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Levis19 Send email
May 26, 2023

Misled contract ADT pretoria

I was approached by a lady who works for ADT, who told me that I get to keep the alarm System, after two years. But it has been 2 years I requested to cancel the alarm system, but to my suprise I found out that it was a rented system. I was tood that the technician would come and take the whole system due it was rented,, I told them that I was misled by the lady who was helping me.
So how I proceed in this situation? coz the reason I subscribed for this was I get to keep the system.
thebem Send email
Jan 9, 2023

Unable to recover fees paid even after Service cancellation

I have paid ADT annual upfront fees in August 2022 that would have covered me until end August 2023 however, subsequently had an incident/breach that saw me sending them a cancellation notice in September 2022 giving ADT a calendar months’ termination notice. This termination notice was acknowledged and accepted.

Have paid them R5000.00 upfront however, now struggling to get refunded. I am being sent from pillar to post when trying to recover my balance. Apparently their staff member Polediso is handling my account however, no updates from her and ADT.

My now closed ADT Account: THE05943L5
M. Salie Send email
Dec 30, 2021

Unfulfilled promises

Ticket: E8439A9612F52 Re: SAL00932
Hi im just following up on all the calls I've received from numerous people from adt making promises yet I've seen no change nor has there been more patrols or visible vehicles of adt in my area nor have i received slips in my mailbox as proof of patrols as promised, also the guy who said he will sort out my call response issues never got back to me from the last time we spoke this was all early November.

It's completely unacceptable and now i have to do the following up myself is ridiculous!
M. Salie Send email
Dec 26, 2021

Unfulfilled promises

My name is Mr Salie 29 bellhome Street highbury kuilsriver I've laid a complaint before and have received number of calls from adt personnel saying they will sort it out and promised extra patrols and i can go on and on, that was early December till now I've seen no change or have gotten any feedback from the callers of adt the main lady i delt with was Ms Nat-Lee Christians im just very disappointed in the service I've been getting and all this empty promises from adt it's completely unacceptable my ticket number is E8439A9612F52 Ref. SAL00932
[email protected] Send email
Jul 6, 2021

Brake in not detected and responded


I had a problem my system radio did not send signals to you control room and that took over 3 months to be rectified and a different radio installed, the initial installation was a disaster even your inspector wrote a lenght report relating to faults he also picked up and that the white box containing your system was mounted where anyone can see it just when the entrance door was opened I also had to wait for more that three months for it to be moved to a different place, on the 22 May 2021 there was a brake in into my house yes the control room picked the alarm and called me and armed response was dispatched and we found less items stolen in the house and I asked the Vanderbijlpark control room lady to send an inspector to come test the units and she said the unit is fine there was no need, on the 26 June I went to my house on to be welcome by open doors and window and I called your control room they dispatched an officer who accompanied me in that when we found half of my house belonging and all the electrical wiring and the DB box was take including you ADT alarm system a report was given to you control and they promised to escalate this case to management on Monday which they did not, I had to call the following Thursday and the Vanderbijlpark control manager promised to follow up and tell me how will ADT put a hand in my loss, but also his he disappeared in thin air.

As a result I do not want to associate myself with a company that does not keep their promise and doesn't care what trauma my loss put me through even if I was paying my monthly premiums to receive security service that was not rendered to, My big question is how did this happen when I'm paying ADT to secure my property and what responsibility are they going to get my house functional again not even one person is able to answer me, so that indicates that ADT is just collecting money from clients and as to what happens when there's an emergency that's clients problem.

Thus i request all my premium to be paid back as my house was never secured by ADT as it was possible that thugs time to get into my house strip every electric wire take out all lights, switches, plugs and electric distribution box and all plumbing and half of the furnisher in a double storey situated at the corner of the main street in Deneysville without an alarm going off or your officer noticing that something is going wrong at my house.

If this happens to me and no corrective measures are taken the entire community should know that taking ADT as a security company of choice to protect one's family and property is the worst decision one could ever make.

I don't have a system anymore in my house, I have hired a man-security now at a cost obviously, so I have no need for your new system to be reinstalled as I don't have any trust in ADT systems it evidently has failed me before that will also happen again in the future. I expect an individual heading the accounts department and refunds to stop the debit order from my banking account and refund for what I have paid so far to ADT. I'm searching for an email to ADT directors to let them know about this situation prior to going to the media.

