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Droidvoice Send email
Apr 15, 2017

This company sucks!

Well I bought a script. But it's not working and tech support is quietly waiting for my 3 month to expire. So I'm just throwing out who want this script ? It's all free just email me [email protected] and I will email you their shit.
bIRA Send email
Jul 3, 2015


This is by far my worst experience ever.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY Lot's of hidden costs. Don't be fooled by the 1st page that's all there is to it. Anything you want to add will come at extremely high additional costs.
Changing the header, making the categories appear on the home page and adding patner logos (800USD). Plus they say it takes 7 days COME ON

This is ridiculous We have asked for a refund. We will come back and update you on how this goes
marcoc Send email
Feb 26, 2015

Agriya have scammed me 2500 dollars

in 2012 I paid $ 2,500 as an advance of the creation of a php script. the cost of the script was a total of $ 5,000, all inclusive. but after paying $ 2,500 umesh asked me to prepare a detailed documentation of the functions to be implemented and the realization of the graphics. I'm not being in the industry I had difficulty in making these documents, so I asked umesh to pause the project until I had made these documents. umesh had reassured me that there is was no problem and that he would wait, putting money aside, until I had finished these documents.
I sent messages in these two years and I received the same email.
today after sending documents, umesh tells me that the price has increased from $5,000 in 17.000 and to begin the work I had to give him $ 6,000, I said I had my $ 2500 to start work. so he asked me to start work $ 1000, instead of 6000. I find this situation is not corrected, a scam. I tried to ask for a refund of the money, but he will not give me anything. was made only in html coding following my graphics. I would like to speak to a manager.
islamomt Send email
Dec 13, 2014

Avoid agriya at all costs

Our engagement with Agriya started over a year ago, and we are still to close our deal with them.We were originally quoted for $1000 for their crowdfunding script; we eventually paid $3750.

The inflation came in the form of additional design services that were extremely exaggerated, and a few other various scams. When we asked for a payment gateway to be integrated for purposes serving our region, they sent us the bill, but integrated it into their other product SudoPay, effectively locking us into continuing to use SudoPay which incurs additional costs per use. Also, any bugs in the platform would be solved at our expense - we agreed at times, then stopped after realizing how much of a scam it was.

The final situation that sent all of this spiraling was the matter of source code. Our original agreement was that our purchase included the source code to go with it - well lo and behold, they ended up encrypting around 500 files under the excuse that they were related to licensing.Of course that was just another excuse to hit us up with a quotation for an addition $3000 to have our hostage code released.

Overall, a very bad experience - avoid dealing with agriya at all costs.
jmoore Send email
Jul 2, 2014

Do not buy a Agriya / Ahsan Technologies - FRAUD
The programming, software and web development company Agriya ( is owned by Ahsan Technologies ( They own tons of sites, they clone, develop and sell numerous website programs as well.
I wanted 3 websites developed complete with back ends that I couldcontrol and alter. After searching for quite awhile, I found Aravind Kumar on I later found out that he goes by many different monikers (including shariharan) on several websites (especially freelance sites), agriyain2k on aim and many more.
Aravind requested that we conduct our conversations on AOL's Aim since the time difference was so great. This way we would both know the other one was around and could receive immediate responses. After several days of laying out precisely what I needed and expected, Aravind sent me an invoice which I then corrected, sent back to him and received approval for.
The total invoice was for $6200.00 (for 3 full sites). A 50% deposit
($3100.00) was required before work was to begin. Normally, I would have never gone for this but, at the time; Agriya was all over the internet and upon investigation we discovered that there were many sites created by Agriya. They had a massive web presence and at that time (2007) we couldn't find any negative reviews.
Please see about:
kadarkaraimannan Send email
Jun 13, 2014

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paleo2004 Send email
Nov 10, 2012


I am surprised of these complains as I worked with Agriya since one year on different things and I am very happy with the work and support. I did bad experience with another indian company but Agriya is able to deliver good work. We created a groupon clone and the website is working well. We did some special feature and development including a new payment gateway and it was perfectly done with reasonable deadline.
User925310 Send email
Mar 29, 2012

Do not send money to them

I brought the product in Dec 2011 with a design. After installation, found tons of issues of the basic product. They refused to fix those issues until the new design ready.

