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Aug 13, 2012

I was also defrauded by 29'Prime

I was also defrauded by 29'Prime

Thank you for your blog site.
I am emailing to let you know that I also was a victim of 29'Prime.

I was called by 29'Prime on April 17, 2012, and given a sales pitch that they could place my website on Google Page 1 (for a minimum of 3 out of 10 keywords) and of course I was a little doubtful, but I listened to their guarantees ("Rank On Google Page One in 60 Days...or IT's FREE".
So I decided to try them out.
Their initial Set-up charge on my credit card was $299.

The following day, April 18th, they called me to remind me and clarify that I would be receiving a Google Postcard with a 5 digit PIN from Google, and that I MUST call them immediately upon receipt of my Google PIN for them to activate my account and begin the SEO for my 10 keywords.
Again I asked how long this would take, and he replied 3-5 days, at the most, and to make sure that I called 29'Prime as soon as I got it.
I then asked him again, how long will it then take for my site to rank on Google Page One? and he confirmed that it could take up to 60 days, but often some of my keywords would rank sooner, even in 30 days or less.
Again I asked him to confirm that if they could not get at least 3 of my keywords to rank on page one in the 60 days, their service was FREE ... and he assured me that the 29'Prime Guarantee was exactly that: "Rank On Google Page One in 60 Days...or it's FREE".
Later that same day a charge of $99 appeared on my credit card statement (apparently for the first month's 'service charge').

Four days later I had not yet received my Google PIN, so I emailed them a service ticket...immediately received a service ticket auto-confirmation response...but no one ever personally replied or answered my questions, and no one ever called me to resolve my inquiry!

One month after signing up, May 17th, I still had not received my Google PIN.
Later that same day a charge of $99 appeared on my credit card statement (apparently for the second month's 'service charge').
So I sent another email service ticket...and again I received the same auto-responder service-ticket auto-confirmation response...but no one ever personally replied or answered my questions, and no one ever called me to resolve my inquiry!

19 days later, May 26th, I finally got fed-up with them totally ignoring me and emailed the following:

"I am extremely frustrated and angry at the total lack of service from 29 Prime...
Since my initial payments of $299 on Apr 17th and $99 on Apr 18th, I had waited for 29 days for your postcard with my PIN number to arrive in order to activate my account!
Nothing had come...
Another payment of $99 was taken from my credit card again today, May 17th, and still nothing has been done with my account.
So I had by then already spent $497, with absolutely nothing to show for.
So I wrote you an e-mail with my displeasure and also placed a service ticket (#21928) to get an answer, but no one ever responded!
I was completely ignored...

So after patiently waiting for another 8 days, with no response from anyone human, I received an automatic auto-responder canned e-mail!
Your service is absolutely non existent and deplorable. You should be utterly ashamed!
It is now 38 days and I still have not received my PIN or even one single courtesy or follow-up call from any one at 29 Prime...
This is terribly and shamefully unprofessional behavior.

I have been in the construction service industry 30 years and I personally respond to every call within 8-12 hours, by myself, with no secretaries.
Your total lack of response is absolutely inexcusable and unacceptable.

This morning, May 26th, I finally made a phone call and waited, and was finally told that I was now first in line in the queue when a recorded message directed me to leave a voice message, so I opted for speaking with a service consultant, and waited, and repeated the process twice, and waited, and waited, until finally I could wait no longer and left a voice message...but no one responded to my message either.

I now have come to realize that 29 Prime cannot be relied upon or trusted at all. Your service really stinks!
I am so incensed with 29 Prime...yet I am still by the grace of God restraining my anger...for now...

I actually trusted your promise: "Front Page Placement Or It's FREE"!

Well the reality and the fact is that I already paid out $497 and 29 Prime has done absolutely nothing for me in 38 days, not even activated an account.
This is absolutely disgusting and totally intolerable!
NOT ONE SINGLE thing was done! An Absolute BIG FAT ZERO?

I thus demand a FULL REFUND of all my monies paid to date...and an immediate termination of any further or future payments ever again.


Peter L Brenner”

Well, as usual... that was totally ignored as well, just like all of my other attempts.
8 days later, June 4th, I sent another email cancellation notice, and again was ignored on my third attempt.
I realized that in 2 weeks they would again be charging my credit card with another $99 for their 'monthly service charge' so I then called my credit card company to bar this merchant and stop 29'Prime from taking any more money from my account, and also initiated a dispute to reverse the first 3 charges (total of $497) for NON-PERFORMANCE of so-called services. So Mastercard proceeded to reverse these 3 charges on my behalf. Boy was I relieved!!!
The next day, surprise, surprise! I got an email from 29'Prime ...
Never got any responses before this, not even once, until I finally cut them off and got the 3 previous charges reversed...!
They had the gall to sound surprised as to 'Why I had Cancelled?"
So I sent them a long email with all of the service tickets' numbers and finally they responded by email that they had closed my account and confirmed that my account was now shutdown.
And yet the "push-button Template webpage" they had put up for my so-called personal account, was still live, and still is today (August 13th, 2012) as of this writing.