Karl advice me on what route to take now


Xolani Mgcina
DenisCT Send email
Jun 13, 2018


My Mothers ( 86 years old ) alarm has been going off at all times of the night, usually around 1 am even though she has stopped switching it on!! Every time they call from the response we explain the problem, once we were put though to the sales dept where we complained, nothing happened and we has another couple of false alarms. Then they call again and we start the whole process again advising the problem. After a couple of months of this I called direct and explained the problem, a call was logged again and nothing happened, Then we called again and an appointment was made which was not kept, then finally a engineer arrived and he looked at keypad only and said he know what the problem was , took 2 minutes, and now needed something new, and he would get it and be back on the Monday, this was last month, we called again and was told the part was not in stock and was ordered and they would deliver and install on the Thursday, I said when you have the part CALL AND BOOK, We have still hear nothing and ort alarm when we either switch it on or off is still going off.

This type of service is not acceptable. We were also charged for the call out last month and no work has been done yet and no follow up either.

You must reverse the call out for our inconvenience and install the part need free of charge, other wise we will need to make other arrangements. I looked on the web for ADT and wow even in the USA there are load of complaints about the Service of ADT!!!
Gracesko Send email
Mar 28, 2018

Gaurd, question my 16 year unappropriate questions

@11:11 my alarm at my property went off, and officer was sent to go check, he met with my 16 year old daughter, he started asking her does she have a boyfriend, her school is useless, is she lesbian why does she not have a boyfriend, she must tell her dad to buy roof paint, is my daughter adopted, and maybe she will become his wife when she is older.

I called the office to complain and was put through to Modisha who was so rude to me as I am telling him I am complaining about his guard who is asking my child un appropriate question telling me its my daughter against my daughter and his guard. I request that man never go to my house again I am not comfortable with such questioning. I will report this to the police as well he tell me it is not a correct action to report such to the police.

I request feedback on this issue soonest I feel like cancelling my contract with you and get another security company since such behavior even from the supervisor of being rude to customers. I just dropped the phone and will not communicate with such people.
Pine Send email
Mar 6, 2018

Bad service

Our church alarm was taken over by ADT last year for monitoring. In the last two weeks we had bad service from ADT.
Technicians don't talk the same language and it is just a quick fix, no proper fault finding and the same fault appear again. When you ask for a investigation and report from the senior managers, nobody even comes back to us with something. They don't want to at knowledge that they were causing more problems.
We still waiting on feedback from senior managers.
burger emoyeni Send email
May 15, 2017

pointless response

this morning when i entered my office the alarm was trigger because the techintion installed the system worng. i did not receive a phone call and after 1 hour went to investigate. i found a note in the gate (note number 2697625). this note stated that access to the preises was a probelm. why dont they push the door bell so we can open or try to get our attention. it is pointless to respond to an alarm activation and think that pitching is good enough.
Tania Govender Send email
Oct 6, 2016

Appalling Service!

ADT are happy to take your money. But in the event of you needing armed response which you pay for they send out someone who doesn't make contact with me or even does a full check of my property and then ASSUMES that everything is ok and reports back his assumption! The call center then calls back to tell me that all is fine...based on an assumption!!!!
Why don't I just cancel my debit order and we can just ASSUME my account is being paid?! Because ADT clearly works on assumptions!
JON505 Send email
Sep 12, 2016


Good Day

On the 7th September 2016 I was in a meeting. Back at my office I notice 5 missed calls on my cell phone. Then another call. At first I could not make out what the person on the other side try to tell me.
Then I hear something about an alarm and figured out my alarm at my house is activated. I asked the lady if any response car was on the way. she said no first wanted to confirm with me.

Well ADT how could you wait for me to answer my phone before sending some one to my house. I then forward a what sup to our group. Some one nearby the arrive at my house and let me know they broke into my house. still no sign of ADT. My husband drove from Ranburg to Bergbron and got there before ADT. Even the SAP arrived at the seen before them. They can easily take my payment every month for so many years. The last week we had a break in every day in our Neighbourhood each and every one got ADT as there Security company.

We then requested an activated report from JOHN MAGOLEGO Area Manager Randburg/ Northcliff that he promise to forward to me. Then we got an e-mail from Broonhilda Van Wyk. I then reply back to her and asked her to contact me. up and till today no call from her. I then phone her today the 12th September 2016 and how rude could somebody get with you.

