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bdongelewic Send email
Apr 16, 2020

refusal to discuss my account with me

Used to reserve vacation travel abroad. Cancelled trip the same day. did not process a cancellation. After trying unsuccessfully to contact them again, I contacted Bank Of America/B.O.A. (I used their credit card for the purchase). I created a dispute. Almost a full month has passed and I have not heard from B.O.A. I tried to call them on numerous occasions today. I finally got through after more than an hour hold on the telephone. They insisted on using one of only two options to verify my identity: (1) send me an email; they did; I did not receive it; (2) tell them the special word that was set up for security. I had no idea what they were talking about as I never created such a word. I was transferred to a supervisor...Jonas Wolfley...he refused to speak with me regarding my account, telling me to call back the next day???? I told him I would not call back; I already wasted several hours of my time trying to resolves their incompetence. He again refused to help me. B.O.A. is also demanding a payment when I am disputing the entire balance (it was one charge). I want to file a formal complaint against this bank
James Hayes Send email
Sep 23, 2019

Wake up ads

the wake up ad from BOA are more irritating than robo calls. I wont watch FOUND again for this reason. I'm shocked that History would accept something like this.
[email protected] Send email
Jun 28, 2019

Withdrew $250--did not owe payment!

I paid my BofA credit card account off on 5/20/2019. I had arranged for auto withdrawal with BofA--on the 12th of each month. BofA withdrew $250 on 6/12/2019. I strongly objected. It is now 6/28/2019 and the $250 hasn't been returned. Unable to get through the crappy website to voice my objection. Got an email stating I had a $250 Credit on my account. Finally I got the corporate office address and sent a letter pm 6/13/2019:
Bank of America Corporate Center
100 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28255.

To date - 6/28/2019 no response and no return of my $250. Now I am concerned they will continue taking money from my account. Since their accounting methods or obviously flawed.
VaderG Send email
Sep 29, 2014

Principal Reduction Scam

Has anyone been able to get Bank of America to reduce principal on a bad loan. I have been trying for 2 years.
User930080 Send email
Apr 11, 2012

Problems with flood insurance!

Unbelievable! we are in the same position so many of you are in. we are paying for flood insurance and required to escrow our insurances per BOA. We are paying over $800 a year in flood insurance and live no where near H2O. we have called FEMA who tells us to call BOA who tells us to call our insurance company and around we go again. ultimately the burden of proof lie with us. we have to hire an engineer and his determination isn't guaranteed to remove us from our zone A...
Houlawao Send email
Mar 24, 2012

Beware of hidden escrow accounts!

How did you resolve this matter? I just discovered the same thing on my statement. Now there is a random "escrow" payment due.
Also I have had repeated issues with them taking out insurance policies that i do not need. wtf?
Jo40mc Send email
Mar 24, 2012

Beware of hidden escrow accounts!

Yet another BOA scam unfolds! We just found out that BOA opened an escrow account "on our behalf" to pay our real estate taxes and property insurance bills this year. Problem is: WE ALREADY PAID THE BILLS DIRECTLY OURSELVES! Yes, incredible but true! We wondered why our mortgage payments so far this year are being considered only "partial"? Well, guess what! Good ol' BOA had been applying a portion of each and every monthly payment we made to this mysterious escrow account, which of course had a NEGATIVE BALANCE since we had NEVER SET IT UP or added to it in the first place. Amazingly, they even think they are entitled to the "late fees" they are charging us since we "only made partial payments" on our mortgage! The gall of these people is truly remarkable. Watch out, America, BOA is taking Uncle Sam's bail-out money and doubling it by using unethical business practices against us poor unsuspecting consumers. IT'S TIME FOR US TO TAKE THEM DOWN! REMOVE ALL OF YOUR MONEY FROM ANY ACCOUNT AFFILIATED WITH BANK OF AMERICA TODAY!
Jfacada Send email
Mar 19, 2012


BOA is an perfect example of what does NOT work in America! I had my credit cards, mortgage, savings and checking accounts with BOA and it meant nothing to them when they jacked up my CC rates after I missed my payment dues date by one day and then missed my minimum payment by 82 cents! Both cost me my favorable 8.5% rate and after calling them to ask them to be reasonable and take into consideration my many years of charging and paying all their bills faithfully and on time, they rewarded me by reducing my credit line from $15K to $8K and because they did that, my outstanding balance now amounted to more that 80% of the credit line value so I was hit with another penalty and my interest rate went to 28.8%! Our AAA credit cards which were funded by BOA interest shot up as well and because my wife had her AAA credit tied into mine, her AAA BOA credit card rate went up as well! After spending countless hours on the phone mostly waiting after the automatic attendant placed me in Queue, I was not allowed to speak to anyone who had power to change the rates for me!

