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Sep 20, 2022

Account assure customer service

I just got my childrens place credit card while calling to activate first I spoke with a woman, I tryed to ask her questions but I may as well have been speaking to a computer. She wouldn't answer anything with out repeating her sales pitch word for word. I hung up with her and called back trying to reach a real human. This time it was a man but instead of answering my yes or no questions with a yes or no they tried to spin me in circles by repeating their sales pitch verbatim over and over then when I asked them to send the paperwork so I could look it over before i sign up for anything he says "So that's a yes for account assure" I realized then what a scam this really is. These people are a joke.
cheryl1342 Send email
Aug 29, 2019

New York & Company

I thought NY&C had done away with Account Assure. Why am I still being billed for it?
merlin15 Send email
Feb 24, 2019

Account Assure

I recently discovered I have been ripped off by Account Assure company. Taking money from my Venus Credit card, and I didn't know a thing about it since 2015. I have a balance and I am not going to pay a dime of it That belongs to account assure. I did not sign up for this, that I was aware of, so I'm pretty sure it is a scam. I just sent a complaint to Consumer Protection for New York State.
Sdavid01 Send email
Sep 20, 2018

Account Assure

Never received my Victoria's Secret gift card/promo card that came with signing up with Account Assure. I stopped using my VS card for awhile. I saw the Account Assure charge, and that's the only reason I remembered. Could no longer get the gift card since that was awhile back.
Melissawright37 Send email
Mar 30, 2018

Unrolled in account assure when I did not agree

I have a Victoria secret credit card and apparently have been being cared for account assure the whole time. Shame on me for not checking my transactions every moment. But I want my money back. Melissa Wright (Saint Louis Mo
jlvdjb Send email
Nov 7, 2017

Account assure protection that I never signed up for and have not been able to cancel

I was just informed about charges that are being charged to my card with out my permission . I never signed up or gave anyone permission to charge fees to my avenue card i wondered why my balance never went down very much and called the company they explained to me about the charges that a third party company named account assure was adding to my card. They said i would have to contact you to get all my money reimbursed. I will be waiting for your reply. My email address is [email protected]
trishat Send email
Apr 20, 2017

account assure

I couldn't understand why this was so hard to get through to anyone about this protection plan, then I found out.

Outbackfarm1 Send email
Apr 7, 2017

Account Assure

I have an account with The BoTon for several years and I have account Assure .I have been paying $46.00 a month for this protection.I haven't worked since 2013.I hurt my neck fell backwards of a chair and hurt my neck!I had to have surgery to repair the damage.They had to fuse my neck!I called this assure people and they said that I didn't qualify because I had the disability before I signed up!That is a Lie,what have I been paying this insurance for?They are a total rip off!They should be put out of business,P.S. I did read the fine print!!!?!
4Kendrick Send email
Jan 18, 2017

Rip off

Refused to pay a dime
tabibo Send email
Dec 11, 2016


bowlby325 Send email
Oct 10, 2016

20.00 visa gift card

My visa gift card for 20.00 did not work. What is the problem
Donna Sanders Send email
Aug 20, 2016

Warrenty dept

I emailed a while back about returning a Univision tablet and portable charger that I purchased 4/5/2016 and it was told no so I decided to try using it and I plugged both in to different sockets and both got hot so I was afraid to use them, I contacted hsn and was given a number to warrenty so they said I had to call Univison and I had difficultly hearing the rep. To the point of her getting aggravated at me and I apologized to her told her I couldn't hear well,I am 72 yr.old with hearing and medical problems she said that I was hearing fine at first . I hope the conversation was recorded so you can hear the difficulty I had from the beginning. I did not mean to annoy her and told her so , which didn't seem to help. So at this point I am waiting on a call from them, I hope! With another rep. I am so sorry for turning this into a major problem. Please help me. Acct.806994925. DonnaSanders Order1312702931. 04/05/2016. Both are defective to get hot and she said it was supposed to be warm and I am afraid to use electronics that get hot like that. PLEASE HELP
KWorrell Send email
Aug 18, 2016

Gift card promo

I signed up for Account Assure service with the expectation to recieve a $20 gift card for signing up. I recieved the gift card and attempted to use in the store to be made aware it was invalid. After speaking to several agents who didn't know what to do or couldn't issue me another card I was told I would get a response in 3-5 days. Absolutely ridiculous...
Kerrishukla Send email
Aug 8, 2016


