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praalaurie9 Send email
Oct 28, 2020

AARP Membership Cards

Right now, I have six membership cards for 2009 in front of me. Every year it is the same thing.
Please check your records and know I pay my dues yearly. (1 year). Stop the reminders. Paid
regularly. Please respond by e-mail.
Richard Neva Send email
Feb 14, 2019

I am a member of AARP

Because I am a member they (AARP) will not let me join because I am a member already!
sogurl723 Send email
Mar 9, 2018

FREE Gifts

PLEASE......PLEASE....PLEASE.. FOR PETE'S SAKE SEND ALL THESE FOOLISH FOLKS THEIR FREE GIFT's BUT BY ALLL MEANS DO NOT SEND REP.S TO WASHINGTON AND FIGHT FOR SENIOR RIGHTS,,,GIVE THE DISCOUNTS ON TRAVEL HOTEL,MEALS, GAS...ETC....DO NOT KEEP US UPDATED ON NEW MEDICATIONS AND SIDE EFFECTS. , PLEASE.....PLEASE...DON'T TAKE THE TIME TO GO OVER ALL THE DIFFERENT KIND OF INSURANCE SCAMS OR WHICH ONE WOULD WORK BETTER FOR ME.....OR HELP ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT VARIOUS NEW CUTS FOR SENIORS IN WASHING.TON D.C..........HOLY COW WHAT ARE YOU LAZY NIT WITS DOING THAT YOU WOULD FORGET TO THROW THAT PRICE IS RIGHT BAG AND SEND THEM.....(o by the way thank you for mine.)glad tha just happened to make it befor the war of on shipping or endangerment of the nylon bug.l....FOLKS ON A SOFTER SIDE BE PATIENT CALL THE TOLL FREE NUMBER ASK IF YOU CAN HAVE YOUR FREE GIFT..( I have even been told sometimes if you ask nicely they will even see if they have something different they will send you.)But while you wait go to the list of meeting places sponsored by AARP and have another cup of coffee, tea, cookies, play cards and meet some folks ..) good luck blesssing and I am so glad you were all able to wake up to read this silly person's RANT.........
Katgirl Send email
Jan 6, 2018

Didn’t receive free gift

David J. and Kathi L. Lowe joined but did not receive a free gift as promised. It’s not about the gift. I think it’s integrity. If you can’t afford the gift it’s fine. My email is [email protected]
Frank Yoder Send email
Sep 29, 2017


I renewed membership & AARP send me a card holder case. It was made in China, but when u go to open it up if fingers in backside
of case it will pinch ur tip of finger & bring blood to surface.
It should be recalled!!
ErinnMayer Send email
Aug 24, 2017

"FREE" Gifts from AARP

Okay folks, I just had to write this, after reading soo many complaints about AARP's free gifts being cheap & cheezy, NOT what they had advertised, andAN so on.

First off, joining AARP for a free gift (as a few complaints have implied such) is ridiculous, in and of itself -- especially AARP...

IF you have AAA, I wouldn't get AARP, as several folks have also indicated, you are basically duplicating your efforts (AAA offers basically the same discounts that AARP does). In my case, my insurance provider offers free roadside assistance and so on, so I chose NOT to subscribe to AAA.

That said, I DID subscribe to AARP 6 years ago (I've signed up for 3 yrs at a time), and I have been happy. I just renewed again, and got another 3 years, for $64.00. FOLKS, if you get a hotel room more than three times in three years (my husband & I stay in hotels roughly 5-6 times/year), you've PAID for your membership! Seriously, MOST hotels will give you 10% off your stay; this is honestly, the main reason I have AARP.

YES, they do send w-a-y-y-y tooo much mail, and YES, they do ask you to either "sign up" or "renew your membership" (even though you are already a member, and even though your membership doesn't expire for many months!), so you do need to be watchful of your expiration/renewal date(s); this is something they DO need to work on - they are killing way too many trees, for one!

But... IF you are looking for a great free gift, look somewhere else - I mean, what in the heck do you expect, for $16; seriously?!?? I hope you will read what I've cut & pasted below (from another AARP subscriber - "CVENTRALIOWAGUY"), cuz he says it all, PERFECTLY!

