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archumon Send email
Jan 7, 2021

EOS Benefit from ADCB Bank

My job was affected due to Covid 19 that forced me to leave my previous job and joined a new company in the month of Dec 2020. I have received my EOS from the previous employer and it was on hold by ADCB.

As per the bank request, I have submitted all the required documents to the Sharjah Main branch on 20th of December 2020 and it was confirmed by Customer Executive that documents are inline with your requirements and the concerned team will contact me.

I have received an email from Credit team Lowden on 22nd December 2020 requesting to submit all the documents to the bank and I have informed them back that all the required documents have been submitted. Further to my continuous emails follow-up they have replied to me back on 29th December (after 7 days) requesting me to provide the request reference, which I have provided at the same time. I have received a reply from Credit team on 30th stating the following;

"Upon reviewing the submitted documents, it was evidenced that your Debt Burden Ration (DBR) exceeds 50% of your monthly income Hence we will be adjusting the gratuity component to the loan to reduce your monthly instalment."

But in my case;
1) My Recent is company was listed with ADCB
2) My existing salary is higher than the previous salary.
3) My EMI falls under well below half of my salary.
4) My current debt with ADCB is also below what I was taken with my previous salary
5) I do not have any other cards, loans with any other bank other than ADCB.
6) I didn't default on any of the repayment.
7) Finally, my first month salary (Dec Month) is credited to their account. (It was again they deducted the EMI for January)

I tried to reach them many times, through call center, emails, visit to branch - but they never responded till 6th of January. (more than 15 days). At last, I have called the call center insisted to speak with a Supervisor, after a long chat, I finally got a call from the Customer care Supervisor and assured a call call back from the Manager of credit team.

Meantime, I have gathered the emails of CEO, CFO, Retail Head and sent them an email. Which resulted immediate call back from the credit team and informed me that the DBR issue was a system error.

Irrespective of the above facts, they have adjusted by EOS, given me a new EMI structure. They have proceeded with re-structure without even my knowledge, they did not bother whether am okay to keep the long period or short period.
So, based on my experience with ADCB I would like to share the followings tips for everyone.

1) Never go to ADCB. Based on my experience – they do not deal with customer point of view. They will stick in to their advantage and terms & conditions. They don’t treat you with your necessity. Don’t expect any mercy and stretch out help from ADCB. Even if you explain all your troubles, they wont help you, they will stick with their T&C.
2) Don’t take a personal loan 😊 – I know its not possible for us.
3) Terms Conditions - Read all the Terms and conditions clearly. At the end they will say, its written in T&C, why you did not read.
4) End of Service - Please note they will not release your end of service benefits if your loan is exceeding the EOS (I have got an email confirmation on this). Even though your salary is high, even your current employer is listed, even if your first salary is credited, they will not release. So please do not think in that you are going to get the end of service when you change your job. Do not plan at all.
5) Customer Care – Please don’t rely on the information given by the front line customer executives. The back-end operations have different view and we will end up with change in plans.
6) Do not Disconnect the Calls - If you are unable to solve your issue within couple of calls or emails, please call the Call center and insist them that I am not going disconnect the call until unless you transfer the calls to the concern person that can assist you. They will assure you a call back, but do not accept, do not disconnect. They cannot disconnect call during the conversation.
7) Emails to higher authorities – If they still fail to give us the solution you can write emails to the higher authorities. In my case, I have written emails to CEO – CFO – HOD

Many of us may have different opinion about ADCB, but I would say, its one of the worst experiences during my 16 year stay in UAE. So I would say good bye ADCB (that doesn’t make any difference, but it would make me better, I think that’s important)
alidas Send email
May 27, 2020


On 22 March started employment at new company. On 21 APRIL 2020 handed in documents at Khalifa City branch. Since then have been struggling with 3 Bank Representatives.....NONE HAS BEEN ACTIONED....35 DAYS LATER!!
I am told the issue is to verify my employment.
I provided Email addresses of HR head at the company, but still this is not good enough?????
What a terrible bank to bank with. They are so quick to take my money and tell me when I am not doing my part, yet when it is THEIR turn to assist they pull out any and every excuse in the book.
Raffique89 Send email
Nov 30, 2019

Salary account closure


I was a staff of ADCB bank and I had quit ADCB in 2015 June at the same time I had requested to close my salary account but still I am receiving statement emails to my mail id, Now am in India wouldn't able to contact so kindly close the account and stop sending me emails of statement or else I'll escalate on social media and also am not reachable on my registered number (0555978572) which is disconnected long back, if you want to contact me please reach me on my Indian number given below.