So I've been paying for this for years. I've been on disability for quite a while and have not looked into using it until now. When I initially enrolled it was only after I had gotten hounded and convinced to do so.
So now I get the paperwork and am appalled at the information they are requesting for a $300 consumer credit account. Most people in my position already have physicians filling out tons of paperwork. To ask my doctor to fill this out to the extent they want is ridiculous. Not too mention complete invasion of privacy. Proof of disability is all that should be required by law. To ask for details of my medical history/condition is such a violation. Do they have doctors reviewing these claims? I have 7 doctors and specialists, how many details do they really need on my very private medical condition? Like most people, I'm not even going to ask my doctor to fill this BS out. In the grand scheme of things and my life right now, this account is the least of my concerns. This company is banking on us all feeling the same way and taking a whole lot of money from people in very vulnerable situations. SSDI paperwork should suffice!
ksheed1962 Send email
Jun 20, 2016

Account Assured

Anyone want to file a class action suit with me email: [email protected]
lizard8333 Send email
Mar 16, 2016


I've had this service since I opened my account and lost my job last month. I filed a benefit BUT I still have to make payments on my account until they review my account with all the documents they require me to send it -- which they can't even tell me what they are ahead of time so that I can have them ready!!!
Furthermore, I spoke with 2 supervisors who BOTH LIED to me! Numerous times!!!!! The first one wouldn't even LISTEN to me. I Had to repeat myself so many times I lost count.

Do not bother with this service. I can't wait until their "resolution team" "calls" me (I'm holding my breath....)
adeleh53 Send email
Jan 26, 2016

Account Assure - Gander Mt Credit Card

Please don't sign up for this service. My husband has been unemployed since June 2015 - to date they only have made 3 payments and the first payment was made in November!!! They are telling me the payments were for July, Aug & Sept, but they can't make additional ones for Oct, Nov, Dec & Jan because they are only allowed to make one a month! This service is a rip off.

You can never talk directly to a "benefits specialist". Everytime I call I get a person who takes down the same information and says someone will call and no one ever does! Its a scam. I plan to file a complaint with the better business bureau. I have called at least 10 times if not more, they have taken my information and say someone will return the call within 48 hours. Not one return call and they refuse to give me a direct number to the "benefit specialist".

They are doing everything they can to get out of paying the claim. Run away from this organization as fast as you can!
caring_telemarketer Send email
Dec 23, 2015

Account Assure

Honestly, we are all too busy to actually realize what we are getting into because we're all a bit (if not more) busy, naive and truly self centered. I admit it. BUT I sell Account Assure and it is a very strict, absolutely have to read verbatim, program. Nothing like any other program I've done it telemarketing. This is because there are customers out there who threaten to take legal action because of their own mistakes. Oh, and the most I can make at all selling Account Assure is $11/hour and I work part time. So think of the people who you'll maybe make jobless before going crazy over something you did indeed sign up for. I can tell you that Account Assure is a great program and there are individuals who work very hard at corporate listening to every single enrollment call fully to ensure every ounce of what is said was said correctly and that nothing was left out. How do I know this? Well, we have these things called defects. All of the agents at my call center receive them. Even I do. If something so much as "a dollar ninety nine" is said rather than "one dollar and ninety nine cents" you get a defect. If you ask a customer one of our various important questions and they reply with "Yea", "Yup", "Uh-huh", "mm-hmm" and you continue with the sale, then it comes back as a defect. I also work in outbound which is strictly calling back people who signed up for Account Assure but had an error (defect) occur during their enrollment. Half the people say things like "What is Account Assure?" And you just want to blurt out...the debt protection program you signed up for!!!!! Or even in the middle of a sale people will say yes to enrollment and further in begin to say things like "Wait, are you enrolling me in something?" Or ask if they will be charged or what Account Assure even is after already explaining the benefits and fees twice.

I'm telling you. From long term experience, people are so busy and don't pay much, if at all any attention to a telemarketer that is (in their mind) just supposed to be activating their card, or may have only heard the they were eligible for a $20 gift card part, that they don't even realize they have enrolled. I can't even believe a customer even thinks it is right of them to go asking for $3000 to be refunded from years of charges when they didn't even care enough in the first place to ensure their funds were being spent correctly for YEARS on end. And you are even given 30 days to cancel and receive a full refund if you aren't satisfied in an attempt to keep customers happy who actually pay attention or to nicely give people, that did not want to give us the time of day for five minutes, the opportunity to check their statements and notice a fee they don't recognize.
If there was a mistake, I know that the organization I work for would gladly fix it. But I also know that the organization I work for is so careful, it's even hard for us telemarketers to do our job as perfect as they want us to. But now I realize after coming here and seeing all these complaints, exactly why we have to do what we do. Mistakes do happen. No one is perfect. But that's the point. Instead of coming here and blaming Account Assure, maybe see if you had any involvement first. Are we really so busy and unaware of our surroundings that we can't even pay attention to the fact that we did indeed give our credit card number out and enroll in something and have been spending money on the protection for years? That's scary. What have we been missing that's actually important around us every day? Did we run out the door at the store and not hold it for the elderly woman coming out right after us? Did we complain about the young single mother holding up the line who was trying to find every cent she could in her wallet just to buy the few items she needed to care for her children? Are we the typical careless American who would reply to that with something like "Why would she bring a child into this world if she couldn't afford it?" We don't know the situation. We don't even know that we've been paying fees that have showed up on our credit card statements for months on end. What if you lost your job and had to hold up the line? Well if you were enrolled, Account Assure may just have your back and pay off your credit card balance for you.
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Dec 11, 2015


