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Awaiting Reply From AVL C.R.M (HA!) Send email
Feb 23, 2012


AVL C.R.M., you know very well AVL hires unscrupulous movers because you also know very well that AVL is unscrupulous!

You know that your Claims Dept. only offers less than $170 for each AVL-based disaster, with the underlying motive being: ACCEPT THE PENNIES and SIGN THE CONTRACT TO RELEASE AVL OF ANY FUTURE RESPONSIBILITES.
So please explain why you replied above: " reach a mutual resolution."
Are you saying AVL is starting to resolve issues with rightfully owed- sums? OR are you just giving more AVL BS?

Until or if you explain TRUTHFULLY, then it will be taken for granted AVL is giving more BS as usual!
AVL Customer Service Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Dear Sir/Madam:

American Van Lines apologizes for the hassles and disappointment you are facing as a result of our team's delays and other issues. Thank you for your review, now please allow us to further assist you. We will discuss compensation with you and work with you to reach a mutual resolution to the inconveniences caused to your moving plans.

Please dial 1-855-820-6916 as soon as possible and we will rectify this matter to make sure your move proceeds without any further disruptions.

AVL Customer Relationship Manager
USMC Family Send email
Feb 23, 2012


WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! I contacted Nationwide relocation services approximately 30 days before our move. I wanted to make sure that I was "well educated" on moving information and chose a company that we could trust with our 4 bedroom "home." I was constantly receiving phone calls asking what they could do to assist me, and were SO CONVINCING that our move would go off without a hitch! Well... Let me tell you.. It has been EVERYTHING except smooth! First off, our contract stated that we would be packed out on the 25th/26th and would be picked up and moved the 26th/27th. I told them a month before the move that our drop dead date of being out of our house was the 27th. All I kept hearing was NO PROBLEM. Well. apparently it was a problem. When they called on the 23rd to let us know what day and time they would be coming, they told us they would be here on the 27th between 11am-2pm to pick up. I said ok great..but when will they be here to PACK us.. I was told "they will be packing you and picking up the same day." I asked if that was possible. I was told Of course! If they have a big team coming out (4 people), they can pack and load in a day. I said As long as it is done in ONE day, I am ok with it, but we HAVE to be out of the house No Later Than the 27th! I was told the "American Van Lines" would be the truck moving us, and they are owned by Nationwide Relocation Services. Well, the 27th came and 11am - 2pm came and went and no phone call.. Not one call to update us on the status etc. I called the "dispatch" for American Van Lines (800-351-2523) to see what the heck was going on. I was given the run around for quite some time, then was told that the truck broke down that morning and they would have the driver call me. Well, the driver called and told me at 3:00pm that he was 300 miles from my house. 300 miles!!! Are you friggen kidding me? I figured 300 miles would roughly be 6 hours. The driver agreed. I told him the same thing about having to be out of our house by the 27th (the same day I was talking to them and they were NOT there). The driver told me that he didnt feel comfortable coming and starting that late at night (would have been around 9pm) so he told me to call dispatch and figure out a time the next day (the 28th). I called dispatch back and relayed the conversation the driver and I just had. I was told that the driver would be there first thing in the morning to start the packing. I asked them what "their" idea of first thing in the morning was, and they told me between 8am - 10am. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? My idea of first thing is 7am... I voiced my disappointment (harshly) to dispatch once again and reminded them that I had until the 27th (that day) to be out of the house, or it would cost me. All I was told was "We are sorry for your inconvenience." At this point, Sorry for your inconvenience is just not going to cut it! So I spent the rest of that day calling to cancel the housecleaners from coming, since the house would not be empty, and the carpet cleaners from coming since the house would not be cleaned yet. Of course cancelling at the last minute and having to reschedule for the next day, they had NO availability, nor did the carpet cleaners. So now, on top of all of the stress from still being in the house a day after we were suppose to be out, I am having to find a new housecleaning company and carpet cleaning company to come... ! HAHA Like that is an easy task. Well, after calling just about every company in the phone book, I finally found 2 companies that were available the on the 29th, in the hope that they movers would actually be here the 28th to pack