Again, if you stay in a hotel once or twice a year, you've more than PAID for this membership, so stop complaining! "When you get a gift for free, try to have the graciousness not to complain. If you bought AARP membership thinking the bag was worth more than the $16 membership fee, you clearly didn't do your homework. Also, you probably weren't joining AARP to get the benefits of membership but to get the free gift.

Like this gentlemen states, "When you get a gift for free, try to have the graciousness not to complain. If you bought AARP membership thinking the bag was worth more than the $16 membership fee, you clearly didn't do your homework. Also, you probably weren't joining AARP to get the benefits of membership but to get the free gift.'

I'm amazed at the complaints about this bag. Recently, I received the same promotional piece from AARP, and I noticed the following things about it:

1. Nowhere does it state the dimensions of the bag. To me, that's the first sign that I don't have details I may want to know. Consequently, I need to look further.

2. In the photo, I can see that a car key fob is attached on the right side. Car key fobs tend to be only a couple inches long, so I can easily see that the bag is only two or three times the length of my key fob.

3. I can see a pen in the pocket on the front of the bag. From that, I can easily estimate that the bag is perhaps twice the length of an average pen. To me, that's a clear sign the bag is small.

4. In the top of the bag I can see a banana and one snack bar that I would figure is probably the size of a standard granola bar. From their usual size, I can also likely guess that the bag is not terribly deep.

4. Nowhere does the piece refer to the "insulated travel bag" as anything that gives me the impression that it is what I would consider luggage that I would pack as any sort of bag to roll aboard, use as a sort of suitcase, or even a cooler for holding anything much larger than one bottled beverage.

5. The photo clearly shows the bag won't serve as an insulated carrier for much more than one bottled beverage, so I didn't think of the bag as a cooler. From what is shown in the photo, I'd figure I'd use the bag only for conveniently carrying a few very small items when I travel and don't want to stuff my pockets or carry a large bag.

6. Some complaints say AARP was using false advertising. False advertising applies to the goods, services, or commercial activities a business offers. From my experience, AARP does provide the goods, services, and activities they sell. AARP was not selling you the bag. They were selling their services and they threw in the bag as an incentive to get you to buy the services. The bag itself is not a good, service, or activity of AARP. Even if the bag were a good, service, or activity of AARP, they make no claims about what the bag will or will not do other than that the bag is insulated and can be used for travel. If you read more into that they what they say, you are assuming much that the photo easily gives away.

I would also add to this the following points:

a. A consumer needs to take care to confirm they are getting what they expect. The phrase "Caveat emptor" (Let the buyer beware) goes back a few thousand years.

b. AARP makes no promises or statements about the bag's dimensions. If it may be helpful to you to know the size of the bag, then ask. If you think AARP is being deceitful, you haven't paid attention to how many things are sold. For evidence, look at car ads (print or on TV) that give you the impression that many small cars are large, long, and powerful. For more evidence, look at food ads for things like the size of meal portions and think about how often the item you receive at the restaurant is the same size and has the same eye appeal as what you see in print, online, or on TV. For further evidence, look at the size of your cereal box compared to its contents, the size of your potato chip bag compared to its contents, and so on.

c. If you still feel cheated, consider that AARP does not state or imply a value for the bag. They say it is free as a bonus gift. I checked online for similar bags and found they range in cost from about $9 on up to nearly $20 in retail price. Even if you assume that it costs AARP $1 or $2 per bag from whoever their fulfillment item provider is, the bag is still worth about 6% to 12% of the cost of annual membership.

d. When you get a gift for free, try to have the graciousness not to complain. If you bought AARP membership thinking the bag was worth more than the $16 membership fee, you clearly didn't do your homework. Also, you probably weren't joining AARP to get the benefits of membership but to get the free gift. Why join or buy something you don't intend to use? Sandiegoliving and a few other respondents understand this, but the complainers haven't figured that out.