Then about two weeks ago the BAD NEWS came that 29'Prime had sent my credit card company a 12 page record of service performance and Mastercard had re-billed my account with the 3 original charges, and I was out $497 ...

I have tried several times to dispute these fraudulant charges with Mastercard, but they insist that since I voluntarily gave 29'Prime my card number and agreed to their TOS that I am on the hook...

In order to re-open my dispute I now have to prove to Mastercard that 29'Prime DID NOT perform the service as per their Terms Of Service, by providing an unbiased Third Party letter on that company's letterhead, providing a documented Second Opinion to the improbability of 29'Prime ever achieving their promises, demonstrating they did not perform the service, and that they violated their TOS...(since I paid for 60 days but nothing at all was done), and only then can my dispute be re-opened, with no guarantee that I will get my money back.

So the long and short is that I have been screwed out of my $497...

29'Prime is a scam and they will try to take you for as much money as they can.
Please beware…Stay away from them like the plague.

I sure would love to get these crooks behind bars, where they can no longer scam innocent business owners, but first must try to help all of us victims to get some of our stolen money back while we still can.

Peter L Brenner
Toronto, Canada
August 13, 2012

P.S. I give my express permission for you to publish this story on the site.
Capitol City Limousine Send email
Mar 20, 2012


I have been with the company five months and nothing happens. They do not know what they are doing. They make all kinds of promises and fail to deliver on all of them except charging you for services not rendered.
Alex V. Send email
Mar 20, 2012


This company 29 prime is all a scam they take your money do nothing for you they promises you in top of google never deliver, to convince you i was told that my phone was going ring off the hook never jappened. (Do not fall in their trap) i still trying to disputed this chages with my credit card.
EJCold Send email
Mar 8, 2012

Scamming under new name

They lied and lied. Amen. They insisted they were Google. This number on my caller id 915-996-2895, if you call it they say This is Google voice. They send a message to your cell phone that says "Google" and your number. They give you a "Google Verification" number. They use the word Google to deceive you. They reel you in with "updating" your "Free Google" account . They ran on and on about how bad my web site optimization is, they went on and on about I did not even show up properly and they would help, because they are Google. Do not listen to anyone who works there ever. They are notorious scammers. There are numerous businesses that got nothing for their money. They are a scam.
H FORTI Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scamming under new name

Oaccessasia Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scamming under new name

I tried their one months trial offer then cancelled after the first month then he proceeded to bill our credit card illegally 159.00 for the next 8 months. I filed a claim with my cc company and they will be refunding me. I will be contacting the state attorney general. I am sure he is going to be investigated along with all of those idiot customer service assholes.
Menoliketelemarketers Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scamming under new name

Best thing to do is get them worked up into thinking they have a sucker on the phone. Be sure to give a false name and slightly change your voice since they record the calls for proof you accepted their bullsh1t offer. Then after a few minutes ask them if they swallow? or if they are a pitcher or a catcher? or if they have ever taken it in the rear while on an elevator? If this happens enough they will seek other employment leaving the company with no one to do their dirty work.
RichardBrinkton Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scamming under new name

Russell Wallace is the owner of 29 Prime and numerous others scam companies that have now been shut down. His cell phone is 949-350-6939. Enter the following as a URL and it will show you his address:, -117.73855&q=33.49675, -117.73855 I have dealt with this long enough and its time that he hears our feedback. I have added my name to do not call list and requested politely a number of times for my number to be removed. I will dedicate 2 hours/week to making sure Russell hears my feedback. I hope all of you do too - It's time to stand up
Whatgoesaround5529 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scamming under new name

Russell Wallace has now opened the doors for the 4th time in 3 1/2 years to his new company name...29 prime! Russell has a track record of being a fly by night and operating scam telemarketing operations for local SEO. Check out reliable listing, ilocal sem, your local merchant and now 29 prime. The facts are all there for everyone to see and believe me, there are enough to keep you busy and want to stay away from this scum. He feels the way to operate a business is to sign up as many clients as Forrest(sales closer) can sell with an agreement for a minimum of 3 months off of there press 1 campaign that hits nationwide claiming they are google's 411 service calling to update your profile. Since they know they won't be able to do anything for you, Russell has learned from his failures that if he has a signed contract with 3 months, he can charge you. If his tele scam boiler room can pump out sales each can see how Russell banks on several clients a month for a minimum of 3 months of payment. He has scammed employees out of money by his midnight move tactics and destroyed the market for small business owners on front page placement. This is not a competitor nor an ex employee...what i have provided here are nothing more than FACTS that can be viewed by typing in the ex companies he has constructed. Attorney generals have received several complaints and get a kick out of this any scam telemarketing operation, they all get about 4-6 years of destroying peoples lives before they are shut down. You cant operate under deceptive business practices with this kind of lack on integrity and stay out of the spotlight...buyer beware!!! Do your research before paying to have your online profile managed!! There are some ethical companies that have been in business for years under the same name!! Again i repeat...what has been presented here is FACT. Russell Wallace, Forrest Blackburn and 29 prime...scammers at it again under new name and scamming the marketplace.

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