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pinktoe Send email
Jul 11, 2020


Did not know procedure of Amscot I was receiving money from brother I was told to fill form out, so know I'm standing there and no one said anything to me. Hello I'm done I said so Paula said are you finish yes if you pay attention you would have notice. First she had no mask second giving me the form did not say the book was for me to keep I thought it was just to write on. Then Max came over to assist further with no gloves they both didn't have he wanted my paper with tracking to take from me and give back knowing there is a Epidemic with no glove I didn't want to give but he insist he needed it to write down the tracking again with no glove I didn't want to do that and he had a frown because I was leery to handed him my paper for him to give back to me again with an Epidemic going on. Paula was not professional and neither was Max. I've been Customer Service for years and a smile which goes a long way during this time of hard ship it would be nice to show kindness dialing with all kinds of people is why being safe is demanding dealing with people. I'm not also doing this but we are in trouble situation and must be safe at all means.
Angrymom43 Send email
Jan 15, 2019


I bought a surpass transponder early morning. I had added $20 on the transponder. I called surpass to add this the transponder I just bought. I cancelled the old transponder. Which still had money on my account. After add the transponder I asked the customer service agent at Sunpass about the $20. After calling at 2 p.m. the Sunpass agent said it was something done wrong on Amscot end. I made a trip back up to Amscot. After explaining several times and showing my receipt the agents pulled up my account and saw $3 on my account. Explained to them again I had a previous transponder on the account that was cancelled and the new one was added minus my $20. He calls a number and comes back and tell me their backed up. The reason my funds are not added to me account. Here it is 11:15 p.m. and still no funds added to my account. No apologies no nothing. I will never go to Amcot and add money on my sunpass again.
Cocojonee Send email
Nov 4, 2018

Customer service

Charles and Megan in Inverness Amscot is one of the most rudest people I have ever spoke with his attitude was so rude I just felt like going over there and put my hands around his neck but why should I get in trouble I can't believe amscot's got someone working like that at their place it's unbelievable how rude he was to me I believe he never grew up for being 16 years old his name is Charles and his helper is Megan Inverness Amscot I'm 44
Cocojonee Send email
Nov 4, 2018

Courtesy the employer is in rude nasty person

He spoke to me like I was a piece of dirt he has no common sense and courtesy of talking to other human he is one of the nastiest person I've ever talked to his name is Charles his helper is Megan they both are nasty disgusting people that work at Amscot in Inverness Florida if I was the boss I would fire them on the spot I think he got too big of a head when they made him manager so much to take a close look at this and determine if he should still be working there I would say no
Neno Send email
Oct 19, 2018

Joel at 2422 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando, FL 32811

Went to pick up money trough western union at 6 am with my pajama for an emergency,
I been replaced on the line by two US girls, I look "foreigner" BTW .. the other guy came f
From inside like teaching me a lesson for been upset about what happened!! Startling slowly interning my Data in lik2 15 mins (already have an exsist account with them) holding my ID up by the window kept looking to me and the ID back like 3 ti?es and turning it over like a thief,
Called the call center and told them what happen and they said I'm going to get a call back to descus it .. got the phone from the local store it self by a rud guy .. one of his questions is? why ur address is AL and you colecting from here!! Even it sound weird but still o told him I'm in a vacation again he ask me, you got money before 3 weeks from here too why your here in Orlando for that long!! Seriously!! Even my BF will think twoice befor asking that .. and he told me like its my fault and I should just wait I asked him did u at least checked the cam he said no but I know !! My 6 am story with Amscot.
Tabatha Rosario Send email
May 3, 2018

Customer Service

I just came from the Amscot in Florida City, I'm dead tired from my overnight shift at work, and I went in to get a money order for my rent. There was one person already being serviced and the associate helping her called me to the booth next to her. The associate is asking the other customer general questions on what she wants to do with her card and is chatting with her co-workers in between. And in between all that, she asks me what I need and it's hard to hear her with all the female associates chatting about irrelevant things, they were so loud I had to repeat myself twice that I wanted a money order of $800. All she says back is, "Okay, $800." And then went back automatically talking to the other customer about the transactions and chit chatting with her co-workers. I was super confused. I started slowly taking the money out and didn't put it in the small tray area because the co-worker seemed busy with talking her head off . She then emphasized on saying"$800." and waved her hand impatiently and rolled her eyes.
After getting off of the graveyard shift, then taking my son to school and going to the bank to pull out money to get a money order, only to deal with that? Please improve your employees customer service skills, that just brought down my day, I dislike rude people. I apologize for not just getting it all done through my bank, at least they're professional. Thank you.
amrovic Send email
Mar 21, 2018