Seriously, I've had many banks in the past (Boston Five, Suffolk Franklin, Bank of Boston, Bay-bank, Citizens, Mt. Washington bank, South Boston Savings, Massachusetts Cooperative, and a few others) but I have never been treated with such disdain or impertinence and ultimately rudeness and disregard. Bank of America should have been allowed to fail so that perhaps out of the rubble a few decent SMALL banks could rise.
Send email
Mar 19, 2012


Anti-SEO Send email
Mar 13, 2012

Credit card limits

Two simple facts help demonstrate the stupidity of your complaint:

Fact 1: No one, including yourself, is entitled to credit.
Fact 2: A lender may at any time, decide to call in their loan or alter the limit of their loan to you.
Donna Send email
Mar 13, 2012

Credit card limits

Good old Bank of America. Until now, I actually encouraged people to do business with them. However, over the weekend, with absolutely no warning, while I was on vacation in Key West and using my BOA credit card, my credit limit was decreased by $3, 000. This is not the end of the world type story, but it did cause me a lot of distress and I had to make a number of phone calls to make sure that the charges I made while on vacation were not rejected. They basically cut my credit limit because I have co-signed for college loans for my sons. I have never been late on any payment and my credit score is over 700. My sons are now earning in excess of $150, 000 a year so they are paying the loans. Perhaps they did me a favor. I am rolling over an IRA and will now definitely put it into my credit union.
CCB12345 Send email
Mar 2, 2012

Problems with flood insurance!

We bought our house in 2009 through Synovus. After a few months our mortgage was sold to Bank of America. We have a creek bordering one side of our property and two springs on it. Anyone can see we're in Flood Zone A ( high risk) and I completely agree and have never disputed this at all. I have no problem with having to have high cost flood insurance if that is what the mortgage lender requires. I don't like having to pay for it, but I know that we are in a high risk flood zone. I have noticed we have to provide proof of our flood policy every year. We have always had the required flood insurance, and every year about a month after the policy renews, we get a letter stating their records show we have no flood insurance and we have to fax them proof that we have it. After that they don't give us anymore problems.
But we had a real mess with our insurance last year. We made the 'crazy' decision to cancel our extremely expensive flood insurance policy (doing it fair and square abiding by FEMA's stupid rules, after the 1 year expiration date, and notifying both the lender and the 'old' insurance company over 90 days in advance.) We just got a better price from another flood insurance provider and wanted to save some money. Between the joint efforts of our incompetent local (not Bank of America insurance) insurance agent that does not understand flood insurance at all, the stubborn and difficult people at FEMA, and the completely clueless customer service reps at Bank of America mortgage, we ended up with TWO flood insurance policies and a homeowners policy all at one time. Boy, did our payments go up! It took us three months of going round, and round with the local insurance office, FEMA, and B of A trying to convince them that something was wrong. You are not supposed to have TWO flood insurance policies. Even the FEMA website states this because I looked. And neither one of these policies was due to lender-forced insurance or anything like that!! Our insurance agent of our expensive old policy failed to cancel it like we had asked. Finally, we got results from our local insurance agent, and the begrudging cooperation of FEMA after 3 months. We couldn't get anywhere with the BofA mortgage customer service people. It was like they couldn't understand what we were trying to tell them in plain, simple English. There literally seemed to be some type of language barrier or something. Well, another wonderfully convenient part of this problem is that we live in extreme southeast Alabama. From what we could tell, there are no Bank of America bank branches in Alabama at all, certainly not within a few hours of our house. We had to make an appointment with a mortgage specialist person at a bank branch of Bank of America in North Florida. We had to drive a little over an hour to get there, and I had big folders filled with information and proof of how much our insurance had been messed up and proof that we had tried to get everything fixed through calling their B of A mortgage customer service number to no avail. I am truly grateful to the very kind bank teller that first took my call at that Bank of America bank branch in North Florida, and to the very sweet mortgage specialist lady that helped us. She was extremely kind and really took the time to listen to our problem, and make all kinds of calls and fax paperwork while we were sitting in her office and she got everything straightened out for us. By the time we left her office, everything had been handled and we have had no problems since then. We were very frustrated with our insurance agent, FEMA, and the apparently 'foreign' customer service reps that could not seem to communicate fluently in English with my husband or understand what he was saying, and they clearly knew absolutely nothing about the intricacies of flood insurance, not even their so-called B of A insurance department was any help! But we will never forget the very, very kind and helpful people at the North Florida Bank of America branch that we visited. They provided us with awesome customer service and an instant solution to our problem and brought our mortgage payments back down to the proper and affordable amount they were supposed to be. We will never forget how much those people helped us out.
Roxa1a Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Home Modification Loan Program

