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Consumer complaints and reviews about Agoda

omar.amer Send email
Sep 25, 2018


omar.amer Send email
Sep 25, 2018


Do not use Agoda if you expect a partial refund, refund, cancellation, amending dates, etc. Although they appear to be flexible, they are not. Use other sites before you use Agoda. You can read through the various complaints on this website to get a good. I wish I did.
San Nyunt Send email
Jul 25, 2018

Payment but No conformation!

I booked a hotel for Bangkok(Patra Boutique Hotel) with the name San Nyunt for 2 days, 2 room and 4 adults(28th-30rd July 2018) through Agoda’s website. The payment was 184.38 USD and was deducted almost immediately. I was told that the confirmation would be sent through my email, however, no such confirmation or voucher was received. I already sent a complain letter via E-mail to Agoda, but they did not reply. My family is getting very worried as the flight date is approaching and we felt cheated. Please respond as soon as possible. Contact info: [email protected]

Payment but No conformation!

Cindy66 Send email
Jul 6, 2018

Payment Still not received

I had booked 2 nights hotel stay in Bangalore for 20th and 21st May 2018 and I cancelled the same on 17th May. As per their policy I was supposed to receive the amount at least by 17th June, but till date the amount the has not been credited in my account. I have been following up with Agoda. As per their mail they refunded the amount and I was given the Acquire Reference number. But my bank has been unable to trace this transaction. I have requested Agoda to check where the amount is gone or transfer the amount in my account by doing NEFT payment. But no reply and where is the money that was supposed to come to my account gone ? Vanished into thin air!!
Shantanu Jain Send email
May 1, 2018

Extremely Poor customer Service By Agoda

Dear Sir/ Madam
below are details of my reservation:
1. June 6th to June 9th. Guest name: Shantanu Jain.• Booking ID:266532765
2. June 6th to June 9th. Guest name: Shantanu Jain. Booking ID:266533625
3. June 5th to June 9th. Guest name: Shilpa Gupta Booking ID:268688937
All these Reservations are booked from Agoda for Hotel: Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa
I have been following with your customer care and finally after no respite I emailed hotel and talked to their reservations.
After repeated email I got the reply (Attached screen shot of their mail) that our booking is under their 4 star sister property called Solmar and not the property we booked on Agoda which is Hotel: Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa.
Kindly get this rectified immediately. I am a travel writer working for The Times of India- Worlds Largest read English Daily. I am attaching a scan of my press card and visiting card as well and also marking cc to this mail to our travel editor Ms Tanvi Jain
I am shocked that for making such a grave mistake and poor customer service you decided to offer 6 dollars. This just shows Agoda’s Poor customer service standards
I am Still Awaiting status and hotel confirmation of my original booking at the hotel Hotel: Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa.
It is not my fault if your supplier has made a mistake. My booking was made on Agoda, payment received by Agoda- Thus request Agoda to make good their mistake quickly.
I also request a call back on my mobile number- +919810032588 as it is impossible to reach Agoda Customer service by Telephone
I request immediate intervention from your Senior Supervision team on this Case and an email from them
Disappointed Customer
Shantanu Jain

Extremely Poor customer Service By Agoda

Nina Guzzo Send email
Mar 21, 2018

Allows abuse of guests on their property

This forum won’t allow me to post the video I have of a property they host - Crown Lanta Resort on Koh lanta in Thailand - of their concierge threatening our lives with physical violence. If we didn’t “get the f- out” and that he was going to “kick” our “a - -“ have video of the whole sickening thing and Agoda did not refund us. Despite multiple attempts to report their abuse of this property. And they still are taking bookings for this resort.
chrsgb Send email
Dec 12, 2017

Cancelled Booking

Agoda has been a great service rpovider until this month December 2017. Suddenly it is no longer reliable.

First case. Booked a hotel in Surabaya Novotel. Agoda cancelled my booking without explanation. I managed to re-book again at the same rate, 2 hours later Agoda called to tell me they cannot honor the booking. They proceeded to cancel the reservation.

Second case. Booked a hotel in Kyoto Sotetsu Fresa. Agoda cancelled booking without explanation.

The fact that Agoda repeatedly cancels bookings without notice, no remorse, and no responsibility whatsoever has proven to me that it is unreliable, unworthy, and time to never use Agoda anymore. I am lucky enough to notice the cancelled booking in the first case, and lucky enough to get a room at the door rate in the second case. I could have been stranded while on vacation, and Agoda would not care one bit.

