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Dec 7, 2021

Revenue Due not Paid / Loss of Revenue

Jones Transportation, LLC - IBO Shirley Glasper receives pay for agents working for their call center and will not pay their agents for work completed. Presently this call center is holding two pay checks due me for work completed in September and October. Also, this call center refused to renew my SOW when I requested my pay. After-which Jones transportation, LLC refused to release me from their active roster so that I may work for another call center, thereby resulting in loss of revenue. Jones transportation, LLC continues to be allowed to service the Arise Platform even though Arise is aware of the Jones Transportation, LLC's non compliance of paying agents properly.
isokn Send email
Dec 23, 2019

arise terminates your appointment, no job security

I just have this to say, arise will wake up one morning and nobody will be willing to work with them
Sonithubi Send email
Jul 21, 2018


The is an IBO listed with Arise - Connect Ecomm. Do not ever try to become its agent. They dont ever reply when you are an agent with them and when you want the company to release you - they give just a hard time. Even after all the aggression - they still dont want to release you. Shitty shitty company. Especially the so called admin people 'Anaf' and the owner 'Maheen'
Lola8 Send email
Oct 28, 2017

No response

I have been waiting for over a month to have my log in reset after certification with Comcast, training was unpaid for two months but very useful and I want to do the PF chat training which is $200 dollars but my agent has take also it two months to reset it. I am worried that my account and identity is being mishandled and I'm getting prepared to hire an attorney. Can some one from your office please contact me.
Clewis15 Send email
Jul 26, 2017

Lost Revenue

I guess everyone has different experiences, I must say I love working with Arise. Just like every thing it has its negatives but I am sure they will figure it out and rise to the top. I really hope they can figure out a way that the CSP's are a more protected from some of the IBO's. I can see that most of them are wonderful, but there are some that are running their business poorly, having CSP's work without getting paid. When this money is lost it seems they have no one to turn to for assistance. We totally blame Arise but it is the individual, Arise just need to put something in place so that they do not get away with this. In my case as soon as I reported it everything was shut down which was great because I was no longer allowed to work without pay. I had already begun getting my ducks in a row because I must admit I saw it coming and the process went pretty good and in less than a week I was able to have my SOW reinstated and I am back to work for my client.
The bad part is that even though I reported this before the date of the next direct deposit it seems as if I lost even more revenue because my business was not fully up and running. One pay period was bad enough but two(2) is a bit much. The IBO must be held accountable. This is very unfortunate, that one bad apple can make the whole bunch look bad. I know as an IBO I will make sure to treat my CSP's much better than this.
Anonymous08 Send email
Jun 18, 2016


Ibo plated me. And it's sad because no one can help. Arise give these ibo too much power. I asked to release me and she got mad and terminated my Sow instead of releasing me, mind you that day I just completed my class. So she wants to keep to make sure she gets her percentage which she has changed 3 times. I loved that job. Now I ha5to become an ibo. Which is gonna take forever
chericleans Send email
Jan 4, 2014


This is not a complaint, this is a statement in regard to "RISE, Services" in Mesa and Phoenix Arizona. this is not to be confused with Arise services.
Rise used to be Arise, and Rise is a company for the disabled and the elderly. This is a wonderful company that has nothing to do with whatever Arise is doing.
Just felt that this needed to be posted so no one else was confused in reference to the name similarities.
thank you.
walkerccctv Send email
Jan 4, 2013

It's Obvious

It's supremely obvious that those complaining DIDN'T read what they were getting into. Certified professionals have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Publicly discussing client names, client processes, etc is strictly forbidden. That means those of you posting details about specific clients are in violation of that agreement, and could face legal action if Arise wanted to press the matter. Pathetic how people who don't have the skills necessary to be successful blame everyone but themselves.
walkerccctv Send email
Jan 4, 2013


