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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airasia

Shilpihazari Send email
Jun 1, 2018

Worst staff service

I was traveling from kolkata to Bangalore with my mom and we didn't get our seats together so I requested to the staff if she can manage to make our seats together as my mom was sick and it was her first ride. One of the staff members agreed and said okay you both sit together I will try to manage. later another staff came and she started shouting saying you have to adjust by your own or you only talk to passenger, fine I was agreed and we sat on our given seats and unfortunately my seat was in the last of row where usually staffs sit then she her name was "Priyanka" started talking with her colleague and conversation goes like - " itni age ki hai or akele flight par manage nahi kar paa rahi hai akhir Kyu ye travel karti hai fir flight se koi kid tow hai nahi ye pata nai kaha kaha se AA jati hai" ### hell the first time I met such a btamiz cheapest staff ever and I hope it was my last ride with AirAsia if you don't like helping people don't go for such job.
bryan55 Send email
Nov 21, 2017

AirAsia System Cheat

I have 11 person and I can only buy 9 tickets at 1 time , therefore I go ahead with purchasing another 2 tickets in separate booking number. My flight is from Penang to Bangkok (SRMD9U & DWU8KN).

After that, I plan to buy add-on luggage and I'm going to 1 of the booking SRMD9U to check the total price and to determine is there any processing fee charges for luggage purchase. If there is any, then I will purchase all the luggage in 1 booking to avoid extra charges.

The worst thing is, when i come to the review and pay page as attached, I'm unable to modify my checked luggage!!! They force me to make payment even thought I'm do not wish to. What ironic is that the page is mentioning "Please double check your flight details and total amount on the right panel before you select the mode of payment that suites you", but in fact it is not allow me to make changes and said that amount is overdue!!!! They ask me to pay for extra luggage which I don't want. I'm not yet making any payment, how could you say I"m overdue on this?

And the support channel all is not helping. At first i tried the chat and they told me cannot help, ask me to try other channel. Then I go to sales center and they told me the same. Then I try email and they just replied me with report number (00490147), told me not able to help. I replied them right away but they have closed the ticket and ask me to look for new report without my consent. What kind of support is this, is not helping at all and just want to close their issue as soon as possible.Worst!!!!

AirAsia System Cheat

Sherif Abdelwahed Send email
Nov 13, 2017

AirAsia are thieves!!!!!

I was trying to book a flight from Denpasar to Singapore and it showed a failed transaction so I tried again several times and I got the same result.

When I received my bank statement I found myself charged for 3 transactions that I don't know anything about them and I didn't receive any confirmation emails regarding these flights.

Through my conversations with Airasia they told me that there were bookings

I already booked a flight Airasia (SHPCQV ) and I got a confirmation email for it, it's not my fault that the system made errors and charged me for failed transactions.

They didn't even tried to respond until I called them several times and they always say they are working on my request and finally after very long time they refused to return the money without giving any valid reasons.

They are thieves and impolite....avoid them
#Airasia thieves
KiiWii Send email
Nov 5, 2017

Changing flight rates to higher pricing

Always change the flight rates to higher pricing during booking process! Is this how AirAsia manipulate their clients?
Singkalinakm Send email
Oct 5, 2017


Air asia what a bad service. 10 times flight, 9 times is delay. Dosent punctual. Waste customer time and money. Teribble
Bad air bus ever
Hambalikassim Send email
Sep 24, 2017

Luggage damaged by baggage handlers

I was travelling from Kuching to Miri flight No.AK 6181, booking no. TIBHJF. Flight time14:15 . Upon collection my luggage found out that my luggage was badly damaged. This is really frustrating and really disappointed how they handle passengers luggages.
Rewadee Gruget Send email
Jul 17, 2017

Flight delays

Air Asia alway delay, better improve your service and respect more timetable!!!!!
Our booking number : VMIV9Q
From Suratthani to Kurlalumpur late by 30 mins acceptable.
Now on the way back (Kurlalumpur to Suratthani) late almost 2h, seriously we are not happy specially when you have an appointment.
Our flight should be at noon 12h00, around noon I go to ask info even you don't announce any info. Beginning at counter say late by 45 mins about 13h00 your announced say late by 1h 50 mins, waiting for long time !!!! We arrive so early for nothing, bad service.