I asked her for a report and she refuse to give me a system report and tell me that we cancelled with then and they don't need to give this to me. how sad . THE ADT LOGO READS "WE ALWAYS THERE". Well what a lie. It seems that now that I cancelled for the end of October 2016 they will not responded to my house . I need to know what to do .

I wonder if ADT know how many cancellations they going to get from our area . But it seems that they to big now to worry about any of us.......

I was so upset t
Jannie01 Send email
Aug 1, 2016

Bad service

I received a call from the control room notifying me that there was an alarm at my house.My response was to send out a unit as there was nobody home.I was on my way back to the office (About 20 minutes away from the house) and decided to past the house myself.When 'n got there ,'n walked through the property and house to check for possible intruders? I then noticed that no one from ADT had arrived ? After another 30 minutes ....still no response vehicle....I am still waiting for them to arrive....This is truly concerning taking into mind that they claim to be professional and charge a considerable amount of money every month for this poor service.......
mogase Send email
Feb 16, 2015

Unauthorised debit order...Unauthorise amount taken...Arrangement made for month end.nth end.

Good morning.

Hope this email finds you well,I am very very upset and dissapointed with ADT accounts departement after making arrangements with them with the service that was rendered at my house in January 2015.

I spoke to Shayna Ref numbner23124281 I spoke to Thabo Ref number 229946 I also spoke to a guy called himself By ref number 23162761 about the payment arrangement of R500.00 per month until the account is fully paid up.

Today I spoke to Simphiwe the team leader and she promised to follow up on this matter as a matter of urgency.

I was surprise on 14/02/2015 in the morning when I receive the bank notification that amount of R1742.62 has been taken from my Current account regardless of the arrangement I have made,.Oh my word I just lost it!!! why do that if I have made an arrangement?

First this amount of money taken from my Current account whereby the arrangement was done for month end not the 14/02/205 just freaked me out.This is going to put my account to be in overline ie overdrawn.Arrangement were made and today when I called all the consultants confirms this, yes ma am we can see arrangement on system but still your Credit controller still went ahead to debit it.

I would like this money to be returned into my current account ASAP as this was done without my concern and knowledge.I am very furious with this matter,If this matter is not resolve today by 12.00pm I will be going to the branch to let the bank reverse it all,because you failed to honour my arragement with you.That is not even my debit order date you know it very well,so why go ahead and do your own thing.

After been a client with ADT since 2003 this is the kind of treatment I get from you its dissapointing.this kind of act is totaly not acceptable at all and I will NEVER leave it until this is sorted out today before close of business day.( I DEMAND FEED BACK )


Concern and furios client
TerryS Send email
Feb 6, 2015

No service and no repsonse from Management

I have sent a complaint of no service, cancelled ADT , reported the complaint to be investigated by a Shantal Zandberg.
Still no response after sending numerous emails and now still not getting hold of her by phone.
I get the run around and still no replies.

The integrity and customer service is like their armed service, non existent and appalling.
I asked for Directors and Ombudsman details so that the complaint can be escalated and still no response.

I want these people to have the decency of accepting responsibility for their actions (or lack thereof) and replying so ath I never have to deal with them again.
Shocking!! I don't know who else to turn to now..
Tammy Arlow Send email
Jan 12, 2015

Battling to get a Refund

ADT South Africa Accounts department is pathetic, beyond useless and down right lazy. There is no such thing called client service. You have to run around phoning them back as they never return your calls. The technical department came out to do a fault check on their faulty equipment which I was billed for. I made an electronic transfer for an amount owing. The following day I received a SMS notification from ADT saying that there is an amount owing an that there will be a debit done for the outstanding monies. Nobody for the accounts department had the nerve to contact me telephonicaly in regards to the outstanding amount so it was easier to send a SMS notification. That same day I received the SMS notification I contacted them telephonicaly and had to explain my self to several staff members giving each time my personal particulars because nobody was prepared to help me. I even e-mailed them the proof of payment and asked them to please not let the debit go through as there will be bank charges. Left several messages for the correct accounts person whom is handling my account to contact me, which they never bothered. I following day I receive a SMS notification for my bank stating that the amount in question has been debited from my account. So that same day I contacted them and asked them to revers or refund me the amount deducted. It is almost a month and I still have not been refunded. I contacted them once again and the response it that they only do refunds once a week on Fridays. So they were quick to deduct my monies but not quick enough to refund the client whom wasn't in the wrong. I asked them if they will be also refunding me for the bank charges to the response I got was that I had to find out what was the bank charges from my bank and put it onto a letter and forward them the bank charge amount. So that means once again I had to do their work and use my cost to phone the bank and find out for them. I bluntly told them that I was the client and they the client had to do the "Client Service" work for them. So if I'm paying a monthly fee what am I getting for it as I never see a vehicle in my area or street and I must do the "Client Service" work for them. Why don't you get off your bloody lazy asses and do your job that you are paid to do.

