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Mar 30, 2015

All mistakes belongs to u Anitha idiot

Here is ur Qc Report.. Dont tell us fraud.. U cannot achieve accuracy in first 10 files.. then how dare u can ask about 300 files. if we give 300 files qc means it will cross over 4000 errors in ur files.. first check it and speak.. if u want full error report for 300 files just pay Rs 500 and get full report.. if u want also we will post it in here,,, and by the way use ur original name Miss anitha...


File Name Line No Correct Word Wrong word Error Type Deduction
BCSPL(FEB015KS)001 04 husband hushand Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)001 08 consequence conseguence Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)001 12 affliction affciction Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)001 23 myself mysef Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)002 35 buildings buddings Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)002 52 civilized civlized Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)003 27 venture verture Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)003 28 unusually unusuady Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)003 32 ventures vertures Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)004 20 ispopularly ispapularly Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)004 27 hill hid Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)004 35 well wed Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)004 50 walls wads Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)004 64 Western Western Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)005 24 inspiration inspirotion Word miss 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)005 28 building budding Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)005 31 impossibility impossibiliity Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)005 38 consolation consolotion Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)005 50 days dags Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)006 02 an on Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)006 07 French Freneh Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)006 30 Northwestern Northwestern Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)007 01 inquiring inguiring Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)007 03 being heing Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)007 04 myself mysef Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)007 05 an on Spelling 0.77
BCSPL(FEB015KS)007 08 seventy severty Spelling 0.77

Total 20.79

Here is ur agrement see this also.. See the last line in the agreement... And u guy dont no who to sign in the agreement.. what the fucking job are u doing...

Memorandum of understanding

INVATEL OUTSOURCING Hereinafter for brevity’s sake referred to as first party, which expression shall, unless excluded By or repugnant to the contest, be deemed to mean and include its permitted assigns and successors – in – interest.


Mr. ANITHA .S, No:2/115 Mahasakthi Street, Sri Ragavendra Nagar Extn Irrandamkattalai, Kundrathur Chennai-600122 (hereinafter for brevity’s sake referred to as “Second party” which expression shall, unless excluded by or pungent to the contest, be deemed to mean and include its permitted assigns and successors – in – interest.)

Whereas the first party is engaged in the business of outsourcing the business for the IT and IT enabled service industry and it has entered into an agreement to execute the data transcription operations in details in the ANNEXURE IV, which needs to be, executed through various delivery partners. Presently it is in a position to procure the business for data conversions more meaningfully described in the column ANNEXURE IV.

And whereas the second party is engaged inter alias, in the business of providing a wide spectrum of software solution and services. The second party has acquired the necessary expertise and developed the requisite skill base and in fracture for successful execution of data conversion work. Whereas second party is entering into the agreement with the first party to carry on the data conversion work on its own. The second party will exercise in maintaining quality control of the jobs assignment.

This memorandum of understanding represents the business agreement and operational understandings between the parties, and shall remain in effect for a period of 11 months from the date of providing the work (signup) whichever is later, and it will be extended for the period as mutually agreed upon


The following are the terms and condition which the Second Party should follow till the Agreement Period in order to receive regular payments from the First Party.

• Availability of data
The First Party will provide 300 IMAGE FILES of work per registration to the Second Party through E-mail. The Second Party will then do data typing/proofreading into the NOTEPAD as required by the First Party and the work must be delivered sending the NOTEPAD RAR-file by E-mail. Check out ANNEXURE II for the payment structure. Betacon will provide new project as compensation in case this project is closed before the agreement period without charging any extra business procurement charges.
• TAT (Turn Around Time)
The Second Party has 15 days (include holidays) to complete the Work and Second Party has to send it to First Party via E-mail. The First Party shall give an accuracy report within 1-12 working days for the Work, after submissions as per technical specifications which are included in this agreement with accuracy parameters as mentioned in ANNEXURE III.

• Agreement Period
This agreement is valid for 11 months or 11 slots only if the work is completed as per the terms. Else the agreement will be terminated at any period of time if any breach of clause is found at any point of time during the agreement period.

• Project Identification Number:

The second party Project Identification Number is as follows:

For e.g. BCSPL(NOV45)

• Responsibilities and obligation of the second party
TAT (Turn around Time) time is 15 days (include holidays) and your work should be completed within the TAT period with required quality parameters by the Second Party. The First Party will not be responsible for the problem at Second Party’s premises such as hardware failure, virus infection, electricity lose, internet connectivity etc. No reason shall be entered in non-completion of work data. If Second Party is not able to complete the work as per the accuracy parameters as mentioned in Annexure II then first party shall not provide commercial work henceforth. The Second Party shall take maximum care on accuracy and delivery schedule of the work. As Time and accuracy being the essence of this contract, any delay in delivery or accuracy lose will invoke of risk and cost clause.