BE CAREFUL... Don't pay upfront with Mader. They will tell you anything. They can stop the foreclosure temporarily by being "retained" but it doesn't mean they will actually do anything. They drug my mod out for months acting like they were helping but there was always one more thing they needed. In the end I was just further behind and now had a repayment plan upping my payment 900.00 a month. They are under investigation my the Florida State Atty. The BBB doesn't mean anything. And btw, after they failed I was able to get a modification ON MY OWN using the same info they had. They suck..don't use yourself now.
Whythelongfaces Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Problems with flood insurance!

Not in a flood zone...neither were all those people in TN a couple years ago either and look what happened to them. Better safe than sorry is my feeling.
Disgusted In Oh Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Problems with flood insurance!

BOA! what can I say that already hasn't been said. I have lived in my home for 15 years and NOW! I need flood insurance. $2520.00 worth. Are you kidding me! Wish I could get a $200.00 a month raise. I hope the people involved in making these decisions are very proud of themselves, you must really make your parents and grandparents proud because I am sure this is how they would have wanted to be treated, and that goes for all of our politicians in this country that lie to us on a daily basis and expect us to be held accountable for our actions, isn't it about time you do the same. IT'S ALL ABOUT ME! has taken over this country. THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY THAT ARE STILL TRUE ARE THE MEN AND WOMEN IN THE ARMED FORCES THAT LAY THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE AND EVEN THEY ARE GETTING THE SHORT END OF THE STICK THESE DAY'S. DISGUSTED IN OHIO!
Eddie Canipe Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Problems with flood insurance!

A class action suit is underway. I have read all of the above and I feel your pain 13 years I have been under the thumb of Banc of America everything I have seen so far is absolutely true it has been a revolving door that went nowhere. As of February 1, 2012 my mortgage balance is 10, 923.00. I purchased a flood insurance policy coverage 88, 800 my cost $ 766. Effective date February 4, 2012 to February 4, 2013. I received an additional letter from Bank of America. To inform me they have placed flood gap insurance on me. Effective date February 4, 2012 to February 4, 2013 coverage amount 19, 800 my cost $ 103.95. I am a single-parent of 3 my oldest is currently serving in the Marine Corps the other 2 are with me I made less than 15, 000 last year. But here is where it gets really good. I received a letter from Bank of America Today at 1st I thought please dear Lord I have no more money. And after sifting through all the BS at the top I seen this at the bottom and it said. You are not obligated to lower the coverage amount and we will not change the coverage amount unless you mail this signed letter within the time specified in this letter. underneath this in very small letters it said. Yes please lower my required flood insurance coverage amount for the current coverage term to be equal to my unpaid loan balance amount of 10, 920 I am aware that by lowering the amount of flood insurance coverage the flood coverage amount will be less than a flood insurance coverage amount based on the amount of homeowners insurance coverage I last purchased and may not be enough to fully replace or repair the property in the event of damage or destruction due to flood. This is the 1st time I have ever received this letter . I don't know about the rest of you but I have been lied to and ripped off for years. God as my witness I will leave no stone unturned until I get my money back. Please Post this own your Facebook let everybody know.
Whythelongfaces Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Holding Refund Money

Reputable? No complaints? Really? Then why are they liquidating and giving you the run around?
VeroG Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Holding Refund Money

Actually, I have called the numbers. I was given the run around. Second, this business had been in business for a number of years. Several of my associates had purchased through them with no difficulties. When something wasn't in stock, they always received their refunds. This is a very reputable company with no complaints. Can you say the same about Bank of America ?
Tired_of_Stupid Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Holding Refund Money

Newsflash -- Just because something is posted on a website doesn't prove it's true. How do you know they didn't just post that to avoid answering "where's my refund" questions? And the website does give phone numbers to call -- have you bothered?
VeroG Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Holding Refund Money