Totally unhappy, unsatisfied paying angry client.
Gloriale Send email
Dec 17, 2014


ADT Security has the worst service ever. It all started when i was renovating my house sometime in June 2014, i gave them a call to come and remove the magnets from the current doors because i am removing them and put it on the other doors that will be inserted. The technicians told me they are working in Limpopo on that day and will come the next week, that never happened, so i asked the contractors that were building in my house to remove the magnets and store them safely. I constantly called them to come and install the magnets because now my home is no longer safe because the alarms are disarmed. What they did after several calls was that they called in a technician to come to my house and asked me to pay for new devices while those ones i have are still fairly new, that i refused, he could just use the ones that are available but he chose not to. I sent through a letter of cancellation, immediately they called me to tell me that my contract is for 2 years therefore i cannot cancel, but why would i continue paying for services i am not receiving???(mind you, i am still paying for ADT at that time and i am receiving no service) I called in again several times to get this sorted, the called in a technician who made an appointment with me for 5 pm, i called at 5pm and he was running olate and was going to call a friend to come through, till today he hasn't pitched. I called in on Monday and one of your consultants promised to call me back, till today. So please i dont want ADT to be debiting my account because i cannot be paying for services i am not receiving
estelle breda Send email
Dec 7, 2014

complaint about alarm system not installed for 2 months going in for third month but adt deducted the monthly fee. Disgusting service.

I contacted adt to install the alarm system on the 6 of October 2014. It is the 7th of December 2014 and the alarm has not been installed as yet. The technicians were suppose to come out on the 6th of October 2014 at 12 o clock but decided on their own to come out at 9 am in the morning of the 6th. I phoned adt several times. After that they decided to come out at 1 clock on another day without contacting me but instead contacted my brother to leave his work to come out to my house. He does not even have the keys to my premises. I phoned them again to tell them I can only be home at 2 o clock by the earliest. They insisted to come at one. I told them to cancel the contract which they did not. I also phoned the sales consultant and she told me to comtact the technical department. I recorded all the dates on which I have spoken to to adt technical department . Im very very disappointed with their service. They dont value their customers. How can they knowing that the alarm was NEVER installed by them but still deduct money
They did not even contacted me to find out what's hapoening. VROT service
lobisa Send email
Sep 14, 2014

adt agent are trained to mislead

I have been with adt since 2008, last year july we call adt to terminate the service as we bought a new house I pretoria then they advice us not to cancel instead they will transfer the service to the new house which already has got an alarm system then an agent by the name of Lindi come to our new to assist with the password settings and change of address, we were also adviced that if we want to terminate the service we can do so as long we give a month notice because there is no contract binding us. Then on the 30/12/2013 we sent email to termninate the service which give them a month notice until 31/01/2014 the reason been is costly with the new house we can't afford, an automated respond received that an agent will contact, then we call adt Katlego said email not received forward the email again still no respond, we call again then Palesa said we are in a contractual period till 2015 which I was not told about, there is no way I would sign a 24 month contract with adt with the incident I expirience with adt, now Palesa is harassing me with phone calls about the outstanding amount. This is nonsense how can I pay for the services that I don't use.
toffie46 Send email
Sep 4, 2014



jaime Send email
Aug 8, 2014

Adt charges for a service that doesn't work

Adt claims to be the best, I signed up to them in December and I have had nothing but bad service, twice in the last 8 months I have set my alarm off and Adt has failed to contact me to find out if we are ok or if it's just a false alarm. Now they want to charge me nearly R600 to send out a technician to come and see what the problem is, I feel this should be a free service offered by them! What happens if it was a real emergency, who would be liable, I am paying Adt to help protect me and my family! I am so disgusted with their service as they would t even come out to fix the problem over a weekend when most of the crime happens! what am I paying for????
NWiles Send email
Jul 12, 2014

Lack of security service

ADT claim to be a 24/7 security service but will only come out to reset their alarm system at their own convenience i.e. not over a weekend.

