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midxpress Send email
Jan 18, 2018


I have been a member of this dating site for along time I have lost money due to automatic charge example if I pick to purchase a small credit package it automatic goes to the higher one without me in control. secondly I have been scammed by a member several times nothing was done by this company they say 100 percent guaranteed but they only refund you the money you spent to correspond with the lady you reported scammed you. I was on a Anastasia tour and I already paid for 90 minutes of interprator but I had to pay again I reported this to the company but nothing was done. several small transaction went through twice meaning their site told me that it was declined so I tried again and went through both transaction went through when I got a message saying declined so I lost money even though I reported it to support. I was being charged a small membership fee with out me authorising when I was already a member.. I was also given the wrong information as per support about giving persomal information on letter on the advice of support I have approximately 185 support letters that I still kept about many complaints with this company
Mahi p Send email
Jun 24, 2017

I've asked them to stop sending me emails from their dating sight

I have asked them to stop sending me emails from their dating sight. Please stop sending me emails.
Robert Mc Goldrick Send email
May 20, 2017

Cannot unsubscrib

I have been trying to get off, rid of this sight for some time.
It is a complete nightmare.
I pres the unsubscrib and nothing happens.
I use their email address and ask them to unsubscribe me.
I've asked them to STOP sending me emails from their dating sight.
Yet I still keeps poring in.
I am having difficulties in getting on to my web sight, with all this spam.
So could you help me with this.
libra0598 Send email
Oct 19, 2015

Anastasia date Phone call service

Yes i have a legitamite complaint.... Was a member of anastasia date for about a year... Member id 16562167.................................. Deleted my profile due to very rude customer service.. Instant phone call service which should of cost 28.75 5 minutes but actually cost me 74.75 us dollars due to translator not ending call! Also today being monday oct. 19th 2015 was on phone with one of the employees there, mark who would not help me one bit... Over credits which is how anastasia date makes money.... by the way subject was only 3 credits which i accidently hit camshare while surfing over ladies there!! Had to delete my profile which was not hard since the dating service actually has translators that write the letters for the ladies there... There are many numerous complaints about this company founded many years ago by a usa man plus a russian woman who started the service.... I am also out other monies which resulted from a cancellation of flowers/presents which i informed them not to deliver which obtained no contact information from this site which confirms will do so when ordering gifts for ladies in ukraine... #250 dollars There must be a legal way to resolve this issue because this company is very financially well off.. Over 10 million gross profits in 2014. Hoping by writing this letter some other male members might consider other alternatives to dating........... There is definitely something wrong with a company that is made of two different names, Anastasia date and other Deroches? Very upset over this business!!!! Rob
daaoouu Send email
Jun 18, 2014

Total Scam -

I have wasted 4 years and thousands of dollars on and a some here: These agencies are criminal scams and the women are all cold heart, lying, cheating scams with no soul - will say any and every nice thing possible just to provoke you to respond - to keep chatting, writing letters, etc. to keep paying - so they are making more money - with no interest in a relationship - most have their boyfriends there.
daaoouu Send email
Jun 18, 2014

Total Scam -

I have wasted 4 years and thousands of dollars on and a some here: These agencies are criminal scams and the women are all cold heart, lying, cheating scams with no soul - will say any and every nice thing possible just to provoke you to respond - to keep chatting, writing letters, etc. to keep paying - so they are making more money - with no interest in a relationship - most have their boyfriends there. [email protected]
AnastasiaDate Customer Service Send email
Apr 8, 2013

Customer Service 24/7


AnastasiaDate does allow members to exchange contact details by using our CallMe service. Thus exchanging contact details is possible over the phone. Like all other dating sites, we do not guarantee that any member will exchange contact details. It is our observation that people usually exchange contact details only after getting to know each other and having some sense of trust before going to the next level. The safety of our clients is very important and we don’t require any member to exchange contact details if they do not wish to do so.

Hope this helps clarify. Likewise if you are a client do not hesitate to contact our customer service department that is open 24/7 to assist you.

Thank you,

AnastasiaDate Custom Service
TruthIsNowTold Send email
Mar 21, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt Scammer (2)

Here again is another picture of the Scammer found on This is the actual picture that was saved from the anastasiadate site in 2010.

