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jokkun Send email
Jul 15, 2018

Liars and Thieves

Was transferred to them by Alabama Power after setting up new residential service. The guy was friendly and set me up with a local cable company (Charter/Spectrum). He told me the cable company might require a payment upfront and told me it would be $120 if they did. Two days later, someone called claiming to be from Charter/Spectrum and requested the $120. I explained I wouldn't have it until my payday, she then tried to get me to give her my debit card information to "promise to pay." Come payday, I called Charter/Spectrum's customer service to pay and was informed that 1.) I didn't have any payment needed up front, and 2.) That my first payment would only be $89, and wouldn't be due until my first bill. She also stated that they don't do "promise to pay" things after I mentioned it. I looked the number up that had originally called and it was Allconnect! Literally the next day I received another call from Allconnect stating that my order had been cancelled since there was no payment made. I called Charter/Spectrum and was assured my order had not been cancelled and the technician was still coming out.

This company is HIGHLY deceptive and was trying to steal AT LEAST $31 from me (had they actually paid the $89 to Charter). DO NOT USE THEM!!! Go directly through the providers!
hvoytek Send email
Mar 7, 2017

Signed me up for services I declined

Called the electric company today to get the electricity placed in my name for my new house and was transferred to allconnect. They set me up with the electric provider then asked if I wanted home security. I staTed "no I am getting it thru my cable provider and I am calling them directly". Called my cable provider and set everything up thru them. Later this evening I received a confirmation email from allconnect with my completed orders. On the completed orders it listed my cable provider and a separate ADT confirmation. After I clearly said NO I do not want those services thru you and I am contacting my cable provider directly, they placed the orders without my permission. I called the phone number on the email and was told it was a mistake and to not answer the ADT call and that the direct order with my cable company trumps any order placed with them. All i have to say is my information better not get screwed up with my cable provider and I better not be stuck with ADT home security after I clearly declined the offer when asked.
Pedrozme Send email
Jun 4, 2016


Told me I HAD to pick a supplier which is illegal you can just have PECO.
SSSS Send email
Aug 20, 2015

DECEPTIVE regarding credit check

All Connect ran a credit check when trying to set me up with home internet service through AT&T. I asked them that if I tried to set it up later myself, if AT&T would have to run another credit check, she said "No, it counts for anything." 5 minutes later in the conversation I asked if I could set it up myself online with AT&T directly (because I found the exact same service for $7/mo cheaper through AT&T online, AND a $50 reward card) she warned me that AT&T would likely need to run their own credit check! I called her out on it and said it was deceptive. She offered to complete the process with me so I "wouldn't have to have another credit check." Manipulative! I felt backed into a corner, and finally realized any company that would do that in a 5 minute conversation isn't worth trusting for a year of service FOR ANY PRICE! So I'll take my business...and wasted credit check...elsewhere. This company must genuinely not care about their customers.
marsml Send email
Sep 8, 2014


I called dish to get a rate on satellite TV they referred me to AllConnect if I wanted an unbiased opinion.. I wish I never had to deal with them. They said they would get me the best provider rates for my area (which turned out NOT to be the case) and recommended Dish. They then stated that they could help with other bill transferes for my move. They claimed they could deal with all my service bills and I spent ages on the phone trying to sort it out only to be told that they could only help with a few, so they sorted them out for me..... or at least I thought it was sorted out! No such luck!! How embarrassing was it to have people showing up at your house threatening to shut off your services?! VERY! I had to plead my case with the service companies so that it wouldn't affect my credit score. Also, when I spoke to the rep on the phone they made no mention of a two year contract, they said it was no obligation. LIARS! The poor Dish guy spends hours putting up a dish, running cables and explaining everything and then when it comes to sign for the services he mentions it's a 2 year contract, much to my surprise. I was exhausted from the move, I had boxes up to my eyeballs and I felt bad for the guy who had been working hard. I wasn't happy about it, but I caved and signed it.
I'm pretty sure that what they are doing is fraudulent and against the law. I have been looking through this complaint board and it looks like they have been doing it for a long time. How do they get away with this? I had my case escalated to the highest level with Dish, who seem willing to pay for Allconnects unethical/illegal services but apparently not take responsibility for them. They have fobbed me off to Allconnect, who I am waiting to hear back from. I'm not holding my breath for a good outcome. DON'T TRUST ALLCONNECT!!!
feilp Send email
Jun 15, 2014