Agriya basically has nothing in their design, other than the 1st page. Spent over 2 months of communications and helping them to debug...and it is endless
Hollowbone Send email
Mar 6, 2012

Do not send money to them


I had to post a coment when i saw how you're putting Agriya into bad light.

My experience with them: Perfect. One of the best i've ever had.

I've needed a music website based on their product Rayzz 3, and i've purchased the software with installation and copyright removal, ... after that they've asked me to give them all details and login information of ftp client and my hosting vps login. And i've sent them all the details... And in about 12hours from time that i've sent them login information they've installed the site on the server, tested everything to see if there are any problems, ... after 1 more request they've removed all copyright content i've purchased, ... talked with me any time i've needed them, ... answered all my mails fast and decent...

So i don't know what you did, that you got so bad experience with them, ... but i simply can't even imagine them beeing bad... they are very professional, very smart, and very cheap for the stuff they can do for you.

So i definetly recommend them to everyone. You won't get better product and price anywhere else. And Agriya is based on QUALITY. remember that.
ISImon Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Do not send money to them

Hy i send him 374 EUR 3 days ago i waiting until tomorrow that i recived message from the team that is money bean sended back!! I trust team for now soo i will posted you what happend and the end of the week. Also i know that i have it solution that i will be get money back 100% if is a scam company did not reveal the right man that gonna be scammed be shure about that. And like i told before is gonna be on the first place on google the site and description what hapend if i not get money back on this week that people gonna know that if is really scammed company! the transfering take 1-3 days soo we gonna see tomorrow what im gonna get feedback from team agriya. Better for him that not mess with me.
COLING Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Do not send money to them

I have sent all my details and complaints to Peter at [email protected] and they done nothing!!

Peter said received all the details and will "investigate". Its pretty clear what happened. They scammed me out of $2, 900. It dosnt take a year and two months to figure that out! are aware of the scam. They shut down the Agriya "LAMPC" Account they were using and they still wont refund my money.
This company is a Total Disgrace.


Agriya isnt going to refund any of you!! They are just keeping you in the loop
Unhappy Agriya's Customer Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Do not send money to them

if you don't want to lose money "DO NOT TRY AGRIYA EVER"
After paying $1000 for the script and $1000 for the customization, they asked me for more on every single bugs and problems their script had. After almost a 18 months and over 500 emails back and forth, they've never finished their job and never fixed bugs. For a small problem I had to wait at least a week to get an update from them and the problem still was there. Anyways, I ended up paying them $4500USD. On top of that, I spent $900 for the VPS server that they suggested. After all, I canceled the server, cause their script was far far away of a real, functional website and absolutely empty handed now. Since the money has been wire transfered to them, I have no source to complain, but I'll do my best to share my experience with other potencial buyers.
The RealMrFyre Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Do not send money to them

No matter how the statement is formulated, Agriya responds: "Sorry we didn't follow up on this feedback sooner." My question is: WHY NOT RESPOND SOONER? It would seem that a company with purportedly 200 employes would see the extreme need to have at least ONE employee dedicated exclusively to fielding customer complaints. And ESPECIALLY once numerous complaints have been made, Agriya needs to hire SEVERAL people to clean & polish the Agriya image.

I did not buy from Agriya yet and was about to make a complex market-niche fulfilling purchase. After having seen these complaints, I ask - also in the interest of additional potential customers such as myself - why does Agriya first respond to these complaints only after the complaints are made publicly?