Raffique89 Send email
Nov 30, 2019

Staff account closure


I was a staff of ADCB bank and I had quit ADCB in 2015 June at the same time I had requested to close my salary account but still I am receiving statement emails to my mail id, Now am in India wouldn't able to contact so kindly close the account and stop sending me emails of statement or else I'll escalate on social media and also am not reachable on my registered number (0555978572) which is disconnected long back, if you want to contact me please reach me on my Indian number given below.

[email protected] Send email
Apr 2, 2019


We have just consistently been harassed by a guy from ADCB. Name Anish Joshi. The guy was rude. Obnoxious. The guy has no customer care manners. I am very very upset about the way we are being treated.
Please let’s find a way to get service up to speed.
afsarafeef Send email
Oct 29, 2018


Dear All,
Greeting of the Day…
With reference to the above mention complaint from ADCB Bank, I have lodged a complaint last 2 weeks ago regarding my credit card cancellation without my concern. Bank has been initiated card cancellation without my concern officially regarding the same I had discussed with bank about this issue. For more details please find below the actual scenario what happen early with collection department.
Due to finically crisis personally I requested for settlement option from the bank discussion was going on month of September between us but during the time banker said your settlement has been approved for the same I ask them to send officially settlement letter mentioning with comments date from and closing date of settlement so that I aware the payment deadline in order to make payment but banker just confirmed me orally but I can’ t follow the oral confirmation for the same I request to send by officially by register mail id so that I can follow payment dead line and further payment date option. Unfortunately I didn’t get any confirmation from the bank whether my settlement has been approved or cancelled by officially. Later I drop this issue back to normal mode when I received the statement October month I found card cancellation all my existing EMI cancelled and add the foreclosure charges I was shocked and found already card was cancelled for the same I seek customer care help to know the reason said already your card was cancelled . please follow below question raised with bank so far banker not sort out my issue.
1- Credit card account cancelled without any officially and without my concern.
2- All my existing EMI closed and added foreclosure charges without my concern.
3- During the discussion with collection department settlement option they confirm them self and taken their own rights settlement approved and cancelled them self without intimating me officially.
4- My simple question with bank if settlement approved where is the official letter with mentioning payment term’s & condition and termination related information. Weather send to me by officially via register mail id ? still no answer with the bank.
For the above all I need proper justification form the bank also I need compensation for the same from the bank.
Thanks & Regards
Afsar Basha K
Loverj Send email
Jun 2, 2018

Harassing me and my colleagues

Adcb calling on Feb for the resettlement of my Credit cards,its Mohamad from Tasheel, he said my balance is 19000aed and he make discount it will be 14,500 if i make the resettlement, i agreed to the resettlement. And told him i can pay only 500aed per month coz my husband doesn't have a job,he ok i will do it but make sure pay on time,i sai ok i will.March and April i paid 500aed but before that he said pay first 5000aed to proceed on the resettlement, I don't have i manage to pay only 2000 aed and he proceed. After April 30 I received a msg from my supervisor and colleagues that somebody frim Adcb bank calling and looking for me,and she gave me the no and right away i called the no# its Mustafa from collection department,he wants me to pay additional 400aed and he will do the resettlement,i told him that i did already the resettlement,he said its not approved, and i ask him why I didn't know its not approved, he said they cannot contact me,re repeated my email and no which is correct,so i pay 350aed on the same day,when i reach my store,all of them my colleagues asking me that the collection department of Adcb is so rude and unprofessional,and i called again Mustafa about that he said he doesn't know what they doing in collection department,or how they cLling the clients.Musta told me to go in al rigga to proceed the resettlement for the second time,i said i cannot go there coz i have work,he said ok on the nearest Adcb branch He will send and email and i can do the resettlement there.The next day i went to Adcb branch in Yas mall coz im working there, i asked them if they know Mustafa from collection department, no one knows,and they don't have any email received from them to do the resettlement, i called him again to ask what happened, he just told me that he told to his guys to send an email but no one did it,and i stop talking to them, and they giving false information,and now sombody calling me gain to do the resettlement he gave me his no which is the same no on Mustafa who called a month ago, I don't know to whom we trust, im willing to pay my liabilities on the bank but pls be professionals and be honest to your clients who is willing to pay.Please i looking forwards for the response on my complain. Have a good day
Reni Send email
Nov 3, 2016