and move our stuff. Always a concern when every company is booked for a week and a company is available the next day lol Well, we went to bed and woke up this morning (the 28th) excited that the movers would be here first thing lol.. 8am - 10am.. Ya, well 10am came and went once again and NO phone call from anyone. Ok folks.. we are already a day behind since he HAD to be out of the house YESTERDAY latest! So, I called Customer Service and got not answer.. I then called Dispatch and asked the status of our pick up. I also called the woman who originally booked our move, who seemed to get more done than anyone! It guess it is pretty bad when she called me back her first words were "tell me that they showed up this morning." When I told her NO they did not, nor did they call.. She put me on hold to see what was going on. I had dispatch on the other line and was on hold with them as well. I guess with 2 people checking on it, I should get an answer pretty quick right? WRONG... After waiting on hold for what seemed like forever (over 20 minutes) the disptacher told me that he just hung up from the driver and he would be there in one to two hours. Ok, again.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So, now we are talking like 1pm. Being as ANGRY as I was, I just hung up. I still had the woman on the phone that I booked the move with, and she came back on and said that they are just not in touch with the driver. I told her I just hung up from dispatch and he said he just hung up from the driver and told me between one and two hours until he would be here. She said "are you serious?" I said yes I am. Well, in my next breath, I heard a truck. When I looked out my window, low and behold there the moving truck was. I told the woman, I believe they are here.. She said, What does the truck say. So I looked out the window and told her " um the truck says (Cover your eyes for this) cunts." She said "excuse me.." I said "the trailer of the truck says in big letters.. Cunts." She was speachless.. I said" but the moving company name is All Coast transporters." I was told an "American Van Lines" truck would be here.. Again, not the case. I have uploaded a photo I took of the truck that sat in front on MY home waiting to move us. I was absolutely appalled, disgusted and mostly EMBARRASSED to have a truck sit in front of my home that displayed that word on it!!! There is no way the driver was not aware of this, and should have covered over it with paint or something prior to showing up for a job. How UNprofessional! I sent a copy of the photo I have attached to the moving company with a few words of disappointment. I was told that it was forwarded to the person that needed to know and it would be handled. I do know that the driver was called about it because I overheard the conversation. Apparently he knows that is doesnt look good showing up for a job with something like that written on it.. but made no attempt to correct it. HMMM. Definitely am the talk of the neighborhood today.. NOT in a good way though. I will have to say that the man and woman that showed to pack and load my house were very courteous. That was finally a positive. The team that showed up to pack my home consisted of a man and a woman.. that is all. And they are going to have my 4 bdrm home pack and loaded TODAY by themselves?! I called American Van Lines back and let them know that this was not going to work, and they were not even sure if they could pack and load today by themselves. After about an hour or so, 2 men from a local moving company showed up to help and things really started moving at that time! FINALLY.. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! The 2 men that showed up found it very interesting that they showed up at my house with that wonderful word written on the trailer. I guess I am not the only one that saw something wrong there. So, here we sit, one day AFTER we had to be out, a few extra hundred dollars out of pocket for other contracts being cancelled and who knows what to expect on the other end. I have received a couple calls from Customer Service wanting to see how things were going. They explained that once I have paid for the job on the receiving end, I can file a complaint and they will "decide" what they feel I should be compensated for this catastrophy of a move. The way I see it.. I want to know UP FRONT what I am going to be compensated and have it taken off of the top.. Makes sense to me. So I guess it gives them the option to tell me to go pound sand about compensation. At the rate things are going with this company.. I would not put it past them. As if moving half way across the US is not stressful enough.. all of this added to it has cause no sleep, a lot of crying and a lot of extra expenses!
Movinghelperfor You Send email
Feb 23, 2012


USDOT Number : 1441214
MC # : 544634

Their licensing and insurance is not active
Address : 2000 N STATE RD 7
Mailing Address : Same as above
Telephone : (954)562-4504
Fax : (561) 333-4174

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