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RandiCarwell Send email
Feb 8, 2022


My name is Randi Carwell.and I I live in Birmingham. In 2020. I was away from my home for 3 1/2 moths during the quarantine and although I had disconnected all electrical items (except my refrigerator) and turned off all breakers except the one powering my refrigerator) my power bill remained the same (all 3 billing periods I was gone)as it had been when I was was at my home. I live alone in a small house and know that my bill (which is around $275.00/M) is inaccurate but gave up trying to do anything because I've felt helpless to do anything (after speaking with supervisors a few times). My current complaint is that again I was in Florida from November 17 - 30 (2 weeks) and my bill for that billing period did not decrease. I was also in Florida from January 21-27 and my bill for that billing period INCREASED by $60.00. I need this situation Corrected . Almost half of my Monthly SSI (which is my only income) is going towards a power bill. This MUST be corrected somehow.
RandiCarwell Send email
Feb 8, 2022


My name is Randi Carwell. I live in Birmingham. In 2020 I was away from my home for 3 1/2 moths during the quarantine and although I had disconnected all electrical items (except my refrigerator) and turned off all breakers except the one powering my refrigerator) my power remained the same as it had been when I was there( for the whole three months I was gone). I live alone in a small house and feel that my bill (which is around $275.00/M) is inaccurate but gave up trying to do anything because I've felt helpless to do anything (after speaking with supervisors a few times). My current complaint is that again I was in Florida from November 17 - 30 (2 weeks) and my bill for that billing period did not decrease. I was also in Florida from January 21-27 and my bill for that billing period INCREASED by $60.00. I need this situation Corrected . Almost half of my Monthly SSI (which is my only income) is going towards a power bill. This MUST be corrected somehow.
AKS2021 Send email
Jan 25, 2022

High power bill

I am on budget billing bit for the last year my power bill is over $300 a month.i am a single Mom with 3 kids and live in less than 1500 Sq ft single wide mobile home. I think I'm being over charged. I have asked to have meter checked no response. I need help in any way.
Jessnicole88 Send email
Jan 6, 2022

Overcharge for electricity

Alabama power has overcharged me and I'm sure several families struggling through the pandemic. This will be the 4th time I have been disconnected and it's freezing weather. I have 2 children whom alabama power in my region knows lives with me and I still haven't received a bill or disconnect notice but wake up to power shut off. GOVERNOR KAYE IVEY SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE FOR LOW INCOME FAMILIES. The assistance you try to receive the funds are depleted and can't help or its a long application process that takes 30 days for someone to receive some assistance. Ridiculous
rboatwri Send email
Sep 24, 2021

Not receiving my bill in mail for 4 mos

I have not received a electric bill in 4 months. I filed complaint against post office and they swear they deliver everything that comes to that post office. ?? Strange ! So I can only come to the conclusion that the person or equipment that sends out everyone’s bills via the postal service is not doing their job. I suggest a surveillance camera be set up to see what is happening. I know the mail has been unusually slow over the past year (they say it’s due to the COVID 19) ??? Ok, I can buy into that, but to not even get my statement for 4 months in a row from one place?? The mailing staff needs to be monitored!
Lp211 Send email
May 24, 2019


Unbelievable ..I leave town for a month on a import trip to New York for legal & personal matters & after getting into a car accident there.. finally come home to Alabama to find my electric off & after calling the 800 info line was told “oh well you should have had someone call us to tell us you were in a accident & maybe we could have accommodated your situation.. Wth are you serious on top of that my last billing cycle was due April 25th 2019 and I returned home May 13th which in hindsite gives them no reason to believe the bill wouldn’t be paid because I was already on a payment plan of $175.00 monthly,oh it gets better..I’m then told that not only my past balance of $276.31 had to be paid but my account was closed out so I have to pay $400 more with the past balance or get someone to vouch for me with good standing with them(basically someone who never got their lights turned off & they could waive a new account fee! First why is their a new account & why would you close out a Acvount & use my first deposit towards god knows what & tell me it’s like I’m starting a new account!! I’m outraged & I will be seeking a lawyer to file a lawsuit against this company for unlawful acts & abuse of power against tons of customers..I lived in New York 28 years one of the biggest cities ever..they would never turn your power off over a month of lateness nor tell you they closed your account out without mother paid them for over 15 years on time & me a single mom who may pay late but always call to set up arrangements am beyond disgusted,their bias unprofessional gossiping people who act like their doing you a favor by answering the phone calls you make to try to make sense of their ludicrous policies to have what is essential in a home,I’d never recommend them or their employees for a greet feedback survey or anything,they have the worst policies I’ve ever encountered & make no sense at all how they justify closing out a Account I didn’t die I was away & returned home,it’s unethical & inhumane to keep these types of companies in business,this state is horrible,nothing says sweet about Alabama,greedy bias & shameful to be born & raised from here!!
Teresabrewer Send email
Jul 7, 2018


