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Virginia Gauger Send email
Apr 6, 2021

Paying for work not done

Wanted to get my teeth fixed set up to have work done but within 24 hours changed my mind never went back to get any work done now I get a Bill for around 7500 dollars do I have to pay this bill thank you
Jim Less Send email
Jan 6, 2019


Can't someone do something about these people. They should have their license revoked. How can they remain in business ?????
Jim Less Send email
Jan 6, 2019


Aspen Dental are crooks. They over charge, and have inferior services. The doctors and technicians are incompetent rude, arrogant, disrespectful and should be barred from practice. I do not understand how they can continue in business. Someone needs to persue malpractice and legal action against these crooks.
racevedo13 Send email
Jul 2, 2018

Flaw in Workmanship

Aspen Dental in Altamonte Springs, Fl, will not honor my broken tooth due to a flaw in workmanship instead, they want to charge me $170.00 for a technician to make the repairs...really...if it's a flaw in workmanship it should be repaired at no cost to me, regardless of the warranty!!!
grossdaisey Send email
Jan 14, 2018


I went to Aspen Dental to have teeth filled only. They told me I had to have the free examination first. I sat in the chair waiting for them to tell me what the examination showed. Instead of discussing what the examination showed they took me to the office manager. He wanted to check my credit and I told him that wasn't necessary because I had dental insurance, Care Credit. He told me what he had was better than Care Credit. The manager gave me an appointment to weeks later. I thought it was to discuss the what they found doing the examination. That appointment was canceled and reschedule 2 weeks later. I went in and had to pay $40.00 before I saw their doctor. I had no idea he had sent Dental First a bill for $1,647 to Aspen over a month before anything was done. I got a bill from Aspen Dental showing I had late fees. I asked them how did I have late fees when they just done this the day before? They dropped the late fees, and called to complain about the office manager. Turmoil broke out in the office as they got rid of that manager. I found out because I was constantly calling to get help for the bleeding and pain I was dealing with.

They had me sign a box saying I was in that office. They took that signature and did what they needed to do to justify taking that money. There are signature on papers that is not my signature. I found out later he sat me up for $14.99% finance charges, and my responsibility was $2,745.00 I never signed that paper. I wanted to pay as I went but I had no choice because I wasn.t allowed to decide what I wanted.

The second time I went in that office 2 men walked in the room on my right side, and went behind me. I thought they were getting my file to discuss what they found. Not so I don't remember anything until a sharp pain hit the lower left side, and I scream and jumped. A man ordered me to stop and I remember nothing else until they ordered me to wake up. I have no idea how they put me to sleep, and I wasn't prepared to go to sleep. I hemorrhaged and couldn't eat for 4 days.

I still don't know what they did to me or why. I complained until the lady dentist had me scanned because mouth was so swollen and I was in severe pain. She called the surgeon and he told her to send me to Jacksonville Aspen Dental and he would check me the next day. I went and sat in the office over 2 hours before he simply gave me a prescription for antibiotics which made me so sick I thought I found die. I called to asked the dentist that had me scanne what she had found. I was told in a rude tone she is no longer with this office!

The man that took her place checked me, and told me he would fix the upper tooth he pulled for over $3700. He said if I didn't fix it my jaw bone was going to fall. Then he told me to touch that place where he pulled the tooth, and something stuck me. He told me he left a bone sticking out my gum also. I couldn't afford to pay that and had to keep calling because I was in so much pain. He had them give me another X-ray and that doctor came in and discussed what they found. He told me that surgeon left a root in the top and bottom gum, and there was no way he would touch me. I had to go back to the man that did this. Actually there was a bone in the upper gum and lower gum' along with the 2 roots.

I had to let this man cut my gum open a second time, and a sharp pain hit me again. This man stuck me in 2 places with a needle. I groan so loud it was unreal. I couldn't let anything touch those 2 places because along with my gum swelling they would swell up so big the pain was unreal. Then he said he needed to cut my gum open a third time, and can't allow him back in my mouth. My jaw is still swollen and the pain is unreal. I have to put my hand under my jaw. Then after the first surgery my neck hurt so bad I had to pick my head up with my hand. I am still having trouble with my neck.
[email protected] Send email
May 1, 2017


I paid 7,000 for three dental implants and crowns. Aspen Dental is a "Pay As Services Are Rendered" office. I paid and my insurance company paid. My dental insurance covers up to 3,000 dollars. Four months after my last visit and payment I received a bill for $2,600 dollars. There was no explanation for the bill. When I called the bookkeeping office said the costs were only an estimate. Their corporate office said it was for coverage not paid for by insurance. I had used up my insurance very early on in the schedule of care. In August I retired and continued to pay for my own dental care. I made several attempts to receive an itemized bill and did not get a bill. This feels like collection agency blackmail. Fully four months after services are completed to simply get a bill for 2,600 dollars is wrong. This company claims there are no surprises. Well this is a big surprise.
samsmit Send email
Apr 3, 2017

horrible dental service

Was visiting from overseas & had an emergency and no insurance. So made an appointment for Aspen Dental in Sarasota, Fl. Biggest Mistake, staff most rudest. When they found out, I only want the problem fixed and not anything more, they rudely said that they can't help & that I need to go to another place & told me to leave - I think the staff there compose of used car salespeople and bartenders because that is how they treat the patients, extremely obnoxious.
aspen ripped me off Send email
Aug 5, 2016

Scam and put 5000.00 on carecredit for work not done left me with no front tooth and chipped the other one

I am left with no upper front tooth a healing partial I cannot use makes me vomit..... they chipped my other good front tooth. I went for one back upper tooth to be extracted in great pain. Ended up with 2 teeth pulled a partial for 850.00 that does not fit and makes me vomit when I put it in. they chipped my other good front tooth, had me sign papers fast without letting me read them said sign here so we can get that bad tooth out. I got the bill from carecredit for 5000.00 dollars for work that was not done. I am without a front tooth a 850.00 partial that gags me to vomit.... they also took a huge chip out of my other front tooth that was in good shape. They hustled me thru and billed me 5000.00 dollars. I disputed the bill with carecredit . they reimbursed but left me with 1789.00 for 2 extractions and a partial that will never work....... rude and pushy left me with no front tooth. I suggest no one go there ever.
rickthetwig Send email
Jun 16, 2015

False teeth are wrong.