Scammer: Victoria Tkachenko
Location: Lugansk
Found: in the year 2010
TruthIsNowTold Send email
Mar 21, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt Scammer

Here is a picture of another scammer who appeared in 2010 as a prochatter an but then disappeared from the site. Fortunately her picture from the site was saved and then when one did research on her picture from it was found on an antiscam site. Her name is Victoria Tkachenko from Lugansk in Ukraine. See the Link.


Check it Out
The Exposer-Revealer Send email
Mar 14, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

Yo-John Dennison-What's up?
Dude, I see little children still need help in spelling well... So I will go very slowly. My name begins with an "E" and Truth's name begins with a "T' I know of a good site for little children to get help with their spelling if one needs to find one plus I think they also throw in a dictionary for free. Thank you for being a good little child and that's the end of the class.
TruthIsNowTold Send email
Mar 14, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

@John Dennison-LEARN WELL

You may be on this site to annoy people by being an INTERNET TROLL but I am on this site to PROTECT people and to HELP people

There was one guy on this very site who felt he knew more than me about an issue with Anastasiadate I posted about and when I warned him he did not listen and was eventually scammed and could not dare face me to reply back to me when I tried to reach him after that he was scammed knowing that I was right. Too bad it was too late and he had to go through some hardship to come to his senses.

Let me show you what he said


Complaints board
Posted: 24th of Nov, 2011 by Pravilna, Texas, United States -1 Votes
Commented on the Topic:, Maine, Posted: 2011-08-31 by CJNewton

"I think TruthNowTold needs to take a more balanced viewpoint. Anastasia is a business and they charge top dollar for their service because they have a product which appeals to a certain population at that price point."

More Balanced Viewpoint??? Oh Really? You see people can talk before they get Scammed but after they get scammed their tune and their talk somewhat gets changed"

1. FIRSTLY- A woman is NOT a Product but a Person-That's Disrespectful to women to call them that.
2. SECONDLY-Anastasiadate is in business-The "Business" of Scamming People
3. THIRDLY-Finding a person is NOT about going to an Auction House where you have to bid at the highest price. A Woman again is NOT merchandise but a Human Being.


Let's See Now if he changes His Tune. I quote part of his own comments
Rip off Report
Submitted: Monday, February 06, 2012
Reported By: Pravilna — Texas, United States of America
Topic: " Scammed me out of thousands of dollars in chat and email charges, never showed up."

I wrote 60 pay to write and recieved a similar number of pay to read letters to someone purporting to be Juliya Igorevna Nastych, total cost $1, 000. Also chatted about one hour per day for one month, cost $1, 800. The person I was talking to seemed warm and affectionate, honest and kind. Nothing could be further from the truth as it turned out. She invited me to spend two weeks in Odessa Ukraine, so I traveled there in January 2012, cost of airfare and hotel $5, 000. I also lost two weeks wages because I took unpaid vacation leave.

On my arrival there she refused to meet me, to answer the phone, or explain why she suddenly changed her mind. It was -20 degrees C which made it quite an unpleasant experience apart from being ripped off.

There were many red flags which suggested a scam was in operation but I didn't put it all together till the end.

Warning signs were:

1) She refused to give me her private email saying she did not have access to email.

2) She spoke to me once on the phone through an interpreter, then after that stated that her phone didn't work (she blocked me)

3) I had a friend from Ukraine call her and leave a message. She blocked my friend after that.

I complained to the and after a lot of run arounds was told I should have paid $70 to guarantee my date. That service is only available if you arrive on a tour arranged by by the way.

Anastasiadate management were completely unhelpful in resolving this issue.

My analysis indicates that Anastasiadate paid Juliya to talk to me..."

LET'S READ THAT OVER ONE MORE TIME: "My analysis indicates that Anastasiadate paid Juliya to talk to me"

Here are the words from the very mouth of someone who has to change their tune now realizing the hard way that I was RIGHT all along. Below is a picture of the woman who scammed Pravilna named: Juliya Igorevna Nastych

Here also is another real complaint

Here is a real complaint Court Threats!