arbitrariness & retardation

AMSCOT are representing western-union.
I am not an American citizen and I am not resident in the states. I had some issues in my debit card so my friend transferred me money on western-union and I went to f** AMSCOT to tell me I need a social ID number!!
how the h** I am supposed to provide a social ID number though I am a tourist and I don't live neither work in here!!!!!!!
the lady on the counter; didn't think about it neither. she was like an answer machine: Sorry we cannot give you the money without social id! really these kind of people should be send back to school and learn about logic and how to think out of the head not the butts.
amrovic Send email
Mar 21, 2018

arbitrariness & stupidity

AMSCOT are representing western-union.
I am not an American citizen and I am not resident in the states. I had some issues in my debit card so my friend transferred me money on western-union and I went to f** AMSCOT to tell me I need a social ID number!!
how the h** I am supposed to provide a social ID number though I am a tourist and I don't live neither work in here!!!!!!!
the lady on the counter; didn't think about it neither. she was like an answer machine: Sorry we cannot give you the money without social id! really these kind of people should be send back to school and learn about logic and how to think out of the head not the butts.
Codyskillings Send email
Feb 16, 2018

Paid for Loan but still being charged

I paid a loan I recieved from Ascott yet they tried to send check through and claim it wasn't paid. This is after I had got a Money Order through them, if I had owed them and hadn't already paid why wouldnt the debt be brought my attention at that time.
Thenery5 Send email
Dec 3, 2017


The fees on the Amscot card is expensive. And the monthly fees are stupid. When you have direct deposit. Plus when you add money to your card they change you to. And when you use there ATM you get charge.
I guess that's why they are called the money store Because they are so money hungry.
Mekia407 Send email
Nov 13, 2017

Dishonored my dispute

submitted a dispute 14 days ago and it has not been honored Amscot has Dishonored it as they can see on my record I never make ATM withdrawal at the time of the withdrawal's I was in the hospital someone completely stole my purse and I had just received my direct deposit I got into a car accident and I was in the hospital no phone no nothing so when I finally get out I get all the text messages saying that someone was pulling money out the ATM I never for money like that out the ATM I use this card specially to put money on and pay bills and order things never fall out the ATM like it shows in my statement and they just honored it I can't believe that they dishonor it has put me and my children and a hard spot I haven't been able to pay my rent I have been calling them everyday since the dispute went in and 14 days later they tell me they cannot honor it and they're going to send me a letter why not call like they said it was going to call me and let me know at least let me talk to someone and explain what has going on they show no gratitude to a customer that has been with them for so long I never thought I have this problem to the point that I even set up direct deposit from my job with them I can't believe that they would dishonor something that is so proven and papers that I never do anything like this so now I have a three day notice on my door for me and my children be put out because of somebody stole my purse I'm really hurt and I'm and a hard place right now and I just wish that they would have called me or even honored half of what has been taking them from me and my children and for them to tell me that they're going to send me a letter in the mail that is just not how you should do your customers have been with you so long I feel like they either owe me a phone call or even half of my money back it seems like they don't even care or even look at the statement that has been going on where's my card I just went and took out a $200 loan with Amscot so how are they going to get even paint and they can't even honor what has happened to me should I use my honor the loan that they gave me or should I just feel like they owe it to me I will never feel like that I was trying to pay them for now I can't they have put me in a hard spot even with their self on the long that have receipt from them 14 days and you tell I mean that you're going to send me a letter not you're going to call me like you guys been telling me for 14 days you're going to call I didn't get the phone call but have to call you and ask you what's going on with my dispute of something that's been taken from me and you tell me you going to send me a letter and I can't even talk to someone and then dispute Department I think this is really hurtful and disrespectful and is not honorable to your client you should be very honorable to your client I can see if it was an ongoing thing but this is not something that just happened once and I can't even do nothing about it so now I have a three day notice and don't know where me and my kids going to go because my check has been taken from me I feel like I shouldn't even pay back the loan that they gave me
Cpruett83 Send email
Sep 27, 2017

Money order fraud

My husband got a money order to pay our rent. Sent it in the mail.thought everything was ok until i received a message from my landlord saying he had not gotten our payment. We then started researching what happened. My husband had to pay $12.00 for them to research what happened. That is crazy to me anyways, wby should we have to pay for them to look this up. Found out today that it was cashed yestetday at a bank in orlando. By someone who is definitely not my landlord. My husband wrote his name on it in pen. So not sure how they could have cashed it. We officially filed a claim today. But from what i have researched,it could take up to 9 months for any resolution. So after explaining all this to my landlord, he says that he is sorry. But still needs rent today or we are being evicted. I have a 9 year old son! And we just spent our money on rent! We dont have an extra $575.00 laying around! We did our part,what we were supposed to do. Now getting kicked out on the street. Thanks amscot
Kaleyevans92 Send email
Aug 28, 2017