Agoda is dangerous, unapologetic, and irresponsible. They even made it look like I was the one who cancelled the reservation. The service I buy from Agoda is booking of hotel rooms - if Agoda cannot provide such a service they should not exist.
Fatima66 Send email
Dec 7, 2017

Balance deduction

My balance is deduct from my account,it was unncessary,it is 4622 rup deduct at 1:28 am on 7/12/17..I didnt booked any hotel ,,i have recieved msg at 1.28 am that your balance is deduct 4622 for *vin Agoda hotel..
I tell you my bank details plz return my money n cancell booking, i dont knw whoz culprit,,my information is leaked from ur app,,you dont have any security for personal information.
5 to 6 month back i have booked a hotel from your site,, when i went to there ,,i didnt saw any hotel,,my 1800 money was wasted still i ignore that issue because of emergency i booked new hotel..left it...talk about fresh issue..
Kindely return my money back and creat privacy for my card details..thank you

Its icici bank dilshad garden,,
Accnt no 113301504841
Fatima aslam
Teuta82 Send email
Aug 30, 2017

Agoda - hotel cancellations through agoda website

If cancelling a booking make sure you take a screen shot of the cancellation page and cancelled trip pages. and the page immediately after and make sure it is date/time stamped!

I cancelled the booking for 02nd Aug @ Hilton Universal on 6th of June, it was accepted and free of charge as I had in fact just made the booking and was within the free cancellation time frame.

I have now been charged in full for the booking and the trip has miraculously appeared as completed under my completed booking profile when there were none there as i triple checked on various occasions since i didn't want to hold a reservation for something i would not use and be charged. Agoda, obviously its their systems and i did not take a screenshot at the time, so now they says I did not cancel and should show them the cancellation email. Problem with that is they do not issue a confirmation or cancellation email, neither do they issue reminders of upcoming trips. What they do send emails about is advertising and about trying to sell you the same room a couple of days after having cancelled a booking.

Could I have made a mistake? yes if I was not logged into my agoda account and was planning to clone myself and be in 2 hotels at the same time! the only reason I needed to log into my account was to cancel, both bookings that i had made with agoda as my trip details and pax number had changed and I found an alternative more suitable accommodation via AirBnB.

When challenged they wrote back to say that the only booking and cancellation were for 2016. They rectified afterwards by saying that that was clearly a typo and then accused me of saying I never made the booking.

I have asked my credit card company to reverse the charge and let agoda take action.not ideal but they leave me no other option.

My situation is a small amount in the scale of things but its the principal of them charging me without notifying - they did not send an email to confirm the charge either, i just saw iton my bank statement - and telling me I didn't cancel when I clearly did!

This is an awful way to provide services. Do not trust this companies web site and make sure you cover yourself and all bases if you do need to cancel.
sunilck Send email
Jul 21, 2017

Property Listed without our permission

Agoda has listed our homestay without our permission. When i try to login through host extranet i am unable to do so. They have listed my property without signing any contract with me. How can i get my listing removed. I am planning to sue them for this.
Rawli Send email
May 29, 2017


Agoda has been a complete nightmare. I regret the day I booked a hotel using their service. I booked a hotel room, and later needed it to be amended to another type of room. I had paid the hotel in full for the booking. Agoda advised me to cancel the booking and make a new booking for the room I wanted. They money paid for the first cancelled booking would then be applied to the second booking. WELL! That was a huge mistake. I have written almost 40 emails to try and get this done, to no avail. They either don't respond , or send generic responses that had nothing to do with my issue.
I would advice everyone who reads this and is thinking of using them, to NEVER ever dream of doing that.
Their service is a complete disaster!
So right now,I am out of $6000, and I don't have a booking at the hotel. Since I wine through Agoda, the hotel can't help me, and Agoda refuses to do anything.
Very useless wretched company.
AiS Send email
Mar 15, 2017

many problem

Ooohh,...so Many Problem With agoda.com...they will no help You..
YLC Send email
Mar 11, 2017