Last point: I joined AARP in July and have already used my membership to save over $80 in a few hotel stays. When I joined, there was no free gift offer of any kind. While it may have been nice for me to get a free gift, I'm not lodging a complaint with AARP asking or demanding "Where's mine?" Instead, I'm appreciative of the services they do offer, and I weighed whether I thought membership was going to yield me more than $16 in savings. To me, membership is a bargain, with or without a low-value gift throw in at no cost.
dismay Send email
Aug 17, 2017


I would received a free gift if I joined aarp. After reading these horrendous complaints. I definately will NOT. be joining. Has anyone thought to file for misrepresentation of prodocts or for scamming the elderly. Theu should be investigated. If I were a memeber. It would one time and the last time. Sad to see people taken in by this misleading bulls**t..
savannah810 Send email
Jul 5, 2017

POOR Customer Service

I called repeatedly in regard to free gift that never materialized. Also, several months ago I requested a replacement card. That never arrived either. Called again today and AGAIN asked for card and inquired about gift. Rep told me she cannot address
the gift
available at that time (calculator). Asked that they just send current gift. She said I cannot tell you current gift or extend offer. WOW,
Talk about CUSTOMER SERVICE! I guess when it comes to AARP it is a misnomer. We will not be renewing this card. Very
troubling. Their representatives will certainly drive AARP into the ground. The,probably cheap gift,is not really the issue, rather the
response to a customer. I certainly wouldn't employ this representative or the others with whom I have had the misfortune of
n0123232 Send email
May 25, 2017

Membership just expired & there will be no renewal

I joined 3 years ago and just like everyone else, I have never received any of their (so called) free gifts for joining. It's been 3 years so I guess I can give up on that LOL!!! I will not renew my membership.
NS0524 Send email
May 24, 2017

I've been a member since 2010 never got any free gifts

I've been a AARP member since 2010 I have never receive any kind of free gift not even the travel bag.😔😔😔😔
Cubby249 Send email
May 15, 2017

Free Day Bag

Sorry to say I'm a member.
Cubby249 Send email
May 15, 2017

Free Day Bag

I renewed early to get this bag. It's been two months and still no bag. I'm sad to say I'm a member. Eventually this will catch up to them. Wish I could cancel and get my money back.
mariecmacho Send email
May 5, 2017

Free Gifts

I have been a member for years, I recently read an article. Furthermore, I haven't received anything all through these years of being a member.
I don't even have a AARP,,,, card,I do however have an open account online.

Since 2015,,,, [email protected]
I would appreciate this matter resolved.
thank you
MikeBike Send email
May 5, 2017

AARP Mistreating Elder Members

For years, my mother received mid-term "Renewal Reminders" from AARP and she always paid to keep her membership. when she died at age 89, I am convinced she had multiple years left on her membership. This always aggravated me, but I never tried to correct it.

Now, I am an AARP member, at age 74, and I am on the receiving end of the deceptive "renewal Reminder" letters. Several months ago, I received a "Final Notice" (as noted on the envelope) that informed me to renew my membership now to allow me to get my free gifts. The problem being I had 9 months to go on my current membership. Today, I received an envelope marked "Member: To renew your AARP membership, please return your statement today." Inside the envelope was a renewal statement and bill. I currently have 6 months until the renewal date.

I believe this is very deceptive and takes advantage of members integrity in promptly paying all their bills. AARP should be ashamed for taking advantage of members and should make an effort to return funds to unsuspecting elderly people.
Chrisdunkleman Send email
Apr 30, 2017

Travel bag

I just received a bag that is. Where like what I have seen on Tv or advertised . I received a little red bag that I will never use. What happen to the large black bag that actually looked like something I would use. Very disappointed. I am thinking of canceling my membership if this is what you stand for. Offering a nice bag and sending a small ugly bag.
kcurich Send email
Mar 16, 2017