Hope you improve your service or think to remember something when clients wait for long time like this!!!

zal123456 Send email
May 23, 2017

Rude staff

At 3 40 pm 22nd may 2017 in check in counter V12 the staff say rude and high voice.plase take note and action to the staff.it female staff.and than 4 10 pm in gate before imegresen the staff say high voice.to passenger relative.for the information the passanger is my relative and they can't talk malay and little english.we just want help them.please take action and don't take it lightly
zal123456 Send email
May 22, 2017

Rude service

At 3 40 pm 22nd may 2017 in check in counter V the staff say rude and high voice.plase take note and action to the staff.it female staff.and than 4 10 pm in gate before imegresen the staff say high voice.to passenger relative.for the information the passanger is my relative and they can't talk malay and little english.we just want help them.please take action and don't take it lightly
Rocelbayona Send email
May 21, 2017

Purchased Ticket with Food

We purchased ticket with food but we never received or serve in flight. Ask for refund , filed eform for 4x since April 19, 2017 until now I didn't get any refund . They only say info can't match, they don't even care to call the costumer or email and ask for more info. Instead they sent email which you can't replay. Poor customers services
Chong96 Send email
Apr 16, 2017

Terribly worse staff attitude

It wasnt my first time flight with Airasia and last night i encountered the worst experience ever with Airasia.First of all,a staff named L.P Lee is incredibly rude as if we aren't paying to fly with Airasia. I don't pay to see u pulling ur face on me. Dear Airasia,please do take time to keep an eye on how ur staff act.this L.P Lee from Kuching airport is ridiculously rude.
ruwan Send email
Feb 23, 2017

Refund Delay

Its been months and I still have not received my refund for a flight cancellation. I have come across many other people who are going through the same problem. The airline keeps lying to its customer.

We have started a petition and would like to reach to all those affected passengers to join us and demand for changes in their policy.

Please join us using the link below. Sign and share
Stephen Doherty Send email
Feb 21, 2017

No response to my complaint

I had booked a return flight with AirAsia from KLIA2 to Bandung for February 2017.
AirAsia sent me a email explaining the flight times had been changed, they offered me 2 choices:-
1. Fly on the same day at the new departure time or
2. I can cancel my flight and have a credit to be used within 90 days.
I replied to them via the eform in December 2016 saying I will take option 2 (receive a credit).
I received the computer generated response saying my complaint number and saying they will reply to me soon.
AirAsia has not replied to me yet, the original flight has come and gone.
I think this is the way this company works, they just hope you will forget and give up on your complaint.
I have been flighing with them 4 times a year for the last 8 years but they have now worn me out.
I will NEVER fly with AirAsia again.
MAS may cost a bit more but at least you have peace of mind.
Charlotte Parkin Send email
Feb 16, 2017

Lack of compassion for medical condition

I have recently had to cancel a flight in the Phillapines for medical reasons and Air Aisa was the only operator. Or to refund me- they offer an insulting 90 day credit shell! What part of my medical note and fact I live in UK do they not comprehend! Appauling and money grabbing company.
bibhusha Send email
Jan 27, 2017

Rude Air Asia Staff in KLIA

I had the most unfortunate experience with Air Asia's staff in the Kuala Lumpur airport (two male staff sitting in the Domestic / International Counter). This happened between 9 am - 9.45 am Kuala Lumpur time, on Dec 11, 2016. Below are my details:
Passengers involved: Bibhusha Kunwar, Bibhav Kunwar, Pratima Karki
To/from Airport: Singapore to Kathmandu with connecting flight in Kuala Lumpur.
Flight No.: AK700
One of us needed a wheelchair due to disability. We were assured in the Singapore airport that a wheelchair would be provided once we landed in KLIA. But on landing in Kuala Lumpur, there was no wheelchair waiting, nor was there any update on when it would be sent. We were made to sit at a random place cluelessly for an hour. We followed up with the two male Air Aisa staff referenced above, but they were not only unhelpful but also extremely irritable. There came a point when they started shouting at us when all we did was politely request them to give us some update. We were extremely distraught and discouraged by this kind of behavior, especially when it wasn't a question of a luxury service but a wheelchair for basic mobility. The sad thing is even after submitting complaints to the KLIA airport, we received no response whatsoever from Air Asia. The KLIA customer complaint staff notified me that the matter had been escalated to the appropriate people, but whoever these people were they clearly did not believe we deserved even a basic apology for what their grossly untrained staff put us through that day. Very sorry state of affairs. I have told everyone I know of this incident and asked them to never fly Air Asia again.
Srihari valluru Send email
Sep 4, 2016