booking arrangement

Dear Sir,

I have booked this hotel via Agoda HK and as it is twin room and I am asking Agoda for checking if Hotel could upgrade with single bed with free and they asked what kind of room prefer, then checked agoda web again this hotel with double seaview room available, then send this request and they advised will reply later after check with hotel. But after a long time no reply and as I am out of city, then it is very difficult for connect with Agoda, till last mins I rechecked my requested and some reply it should with additional cost if upgrade, but I told them I have asked with FREE upgrade before, so if they can not then I can cancel earlier. And I got many different reply and very confused, so I asked it is better asked hotel for FREE CANCELLATION as I do not want to stay no with my requested. And while booking I have special marked my requested. So if hotel can not provide just advised me immdly then I could cancel with FREE. But till Mar 7 morning I got another email and they will send my requested for free cancellation and will reply later, and as I need to catch the morning train to hotel, then I asked them to reply before 10am otherwise I can not meet train to their, but later different people reply, some said can not cancel, some said awaiting hotel reply, some said awaiting hotel manager for reconfirm, some said not fully refund, so it make me very confused for how they follow up my case.

And we told them it is no way to return their by Mar 7 as I am awaiting their reply and miss the train, and they did not reply before 10am, and after this I told them I missed the Train and can not reach their and pls asked them to infm hotel for FREE CANCELLATION. But no follow up. But if I did not got their Mar 7 morning mail for infm hotel for FREE cancellation then I will take the morning train to their, but as we trusted they can do this for me and wait for reply.

When back home yesterday we asked Agoda for help and they did not help and the SINGAPORE people NOT accept my refund, but as I have not stayed their and already told them what is my problem. As he is not listening and not helpful and just say what he wanted, then I asked for other people to help, but HE told me he is the top management and STOP my account as well. So I am very angry with kind of people for customer service. And we will not accept any payment and it is NOT MY FAULT. And please advise when you could refund to me.

And we are very angry they blocked my email which can not send and email for contact such people for settle my case. Then pls help and advise how to settle asap. tks.

您的訂單(預訂編號: 121436103) 詳情如下:
酒店: Kai Shen Starlight Hotel
房型: Standard Twin Room
入住日期: March 7, 2017
退房日期: March 8, 2017
chan123 Send email
Dec 10, 2016

Reservation - No confirmation yet charge

Customer is Victim to an IT System not robust

Is my first time using Agoda and the experience has yet to be a pleasant one, as my appeal is still pending a positive result.
But i want to share this lesson learnt which cost SGD>1K (is a lot of money to me).
I entered a wrong email address .cm when booking a hotel in Kyoto (for 3 days in early Nov'16) as a place holder as my travel date was yet finalised. Obviously i did not receive a confirmation email due to invalid email address, so i assumed the booking was unsuccessful. When i finalised my travel date, i reserved a different hotel from Booking.com. However, i was shocked to see my credit card statement with Agoda charge for the full 3 days.

The customer service representation was very helpful to talk to the hotel concerned but told me the hotel refused the refund as "no show" and they are closing their account due to year end. When i challenge why Agoda why their system cannot detect an invalid email address, and the answer given ""that Agoda handle so many emails all around world and they wont know if the email is invalid", went on to say that i should be the one checking with Agoda when i do not get a confirmation. To me, isnt it by default a no go if there is no confirmation email received. Shouldnt Agoda has some responsibilty in this matter?
doczee Send email
Dec 7, 2016

Unprofessional Cancellation

What is the point of using Agoda, if it' vendor's wont even honor thier bookings? Why bother booking so much in advance if there is no guarantee the booking will even hold?

I made in a booking in sept 2016 for the week of 29 dec-3 Jan for the Grand Midwest View Hotel Dubai. It was about 700 us dollars for those five nights including taxes. I left other bookings for similar prices simply because I thought the hotel looked good for my needs.It was a Book Now,Pay Later deal and the booking went through on my debit card and I got a confirmation email as well.
Now on Dec 6,with my tickets booked and my visa in hand,I get an email from Agoda that my booking has been cancelled, no reason or warning given. I call and leave a voice msg and someone calls back ,only to inform me that my 'credit card' wasn't working so the Hotel had cancelled my booking. I told him the exact details of my booking and also that it went through on my debit card and I got no request for immediate payments whatsoever.He said he would call back and no contact since yesterday.Everything is so jacked up expensive now that I dont see myself going for this holiday anymore..

Btw, the hotel had jacked up it's per night rate to 1200 US dollars. I am so very sure they did this unprofessional rip off just to be able to resell that room at a extremely higher rate.