$150 was spent from my account by an unauthorized individual. I called amscot to report my findings. Whoever copied my amscot card and illegally used it ended up spending every last penny I had on my card. Mind you I used amscot as my bank, my direct deposit goes on it and I use it like a debit card. The only thing they could initially do for me was reverse 3 ATM fees which gave me $7.95 to put in gas. I called today to find out about the provisional credit being that my account was compromised and money that I saved to get through until I received my paycheck was spent. Amscot customer service tells me the third party consumer they work with doesn't consider my situation as being "qualified for provisional credit". I'm furious. How can fraud not be considered a reason to give a customer their money back? Especially since this person spent everything I had to my name. Absolutely everything. I keep all of my money on my amscot card and it's compromised and I'm the one who had to pay for it. I spoke to a supervisor and he tells me he doesn't know why this particular situation isn't qualified for credit. The best he can do is request for me to receive a call from the third party company so they can better explain it. I will NEVER use amscot again not only as my bank but for anything. Anywhere else would have apologized for this and immediately gave me my money back. I've been a customer of amscot for a long time and trusted them with a lot of money and the one time I'm scammed amscot can't make sure I get through until I get paid again. For all they know the $150 could have been my way of paying for a hotel room so I didn't have to sleep outside, or my phone bill. They don't care. Do not trust them with your funds because if your account is ever compromised they won't help you.

Amscot lost a customer and I'll be sure to spread the word so this doesn't happen to someone else.
Largo123 Send email
Jul 31, 2017


On July 7th I had a PayPal transaction of $47 dollars added to my amscot debit card account. Received an email from PayPal saying "Your funds will be on hold until July 30th. I called PayPal and they told me they don't have a hold on the transfer. Amscot does but, the automatically send out an email when the merchant has(amscot) has a hold.

I just got this amscot card 3 days prior and attached it to my PayPal account thinking it would be okay. It's been a nightmare. Last month we vacationed in Orlando for our sons birthday. We got to the hotel and guest services said no funds were available. This was embarrassing as many people were in line. Finally called an amscot representative who released the funds after 20 minutes. I do a lot a business through PayPal and still gave amscot an opportunity after all that.

I will write a detailed letter to The Better Business Bureau and The Governor's and Mayors office. I'm certain I'm one of many having experienced this. Never again will I use an Amscot card.

Andre Sanders,
Last four 5141
401 Rosery Rd, NE Apt 837
Largo, FL 33770
Samirbenamor Send email
Jun 23, 2017

Customer service

I did go to amscot Orlando kirkman rd at Walmart metrowest . Only two agents on duty, been nasty to customers talking any why not professional . I was going to pay electrical company and did fill up western union form . Soon she see me she told me get you ID ready I told her I D to pay 40 bill ? And I have account . She did look at me like I'm crazy and she said you don't have I D ? I told her I do have I'd but you need to go back on training classes to know about western union money service rules , left from there went to publix they did help me with smile and respect
Justice_Seeker Send email
Apr 29, 2017

Potential Cash Advance Fraud and Embezzlement

I am a self-employed contract worker with Uber. I make at least $500/week as an Uber driver. Since I make a lot in just a short amount of time, I try to refrain from overexerting my car and having low gas. On April 28, 2017, I emailed them my pay statements of 24 pages worth, but only 23 pages they would have needed to calculate my earnings. The pay statements consists of March 28, 2017 through April 15, 2017. Before going in I had calculated my earnings to see that it was at least over $500, I was sure I would be able to receive at the most $500. I really only needed $470 for my Rent of $467. I was not asked of how much I needed at all. While I filled out two forms that were given to me, I noticed the Amscot employee behind the work island going through papers. She proceeded to come back to my window to "calculate" my pay statements. She wrote down '$461.58', and I knew that she calculated it wrong. Then, she pretended to "double check" it. I had hoped she would see her clerical errors, but proclaimed the amount as '$461.58' by circling it. She ended up calling someone I'm sure to see if I was approved for the cash advance, but was being very stealthy by avoiding herself of being overheard on the phone by me. She gave me the 'Notice of Action Taken, Statement of Reason(s), and Counteroffer' form. On the form it says 'we regret to inform you that we cannot conduct the transaction on the terms you requested for the following reasons' and marked 'Income-Income Insufficient for transaction requested', but 'We can, however, offer to conduct a transaction with you for the reduced amount of $50.00'!!! After seeing this sheet, I did not sign! I asked for the printouts of my pay statements. She told me they needed it for their records, but she could make me copies. She came back from making copies, and I witnessed her throwing away some papers that were similar to my copies in the trash out of view of the cameras. I immediately came home to double check the printouts given to me to see if it added up to the amount she calculated and circled. Even though the copies I received added up to the price she written and circled, it did not add up to the amount of ALL the pay statements I emailed. I double check to see what pages were missing on my Uber Employee pay statements. I found that 4 pages ($81.17) were not in the stack of copies given to me. Then, I checked to see if I may have overlook in emailing those 4 missing pages, but they were accounted for in the email. However, they were not accounted for in the amount she wrote down of '$461.58'. Since there were no copies missing from the email I sent, she would have calculated, written, and circled '$542.75'. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but all my calculations, witnessing, and proof did not back her up. I feel that not only was this woman preventing me from getting the amount I deserved based off my pay statements, but committed an illegal act by tossing documents that would have benefit in me earning my rightful amount in cash advance. In doing so, she intentionally withheld 4 pages of pay statements in the cost of ($81.17). I called Amscot Corporation telling everything in my findings on a recorded line, and I asked if they could help me understand how they do their calculations. They did not try to help me come to a conclusion and was very unhelpful. I will be bringing light into this matter. I have consulting a lawyer that deals with this matter of embezzlement, and will take this to the state. Unless there's an investigation done at the location 7501 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32807, there will continue to be fraudulent and embezzlement work by your crooked employees. I just went in to get a cash advance to cover my rent, but I couldn't accept what was offered and conspired in front of me. I will be posting as a bad review!
Issac Send email
Aug 18, 2016