No prior information on transit visa

The worst service ever. In prior AirAsia have not informed us regarding transit Australia visa while booking the ticket and all my plans to travel NZ got cancelled during travel day ,I sue on this company if I don't get refund
Provide me the contact whom I need to talk to get this issue solved.
Passenger name Srihari Valluru
Email id srihari.valluru16@gmail.com
Flight number D7206
Booking number NJRUHA
Kl to Auckland
Travel date 03/09/2016
nssivaram Send email
Jan 9, 2016

luggage damaged

My name sellappan from karur,tamil nadu.I came back to home town on 20/12/2012 at Trichy airport.my luggage was damaged(2-set).I was report to officer. property irregularity report given for claim.my complaint report ID:CBTTRZ15A00189.untill no response from airasia.please resonse.my e mail id :nssivaram@yahoo.com
Bonsai81 Send email
Apr 5, 2015

Rude Staff

air asia from cebu to manila flight Z2768
We arrived on time to the airport checked are luggage in on tiime and didnt hear the name call to say the flight was boarding when arriving to the gate to find out when the flight was boarding we was told the flight and gate was closed but in the monitor it says there still boarding.one staff was about to ring the pilot then my foreign bf came.after they saw him the staff said ohh its already close w/o ringing them because they saw the foreigner.we were two minutes late acording to aviation ruling but were checked in so should of been given another flight option and not had to pay the full fare for another flight. there was another customer next to us who failed to check in but alls they had to pay was a penalty this is unfair and very unprofessional considering our bags were on the aircraft.
i think this is racist and very obvious just because my boyfriend is a foreigner thats why they want us to buy another ticket.and the other customers so they hust gave them penalty and & no need for them to buy another ticket. This is not right... by the way the staff are Ria dela Cerna and Vangie Tevas or Cuevas.
Merrilees Send email
Dec 2, 2014

Flight Combo's.

I have been trying to book a combo ticket to Koh Samui Island for November 2015 first of I could not cause I was to early so emailed Air Asia to find out at what date I could perches the tickets on line and got Email back telling me a date, so the said date I tried but all I got was all flight's on my dates were full up. I don't see how with so many flights per day, I know there are different time zones. So then I went looking else where so cheacked out Thailand Budget Airlines and they can get on Air Asia flight for the dates I whant,so how do you work that one out.I have booked another flight with them but have stung with insurance which I need or whant and for baggage I will be looking else where in the furture.Also if in Austraila don't call there call centre No. 1300 760 330 as you end up in Maylasia, Might be alright from Australia,but not any where else.
Lim Send email
Jul 3, 2014

Planes are flying low across residential area

Recently Airasia planes are flying low across Bandar Puteri Klang and until he engine noise can heard clearly. It's very annoying !!! Please look into this matter
User907632 Send email
Apr 2, 2012

A money sucker airline

This Airline should NOT exit to make money. I traveled about 6 times in a year but due to the almost monopoly route (fireflyz.com offer 3 times a weeks) that AirAsia make (fly 7 times a weeks), I usually had to choice but to choose AirAsia. Let me make this specific, the airticket flying between Pekanbaru (in Sumatra) to KL is not cheap. Everytime it is close to Rp1 million or about USD100. For a 40 minutes flight it is a robbery. It should be more like USD50 to $60. AirAsia is also trying to nickel-and-dime (American sayings, same thing like duit mata in Indonesian language) to suck every dollar out of you. There is little customer service, the experience of booking thru their website is terrible. You falls into many trap. Automatically the flight insurance will kick in. If you want to remove the insurance you have to look real hard where to click and then if counter to common practise, you anwer "cancel" to the question of "Do you want to cancel insurance?" The way it do business it that as much as I hate it is and wish it would bankrupt (it wouldn't), it would taper off and stop growing as a business. I hope the management will wake up and read all the complaints people had.
User926702 Send email
Apr 2, 2012