My power got disconnected due to outstanding balance I couldn't afford to pay it so I moved and my mood going to move in my house but they won't turn the power on in her name because of my outstanding balance I can't pay it so I am going to file bankruptcy on it my mother is 71years old she will be living by herself she needs the power on
Tayosborne Send email
Apr 26, 2018

Alabama Power

My power was shut off on a Tuesday when I got home from work. I had got an extension on tbe bill, but I still wasn't able to pay. I knew I was going to get shut off. Here's where the problems lies! My power bill was $450 at the time I was disconnected. I wasn't able to pay my bill in 5days so they closed out my account. Then they tell me, I have two pay another deposit, which is equals to a two month power bill. So now I have to pay $410 deposit plus my power bill, which came up to be $917. That just added insult to injury. Its ridiculous how Alabama do! There should be other options besides this company.
bobprimm9705 Send email
Apr 23, 2018

Alabama Power

My complaint is that Alabama Power Customer Support will not listen to you, help you in any way! I paid my bill twice by mistake, Once with Checking, once with debit. The debit took the money from my acct and paid the bill...

I called customer support to explain what I did and they said we are going to charge you $20 even though the bill was paid, would not offer any help what so ever!

This is what happens when a Company has no other competition, they will not in any way offer any help to anybody for no reason!

I'm going to move away from this very un friendly company!
Persia Send email
Mar 10, 2018


Persia Send email
Mar 10, 2018

January power bill

I was floored when I received my power bill for January 2018. Over $900, which is the definition of being robbed with a pencil. I live by myself and wasn't even home much considering my heating unit was blowing cool air and while waiting for a repair man to free up some time to fix, I stayed with my daughter most of January with nothing on in my house There has got to be something someone can do. Who regulates these crooked Alabama Power theives???? Why are they able to monopolize??? I went to the main office and was told there was no one there I could speak with on 3/9/18, told to call 800 number and request some bogus energy evaluation that they probably charge for..I think we need to all come together and file a class action suit. I mean really, these heartless lying scammers need to be STOPPED!! Why are we paying so much for God given sun anyway. Basically pay what they ROB or get shut off....INCREDIBLE
SabrinaGauze Send email
Feb 17, 2018

Change of account number for no reason

At beginning of Jan a man from Alabama Power came to my home said he was there to shut off power because the power was being used but not in anyone's name so I showed him bills for the past year in my name so he left. I went to Alabama Power and they said someone requested my power be shut off so when I left I thought we had it straight. Well the next week I get a bill for power connection with a new account number. I go back to Alabama Power thought it was straight again. Now today I get a bill with new account number almost $300 bill says I didn't pay December's bill keep in mind they didn't even give me a new account number until the middle of January. I paid the bill on the original account January 5th before the due date. So now they want $40 for connecting the power I already had for a year, a bill that god only knows where they came up with that plus late fees and a notice to disconnect if not paid! My bill usually runs approximately $95 now they want $300 because the people who work there are incompetent and uneducated. They are also rude when they ate ones who caused the entire problem. Bill was in my name from May to January because I bought the home never asked for service to be disconnected so if bills come in my name all this time why do they say the power is fraudulently being used because it is not in anyone's name. Why have I been paying the damn bill all this time with my name on it then? I guess I will be going back to Alabama Power again. I am so sick and tired of this company. I can't wait to sell my home and get the hell out of this state. A constant problem since I moved here. What a joke!!!
Takeaction Send email
Feb 11, 2018

Just plain rude

First off I just moved here from Texas, and I’m a contract worker which means I am out of town a lot. At first I had auto payment but after first month I shut it off. I knew I wasn’t going to be in town for about 20 days and I forgot I put it on auto pay so they tried to take the money out and it was thereNSF. Yes it was my fault I didn’t transfer any money into that account and no I didn’t have to pay a deposit. By the way I found out because my bank emailed me about it 2 days later and it was paid befor they sent the nasty letter. This is why Texas broke up the electric company!!!! You people in Alabama need to lobby so you have more then just one option for electric !!!!!! Also the cold month this year cost me 400.00 dollars you say well how big is your house? I say to you 900 sq. Feet😲!!!!! Also I have never been more then 4 days late that being said I know late is late! But I am single and. Work out of town a lot , when I say out of town I could be out of the country! Anyway the letter which must be mailed the same day as is due because as I said never over four days late, stay with me. It gives me two days before they are going to disconnect ? So two things first how do all these people have electric and they are a month late. And to finish up I talk to a desk clerk I guess and I am hearing the same thing I heard from water company (different story) it is people in Alabama talk very bad about each other? The clerk told me that they have to do that because quote: hardy anyone pays (they) bill on (times). They try to connect in everybody’s name. Now I love Alabama but as an outsider I see things. I would never by a house here. It seems to me these company’s don’t and won’t every have any reason to change and have to compete. They have boards people get envolved. Check out other states electric prices and plans. can vote you vote these people out ??? Should you??? Just some thought
Melissalwc Send email
Sep 25, 2017