Final settlement against o/s loan balance

I had to change my job and hence decided to go to ADCB and ask them the process. The person I talked to then, said that there is nothing it should be fine. My settlement amount comes in and my account is blocked. The guys called Siror calls me and informs about it. I communicated to him on how I went and checked with the bank and they said nothing - (no response). He mentioned docs required to release Passport, Visa stamped, Salary certificate, Emirates ID,...

In short it takes atleast a month for visa stamping, and your previous employer may have held back you salary to give along with final settlement, so totally live without money for minimum of 2 months.

Sent him the entry permit and passport the same day and mailed him on the delay in salary certificate . Asked why you havent informed before (no response again)

8 days passed and there is no response, Got my salary certificate and sent to him, he now says company not listed hence the amount in bank used against outstanding loan... seriously? I asked him to give a reason by email (no response as usual)

Finally writes a mail, "As discussed.... money will be use against o/s loan" (It wasn't discussed, my questions weren't answered, and mails are not replies, reason not provided by mail)

Hence calls customer care, they reply that an instruction is already sent to the collections team to take my money against the loan

Dear ADCB,

Its my hard earned money. Haven't defaulted payments anytime in the past, my records are clean. When you take it don't you think that I deserve an explanation?

People in my company might have taken a loan with some bank. If so, then what explanation will you provide to me?
Nawaf asaad Send email
May 8, 2015

Credit card

I was charged all of sudden, early last month, an annual fee of AED 1000 on my credit card. I have requested the bank to reverse it. Correspondence is going on for the same and messages received almost the same. I requested cancelling my card and instead I received a late fee/charges for about AED300 though sufficient balance was available in my account.This is unjustified charges. I was a large depositor and now I left the country.
tgsuresh Send email
Apr 22, 2014

ADCB Harrasing me for cancelled account

I am one of the old salary account holder in ADCB and last 5 years i was not operated this account.Now before 4 months they ask for 109 dhs for outstanding, I don't know what is this?.Again every month they are increasing 100 dhs. Now they ask 515 dhs outstanding from my account and also they told going to police case. I have sent more mails but not get any reply from bank. what is the solution?...pls help
ExirouA Send email
Feb 23, 2012

ADCB Harrasing the Customers at the Time Of Account Cancellation

Niknair Send email
Feb 23, 2012

ADCB Harrasing the Customers at the Time Of Account Cancellation

Liju, what you mentioned above is nothing new. This has happend numerous occasion, with many of my colleagues facing tough times for the credit card payment wherein failing to make the same on the due date and end up paying the late fee. I second to what deepu has mentioned, most of the machines are faulty or I guess might be made to fault on the day of due date payment for most of the customers. What has puzzled me is the way bank responded to the issue saying the customer needs to pay 900 dhs for getting a clearance letter? How on earth you are supposed to pay such an amount to the bank just to get a clearance letter? In my opinion, we should escalate this matter to a higher level, however possible, so to have some action taken against the bank or the bank policy where customers end up victims of such situations. This could atleast help few of the innocent people out there who doesnt fathom the actual scenario behind the scenes of such banks.
King235 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

ADCB Harrasing the Customers at the Time Of Account Cancellation

Liju check this link
King235 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

ADCB Harrasing the Customers at the Time Of Account Cancellation

Hi Liju, really sorry for you,
I have one suggestion,
Try it may work, Head of ADCB retail is Arup Mukhopadhyay
drop a mail with complete details to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] (these are guess emails IDs)

and is one website which give contact details, register your name you may get the contact details
It is customers right to ask for the information,
if you have reached correct person and they are not responding
I have a last option but very high risky and effective one, I will advise you later
I wish all the best,
Liju Send email
Feb 23, 2012