If (also known as and then why threaten to take to court the owner of a reputable antiscam site named Saul Hudson who exposed their activities. This is what he says from

"Of course we are aware of Anastasia.web and have been for many years. They have threatened us with legal action on a number of occasions but, since going to court would involve their business practices being exposed it is one area they really want to stay well away from"

So when they say they are free from fraud you know they are completely lying

One review site says about

"The main problem with Anastasia's style of practice involves their "letters of introduction." Many people have reported being scammed due to this system. The risk is that a woman will write an introduction letter intended for a very broad and simple type of man, then that letter will be sent to many different men in hopes of persuading them to respond. If someone responds, makes money. If all of them respond, Anastasia Date makes even more money. Hence, the possibility of a scam."

Note the words well: "Hence the Possibility of a scam"

John Dennison Send email
Mar 12, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

oh dear, I am afraid that TruthisNow told and The Exposer Revealer are the same person.

Well, great, thanks, we all get the message, now stop spamming these boards ok? This place at one time used to be fairly useful, but mental incompetents such as yourself are ruining it for the rest of us.

Let me put it this way, I feel sorry for the companies that you are writing about. To have a customer such as you must be a huge burden on their collective sanity.

Now do yourself a favor and reel yourself in dear boy before they come a knocking for you!
The Exposer-Revealer Send email
Mar 8, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

You Have Been Warned
The Exposer-Revealer Send email
Mar 7, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

@ Burt Sandblaster-Listen To TruthIsNowTold

He is talking the truth and there are dozens of antiscam sites that bear testimonial to what he is saying and hundreds of men all over the place who bear also witness to this as well.

This is the case of just one stubborn person who is wanting to get burned. If you want fire then by all means go ahead and strike the match

...But don't say you were not warned to not play with the Flames.
TruthIsNowTold Send email
Mar 7, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

LISTEN WELL: I have been scammed by this site

If someone wishes to get scammed and fails to listen to what I have to say then by all means let it be your choice...but I was scammed literally thousands by the site with nothing to show for it and I am not the only one who can bear witness of that since there are hundreds of stones out there about this.

Jim's Lists which is one the most reliable antiscam sites out there has blacklisted this site and he has received hundreds of letters from men who have been scammed by anastasiadate

As for being on the site. i have been a member on the site but I am not active like I was in the past meaning I do not purchase from the site but I do have a membership there.

The site is a SCAM-period and END of story and no proud and cocky inexperienced individual is going to tell me otherwise when the site has done great damage to many men's lives.
TruthIsNowTold Send email
Mar 6, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

@Burt Sandblaster-HOLD UP THERR JUNIOR

1. You are NOT a Senior on this site-I am. People who need advice on sites don't listen to you but they will listen to me
2. These are NOT Rants but actual complaints-Learn the difference and there are hundreds of them out there about this corrupt site
3. As long as these complaints are there to protect people from being scammed from sites like these which has been blacklisted elsewhere might I add I will continue to post in order to protect people

AND JUNIOR if you have a problem with it then please by all means "TRY" and take it down...but I am glad to be of help to people and that's why I am a SENIOR here and YOU still remain a JUNIOR.

At least I am not some troll that is just posting comments about other people's complaints because they don't have anything else to do in their life.
Burt Sandblaster Send email
Mar 6, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

If you don't want women or other people to comment on your rants, then quit posting them on public boards.
TruthIsNowTold Send email
Mar 6, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

The purpose of these complaints is to
1. Reveal
2. Warn
3. Protect (others from being scammed)

That's why they are here and I am glad that others have told me that they are being helped and that's what I am here for.
TruthIsNowTold Send email
Mar 6, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

Why is a woman commenting on a site for men? I assume of course you are a woman

It is not about none of these things happening but exposing the site and what it wants buried. These things happened to others continuous complaints have been made about this site to warn others. What others choose to do with it is up to them but I am experienced enough to know otherwise

If you are a woman then it is you who need it WALK away from talking about a site that only deals with men since men and not women are the ones paying all the money on the site
Bellamie Send email
Mar 6, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