Im furious and extremely unhappy.This is unbelievable for a company that is such a big name.
vulcan168 Send email
Jan 22, 2016

Dumbest practise

I had booked for a hotel room in Taipei in Oct 2015 while touring around Taiwan. I opted for the "Pay Later" option, which the fund will be deducted 3 days before my arrival at the hotel. Unfortunately the credit card that I used for the booking was compromised and the credit card company had to issue a replacement card with new details for me. Agoda sent out an email to me just 5 days before my arrival at the hotel because they couldn't get their payment, and only gave me 24hrs to response to their email, furbishing them with a new payment method. Obviously I couldn't read my email on time as I was already travelling around. The stupid agency cancelled my booking though the date for deduction wasn't even due. I had to make international call using my mobile phone to reach Agoda in order to sort things out. However, I was told by them that there's nothing much they can do and I have to make the reservation online again but without the discounted price I've gotten from booking early. The useless phone call costs me USD100 and I was really pissed with their stupidity. They could have given me a longer response time or even make clarification with my credit card issuer. It's American Express and it's international, you moron.
Violette Soni Send email
Jan 21, 2016

Registerered our homestay with Agoda 2 weeks ago, already mad at them!

I'm a homestay manager.

I tried to register our homestay with Agoda months ago, and the site was so confusing that I gave up altogether. For a while I couldn't even log in, I didn't understand why. After many trials I gave up. After some months I got an email from them telling me that the registration had been cancelled.

So I tried a new registration and got our homestay registered. I clearly chose the "homestay" category from the start, but ended up with a registration in the name "hotel". So i phoned up the customer service, the woman (Pratyusha) said she would get it fixed within 24hours. After 2 weeks I'm still waiting, and when I asked in another email, she told me everything had been done from my end (so she couldn't do anything)!!! Big lie! The homestay description (and it does say "HOMESTAY description" which means I did choose the right option from the start!) was never updated by me, as there's no such option on their website - they added the description themselves, I told them I didn't like it, I sent the description I wanted - it has never been changed and again the customer service person just seems to want to get rid of me whenever I write an email of clarification.

Then I looked for our homestay in the search window of the Agoda site, as a host, to check what I'd find. Now there are TWO entries!!! My previous one, which I thought was cancelled, hasn't even been deleted!!!

Oh, and as an accommodation owner, the layout of the website is also VERY CONFUSING. So much more difficult to make sense of, compared to other websites!

I really hate them and regret having wanted to register my homestay!

So I looked into how deleting my listing (did a search on google), and I saw that it's not even possible to delete a listing. What kind of rubbish is that???
Anastasija Send email
Jan 15, 2016

Didn't send me any confirmation number

I book throw the agoda hotel 6th
They didn't send me any confirmation
Next day we went in hotel and they told me I don't have any room because no confirmation from Agoda.
We spend extra money for diffident hotel
I send message to Agoda, then they send me confirmation. But it was to late. We spend already money on another hotel.
I send again message to Agoda and ask them return money . But they said it wasn't they mistake. They said they send me 2 times confirmation. Which was lie.
Moe Send email
Jun 26, 2014


They do not respond to customer support most times. The latest incident is I was charged for room damage and also kicked for stuff I did Not Do. When You are in a Corrupt Country like Thailand, and you only have Agoda.com to support you.
Then, Hope you got a lot more money you can afford to loose.
Other, things I have happened to me in Agoda.com hotel in Thailand is to have 6000. baht stolen from my in room electronic safe.
Agoda.com license to operate should be revoked. But when booking with them in Thailand. I truly do think it rises to the point of being and Organized Crime Syndicate between many corrupt hotel owners in Thailand and Agoda.com

Really the law from another country should investigate, but like the sex industry in Thailand. The boys in Brown, are paid off by the hotels and well as the bars. It is a good salary for the Thai policemen when you consider all the Tea Money they get from so many sources...
jeseeme Send email
Jun 11, 2014

Agoda is a ripoff!!