Employees at Alabama power tried to beat me out of my damn money

My name is Melissa Cole, I live in Selma Al... Back in May 2015, I was working a 16 hours shift job Mon-fri. Due to the hrs I was working, I gave my sister the money to go pay my power Bill while I was at work. But surprisingly, due to a spill at work, all employees was able to get off early (3:00p.m.) I went to Al power, & told an employee there that I wanted to pay my bill, so she looked in the computer & gave told me the amount owed, and I paid it in full. So I got in the car & called my sister & told her don't worry about coming, I got off early & I've just paid the bill, & to hold on to the money for me . My sister said, I paid your bill in full this morning!!!! I said you mean to tell me, my bill was already paid, & this bitch done took my money again!! So I told my sister to meet me at Al power with the receipt she received from them. So I went back in there, to the same bitch, with both receipts in my hand. I said ma'am u took my money knowing my bill was paid, & handed her both receipts with my account# and all on the receipts, she looked in the computer again, & said I didn't see that at first, I'm so sorry Mrs.Cole , & handed me the money owed to me, which was $197.09 !!! So customers, watch out, because they are some thieves, & out to get us the customers!!!
Dstinson1988 Send email
Sep 18, 2017

Billing sand unauthorized usage of service

Alabama Power already had some technical difficulties that they couldn't let me know about I'm assuming on authorized usage of electricity which is illegal by whomsoever did wasn't me point being is there was already fraud at the address with Alabama Power I did speak with someone concerning the matter and wish I thought the situation was resolved it was not I don't understand what's going on lot of the time at the address I was working out of town and you got evidence of usage during that time I don't think it's fair that I have to pay considering I did report in the timely fashion as required and now I'm getting a letter that I don't understand it says something about usage and transfers or prior homeowner I really don't know bunch of crap that I didn't give any authorization for I even canceled Services early and nothing was done yet I got a confirmation saying it was I don't know where the fraught is exactly except for every place where I may have an account because I am a victim of identity theft I really need help it's been a lot to deal with and my child has suffered much
Whyus Send email
Sep 17, 2017

Horrible Horrible Company

I take off my mother that has Multiple Sclerosis so sometimes I stay the night at her house depending on well she is feeling..Well I just got home at 9:00 p.m and only find my power disconnected.Not to mention I paid the past due amount the week before so it was only the current bill due in have never been disconnected for a one month bill.. Feeling disgusted right about now...My children and I had to drive back to the other side of town so unfair!!!
kristi23 Send email
Aug 25, 2017


I absolutely hate Alabama Power!!!! I was behind just one month and out of town and come back home and they have cut our lights off, so needless to say everything in refrigerator and freezer is ruined. Other peoples light bills that I know are always a month behind yet they don't get cut off. There had been many times I have sat here middle of the day with no power because something has happened to a line when I have paid my bill on time. Because they have problems. How bout cutting someone a break ever now and then..before I moved jn our current house we were on Black Warrior and never did we have a problem with them, if we were a month behind they didn't cut our lights off. Even this past Christmas they let everyone hold there light bill money until after the first of the year to try and help people out, but not with Alabama power. They are greedy, rude people and the next move we make I will be sure the location is going to be with Black Warrior instead of Alabama Power and on top of all if that they are quick to cut your lights off if you don't make a payment but they sure do take their precious time cutting them back on after we pay our outrageous bill plus a 50.00 reconnect fee!
paynea Send email
Aug 4, 2017

Outrageous Bill

Last month my 30 plus year old heat pump went out. When it went out it also zapped my oven so I haven't been able to cook. We went 2 days with no heat pump until the new one was put in. My bill jumped $60 during this month!!! The guy that put my new one in said the old one only had half the unit working and had to work twice as hard to keep my house cool. When I called Alabama Power to inquire they continued to try to compare my bill to last year. I had an old heat pump last year!!! I have a new energy efficient one now but my bill still jumped $60 in one month?!?!? Makes no sense. They need more regulations since you can't just switch companies. They monopolize the power and are able to charge whatever they want. When will this stop?
Kalial08 Send email
May 13, 2017