So none of these are things that happened to you? You just googled other people's reviews and reposted them? Why remain a member for 2.5 years if you don't like them. WALK AWAY
TruthIsNowTold Send email
Mar 6, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

One person who posted on this site I warned them about anastasia but did not listen to me and guess what they got scammed big time by the site

Failure to listen = Failure to learn
TruthIsNowTold Send email
Mar 6, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

I have been a member of the site for over 2-1/2 years and know them very, very well in their fraudulent ways
John Dennison Send email
Feb 29, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

Truth, come clean, why are you doing all this? Have you ever written to Anastasia and asked for a Refund or anythign like that? Genuinely, I'm intrested.
TruthIsNowTold Send email
Feb 29, 2012

Scam: Prostitutes and Corrupt

Here is what I managed to dig up from the past on this site-Two stories to expose this corrupt site that some needed to finally see!

Story 1-This comes from

hi all
after plenty of legal advice, i was unable to take anastasiwaeb to court because i never paid them money for letters and things, but i got suspicious with certain ladies on their site, so i hired a private detectives to work in russia and ukraine, we found out 7 of the 10 were in fact prostitutes, not as their job discriptions stipulate on their profile, which in europe and usa is a criminal offence it is false advertising.i found on internet a blog of a guy who dated for two years id 1080121 on anastasiaweb, he found out after they were going to marry that she to was a prostitute, he is taking irina matyushkina from berdyansk to court for his money he spent, letters, holidays, presents etc, i spoke to alexanda on anastasiaweb by e-mail about this, she claimed this guy did not give her the information required to remove this women, well his LAWYERS IN ENGLAND SENT MY LAWYERS THE E-MAILS HE HAD FROM ALEXANDA, DATED 17 JAN 2008, SHE TELLS HIM NOT TO TAKE HER TO COURT, HE WILL FIND GOOD WOMAN MAYBE ON THAT SITE.when i confronted her on this to date i have not had a reply, i have informed her that her e-mails will be sent to this guy, and i hope that a lawsuit will persue, his lawyers are in discussion with my lawyers at present, and the possibilities look good, PLEASE PEOPLE BE CAREFUL THINGS ARE NOT RIGHT WITH THIS AGENCY, THERE IS SOME THINGS THAT DO NOT SEEM RIGHT, AS SHOWN BY ALEXANDA IN HER E-MAIL SHE KNEW THAT IRINA MATYUSHKINA WAS A PROSTITUTE THEN ACCORDING TO THEIR SCAM POLICY WHY WAS SHE NOT REMOVED, ALL OTHER LADIES WERE GIVEN TO ANASTASIWEB ABOUT THEIR WAY OF LIFE TO DATE NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE, I HAVE REPORTED THEM TO THE FBI FOR FRAUD.

Now here is the actual story that I managed to find written by the guy referenced here. He uses the older website name but it has a lot of value in it!

Story 2 which comes out of Story 1 comes from

hi all,

just want to write and share my experience with you, and really open your eyes to what dating sites are really like.

i started using anastasiweb dating services back in 2005, i started corresponding with a beautiful woman from the russian city of vornezh, we made arrangement to meet so i took a friend for support, when we arrived the woman i was supposed to meet DID NOT TURN UP!! but another woman with a interpreter, and during my spell there with my friend we met women nearly every night, the interpreter complained that we did not have pearly white teeth like those in hollywood!!! so we put it down to bad experience.

when i returned i put whole episode behind me, and decided just to write to women who could speak english, and were from the ukraine, it made travelling and communication much more simpler.

in may 2006 a girl, called, irina matyushkina, id 1080121, on anastasiaweb and to my knowledge is still on this site, started writing to me, our communication was good, letters were informative, but her personal life she was refusing to talk about, i put this down to maybe bad experience.

we finally met in kiev in february 2007 where i spent 10 days with her.

firstly let me point out to be a true gentlemen i rented two apartments, but irina decided she wanted to stay with me in my apartment, this was a tell tell sign for me, something was quite not right, when we went out for a meal at top restaraunt in kiev, i politely asked have you had many sexual partners, her response was a stone cold look, like death itself, again i asked question, again to which there was no response, after ten minutes she said i will talk to you when we get back to the apartment.

