came down 1000 bucks lets get real here people this company is a complete ripoff & if everybody they doing this way would get together hopefully we could stop this mess!!! Were @ the point now soon as we can find something else we will either try to trade it in towards another one or just let it go back
SJJJP Send email
Feb 29, 2012


This company is like no other we have ever dealt with. They call all day every day on every number they have. They have gotten our neighbors number somehow and have been calling them and I have no idea how they have gotten there numbers. Even if u send them a payment and its just a couple dollars short they are calling saying they can't do anything with intil they have received all of it and then they start adding all of these late fees. They are very rude when they speak to us always threating to take our house. They have even sent people to our house saying they where there to see when they was going to receive payment but when you go in the house they start taking pictures. And we was only a month late when they did that!!!
Tiredofitwalkingawayfromitall! Send email
Feb 23, 2012

harrassment and rude

OMG I thought we were the only ones this has/is happening to..We have had a hard time and have been told to sell everything to borrow move out so they can get someone in our house that can pay..then asked repeatedly when we will be out.. we are told the community we live in will evict us..and ive told the rep that they wont do that because we are paying the lot rent..I/we have talked to 4 seperate reps that all had the same rude attitude and told us the same thing..and YELLED at us..We get called multiple times a day..Ive told them that they need to work on their customer service and was told we are not customer service we are a collection which i respond Colorado has laws against creditors!! These people are the worst people I have ever dealt with..If i worked the way they did I would be so embarassed speaking to people in that manner.
Srf Grl Send email
Feb 23, 2012

this company lies to you!!

Stand firm and call their bluff. My mom is 80 and asked if they would lower the interest rate to 6% because of the economy. They said no. Currently 3 months behind. Phone calls twice a day, an now is in default. Can't get moneys worth out of trailer. Mom is stressed to the max. They don't care. Class action lawsuit? They are owned by Warren Buffett. Wonder if he knows they are kicking elderly people out of their homes. Hey Warren, DO YOU CARE? Won't accept partial payment. Social Security only goes so far. Times are hard.
Galaeowyn Send email
Feb 23, 2012

harrassment and rude

Lies are lies too...and I tried to work with them and they refused to. If they hadn't refused to work with us when we came to them with a problem after having been on time every time with them up until that moment. Then none of this would have happened.
Galaeowyn Send email
Feb 23, 2012

harrassment and rude

We have had 21st as our mortgage holder for 3 years now and the first year was perfect until we got a little behind. We realized we were going to have to be late and called them a month early and asked about one (only) time payment deferral, they said they didn't do that. We said fine we'd be late then. From then on it has been a horror show! So letting them know ahead of time is pointless because they don't make agreements or arrangements of any sort. We even attempted to work with a loan restructuring program and they told us that under no terms would they work with any federal or state entity that if we weren't "losers" we would pay up! They have been demeaning to myself and my husband, they have lied to both their lawyers and the court systems about how late we were in order to file foreclosure on us on more than one occasion. The first time we were barely 3 months behind but they filed that we were 7 months behind. then we were 2 months behind and they said we were 5 months behind to the court. If you or I were to lie to the court system so flagrantly we would be charged with perjury yet they just powering on through like its another day! We even tried communicating with these people via email to avoid the demeaning verbal abuse but of course I'm sure they don't want to put anything in writing because we never get a response. If we could refinance we would but our financial situation isn't where it needs to do so in this economy. Something needs to be done about these nasty people!
Home Issue Send email
Feb 23, 2012

is a Fraud

I totally agree with you they are harrassing me and threatening legal action and i am only 30 days behind and it was due to me being unemployed and a severe medical condition. Any one know if they can take legal action is i am 30days behind
CindinTX Send email
Feb 23, 2012

is a Fraud

21st Mortgage is pretending to still be in business via their website, but they lost their financial backer and have no money to lend. They are currently just working as bill collectors collecting on our loans. This company will not work with you on refinancing your loan or modifying your loan. They will not let you skip a payment if you are in financial hardship and add it to your end balance like other mortgage companies
I like millions others lost my high paying manufacturing job in Nov 2008, rather then go on unemployment I took a much lower paying job. Moreover, 21st mortgage lied to me, and countless others, stating that my insurance and taxes were included in my loan payment. But it wasnt and now my supposedly fixed payment is now 200.00 dollars higher then when I signed up and my salary is close to half so I am currently paying 90% of my current income for this payment, and thus this month I am late. I was called last night by a Manager who demanded I move out of my house and I am only 20 days late. harrassing phone calls is the specialty of the thugs who currently manage 21st motgage. If you have a loan with them refinance to another company immediately because if you lose your job they will not modify your loan despite a federal government loan program that is available to them. (The making home affordable program)
Escape this nightmare while you still have credit and can refinance. Someone needs to shutdown this corrupt business and transfer our notes to someone who can and will modify or refinance our loans to an affordable payment.
Cindy in TX
JRE1 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

this company lies to you!!

My experience with this company is like everyone else, I bought my mobile home in 2003 with the CITI Financial which then went to Green Tree Financial. I currently paid my payments in full for august 2011 it totaled 1000.00 I then received a notice that my acct has been bought by 21st Mortgage need i say more, anyway the first payment i made to this company I immediately spoke with the most rude person but i kept composure and professionalism. I am currently 6 days behind today Nov 10th I called 21st to set payment arrangements well I have received four threatening letters this month alone and numerous phone-calls I spoke with a so called supervisor female who insisted I sell borrow, pawn get it from family whatever it takes this lady pushed me to the edge I am going to do whatever it takes legally to help take this predatory lender down I am a ordinary hard working person who has felt the hard times with the economy and health, we all need to stand together. I am researching like everyone else to find a way to "set it right" don't let these people bring you down if it wasn't for us there would be no them we deserve better keep fighting file BBB complaints and contact your state attorney general it might seem like a waste of time but it needs to be done.

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