In addition, they want to charge a fortune just to set their own system so that it actually works, even though I have been paying regularly every month for many years now. They are clearly no longer interested in providing a security service but rather in just making easy money off their customers.

If you are looking for a 24/7 security company I suggest that you look elsewhere.
pam123 Send email
Feb 14, 2014

unfair handing over and listing

Hi there, my name is pamela mpupu and I stay in cpt but used to stay in port Elizabeth. Now joined adt 2007/2008 whilst still staying in PE and the salesperson clearly stated that adt accounts work like dstv's so you can cancel them if not using them. Now when I went to cancel cause I wasn't working I was told I must pay the remainder of contract for 3 years even if I am not using them. Now, I have found out that they have blacklisted me when I checked ITC and I had communicated this to them cause I was relocating here to Capetown. Here is my contact details 0786914004 and address I used to stay in PE is : no 6 mqwashube street, kwa-dwesi, 6205 , port Elizabeth. Here also is my email address also [email protected]. please help as I need to resolve this situation once and for all.
mslops Send email
Jan 29, 2014

Employee of ADT complaint

On Tuesday 28/01/2014 an ADT employee, Mr Boardman phoned me and requested me to employee his wife that is sitting at home. I told him that I had no vacancies and he informed me that he had already questioned my staff at my store and know that I have vacancies available. I told him as the owner of my store I can assure him that there is no vacancies at my store for his wife. He then went back to my employees and told them the following "Die baas van die plek......(my name), is onbeskofte vrou, en dis geen wonder sy soek nuwe werkers nie". My employees informed me that he used his work places name to get entry into my store and to question them. He has no right to do this. I phoned ADT call center on the same day at 14:18 and informed person with name DINO in control room about whole incident and requested him to get this Boardmans manager to contact me urgently, because I wanted to lay an official complaint against him. NO ONE CONTACTED ME. The next day Wednesday 29/01/2014 at about 17:45, an ADT car with reg number CY202150, parked in front of my store again and the driver opened his door and was sitting there for about 25 minutes before leaving. When I reported this to the ADT control room, I had to speak to 3 people to get this complaint registered. First I talked to a person called Rudi, who put the phone down in my ear, then had to phone back again and spoke to Theodore who could not help me and had to put me thru to PETER SCOTT, who could not tell me when a supervisor or manager of this Boardman would phone me back. It seems that ADT covers for their employees.....I will take this complaint to the Police, maybe they can get some answers from ADT.
ramafodizambo Send email
Sep 12, 2012

Unfair handing over and listing

I had an account with ADT Security that was paid via a debit order. Unfortunately the payments were interrupted a couple of times. I made payments to standard bank Account. I thought that my account was up to date. I received call from accounts stating that I am owing R1580. So because I was unemployed at that time I made the arrangements to pay about R300 every month. I paid one payment then I was contacted again by someone who said they were calling from accounts telling that I need to pay atleast R500.00. Two days after that I received a call from ITC-BA telling me my account have been handed over to them by ADT Security. I was confused and the fair of being blacklisted I agreed to pay R500 to them. I later on found the receipt for November, January and February. So I requested the statement of account. I realised that the amounts for November, January and February were never credited. I notified both Adt Security and ITC-BA. I kept getting sms's from ITC-BA asking payments of over R5000. Kept telling both institutions that I did pay but they didn't do anything about it. A salesman from Adt called and told me that he can help me reinstate the service at my house. The service was reinstate ans I thought everything was in order. I thought wrong because I applied for a credit and I was told that I was blacklisted. I requested my credit report from TransUnion to my surprise ADT have listed me for around R19000. I contacted them they told me they will look into it. They have open two accountants and the other one is blacklisted and the other active. They claim the were within they own rights to hand me over. I can't get another job of credit because of this mess by ADT Security. I need mh name cleared. Here is the two accounts I have ZAM00044 and ZAM00049. Please help me. Thank you.

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