Booked via Agoda for Park Regis Hotel. It tells me they need to verify, and no charge would be inclurred if it failed to verify. Then everything went silent. No confirmation, nothing. So I tried calling the hotline, no one picked up. I emailed 5mins after to cancel my booking. They didn't bother to answer. I sent a further 5 mails. Nobody bother to reply. And to verify my credit card I needed to click on for them to deduct around $2 or more, to deduct and verify it's really my account!!??? I did and again no reply. I was desperately asking for it ot be cancellled and they ignored me. I went to the hotel direct and paid, they said ther was no agoda booking. Only came 2hours later, the hotel called telling me Agoda booked the room for me, on top of my current room!!!! At USD 180++ each room I was paying double the amount! Hotel advise me to deal with agoda, Agoda promised a cancel with no cost policy. but it states when I click SUBMIT booking I adhere to a NO REFUND NO CHANGES policy. Wow, big big ripoff to their own terms!!!!! So I have lost 2 rroms in 1 day, I asked Agoda to change it from July 9 to 10th so at least I won't be spending 2 rooms on same day. Again Agoda ignored me, no reply, no pickup. Wow...thanks AGODA, hope you bankrupt by mass boycotting by people like me. Bad experience.. very bad. Terrible.
User927999 Send email
Apr 5, 2012


Agoda charge 50% for the cancellation of $110 7 days before the reservation date.
Rude WHITE SAND HOTEL DESK ATTENDANT, using foul words on the phone while asking for the booking registration that I had from AGODA on March 30, 2012. CEBU, PHILIPPINES" WHITE SAND HOTEL ".

AGODA was adviced to cancel the regestration a day after and book in a more expensive hotel in Plantation Bay.

50% charge of $60.00 was charge it shocked me. We try to ask to reverse the charges and book with other hotel, nothing happened.
FDuclert Send email
Mar 15, 2012


I made a reservation for an hotel in Batam Indonesia. I realised 2 hrs later that the dates were wrong .
I immediately made the appropriate request to change the dates by internet. I also called the hot line because the reservation was for 2 days later instead of the next day. No operator was available.
I called again the next day : again no operator was available.
I called the hotel directly : no change was made and they could'nt change the reservation without agoda's permission. They confirmed they had a room for the required date.
Morality : it takes a few minute to make a reservation. But when you make a mistake, it takes many calls, request ... to no effect.

Topherb Send email
Mar 14, 2012

Hotel Room Charge Despite Booking Cancellation

I booked two rooms on march 5, 2012 for april 17 to
April 22, 2012 for 3 days at the Agoda.com then on
March 7, 2012 I cancelled both rooms and ask for
A refund they told me "This booking is Non-Refundable
and cannot be amended or modified. Failure to arrive at
your hotel will be treated as a No-Show and no refund
will be given (Hotel policy). BS!!! I cancelled everything
One month in advance!!! BS!!! So what I did I called Altavista
De boracay hotel ask the manager to get a refund but the
Manager of the hotel told me they have nothing got to do about it..
Its all about Agoda!!! This is BS!!! I hate you Agoda!!!
SGodier Send email
Feb 28, 2012


This is the first time I have left a review for a company, however I feel that I have to do so.

I booked 1 night in a hotel on the 22nd Feb for a stay on 25th with Agoda. When i received the email confirmation it was suddenly apparent that the 'fantastic' price they displayed on the website did not include tax or charges as their UK competitors do.

For the same price I was able to book a room with the hotel directly and have it include breakfast.

I immediately canceled my booking through Agoda - which was a very quick and easy process. However they now refuse to refund my money as it was within 7 days of the trip.

Elizabeth from customer services appears to have sent me a soulless cut and paste response to my enquiry.

There is absolutely no point in using Agoda - there are cheaper options elsewhere and the customer services is obviously terrible.

Don't do what i did. I will be continuing to try and claim my £149 that I have been charged for nothing.
LJ Rutherford Send email
Feb 23, 2012

UPDATE: Misrepresentation & Apathetic Customer Service

This is to update the complaint I posted on 1/13/12. (I couldn't figure out how to edit it, so I'm submitting this separate update.)
I was pleasantly surprised to suddenly get an email from Agoda's Customer Service after they saw my original complaint here.
My husband and I are now satisfied with how Agoda resolved our concerns. They have been very apologetic and assure us they will work to improve their customer service. (We did not need to further pursue help from Priceline, which owns Agoda.)
Time will tell if they succeed in working closely with their vendors to provide accurate descriptions (which is hard to do in Asia where reality is harder to define and nail down, especially in advertising), improve their billing practices, and stop blocking negative reviews from their customers. (I'm still waiting to see if I can revise my review of the dump we stayed in and see if it gets posted.)
Before I consider using Agoda again, I'll be online looking at complaint postings - in English and Chinese - to see how it's going.

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