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Mar 15, 2015


See below the pictures of Marina Noble and her daughter Azniv (Azi) Shahverdyan from Watertown, MA, who are permanently landed on this site, and placing countless libels and stalking on daily basis. The pictures are relatively fresh, from May 2014. Thus, currently, they look even more hideous. If anyone sees them around, call 911 as they are dangerous

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Mar 15, 2015


Marina Noble – the author of hundreds of stalking posts and outrageous libels on this site, is not just a CRUEL NARCISSIST. She is much more fun one could imagine!

Every time she unburdens herself of a tirade against the persons listed below, there are psychiatrists on hand to decode her suspense and everlasting delusions. Every time this mentally sick and lost woman tries to release her one “zeal” of stalking, she reminds us that she has none of other talents to express.

Yet, here is Marina Noble -age 53 (former name Marine Mkhitaryan), whose every word and deed is easily explicable once you know the single essential thing about her. It is highly surprising if a person marinated in the doctrines of such evilness does not display all sorts of SATANISTIC SEIZURES in public - symptoms that are so venomously distraught.

Her schismatic crackpot mentality is headed by her parents, nutty and petty criminals: mother Hranoush-Haykanoush, per-se- illiterate and ever-unemployed neighborhood-gossiper, and father Zaven Mkhitaryan, a gas thief, who households by stealing petrol from the vans in the lot where he works as a taxi driver.

Starting from 2011, we witnessed myriads of libels posted in several sites, all “authored” by the psychopath-sociopath, Marina Noble (fake MD, fake MPH). Initially, she started placing posts in Armenian vulgar jargon. Gradually “growing” over her process, she upgraded her “creative writing skills” by asking English speakers help her compose her 2-page rants. Below is the summary of her “concepts” and “theories” of various persons who ignore her despite of her continuous stalking impulses:

ARTYOM SEDRAKYAN (Art Sedrakyan) from Cornell, NY: According to Marina Noble's publicly whistleblown theory, Art Sedrakyan has been working with her in Mikayelyan Institute in Yerevan, where he has been hated and secluded for being a moron. Marina states that Artyom is from a family of three siblings who have been sharing a space in a one-bedroom flat in Armenia, and that is why, Artyom Sedrakyan became so excited when at last, he was able to mortgage a private apartment in Maryland. According Marina Noble, Art Sedrakyan is BIPOLAR and has been taking lithium drugs and antidepressants after he was fired from AHQR.

ZINA HAKOBYAN from Armenia: This woman has been Marina Noble's closest friend and they both have been prostituting together with married men. Marina Noble spreads publicly, that Zina is a thief, who likes to “examine” pockets of her coworkers and friends.

GOHAR PANAJYAN from Armenia: Marina Noble contends that Gohar Panajyan is a registered SZHIZOPHRENIC, with records of childhood-onset schizophrenia contained and archived in the Mental Institution of Noyemberyan, Armenia.

KARINE MATIROSYAN from Westborough/MA: per Marina Noble's theory, Karine Martirosyan is too, a BIPOLAR and SCHIZPHRENIC SHIMPANZEE. Marina Noble asserts, that Karine is EVIL and has hidden from her current husband about her former divorce in Armenia, presenting herself as a mint fresh “virgin.” And, if not Marina Noble, Paul Noroian would never consider marrying Karine Martirosyan as there was no emotional connection between. Marina believes, it were her thorough match-making tricks, and employed exaggerations, that hypnotized Paul Noroian, making him marry Karine disregarding the latter's evident mental illnesses and heavy calculations.

AREVIK MELKONYAN from Watertown/MA: this woman has been residing in 15 School Lane, Watertown, MA and works in Massis convenience store on Mt. Auburn Ave in Watertown, selling Armenian feta cheese and pickles. Marina declares, that Arevik Melkonyan is infected with several STDs because of her open and explicit prostitution with Armenian retired men age 65-70.

ARA KHACHATRYAN from Brooklyn, NY: Firstly, Marina Noble was spreading that Ara Khachatryan is a SCHIZOPHRENIC and lonely gay, with records of violence and self-harm, then she used this troll by confronting him to others, making him place multiple posts of similar nature against the persons Marina hates.

WILLIAM NOBLE (Marina's current husband) from Watertown/MA: Marina boasts that she has been pulling “Bill from the mud” as the latter is a registered alcoholic and IT criminal, with records of domestic violence and restraining order from his former Brazilian ex. Marina even humiliates her own husband, declaring that he is useless and that she is holding the household (..of course this “holding” means ID theft and opening fake credit cards..).

AZNIV SHAHVERDYAN: This is Marina's elder daughter, from her first divorce in Armenia. Marina hates and curses her on daughter in public, declaring that she has been a strange and violent child, molested at her age of 8 years, and since then exhibiting lesbian behavior and mentality. Marine confesses, that her daughter gets mental counseling to date.

