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paulh Send email
Dec 20, 2017

4over is never wrong!

Some of you are complaining about inconsistent colors. Lately that has got a lot better, but our main gripe is that they never admit fault and blame the customer every time. Case in point- we ordered 2 sets of flyers where the photos were identical in each and the only difference was that one was texted in English and the other in Spanish. Both flyers were way off in color but at the same time totally different to each other and yet we had not changed anything in the photos from one to another. They came back with the "we cannot guarantee color" bit and the ensuing argument resulted in our account being closed by them. We claimed that as they had banned us for no good reason that it put our competitors at an advantage. They backed down and reinstated us. Since then we have remained reluctant customers, only choosing them as a last resort where price and speed were important.
Mistakes will happen, but it's how the company takes care of them that matters in the long run. Since then we have had other issues with them but in each case their response has been that they are never at fault.
Unfortunately, because of our competition we have to deal with them because of price and turnaround. It is because of that that I do not want to detail our experiences in case we get cut off again. We just hope for the day when they will finally close their doors which would put us small printers on a level field.
[email protected] Send email
Sep 26, 2016

Inconsisten Color, Delayed Deliveries and Worst Customer Service

We've been using 4Over for years, ordering nearly every day, and we've run into numerous issues that has costed us five customers just this past year.

The color of our jobs are never the same and the cutting is never on the crops. It's usually off by an 8th of an inch. I can't tell you how many times we've had to have a job redone. In many cases we wind up using another company because 4Over can't properly print a business card.

At one point our business cards were coming out really light and with not enough magenta. This went on for several weeks and we filed two complaints with them. They insisted nothing was wrong with their printing and it was our files. I assure you it wasn't. We had been using that same files for years. And magically, after that last complaint, the business cards started coming out better. I thanked them for finally fixing the issue and they still would not admit to there even being an issue in the first place. They didn't want to take responsibility for having to reprint thousands of business cards.

They don't know how to box jobs at all. They mix up orders together every single time. For example, I ordered 30 of sign "A", 50 of sign "B" and 20 of sign "C". One box arrived with 12 for sign "A" and 2 for sign "B" mixed together in one box. The job label on the box was for sign "A". And that was it. Nothing else came after that. I complained that I was missing items and they requested pictures. Pictures... of missing items. Really? This is just one of numerous examples. We have to open every box and remove each piece of every order and go through them. Every single time they're mixed up.

Orders are often delayed, sometimes for several weeks on a "Next Day" job. I just don't get it. Why even offer "Next Day" service if they can't stand by that promise? They could have reprinted the job several times in that amount of time it took to finally receive the original job. Only sometimes will they email us informing us of delivery delays. We cannot rely on 4Over for anything!

Their website is very slow, glitchy and often times down completely. We've had orders that got charged twice. A few times we uploaded the artwork, the website says it got the artwork, yet two days later it's asking for artwork again.

I've dealt with their customer service dozens of times and I can tell you first hand they have by far the worst customer service. The DMV is easier to deal with. I feel like I'm talking to robots. They give you no information or help whatsoever. They do not resolve any issues and have no answer as to why problems occur. They won't ever apologize or admit to their mistakes.

It seems like 4Over is continually getting worse. Why offer any product or service you can't provide? They can't stand by their guarantees, yet somehow they are still in business. It just doesn't make any sense.

Five customers. That's how many we've lost due to 4Over's incompetence in just this past year. We have never lost a customer in the 25 years we have been in business except for these five customers. One account was rather large and had put our business in jeopardy, but we pulled through it. That was our wake-up call. We recently stopped using them. There's really no point, but they don't care. They're a huge company that doesn't care about their customers or if they even lose customers.
SierraPrinter Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Inconsistant Colors

Yep, after years and years of haggling with 4over more. Others have complained about their shipping cost, but I totally understand that each package is handled by a human (some level of intellect?) and there is labor cost involved. They could put more items into a single shipment however. What pizzed me off was there inability to hold color, and they completely ignored crop marks. Even re-sized the artwork on several occasions. When I called about the off color they said it was because they used a higher line screen than the rest of the planet and I needed to design for better quality printing ...huh? When I inquired about crop marks (several times) they said, "but your picture will get cut off" or "I don't know if we can trim it that tight". Either you can trim within your own advertised 1/8" parameters or you can't. Now I get email every other week ...we want you back, you get the same levels as everyone else, this weekend is triple points, 15% off your next job. They are more about speed than quality, something I can live without.
GTMITCH Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Inconsistant Colors

I have used several online printers and recently decided to give 4Over a try after seeing their advertising so often. My first attempt at placing an order went wrong. I found that you cannot order certain products unless you have spent X amount of dollars to earn points in their loyalty program. They explained that the 4/4 flyer I wanted to order was classified as letterhead in the order system. To me, letterhead is something you use to write a letter on and mail to someone. A flyer is an informational piece. I received a call from their customer service folks who explained to me in condescending tone that all these years I had been wrong and that, in fact, the flyer I wanted to order was letterhead. I promptly ordered from my old reliable folks at Growll and had the order in three days. 4Over is a big company after high volume buyers. Those of us who don't spend megabucks are not wanted or needed. Try ASAP or Growll for better service and caring customer service reps.
Printing In Chicago Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Inconsistant Colors

Guys, not sure why everyone is complaining here. I am sorry this has happened to everyone. We are a 3 year company and spend over $100, 000+ with 4over and this is only a 1/3 of our spend. We are trying to migrate all of our business to 4over because they have proven to be helpful, refunds are always quick, reprints are quick, turnarounds and pricing are amazing. They sealed the deal when they offered FREE delivery to our location.

Because of them and their model, we are planning to expand to 2 more locations in 2012. They just make it easy, prices are on point, and all our customers are happy. Getting ALL updates via email, to my Blackberry makes it too easy for a small operation of ours to expand.

I am sure there are many horror stories but with all partnerships, you have to work with them until everyone is on the same page. They work for us and only has gave us reasons to expand even more so in a down-market.

Try them again guys.

P.S. I DO NOT agree with their RedTag site. But it has not effected us in anyway. Printing is a huge industry, the pie is far too big for them to even graze your niche or market.
BGCSD Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Inconsistant Colors

Several times we have had items printed with 4Over and when we received the products, the colors were WAY off (blues were purple, skin tones were orange, etc). It was then that I checked their FAQ, and saw they needed their CMYK to have at least a 30% spread between Cyan and Magenta, and I called them to make sure I got everything the way they needed it (I had them stay on the phone with me while I did it). So I resubmitted a new file for the same job following the instructions.

The image colors were still off from what I had on my screen and what I could print on my printers. A third order was placed, and that one was also off. While they insisted it was a problem with the original file I had submitted, the print on the side of the box they sent had the right colors, as well as the prints I could make on my printers here. I explained this to them, and the story changed to the fact that bulk run offset jobs will be slightly off because they run multiple jobs at once. I then explained that if I told my customers that my product was inferior because I did multiple jobs at once, I'd lose my customers. If all of my printers AND their warehouse printer can get the colors right based on the file I sent, why can't their super expensive printing equipment do it? I have never had this problem with the other printers I've worked with in the past. Initially, I only tried 4Over because they were slightly less expensive than my current printer. Now I know why. It is not worth the hassle, frustration, and poor quality to save a few dollars. I'm going back to my original supplier.

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