Waiting for to long

I was at amscot about 9am to get a loan and they kept given me the run around and they were very slow I didn't live till 2:30pm it's completely uncalled for I don't even know how this place is still open.
Keda123 Send email
Aug 7, 2016

Electric bill was paid and not applied to my account

Hello my name is Lakeitta Williams I paid my light bill on 7/22/2016 at Terminal ID FL 5099 and it was not applied to my Duke energy account my contact number is 863-676-8438.
Chickies Send email
May 6, 2016


I went to an Amscot location on 441 near Atlantic . I purchased 2 a money orders of the same amount for the same bill I had. The man on duty questions me where I got the money and what are the money orders for . I was in shock. Just baffled that he'd ask me that . I said those are for my bills and I hit the money from my working husband . I just felt very offended and upset . I'm a pregnant mother of 2, backed up on rent of 2 moths and when we finally saved up for it , we get questioned !? I'm never going back again
Soloist Send email
Feb 17, 2016

Customer service

Today I visited a 24 hour Amscot on university drive Pembroke Pines Florida the young women that assist the customers in the store have the worst customer service skills I've ever been a witness too they don't smile the roll their eyes when frustrated with customers it was just amazing to watch.... I also work in customer service in somewhat of the same setting and my employers would have a fit if they seen all the donts that they portrayed

(I took a mental note of the young ladies name helping me her name was Andrea she was just mads it very uncomfortable I will for now on go to a different location)
italian.bella76 Send email
Jul 8, 2015

unauthorized charge on my amscot card

I just had a unauthorized charge taken from my account. Someone used my routing and account number and now I'm having to go without. I'm a single mother raising 3 children on my own. They said I have to wait 10 day before I get my money back. I never authorized this charge and now my family and I have to go without. I don't understand why!
cass Send email
Jan 20, 2015

Treated with no respect

Just about every time I go to Amscot and the moment I ask for a cash advance the employees mood go from 100 to 10 as if I was taking money from them even though I always pay back on time and with interest. There have been times that they toss the papers and money at the whole to me. It makes me sick to even think about going there. They should be thankful that customers go to amscot, we are the reason they have a job in the first place.
Shan Send email
Jan 25, 2013

reply to "took my money"

LOVE how "took my money" can't pay rent and might be on the streets but mentions contacting her lawyer. mhmm. Empty threats are annoying.
[email protected] Send email
Jun 29, 2012

repeated phone calls

We have been receiving phone calls from amscot for about four months now. My husband has been to one of their branch offices at least half a dozen times since the calls began; but the manager keeps telling him that there are no problems and he does not know why they are calling us. They have sent no letters of explanation. Each time my husband talks to the manager, the calls stop for about a month and then start over again. I have no idea what they want and neither does my husband. I have tried to resolve the issue myself; but of course, they can't tell me anything cause I am his wife I am at a loss as to what we should do. We are peaceful people and do not want any drama over this, but enough is enough!
disgruntled Send email
May 10, 2012


Amscot charges for check cashing when you put a printed payroll check on their debit card. Then when you look at your card activity they leave that very generous fee off, hiding it more or less. Everything else is on the card activity, but that fee is only on your receipt. Sneaky bastards. I would never pay $15 to $20 to use a service like that. I wanted to stay out of conventional banks and fees for small checking account but I learned the hard way that the bank fees are actually less. No more Amscot for me.

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