ADCB Harrasing the Customers at the Time Of Account Cancellation

Dear King235
You will feel the difference when you try to end the relationship with the bank. Its like they will try to squeeze you as much before you get everything cleared. As mentioned before I had to pay AED 800 to get a clearance letter. As of low charges now, its due to the new banking rule to regularize the charges for specific services. Before that their charges were much higher compared to other banks.

Regarding Bank time, I cannot come all the way to your abu dhabi branch to make the payments. As far as I know, the Cash drop machines stop functioning 60% of days of a month.

I have already talked to the branch manager many times in the last 2-3 months and the treatment was very bad. The very same people had treated me like a VIP customer when I went to start an account.
King235 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

ADCB Harrasing the Customers at the Time Of Account Cancellation

I never had any problem with ADCB and got best service when compared with other banks,
might liju had a bad time and I feel sorry for him,

and for your information ADCB salam Banch in abu dhabi works 8 to 8, Bank also removed so many charges now

I suggest liju to speak to the manger and get it resolved, it will be one time work dude, trust it works faster
Ren. Send email
Feb 23, 2012

ADCB Harrasing the Customers at the Time Of Account Cancellation

ADCB keeps on sending me alerts for making payments towards a closed credit card. I had given instruction to cancel the card a few months before. They say they hav sent a new credit card and the charges are for the new card. I dint care to pay anything and every month they are adding late fees and finance chargs etc.
Deepu_as Send email
Feb 23, 2012

ADCB Harrasing the Customers at the Time Of Account Cancellation

I totally agree with the viewpoints of Liju regarding the harassment of UAE banks.
Liju raised an important point of ADCB deposit machines (almost all the machines in UAE) failing during the last 2 days of credit card bill payments. Most of the credit card users has a payment due date of 5th or 25th of every month. I can bet on the fact that on 4th/5th & 24th/25th, ADCB machines will be faulty, especially after the banking hours. If a customer is particular to deposit the money, i'm sure he/she has to visit at least 3 or 4 branches to find a working machine!
Jorome Send email
Feb 23, 2012

ADCB Harrasing the Customers at the Time Of Account Cancellation

very true
Shyam13 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

ADCB Harrasing the Customers at the Time Of Account Cancellation

liju, this info is very useful.. can you tell me how long it took for the whole process? who has time to run around for these! alarming!! authorities need to put strict measures to end this kind robbery in day light!!
Liju Send email
Feb 23, 2012

ADCB Harrasing the Customers at the Time Of Account Cancellation

I was a customer with ADCB bank for last 3 years. I recently moved to HSBC as my new company was registered with this bank for salary transfers. HSBC agreed to buy out my loans and clear my credit card to get the clearance from ADCB, and issued a cheque for the same amount. They rejected the cheque for reasons which were not logical and each time they came up with a new bank policies. I had to pay AED 900 to get a clearance from ADCB as I had to pay them each time I applied for the same.

Finaly they bank agreed to accept the cheque and clear the loans and credit card. The agent sitting at the bank desk asked me to pay a minimum amount for the credit card payment as she did not know the duration for the cheque clearance and hence I made a minimum amount payment. I made the payment at the cask drop machine and to add to my frustration the machine was faulty(It is a usual thing with ADCB cash drop machines, it wont work for most days of the month, I usually had to visit atleast 2 machines to make my payment every month) and the amount got credited 4 days later. So i was charged a late payment fee. As I was a customer of no use anymore to them they were not ready to release this fine.

And to the worst part; Now all my loans and credit card with ADCB is have been cleared and I have Cancelled my credit Card. There as an extra amount(which is the result of minimum payment made) in my credit card and I want to reverse the amount to my account. ADCB is taking a stand that I need to pay an amount of AED 75 to get this amount reversed. I know it is not a big amount but would like to bring forth to the public the monster face of the bank trying to harass the customer to the maximum when they leave the bank.

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