A money sucker airline

I make a few bookings in May 2011, the bookings were confirmed but is not listed in "Manage My Booking" list right away. Those bookings only appear on 20 March 2012! And this situation had caused a scenario that I spent double for repeated bookings!
I try to reach AirAsia customer care line, but it's no longer available. The only option I have is to chat with the customer care representative via Live chat on Ask AirAsia Website. After spending sometime express the problem to AirAsia Customer Care Representative via live chat, she says AirAsia did send confirmation email to my mailbox upon successful booking. But, it is suppose for your system to list the booking in "Manage My Booking" once the booking is confirmed?? I log in with my AirAsia ID, check my booking every time before I plan for my next trip. I trusted your "Manage My Booking" function, and since I could check my booking, check in my flight and almost everything I can do once I login to AirAsia Website, it is not an excuse for AirAsia representative blaming me not checking my mailbox after booking was confirmed!
she says there is nothing she can do from her side and suggested me to write an eform for further investigation。 I wrote 3 eforms so far and it's been the 14th days, the problem remains unsolved and I am not satisfied with the way AirAsia Customer Care representative handle the case! I posted messages to their Facebook and clearly proposed that I want the date change with no extra charges, but the rude and unprofessional customer care ignore my request and insist to credit the fare to Credit Shell, which I have to pay the balance with my Credit Card (Another processing Fees)on the next time I made booking. This is unacceptable!!
Sandeep Agarwal Send email
Feb 27, 2012

flight delay

Booking references BRB6EP AND Y1GYBS (total 6 passengers)

Our family comprising of myself, my wife, my elderly parents (with wheel chair assistance) and my two small kids were booked for travel from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta on board QZ 7695 scheduled for 19th December 2009 at 20.50 hours. When we reached LCCT at 18.30 we were informed that the flight got delayed and rescheduled to 00.55 hours on 20 December 2009 with a total delay of over 4 hours. We spend almost 7 hours at LCCT waiting for our flight and I assure you that it was not easy to spend the night time with elderly parents who needed assistance and with small kids. With no proper facilities installed at LCCT it was a nightmare for our family waiting over 7 hours at the airport. Again there was uncertainty about the flight being further delayed and finally we boarded the aircraft only at 1.25 AM, an additional delay of 30 minutes from revised departure of 00.55 AM.

To add to agony there was no proper explanation as to the reason of delay. I understand that Air Asia does adopts these tactics of delaying one or more flights to combine passengers of one or more flights and optimize their seat occupancy ratio per flight, even without having the slightest consideration of plight of passengers who might be affected.

I had been promised by the Airport Manager Air Asia, LCCT that we would be provided with RM 200 worth of Easy Vouchers per passengers as a compensation against the flight delay, and he asked me to register my complaint at Air Asia website. I had already registered my complaint twice on Airasia website and also complained to Jakarta Call Center 4 times since then, however to no response.

Now Jakarta call center had advised to register my complaint at this email id. Hence this email to you.

I was informed by Jakarta call center representative that since Air Asia had tried to contact us 24 hours before deaprture to inform us of the flight delay, we would not be entitled to any vouchers. But please consider the fact that since we were in Malaysia (as a tourist with no contact information in Malaysia) and didnot receive any information about flight delay beforehand, we reached airport and did our checkin around 7 PM, two hours before the original scheduled deaprture time. You can verify with our check in time at LCCT to prove this. And the flight after further delay from rescheduled time of 00.55 finally deaprted only at 1.25 AM.

Now I request you to kindly register my complaint and provide me a proper forum where I can take forward my complaint for deficiency of service of Air Asia. Also as promised to me at LCCT, please provide us with Easy Vouchers of RM 1200 (6 passengers) at the earliest without any further delays as we had received no information from Air Asia for flight delays.

Please consider this as my last reminder to Air Asia, before i may be forced to take other legal measures.

Best Regards,

Jagdish Sandeep Agarwal

For and on behalf of all six passengers under Air Asia booking reference BRB6EP AND Y1GYBS (total 6 passengers)
Y Weng Send email
Feb 27, 2012

flight delay

AirAsia should charge their name to "Pick Pocket Airlines". This would represent a better description of what to expect. They should also provide a compliment cigarette after the flight for those who prefer a smoke after they have been f**ked.