when we arrived back at the apartment, she burst into tears and said her boyfriend forced her in sex, i did not pursue this matter at the time because i felt it was not appropriate, and i thought at least she was trying to be honest. when i got back home i spoke to friends and family who were concerned as they felt she was not telling the truth, so in my correspondence i directly asked her personal questions in which she lied to me about in kiev, her reply was i dont want to speak of my past.

in august 2007 i went out and stayed in her city in berdyansk, where she promised me she would stay with me and show me the area and her town, when i arrived i saw her for propably twelve hours in total in those ten days, funny thing was my plane was delayed so we missed our train, but surprise surprise a girl that only worked two nights a week, how could she afford £200 train tickets? when i was in berdyansk a beautiful girl came to my apartment and actually told me that irina was a prostitute and to be careful, this now explains a lot to me, when i came back home i badgered her about her past, she would break down in tears or put the phone down on me, then during september 2007 up to jan 2008 she started braging about having group sex, a man and woman from another city, having sex with soldiers, having sex with animals, and she asked me that when she came over she wanted a dog!!! but the most disgusting of all she bragged about how she liked sperm, how she liked licking the anal area of a man, and toilet sex, this was now becoming to me very sick and disturbing, in a phone conversation i called her a prostitute surprise surprise no fight back from her.

on jan 17 2007 i complained to anastasiaweb about this incident, alexandra who was in charge of customer service responded and told me i had no right to ask of her past, so repsonded to this by telling alexandra, i am going to take this girl to court, as i have been advised by our family solicitor this amounted to fraud(scam) also her profile is also decieving, anastasawebs response was dont take her to court forget her she not good woman, maybe you may find good woman here on this site.

this point i just left it, a man in america then approached with my permission anastasiweb, his name was zak, about this he had a e-mail back from them condeming men for using private invetigators, then he quoted my story to them (alexanda) she reffered him to there policy, which when read actually says any misdeameanor by any of there clients will be investigated and the woman removed from site.

so he asked her about why investigation had not occured with regards myself her response was he would not give them evidence to prove it, (where was there investigation?)which on the 19th of jan 2008 evidence was offered but she told me not to take her to court this was done by e-mail, zak then informed her becase of there lies he would pass me a copy of these e-mails, e also asked her two questions to date have still to be answered 1.why was there no investigation, 2, as she knew what irina matyushkina was doing why was she not removed, again to date there has been no reply.

also let me add, can someone explain why someone whos name is irina matyushkina, why on her voice message in ukraine and english she was known as miss cranberry?

in july 2008 i spoke to irina on the phone, she was telling me how much missed me and loved me, she dont have sex now it is against her religion, yet i know she is still prostituting in ukraine in different towns like odessa and sevastopol let me add know for the russian soldiers and tourists, for legal reasons can not say much more.

but the point of the story is anastasiaweb knew what she was doing, hence why no investigation, they refused my proof by telling me not to take her to court, and she is still on that site why? they are putting the health and well being of people at risk ukraine and russia has the higest sexual disease rate, and the paying customer they seem more concerned about the women having enough on the site.

a few questions for you to ponder, 1what was the purpose of irina? my opinion was a visa so she could apply her trade here, numerous times she talked of prostitution, and even commented how much money english prostitiutes make.

2, why did not anastasiaweb investigate according to there policy?

3, look at the internet and look at the complaints about this site, if they were not true why do they exist?

please remember irina matyushkina id 1080121 if the website could not act as they discribe in there policy what then are they playing at?hopefully my story will help others avoid the same mistake and hopefully in time have proper and decent dating sites where woman have good morals, there is so much more i could say about this but unfourtunately time dictates, but i hope that you people out there will keep your eyes open, what anastasiaweb did is against the grain of modern society, a morally good society to me and with the response from anastasiaweb they have proven to me that they seem to promote prostitution and not the idea they try to convey, what happpened to there policy that she told zak to read?

This site is Corrupt! Here is the proof you needed to see!
Surprised_man1 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Total Scam

Have you used the website and if so what is your opinion of it? Is is full of scams or are there some honest women?

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