very poor communication

Allconnect individual who provided information about my new service package and costs was completely incorrect. While I asked to keep existing telephone number, that did not happen. It seems the communication between Allconnect and service provider, TimeWarner is faulty. I would suggest future customers call service provider directly for installation and correct information,.
Allconnect Inc Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Ben - thank you for your feedback. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. Allconnect would like to further research your complaint. Would you please send us an email to "[email protected]" and provide us additional information. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
Anonymous99999999 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Allconnect treats there employees the same as they do their customers. NO RESPECT people say that its better than no job but the fact is that no job is better than an allconnect job. they have really high unemployment rates for that reason. All businesses who contract with them should consider an audit of the process and customers every single one and every single complaint to decide if it is really cost effective to be connected in any way to this company. There are too many delays in orders and most customers end up calling the service provider directly because of this or because they didnt realize what they actually signed up for despite the disclosures. Those in upper management should really be ashamed of what they are doing not only to the customers but to the employees and the reputation of the providers they work with.
Ben Tan Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I was just ripped off too by all-connect on an internet connection this month. Just moved in to the state and a new apartment. Was told to sign up electricity with all-connect. After which and thru the same all-connect, was offered internet service with Century link. All-connect rep with a name like tira ander.. (?) explained that there was a promotion from century link at 24.95 and free modem upon acceptable credit check, etc.. My first bill showed up now and Century link is denying all those claims. there is no way century link is not aware of this all-connect lying practice. Question is what can we do about it? I will complaint to the better business bureau but what else? Of course, we need to spread the word around not to use all-connect services. But the power company, Progressive Energy is in cahoot with them too. What a shame. Why in the world would a utility stooped so low? A sign of what our society is headed...
Mike California Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Today, an Allconnect employee told me that there was no way to call back and get their "fabulous" discounts after I checked it out myself on the internet, so according to him I would have to make the decision on the spot. He also verbally quoted a price that was much lower than the one that came buried in the email link with the confirmation he sent me. Either way, the price is much higher than going directly to the internet/TV company. I am cancelling and recommend no one else use these services. It takes five minutes to compare the available services in your area yourself on the internet and you'll get the best price available.. The biggest problem is the shady way the electric companies pass you off to Allconnect as if they are somehow providing the customer a service. They are not. Just tell Allconnect "No" and hang up.
JessiYvonne Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Allconnect does not try to trick people into anything! I do feel that the power companies should let the customers know of the services that they are eligible for and state the actual reason for the transfer, however the first part of the transfer is the verification process to make sure all of YOUR information is correct in the power companies system. From that point Allconnect is not trying to tell you that the services offered are much cheaper than the direct provider, but is actual partnered with the providers to be able to help current customers get their service transferred or help new customers to get services set up all on one call without having to call multiple providers. It also allows YOU, the customer the option of comparing all the local providers rates. Allconnect is really more of a service to assist movers and is not a sales scheme!!!
Lauras Voice Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I was told I was being transferred to someone to review my order through the power co, but in fact was sent to this company in turn requested my social security # to verify if what they had in the system was correct tricking me to think I was still talking to the power company. Didn't like it and when the gentleman called with the tv offer the basic pkg was the same as what was offered direct and the other pkg he totally lied and didn't tell any of the hidden fees like a one time fee of 19.95 or the monthly rental fees per box. Very pushy and wanted credit card # that moment no time to think it over- I wonder why. Thank GOD I did not use this service...
Lovinmybabies Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Allconnect is not a completely bad comPany. We do try our best to mak our customers happy we have certin pprocedures to go through just like other companies and I do feel that it would be much better if ALL power companies tell the customers what we are trying to do for them and when I talk to people I verify all info with them several times to make sure the info is correct but we all make mistakes that could b very simple and fixed with a simple phone call we have so many procuders to follow since we do work with many different companies and we have to have certain training for each company that we do work with. It is not easy as we would like it to be all the time because we have people thinking we are the bad guys and all we try to do is help and I don't like how we have to keep talking when people want to get off the phone but they do not realize what we can do.

AMM79 I don't know who you talked to because when you sign up for direct we have to transfer you to them and they set your package up not us we just qualtify you for the package. And if you was paying full price for centurey link it could have been a simple mistake on our part (but a huge mistake for you I know) they may have not clicked the promotion price. But then again it could have been something with the provider itself it is hard to say for sure exactly what happened. But think about it even if you call the provider directly all of those little mistakes could still happen so it's not just us it could happen to anyone.

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