I'm not even a month late on my bill. My current bill was due on the 3rd of may. I called spoke to a representative and put a hold on the account till the 19th so why did I get a shut off notice. I can't even be reported to the credit bureau. I called and asked and was told they only put a note not a hold. So how is that my fault that your worker did the wrong thing. This is so messed up I hear people say I've been 3 months behind before I get a notice and I'm not even a month late on the current bill. Don't care that there is a child in the house and it's going to be in the 90s all next week. Someone please explain to me how they can do this. And why do they talk to you like u are crap. I did what I was supposed to do your representative didn't.
huskerguy Send email
Apr 29, 2017


I have been a customer of Alabama power for almost 20 years never had a problem till Monday. I have problems like anyone else and ive always for some reason or another have paid a month behind but its always been paid. needles to say I'm a loyal customer but the other day my power is off as my fiancé tells me I told her I paid it but she still had to pay to get it back on neither one of us was happy I know rules and policies but this it pathetic with the money they have and they probably have customers who owe the hundreds of dollars and they don't mess with them I try to be a hard honest working person but I guess loyalty only goes so far I just felt it was wrong and I was taking advantage of
vlovemax Send email
Dec 5, 2016

Extremely high bills

I emailed the company with no response, it's almost like they are saying pay the bill or be left in the dark, I have alway payed my bills but im not understanding the constant increase, I have been on budget billing for a while 180 then I'ts gone up to 240 without any reason, I use energy efficient everything even my curtains and my bill continues to go up, I don't know how long I'm gonna be able to survive like this.....
Concerned ALPOWER PAYER Send email
Oct 20, 2016

power outage when 1 presidential candidate

Talked to Amy number 51215. No explanation why power went out when a presidential candidate began final comments. Very suspicious. Power outage happened at the exact time candidate began remarks.
veptavis Send email
Aug 16, 2016

Bills are only getting higher

My boyfriend and I live in a small two bedroom trailer. When we first moved in, it was halfway through the month. We'd been being careless with the AC and lights, and the bill came out to $80. We were both surprised, but thought it'd be no problem as long as we became more conservative with our power usage. Turning off all lights when leaving rooms and cutting back on the AC, our bill the next month was $168. Slightly more than double. I lived in an apartment in OK last year, and the highest I ever saw my bill get was $130 (that was with us running the AC on high constantly.) We were gone half of this month on a trip out of state. I ran the AC on low for my cats, and the bill was $111. On top of that, we were just mailed a disconnect notice telling us that we owe them $281 for not paying last months bill, which we did. Even their website shows that we did. I don't care if these kinds of prices are standard for the area, everyone is being duped. The bills don't need to be nearly this high, and they shouldn't be threatening to cut off my power in exchange for stupid amounts of money when their system shows we've been paying their outrageous prices. This is ridiculous. They need to chill.
Humayun2000 Send email
Feb 2, 2016

cashier that is always rude, sad, and not welcoming

The cashier that works for alabama power's payment location in western hills mall in fairfield, alabama is always rude, mean and sad. She is African American big fat chick who does not acknowledge the customers that come to pay their bills. I have always found her to be that way. I did not complain before because I thought she might have a bad day, but she simply doesn't care about people and their concern. She does not even look at customers or say hi to them. She needs to be retrained or fired from the job she is not fit doing.
reavema Send email
Jan 29, 2016

Service Fees

I called in a problem about a dryer purchased from Lowe's through their (Lowe's) extended warranty and discovered that Lowe's has a contract with Alabama Power Company to service there warranties. My dryer was not working and I followed the procedures to ensure that the problem was not lint. After my discussion with Lowe's Warranty Department, Alabama Power Client Care contacted me and informed me that they would be sending out a service representative to proved service on the dryer. The rep stated that if there was not a problem, Alabama Power would charge me $93.45 for the service call. I asked the rep to walk me through the check points again with lint problems as I did not want to billed for something when no problem exist. The representative walked me through the process and I told her everywhere there was any lint present. On the exist point outside of the house, I told her that there was some dried lint (only a small amount that was not interfering with the air flow) and we ended the call with a service person scheduled to come out. As soon as the service representative came out to the house, I informed him that the dryer was not drying. He checked the hose and the lint trap. He when went outside the house and opened the flap on the exist point. He removed his knife and scraped off the small amount of link that was dried on the exist point. He told him that prior to his coming, the client care representative had walk through the process with me and I mentioned the dried lint that he has just removed. He told me that if the diameter changes (I believe 1/5 cm) then there is a sensor o n the dryer that will send a message to the heat element to shut off to prevent fire??? I am over 50 years old and new technology is constantly changing. The service technician knew this fact and has seen this happen repeatedly yet the client care specialist did not suggest that I remove the lint from the exist point to see if this would solve the problem. Consumer Beware. Corporations are in the business of making money and integrity is not a part of the job description.

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