If Second Party fails to give accuracy as mentioned above in output files, for 1st projects. Second Party will be eligible for any new work and payment whatsoever may be case from the First Party henceforth. If any of the Rejection criteria are found by the First Party in the Second Party’s work as mentioned in ANNEXURE V the agreement will get terminated. This AGREEMENT will be terminated by any of the parties for breach of understanding on any clauses of this agreement giving 15 days notice to either party giving clearly account of the reasons for such termination. With the mutual consent of both the parties, this AGREEMENT can be terminated at shorter notice, on termination from either party, for whatever reason, the payments due to Second Party, for the work accurately done till the date of termination should be paid as per payment clause of the Agreement. No modification of any terms of this AGREEMENT shall be valid unless it is in writing and dually signed by both the parties.



The First Party will pay based on the accuracy achieved by the Second Party. The Payment for the New Work and the Re-work are different and will be followed for the entire agreement period. Any changes made for the payout i.e. either increment or decrement for the pay per page for the Second Party by the First Party at any point of time during the period of agreement, then the Second Party will be informed well in advance and the Second Party will then after follow the new Payout structure without any questions.

The First Party shall Pay Rs 100.00 (HUNDRED RUPEES ONLY IN WORDS) per page at 90.1%-100% accuracy.

New Work

The following is the table for the payments based on accuracy achieved by the Second Party for the Work.

95.1% to 100% Rs.30,000/-
90.1% to 95% Rs. 15,000/-
85.1% to 90% Rs. 5,000/-
80.1% to 85% Rs. 2,000/-
Below 80% No Payment, New work

For the Work the accuracy criteria to get full payment should be 90%-100% and to get the minimum payment the accuracy should be 80%-90%.


• If Accuracy level as per Data Accuracy Report is below 80% in work no payment
• If the customer finds any error in accuracy report then the customer should notify on the same e-mail id within 24 hours and the new report will be issued in next 48 working hours.
• Company's decision will be final in all the terms and conditions cited above.



The following table shows where the accuracy is deducted.

Types of Error Number of errors % Deduction
Line Missing /Extra 1%
Improper Alignment Page 1%
Spelling Error On each spelling mistake 0.77%
Text Missing /Extra 0.77%
Enter Missing /Extra 1%
Space On every Space 0.90%
Punctuation On each punctuation mistake 0.50%


Technical Instructions:

• User is required to make individual NOTEPAD Files for Each Image Files.
• Every line in the NOTEPAD File should match with the corresponding line in the IMAGE; hence the pages shall automatically match with the IMAGE file pages.
• Everything should be typed with left alignment, whatsoever may be in the image file of the software notepad, even if it is center typing in image.
• Latin Characters, if any, shall be typed as normal characters. Ex: “æ” should be typed as ‘ae’, “ç” should be typed as ‘c’, “ê” should be typed as “e”, “á” should be typed as “a” etc.
• Any Headers or Footers found in IMAGE file it should be typed as Regular text in NOTEPAD File with appropriate line alignment
• Color Text (if found any in the IMAGE file) should be written in BLACK color Text only.
• Always type the text as Regular text. Bold, Italics in Software File is not at all required
• If a word is split in the IMAGE file then the same should be done in NOTEPAD File.
• If a line ends in IMAGE file then the same should be done in NOTEPAD File.
• User is required to submit all the text files at the time of submission in Work
• User is required to submit his/her typed NOTEPAD Files only on the time of submission.
• User is required to send his/her NOTEPAD Files in RAR - folder only.
• User is required to submit NOTEPAD Files in zip-folder at [email protected] only.


Rejection Criteria:

• If the File name of the image file and the corresponding text file does not match.
• If Content of any text files does not match with corresponding image files.
• Incomplete text files found in new work/ rework or re-rework
• Should not type files in any version of MS Office/Ms-word.
• Accent characters done using commands or character map used character found in any file.
• If hyper links are found in any of the text file.
• Any other files are found in the zip folder except the text document. (Like temporary files or any other file types).
• If the typed text file is not in .txt format or any other extension files found.
• If the completed Job files has not been submitted within the deadline mentioned by the company.
• If user will submit his/her typed files other the [email protected] then his work will not be consider in QC.
• For submission the work has to be e-mailed only on [email protected]


QC Center is Responsible for the checking Random Pages in the work. All the pages won’t be checked.

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