I have had Bergners account protection before through hsbc and they moved my account to Comenity. I have protection on all of my Comenity acoounts but I checked on 12/10/2015 and my Bergner account is not protected. I spoke with Elizabeth and she will have someone contact me. She also advised me to go to to sign up just in case and I couldn't locate anything on the web page to let me do so. I'll wait and see what happens. I don't want to file a claim, I just want to make sure my account is protected. I read all the negative reviews and I certainly hope all of this is not happening.
lolo4ku Send email
Nov 4, 2015

Account Assure Lane Bryant

I pay my Lane Bryant account online every month. I never look at my statement because I know what I am spending. I wondered today why my balance never seems to go down. I looked at my statement and found that they have been charging me over $30 dollars a month for an insurance premium that I never signed up for. I never, ever sign up for those things. I realized that I have paid almost $3,000 dollars in premiums. I asked today for them to cancel the insurance and was given a phone number to call tomorrow for a refund. They better refund my money or I will pursue them with legal action. They better show me the signed document or the recording where I agreed to pay for this policy.
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Sep 17, 2015

Account Assure for HSN Credit Card

I made an online payment on my HSN Card today that is processed through Comenity Bank. I've had a question in my mind for a couple of months about why my account balance never goes down. I process all transactions with HSN, including payments, online. Shame on me for not looking at my actual online statements because I'm too old to go on blind faith. I receive emails confirming purchases, refunds, payments due and payment receipts via email. I decided today to check my statements when I made the online payment. Low and behold, there are charges every month for Account Assure and the charges go back to 2013. I've never heard of the program and have no idea what it's for. I placed a call to them to find out what the charges are for and an explanation of what the program is for. I was advised that I signed up on June 30, 2013. I have never signed up for one of these programs, ever. They are nothing but a ripoff.
I advised Account Assure that they have been making fraudulent charges on my account and to cancel the program immediately. They gave me a cancellation confirmation of F79A7C8F and advised there would be no further charges as of today. In addition a supervisor, Eduardo, assured me that he was submitting a refund request and details to their "refund department ". Reading the complaints, I don't have a lot of faith that they will follow through and will be filing other formal complaints against Comenity Bank for setting up a fraudulent account.

Thank you
Debra Harris
charlene Riley Send email
Aug 17, 2015

unauthorize of account assure

I have had Lane Bryant account for years. Little did I know that they had account asdure on my credit account. In fact I had Lane Bryant every since 2007. I kept paying on my Lane Bryant acct. But I never seen any different in my bill. I didn't authorized them to take.out any account assure on me. When I call to enquire about it. One of the associate told me that we help you out by paying your account. I told her you did help me out that is stealing. You took something I didnt when I ask them about my Lane Bryant account they make lack they can't pull it up. I closed the account in July but they finished paying my bill this month. I want the balance of my refund but if not I intend to seek legal action.
iamsistalove Send email
Jul 24, 2015

Neglected to cancel my Account Assure Lane Bryant

I cancelled this service BEFORE the trial period was over. My bad that I would just pay my Lane Bryant card online and not look at my statement. I just found out they never cancelled this service and I've been paying all along! Will they refund me? NO, of course not because I can't prove anything. I will NEVER make this mistake again and if anyone asks, I will tell them DO NOT subscribe to this service!!
Lori Spataro Send email
Jan 11, 2015

Victoria Secret Account Assure

I have used this card for years in 2012 I filed a claim they said I wasn't insured I paid for this service so in case I needed it the operater said there was a computer error and said I would be credited the entire balance I am still waiting they just continued to charge me the entire year I spent about 6 hours with different representatives nothing has been done I told the bank and they are still waiting for a reply from Account Assure so they offered a hardship program from Commnity Bank there representative said make 35$ payments for 7 months seccessfuly and we will pay entire balance but that wouldn't be needed because the account would be cleared up! Nothing has happened I haven't used the card for a year I cut them up ! Now there charging me 90$ dollars a month !I won't give them anymore money .So I'm very upset but I won't be pushed around and ripped off !Lori Spataro 8623775181
rose caballero Send email
Oct 13, 2014



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