These complaints are severe enough - and consistent enough - to make me reconsider investing in an Agriya script! Admittedly, Agriya neglected customers and responded only after public complaints. As 'Victim Coling' described: "'Sorry just is NOT good enough!!! "
It is said of old that "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." As a 'prevention, ' I suggest:
* Any Non-Custom Agriya script could be installed to run on a time-limited basis BEFORE payment. It's not as though a customer could install the program, then take their server and run into obscurity!
*If the customer is not satisfied enough to pay within a predetermined time period (let's say 30 days), the program would simply automatically stop functioning.
Adobe does it. Corel/Avid does it. Agnitum does it. The aforementioned companies did not become industry giants by offering 'sorry' only after the public postings. They all offer trial periods with products which simply stop functioning after a specified time. Then the customer pays. I would still consider purchasing under such trial conditions. What has Agriya got to lose except 'bad reputation?' They could surely gain - and place themselves in the ranks with Adobe, Agnitum Corel/Avid etc.

I am eager to see a solid fluff-free reply to my suggestion.
COLING Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Do not send money to them

@Agriya. Sorry just is NOT good enough!!! I have been extremely patient with you and your "investigation". Its now over a YEAR and i still have not received my refund. Seems like your Just pretending to help because this is in plain view of the public, for all your potential customers to see.
I am legally entitled to a full refund and i expect to receive a full refund.

PS: Im not letting this go. Agriya can post all the fake happy customer review they like here... It still dose NOT make it right what has Happened To Me.
Imraan Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Do not send money to them

I'm one of your customer for more than three months now, all my raised complaints were duly resolved except a complaint regarding paypal payment and your support & technical team has failed to resolve my problem which was reported a month ago, BOTTOM LINE I'm not able to GO LIVE because of the issues I faced while using your software. I'm raising my concern here as it turns out to be the place where I can at least get response unlike your support system where your team has stopped responding.

Here is the ticket ID for your reference: 3089 - Paypal IPN is not getting verified and ALL transactions are being failed

@ ALL I don't take Agriya as scam company, it just that they have to be serious, responsive and be able to listen and resolve customer's issues and improve their customers experience if they want to survive and go beyond where they are now.

Agriya Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Do not send money to them

*** This is a response by Agriya from an authorized employee ***

Agriya seriously regrets any inconvenience and trouble caused to our customers and wants to work with anyone who feels they are not getting the level of service that they expected.



@COLING: I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience, can I have some more information about what happened and your project? I just need an invoice ID or the person you were dealing with so I can investigate what happened and help to put it right.

@Alphons3k: I'm really sorry about your experience with Agriya and appreciate you taking the time to bring it to our notice here. I can really help you out in your situation but I need more information about your problems and specific details like your invoice number or ticket ID's. I can then investigate it and ensure that anything we've done wrong can be put right and extend the support duration that we offer to you. Agriya isn't a scam, we have been developing websites for over 11 years now and have had our clients feature in the biggest media sites on the Internet.



COLING Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Do not send money to them

Agriya have scammed me out of $2900.00
Do Not use this Company!!!
I have received nothing from this company. They stole my money and made me believe they were doing the work.

If Agriya refund my money ill remove this comment!!

tags: [email protected] | [email protected] | | agriya infoways | fiverr clone | groupon clone |
Agriya Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Do not send money to them

*** This is a response by Agriya from an authorized employee ***

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for taking the time to post your experience using Agriya's software and with our customer service. Sorry we didn't follow up on this feeedback sooner. We request that you provide some identifying information such as ticket ID's so we can investigate the support you received and also look in to the numerous bugs that you have reported. Agriya takes software bugs very seriously and releases regular updates to our software.

We would like to make things right so if possible please could you email us at [email protected] to get in touch with someone who can sort out your problems.

Finally, we have scheduled a meeting with the Feedy product developers so we can look at what you have mentioned here as a problem and try and understand further how to improve the Feedy software so that it consistently meets our client expectations.


TedI67 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Do not send money to them


Sent them instructions on the design of a lesson style website. They would not proceed until I sent them $520 (total job $2000). Once they got my deposit they did nothing for two weeks. Then they wanted to know what website they were supposed to copy. They did not have the most basic of design skills. Communication was very poor. to non-existent. They did not have the software to open or properly transfer files. They had NO understanding of website functionality or flow even though I had sent them documentation of what we were trying to do. They said they would provide a partial refund, but never refunded anything. Claim they have a 250 seat company, but act like 4 or 5 beggers living in a phone booth in India.

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