They say you can get your money back if you are not happy with them. Can you? Can someone help me. [email protected]
J.Ebanks Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Incorrect Billing

Unfortunately most people accept dental/medical billing blindly. My discovery was after the fact when I cross referenced my statements (dental statements against insurance statements) but I eventually did get some resolve and for that I am glad. Consumers have to protect themselves because some of these companies, unfortunately, are not completely above board.
If you are not being unnecessarily charged for something you don't want or need, you might be owed a balance based on what you've paid them and what's been paid to them by the insurance company, and you won't know or be given a credit unless you verify and follow-up. Save emails, voice messages, take notes and follow-up...relentlessly! :)
J.Ebanks Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Incorrect Billing

After following up with Amy at Aspen Dental Patient Satisfaction on 5/2/11, regarding being sent a bill for $172.40, she concurred that I do not owe them that amount and stated that I would receive a corrected statement/ledger...and they still have a credit amount for me. Amy today again said she will send the corrected ledger out to me as I have still not received one. question regarding the denial of payment toward my permanent partial took an interesting turn. I was told by Amy on 5/2/10 that the payment request would be resubmitted to Ameritas (although she seemed certain that it would be denied after I told her the insurance company said the wrong code was submitted and there was no indication that they were being billed for a permanent/replacement partial and they received no information from Aspen Dental that I had a temporary partial prior to that and for how long).
After not hearing back from Aspen Dental or Ameritas, I again spoke to Amy at Aspen Dental patient satisfaction today 5/18/11 and she said payment request was resubmitted on 5/3/11 but again she was certain the insurance would again deny the permanent partial charge due to "frequency". I asked her to explain what frequency meant and she said my insurance covers a partial every 5 years. I explained to her that I was specifically told at the Mount Dora, Fl office that the first partial I rec'd was temporary and to be replaced after 6 months with the permanent partial. She tried to tell me that there is no difference between a temporary partial and a permanet partial but that after 6 months one would have to be replaced anyway after the gums have receded...would that not make the first one a temporary then? As a matter of fact Miss Schneider (Mt. Dora office) herself left me a voicemail message in January of 2011 requesting that I come in to get fitted for the PERMANENT partial. I went back in February for that.
In an email from Miss Samantha Fikes with Aspen Dental Patient Satisfaction back in November 2010, she stipulated that the permanent partial would NOT BE BILLED to my insurance company until after it was placed sometime after the 6 month period. I quote Miss Fikes below:
" I do show that you still do have to get your permanent partial. We did not send the charge for this to your insurance carrier yet because it is not placed."
Yet this morning when I contacted my insurance company, I was told that Aspen Dental did not bill for a temporary partial back in August 2010 (when I received the temporary partial) but billed for a PERMANENT partial which I did not get until about April 2011...interesting!
The Ameritas rep Liz said: had Aspen Dental billed for a temporary partial there would have been a different rate for that...ofcourse less than a permanent partial. The insurance rep said if they were to correct their billing to correctly reflect the charges for the temporary partial I received in August 2010, then Aspen Dental would have to reimburse the insurance company as they had overbilled at that point.
I called my insurance company again just to be sure and spoke to Mark and was told that had Aspen dental billed correctly in the first instance for a temporary partial, then I would have been qualified for the insurance payment toward the permanent partial after the 6 month period.
So! here's the synopsis of what Aspen Dental did:
They billed my insurance company for a permanent partial when I only had a temporary and they were paid 50% of $599.00 (eligible PPO charge on a PERMANENT partial) by insurance company...and took payment of 50% from my out of pocket account, then they rebilled the insurance company for "prosthetics" verses what they billed for the first time "denture partial" and when that payment request was denied by the insurance company...Aspen Dental took not $599.00 but $720.00 from my account! And as if that was not bad enough tried to bill me over and above what I should pay...the $172.40 as stated above!
At a time like this, when people are experiencing such economic hardships, is this how Aspen Dental makes its money, by ripping people off? Does this unethical behaviour extend to the Patient Satisfaction department and beyond also? I would like a written explanation/breakdown of all the PPO charges you have applied to the out of pocket account I have with you in the amount of $1412.60 (this I will compare to my insurance statements). Also I as well as my insurance company - Ameritas, would like to know if you are going to make the necessary corrections and ACTUALLY bill them for a temporary partial, since you have already been paid 50% by them for a permanent partial & 50% by myself and have also taken over 100% payment for a permanent partial untop of that from my account because you claim Ameritas denied payment of that permanent partial.
I know your organization has to make money but doing so dishonestly might not be in your best interest. I look forward to your written response.

Jennifer Ebanks

cc Better Businsess Bureau
Pam Bondi - Florida Attorney General
Theresa Lee Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Incorrect Billing

This seems to be a common practice for them. I have just gone something very simular with them. Incorrect insurance codes and overcharging for insurance covered procedures. I was also told my insurance would not cover and yet, 5 calls to the insurance carrier and my coverage outline and handbook all say its covered. I think they call it fraud!

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