We flew with AirAsia on Feb.13, 2012 (Flight# FD3025) & Feb.19, 2012 (Flight# FD3024), BKK - HKT. Both Flights were up to one hour late.

We have traveled around the world often, this is the 1st time use AirAsia and will be our LAST, lots hidden fees, their website is a mess when you try to pay your baggage fees upfront -- impossible, customer service at the airport is the worst I have ever seen.

You better double check your credit card statement when you home because they had charged us on the same item twice.
Tcmean Send email
Feb 23, 2012

It's a pain to call AirAsia

Have you ever call up to AirAsia customer service hotline? What do you think about the customer service hotline? For me, it's totally a pain to call them up. Why is it so? I recently made a call to the customer service hotline to change my flight to a later date. First when I was connected, I get a recorded message that last 30 seconds which is not able to skip by pressing any number. After making the right way into speaking to a customer service representative, I was put on the line for more than 20 minutes for listening to their annoying music and machine recorded voice:

"Thank you for wating. All our customer service representatives are currently busy. Please continues to hold or feels free to call back us later."

Oh! That's great. I was paying expensive call charges to listen to that annoying music and machine recorded answer and in the end I get nothing. I didn't even had a chance to speak to any of their customer representative(s). Representative(s)? I don't think there are many of them. Else I won't end up waiting for more than 20 minutes for a chance to speak to them.

I've tried another 3 times of calling the customer service hotline after the first call. I wasn't able to speak to anyone again this time. That's more than 30 minutes of waiting in total. Now, I'm trying to call them everyday see if anyone answer my call. Suprisingly, no one is actually answering. This time I'm wondering whether they have any customer representative in the call center. I even tried to call them just now in the early morning 8am so that I can be served faster. But, still, the same waiting. I think it's around 1 hour of waiting in total and I didn't even has a chance to speak to a real human. It's dissapointing me.

In my opinion, customer service hotline should always be provided for free. Even it is charged, customer enquiry should be processed in a faster manner. I don't think we deserve the wait for more than 20 minutes and paying the freaking expensive call charges. Providing a free of calling charges customer service hotline should be the right way to do. Company paying for the call charges will always ensure customer enquiries being processed fast. I was thinking whether AirAsia is earning from the call charges to pay for their representatives. Else why do they want to keep us on the line for such a long time? Give me a good reason.

Is this a joke, Tony?


From: Tony Fernandes <airasia@fly.airasia.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 7:33 PM
Subject: Staying True to Our Promises

Dear AirAsia Guests,


When I wrote to you a few months back, I shared your frustrations over our Call Centre service. I couldn't agree more - as the World's Best Low Cost Airline, AirAsia's Call Centre too should be world class.

Now I am pleased to present to you Asian Contact Centres Sdn Bhd, our integrated Call Centre for all our country operations - Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and the UK. Operations will soon expand to serve guests in Japan, Korea, the Philippines, the Middle East and India. I am sure you have experienced significant improvements in our Call Centre service since it started operations on 16 February 2009.

Asian Call Centres Sdn Bhd is a landmark collaboration between AirAsia and Scicom (MSC) Berhad, a regional industry leader in customer contact management services. With Scicom's multiple contact centres in Asia, serving customers and clients from over 40 countries and in over 40 languages, Asian Contact Centres Sdn Bhd is able to meet your expectations and ensure your booking needs, and enquiries are efficiently attended to.

We are very glad that with Asian Contact Centres Sdn Bhd we are now able to handle 5 million transactions a year in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Indonesia.

Malaysia +603 2171 9333 (Booking)
+603 2171 9222 (Inquiry)
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)
Thailand +66 2 515 9999
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+7)
Indonesia +62 21 50 50 50 88
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+7)
Singapore +65 630 77688
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)
China +95013 9000 0200
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)
United Kingdom +44 845 605 3333
Operates 24 Hours, Daily
Australia 1300 760 330
Operating Hours : 10am – 11pm (GMT+10)
Others +603 2171 9333 (Booking)
+603 2171 9222 (Inquiry)
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)

On another note, we would like to encourage you to continue visiting our website www.airasia.com where you not only enjoy our low fares but also manage your bookings on your own and obtain vast information on our routes and destinations.

Thank you for flying AirAsia and for making us the 2009 World's Best Low Cost Airline*.

Best regards,
Tony Fernandes


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