I wish I had seen the comments on the "free gift" prior to signing up, this bag is a JOKE! Tiny, cheap and I think someone has used it already, it has the markings of things going in and out of it, they probably couldn't get more then a pen and pad in so returned it, which I am strongly thinking of canceling my membership. If you think that this type of marketing is the way to help your members what type of perks can I really expect. UNHAPPY with my scratchy, little tiny bag!
jeffatsign Send email
Feb 23, 2017

travel bag
AARP Services Contacts & Information
Posted: Tony S.
Travel Bag
Complaint Rating: 94 % with 451 votes
Contact information:
United States
I recently joined AARP partly because they offered a free travel bag, the promotional flier showed a photo of the bag, it looked very nice. I expected a substantial bag with a shoulder strap, a bag which could carry a significant amount of belongings in when you "travel." When it came, it did look like what was pictured on the flier, but it was tiny, about the size of a small camera bag. Not really useful in a practical way, and not what one normally thinks of as a travel bag. The photo of the bag on the flier didn't show a person or anything next to it so you'd know that it was tiny. That was deliberate, in my opinion. I doubt anyone would want this next to useless bag. In my opinion, this is about as close to a scam as you can get without it legally being considered a scam.

comment toward Tony S. about Travel Bag; agree site unseen; yes received in the mail plasticized card with name showing bag with rhetoric propaganda on that, along with paper letter ditto same, and, no postage envelope to sign up for; noting also letter print states card enclosed, what? a membership card? hardly; figured this was sub-scam even contemplated the whole mailing not legitimate at all since it was suspicious looking toward anything this notable retirement co. does; so researched this online, found this and add comment here; will not sign up never was going to anyway; plus will use the mailing for added trash can liner ( use junk mail on the bottom to absorb anything moisture so can stays clean, good use for junk mail i.e. if all that sends mail like this found out folks like me do this, wasting their money, they'd pull the plug asap on any more paper mail, catalogs included, just yank out the staples, lol ) thanks Tony S. and AARP
cshearer111 Send email
Feb 12, 2017

The gift that keeps on throwing away

Your free gift for renewing my membership is a joke. Please don't send this crap because it serves no purpose other than overflowing the landfill.
dougcf Send email
Jan 20, 2017

free gift, really?

Thanks for the free sign up gift. Really? What is it? This little 4 piece blue thing with netted zippered opening is pretty useless. You can have it back if you want. I have no idea what I would use it for.
rgellman Send email
Dec 16, 2016

Free Gift

I joined AARP with the promise of a free gift. The "gift" sent did not look like the advertised picture...much smaller and cheaper. It would be more accurate to say free sandwich cooler...NOT a backpack. AARP should be embarrassed to send such a "gift."
trochenx Send email
Nov 11, 2016


I renewed my AARP membership on October 1, 1916. To this day I have not received my membership cards. The check was for #43.00 and it was already cashed. All I keep getting are notices in the mail to renew my membership. Is there a solution to this. There is no phone number to be found on who to contact. Thank you.
memelove2 Send email
Oct 5, 2016

free gift

I am so happy to see all these complaints because I thought Iwas making a mountain of a mole hill over this I too have been a member for almost 20 years and I feel sort of like a sheep because i have been just going along with out really thinking about it and when I realized that I renewed my membership that I had just shortly before renewed " for the free gift " that I couldn't even give away I called to explain that I had just renewed but it was not the time to renew and I got the run around .And you are right these so called free gifts that are really expensive when you figure what it cost for membership of a usless organization are so cheep you might get them at the fair in a grab bag ,I am happy to be able to vent these feallings but I wish Someone would take notice and do something about this problem.
DianaOwens Send email
Sep 22, 2016

"Free Gift"

What the heck is this "free gift"? I just received my gift and, for the life of me, I have no idea what I am suppose to be using these small, weird, mesh top bags for! Please don't waste membership money on something so absurd--what a waste!
DJL Send email
Sep 5, 2016

free gift

Just received my "free" gift for renewing my AARP membership! Is this a joke? I have spent more time than I should have to trying to figure out what to do with these weird blue cloth zip bags with ventilation. My husband and I laughed to the point of hysteria trying to come up with an idea of what on earth they could be used for! It has left me knowing I will never give another penny to AARP, despite any other benefits. AARP would have been better off not sending me anything!
ngerard Send email
Sep 2, 2016

Homeowners Insurance

My mother has a homeowners insurance policy on her home. After helping her change policies, we found out AARP was charging her OVER $4,000 a year for homeowners. We found a new policy for her UNDER $2,000, with the same coverage. Nothing like taking advantage of the elderly, WHEN they are supposed to be helping them. Well, they are being dumped.

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