Arise is not a scam. Those who complain about it being a scam obviously didn't read anything regarding the Arise business model and the opportunities. Arise is not for people that want to be employees. If you want to be an employee go get a regular job. Arise is for business owners, and people who want to become business owners, unlike being an employee, I can schedule my own hours to work, when, and where I want. I have total control of my business, and my revenue. If your not a motivated individual this is not for you. Nobody is there to stand over you to make sure you do your work, you have to be motivated to study, learn, and understand your client so that your business can provide the best possible service. I started as a CSP taking calls for a client that IS a year round opportunity back in 2008, because of my performance Arise offered me a contract to be a QA PF and provide quality feedback to other CSP's, continuing provide top notch performance, I was eventually offered a contract to provide instruction to new CSP's entering the opportunity. I have supported myself, my family, and grown my business, including hiring employees. Arise is adding new job growth to small businesses. This opportunity is not for everyone, but before you call it a SCAM perhaps you should actually READ what you are getting into. The monthly service fee CSP's pay is so they have access to 24/7 tech support, a service you would normally have to pay for anyway, and pay A LOT more for too. I am not an Arise Employee, I own my own business. The people complaining about it being a scam are the ones who want a bare minimum job with bare minimum wages, with bare minimum effort put forth on their part, it would be better if they got jobs working at the local fast food drive-thru. Arise wants idividuals who are highly motivated, and ready to make an investment in themselves and their business for the opportunity to do something more than the 9-5 grind for minimum wage.
tRuthBheard Send email
Dec 14, 2012


I feel sorry for those who believe this.. And what I see is that you don't want to work!! I feel sad for those who talk down on this company because you truly sound stupid.. Arise is giving you the opportunity to be an entrepreneurial individual OWNING your OWN BUSINESS! I have been with Arise, formally Willow, since 2006.. I also have the opportunity to employ multiple employees or just stay as an individual employee of my OWN BUSINESS.. The only ONE thing that stands in my way with this company is MYSELF..

A little about me. I am a single mother of five beautiful, extremely talented Angels. I am a NON-Welfare Recipient AND I am PROUD to say that as an IBO ( Independent Business Owner), Arise has also given me the success of being a NEW HOMEOWNER.. ;)
I can truly say that I LOVE MY BUSINESS and the COMPANY.. THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH ARISE with helping me to fulfill my dream(s)!!!

User928810 Send email
Apr 8, 2012

Arise is a SCAM

I've worked for Arise for a little over a year. I've worked customer service clients and sales clients. I was not thrilled when I started because of all the money you had to put up front. With equipment, incorporation, and training you start out in the hole around $300-400. The training classes vary by company: some are only about 4 weeks, while others can last over 2months. You do not get paid for any of your training. Once you certify for a client you schedule yourself from hours that are posted as available to work. This is a great feature because I have children, so the flexibility is great. However, many of the clients have seasonal peaks and lows. You may have a week where you could work 40+ hrs and the next week you won't be able to get enough to meet the hours you are required to work in your client contract. You do get paid twice monthly but you absolutely need to keep track of the hours you work independently because there have been many instances when the amount I was paid was considerably less that what I should have been paid. In those cases you have to submit "Tickets" to the support department and wait to hear back which can take quite a while. I was always reimbursed when there were discrepancies. My only big issue with Arise occurred recently. I had been working for Carnival Cruise Line Direct Sales Dept. for almost a year. My contract had been renewed and extended. I had been meeting all my metrics goals and was a top performer under my Performance Facilitator. I had received no negative evaluations or notifications about my job performance until one day, out of the blue, I received an email informing me that my contract was being terminated because I had not met a requirement in my client contract. I was totally blind-sided. When I tried to get more information about the termination and find what options may be available to me, all my attempts at communication were ignored. Even my own Performace Facilitator couldn't get any information out of them and was as confused by the termination as I was. So to summarize, NO Arise is not technically a scam. You do get paid and you don't have to call people at home, stalking them to get them to buy things from you. However, you have to realize that you will be required to spend a considerable amount of money up front, the hours available can vary drastically, and you will receive little, to no support if you have any issues. You can be terminated from any client, for any reason, without any warning except an email when you find out that none of your codes work and they have released all your scheduled hours. It's a gamble. Some people can make it work but many more do not. After recent events with the company, I have to admit I have been greatly disappointed and am unsure if I will work for them again or possibly switch to a different company. I enjoy working for companies that make you feel like an asset and Arise just seems to reaffirm that you are expendable.
Katlyn3714 Send email
Mar 9, 2012

Arise is a SCAM

All I am reading is how terrible and how great this company is. What do you do for them? I cannot find anything saying something about what you as an employee do for the company. Can someone please explain?

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