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Redrose24 Send email
Sep 12, 2023


I never got prime because I believe it was a waste of money but I just notice they have been charging me for a membership for 5 months and this is rediculous
[email protected] Send email
Aug 23, 2023

Prime purchase

I been canceled my subscription for Amazon prime and it took$16.04 off my card please refund me

Prime purchase Prime purchase

Desiree6 Send email
Jan 12, 2023

Revise order

I had over enough money to make a purchase which I did it goes through and a week later it’s telling me to revise my order when I don’t have that money back from the order it’s self
CNerbak Send email
Jan 9, 2022

Unauthorized charges

I noticed small amounts of money being taken from my account from this AMZN Mktp US*R03IW5283 Whatever this is, is NOT authorized by me and has been taking money from my personal checking account. I do not have Amazon prime or any extra services from them. I am upset because I am a long time loyal customer and I feel extremely violated. I need this to stop right away and for my money to be returned asap to avoid further investigations.
CNerbak Send email
Jan 9, 2022

Unauthorized deduction

I have a charge on my checking acct for an Amazon bill that I did not order anything from and I do not have prime, so I need this money returned. I feel very violated as I am a long time customer.
Armbrosa Send email
Feb 16, 2021

refund / unauthorized payment / discontinue account

in reference to complaint dated 28th Jan 2021

My name is Arlene Garcia Tyson. from Trinidad and Tobago WI.
Last year from March 2nd 2020 i discovered that money was being extracted from my bank account for and Amazon Prime Videos to which i don't have an account nor did i make an application.I emailed a complaint to Amazon to discontinue the purchase; this was done to no avail, monies continued to be removed from my bank account.I also made mention to discontinue Amazon Prime to which there was no action again being given. i made attempts to watch a movie, i was told that i did not have a prime video account but money continue to come from my bank account,i have since relinquished that previous Amazon account in the hopes that it would be discontinued, it has not and my bank account is being exhausted by the extraction of money for something i have made no application for, that being Prime Video account and a monthly Prime bill payment to which again i did not subscribe to in 2019 or 2020.As mentioned earlier I have closed my previous Amazon account to which I'm still receiving and paying a bill . I've since opened a new Amazon account which at present remains dormant because of this predicament I'm being faced with presently.
I kindly seek Amazons' immediate attention to discontinue the removal of monies from my bank account to a service I haven't applied for, nor do I have access to but yet receive a bill for.

Kindly request discontinue charges of Amazon Prime account and Prime Videos ... previous account is closed but continues to be extracted from bank account ...pleases please please discontinue/ close all accounts activities.
Jessieboy1 Send email
Aug 26, 2020

Charges Not authorize

I dont want to be charge for a Service that a dont ask for
MurderAmazon Send email
Apr 2, 2020

Amazon Charges for no reason

I ordered ONE item from

I AM a member of Prime.

The item I ordered was for $11.37

THESE are ALL the charges they charged me for ONE item (See image)

If you want me to be 100% honest, I started the conversation off with:

"I ordered one item, you charged me 4 charges. If you do not fix this I will go to the Amazon warehouse right near me and kill at least 5 of your employees. That is not a joke."

The entire conversation literally took less then 5 minutes, as you can see, no questions asked, they immediatley refunded the 3 charges you see in the image.

Amazon knows they are scamming people. I cancelled all membership to

Amazon Charges for no reason

Thomasgloria1 Send email
Dec 30, 2019


On 30/12/2019 a charge of $57.97 was charged on my bank account (made from amzn) by Bill Waus for no reason....i don't know who bill waus is but he or she needs to STOP hacking ppl bank accounts (I WANT MY MONEY BACK)
yayachick36 Send email
Feb 14, 2018

Not backing up sellers

My husband has sold MTG cards on Amazon for years. Just recently he sold a Snapcaster Mage to someone. My husband is a hard working, Christian man. This so called person returned a COUNTERFEIT card back to us claiming we sent it to her. SHE IS A LIAR! The card condition, although fake, was in horrible condition. Not even close to what we sent her. When we sold the card I told my husband I cannot understand why she bought it from us because ours was the highest price. Well, I guess this evil person wanted to get the most money returned to her and OUR genuine card.
Amazon is unreachable. We did appeal and won a SAFE-T claim. Little that does, the counterfeiter still got her money back. After several emails passed back and forth, told my husband they will no longer respond to his emails. The nerve. On top of that, they have just started suspending random listings no matter how low the price is claiming they are suspicious. They are now trying to soil my husband's reputation because he dared to speak up. I am sure he will be kicked off due to counterfeiting. What a load of crap. Any buyer can return a counterfeit, and we lose our business because of it.
Who is to protect any of us sellers from having whatever we sell come back as counterfeit. The lack of compassion on Amazon's part is incomprehensible. So basically, as a buyer, I can buy a diamond ring for lets say, $5,000. I receive it, take the diamond out, replace it with a cubic, and tell Amazon they sold me a fake. What will Amazon do? Screw over the seller and pay me my money back. Does any of that seem reasonable.
Amazon needs to be held accountable for not backing their sellers. We are honest, hard working people. We used to believe in the integrity and decency of humanity. Personally, I am losing faith. How can a multi billion dollar company do this? How can they be so rude and hateful?
What can we do? Is there any help for the little guy that lives paycheck to paycheck? My husband's name is being smeared because of a lying, stealing, evil, greedy buyer. Do not get me wrong, we have mostly only had decent, honest buyers, but it only takes one person who cares for nobody but her own self. Does Amazon care that selling is our job? My husband is 62 years old and the most honest and honorable person I have ever met. He served 20 in the Navy and works at Intel since retiring from the military in 1995. He has never cheated on anything and he sure as hell is not a counterfeiter.
How do we stop buyers from doing this to us? Why won't Amazon at least look into the matter fully? How can one department of Amazon side with us ( SAFE-T) and another side not even know about that?
Can somebody help?
Toyotafan123 Send email
Mar 3, 2012

irrational & evil

First of all second hand reviews are useless. Secondly, Amazon is doing the right thing.
Whythelongfaces Send email
Mar 3, 2012

irrational & evil

Protect us from idiots. People get their bank accounts wiped out and complain that the banks did not care to stop fraud, yet when companies do halt suspicious activity to protect these morons from fraud, they bitch about that too.
Sick Ot Rip Offs Send email
Mar 3, 2012

irrational & evil

word of advise, never log in from a public computer. they will claim you are attempting fraud. Evidently 10, 000's of ISPs, bank accts & phone # are on a secret hit list that automatically disallows any usage.
Neighbor with Amazon acct, set one up for her mother in iowa. since some of the entry data came form her ISP, Amazon took the stance that she was opening a fraud acct. & not only would not allow her mother to have actt but closed the other one. explanation, since she had an acct, a second one was fraud.
friend of son opened one for girl friend using computer at school -- same result. since he used his cell phone in parents name, his mother's account was also closed out. & since they lived in an apartment, they learned later, that triggered several other with "same address" to also be closed out. at least that seemed to be the trigger.
Are they totally insane or just evil. They will never tell you why either. They are in Canada, so maybe we need a federal ban on them totally.
Mxlopix Send email
Mar 3, 2012

irrational & evil

There is a lot of online fraud and Amazon is just protecting themselves. You are totally nuts if you do personal transactions over a public computer anyway.
Cranial Compression Send email
Mar 3, 2012

irrational & evil

And people say my cranium is compressed... 3rd party complaint from an uninformed person. BTW - Amazon is an American company.

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