NAIRA MATEVOSYAN: Marina Noble is obsessed with this woman, buys and resells her books by forging pages to harm her business. Naira Matevosyan has prosecuted Marina Noble for many reasons, including stalking and terrible libels. Among the countless libels, Marina Noble has been spreading that Naira was an adopted child, which is not true. If even assuming, that she was adopted, from her first neonatal day Naira has been raised by reputable, elite, wealthy, and doting parents (both medical doctors), and these were the parents Naira ever knew.


Originated from a low-class family of crooks, Marina Noble's tendency to the highs created a terrible conflict between her “wants” and “cans”. She turned to a heavy sociopath, a street woman cursing and naming everyone with her profane language. Please consult with Marina Noble's former employer, Mikaelyan Institute in Yerevan, Armenia to learn this woman's moral image, by faxing this post at : +374-10-282222.

During her night shifts (as a medical assistant), she would ask the married doctors for sexual encounters. She would only get rejections, because of her evilness, defective mind, and hideous looks. Having too many complaints for her outrageous profanity at job, Marina Noble was fired after a year.

Marina then came to our clinic (RSMCHP) and continued her obscene behavior by harassing married doctors of both genders. To our question why she was FIRED from her former setting, she would lie that �she had quit, because the director of the clinic, Hamplet Tamazyan, had been sexually harassing her....�We all knew that she was lying, and that it was just her wishful imagination. But we were pity for her: a divorced, heavy prostituted downscale woman with an orphaned daughter on her chest......In our clinic, she started harassing a married man -Samvel Ghukasyan, attempting to destroy his family so Samvel would marry her and adopt her violent daughter. In the contrary, Samvel used Marina in all dirty ways, then threw her out and declared that Marina Noble was nothing but a dangerous combination of idiocy and malaise, with a bad mouth and bad breath.. Everyone hated her, also for another reason: she was a professional slanderer. The leftover Marina Noble tried to hook other men. But before she would attempt again, she was FIRED from the second setting for document falsification (a newborn’s metric forgery for a small bribe money) and also, for not being a fit for that work-environment.

Marina Noble was devastated, she had no where to go as her parents would not want to see her either. Her only rescue plan was to move to the USA. She bribed her way out by using the $5,000, which she had hooked from her former husband Roubik, at the divorce court. She cheated on Edmund Muskie program, as she did not know any single English word by the time of her application. Her essay was written by another person, the interview was impersonated, and the reference letters were bribed by a BARTER, exchanging those with the stolen petrol that Marina’s thief father was supplying from the taxi lot.

Marina Noble (Marine Mkhitaryan) emerged to the USA in 2001 to study “public health” towards an MPH Muskie program. Once in the USA, she lost no minutes to prostitute with alcoholics in the streets, got pregnant from men in Craigslist, then found William R. Noble and insisted him to marry her. At that time William (Bill) was still married to his ex Brazilian wife who had obtained restraining orders against Bill for his alcoholism and domestic violence. Persuasive Marina Noble waited so long with “focus, devotion,” with her pregnancy from others, to have William Noble FREED from the former marriage. In her own “ways” she used her cachectic newborn, Sophia Noble (born with alcoholism syndrome and evident porphyry), as an excuse to stay in the USA.

Marine Noble’s CAREER in the USA: Marina was pink-ponged from one blue-collar job to another: dog sitter, laundry lady, cashier, and the like. She worked for a short period at the Bay State Clinical Trials in office support at 521 Mt Auburn Street, Watertown, MA 02472. She was FIRED from there for cheating and dishonesty. In Spring 2009, she applied for a conference in Chicago. Having the trip itineraries sent to her email account, this notorious IT -criminal Marina Noble forged the email in its forwarded state, “adjusted” the expenses, and asked from his employer more funds than were needed for her trip. With the “stolen” funds she covered the trip of her elder daughter, Azniv, who joined her trip.

Being FIRED again, Marina Noble then worked as an office assistant at 3D sonography , 1330 Beacon Street, Suite 220, Brookline, MA, where her tasks were to log the patients’ cash payment, to escort them to the exam room, then to bring home the used dirty linens everyday, to wash and dry for the next day. Here, she was sharing the desk with a local American lady. Marina Nobleslandered that lady, and achieved her being fired and replaced by her elder daughter, Azniv, then 21 y/o (in 2009). But both Marina and Azniv “enjoyed their victory” for a few weeks only, as they were thrown out too, without a return ticket.

Since then, Marina Noble became her “own boss” by opening online stores an hacking credit cards. She attempted to Brystol Myer Squibb in Wallingford, CT, as she had criminal records in MA. She also tried to find a job in West Warwick, RI, but unsuccessful. She then declared that she is a “wannabe biopharma researcher,” but in fact she had applied for a position of cleaning lady in a soap production company. Devastated, rejected, and older, Marina Noble is more dangerous now, than ever.

HERE IS to the psychopath-sociopath Marina Noble (former Marine Mkhitaryan) who likes looking into the “key-hole” to the lives of others.

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