I a customer of Snow Drift Farm in Tucson, Arizona. Due to illiness and mounting medical bills, the company had to close. In November and December, Snow Drift Farm was having a liquidation sale on their inventory. I purchased slightly over $100 in stock. Late December, they posted on their website some orders would have to be refunded because they had sold out sooner than expected. Mid January, I received an e-mail with my refund confirmation. I was slightly disappointed but I knew I would at least be getting my money back. February, I contacted Snow Drift Farm but could not get anyone so I went to the website. According to their website, Bank of America's policy is to hold the funds from their final closing sale for 6 months. Rather than process all of the refunds, Bank of America is attempting to force Snow Drift Farm customers to do a charge back. If the customers do a charge back through their credit card companies, Snow Drift Farm will have a mountain of charge back fees. I'm sure all the charge back fees will drain the bank account of Snow Drift Farm but Bank of America will make a huge profit. Sounds like they like taking money from companies when they are down. So basically, Snow Drift Farm looses out and so do their customers but Bank of America can show a profit. What's fair about that ?
Eric195 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Steals consumer's money with "hidden" overdrafts charges

Hi My name is eric and bank of ameica has robbed me for years, Just this past week has been hell with them. When i recieved a check in the mail, it was a cashiers check, i took the check to the bank and had the teller and supervisor verfiy the check for 3940.00. They Verified the check as a good check so they deposited in my account. When i checked my savings account where the check had deposited, it had cleared and funds were available for withdrawal, 9am that morning, Bank of america Took Back the 3940.00, Placed a hold on my account and deemed the check Counterfeit. Then they Charged me a Monthly Maintance Fee of 5.00 so that made my account (-5.00) then they charged an Overdraft Fee of 35.00 for the 5.00 fee they charged me. Which Brought it to (-40.00). Finally i got fed up and went to the bank the associate said he apologizes on behalf of bank of america and said i have to charge you an additional 12.00 for a returned check fee. So the account is now (-52.00) negative. So now in just using the checking account till my taxes come, Now whats really surprising is that i had 118 in my checking account, i withdrew 100 to cover the water bill with came with a processing charge of 3 dollars. so that left it with 15 dollars, i bought lightbulbs and food for 13.87, which was supposed to leave me with a 1.and some change. So when i checked my account that night, Bank of america charged me 2.00 Fee for withdrawl, i used a bank of america atm, before the other posts have completed, then i was sunk down to -0.62. Then i called bank of america, the representative told me they have no record of the charge and that if i have any more problems i should give them a call back. After the night was over i got charged two overdraft fees for 35 a piece, one for the 3 dollars for the bulbs and another for the 12.99 Monthly Maintance fee they charged me. I thought it was Free Checking, I did read the disclosure fully before signing, and apparently it didnt say anything about a maintence fee. I dont understand how they can charge a fee on an already negative account. Its perposturous i mean they can get away with something like this?
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Steals consumer's money with "hidden" overdrafts charges

A new policy. A manipulation of your funds.

Bank of America, apparently developed a new policy that will basically steal your money whenever they are short of funds. Complete bogus. Ive had other banking institutions and have friends who are Managers of banks, and have never heard of charging you overdrafts on funds that are pending, only when it is posted.

Heres what was explained to me and my situation.

They are still able to charge you overdraft charges when you swipe your card and you were short of xx amount, before anything was posted.

As to my understanding, when making a deposit $100.00 is available to you right away, even if it was going to take the next day to post. What was I suppose to understand, this was the system that I was used to. Never had an issue with it till now.

March 7th - -

I made a deposit through the ATM at 6:30pm. Yes, I missed the cut off time; but at least I knew I had $100 available to me through my debit card. I believe that those funds are available because it did show on my online banking that I had xx amount plus the $100.00 that was available to me through my deposit. I understand that my deposit wont post till the following Monday night.

Around 9:30pm I checked to see if my funds are available; and my online postings says that I had available funds. I made a purchase through paypal. Small funds, but a fund non the less.

At 10:30pm I went to buy food which costs $4.00 at Mcdonalds.

At 11:45pm I made a transaction for a drink for $13.00.

March 10th - - MEGA OVERCHARGE

Although those 3 charges above are at pending status; at the time of purchase I had the money available. Even on my online postings; there were no such negatives that had ever posted, but in the middle of the charges I was charged $35.00 for 3 transactions.

Theyve explained that the $100/ was only available for cash and not debit card transactions. Because when I had made the transactions, the funds were still pending. However, the charges that I made initially shows that it was in pendingstatus and not a posted status. I was being charge for the pending amounts; yet they were available to hold MY FUNDS AND DEPOSIT during pending, BUT COULD STILL CHARGE OVERDRAFTS FOR THEIR PENDING TRANSACTIONS.

So if you go to a restaurant an you were charged $34 on your debit card, and it was pending for $40.00 that have caused you for overdraft, even though that is not the actual amount that you authorized, you were overdrawn by 3 dollars for the pending; you WILL STILL BE CHARGED.. even if you did your calculations correct. SORRY NEW POLICY'¦ but when it posted, you were actually not overdraft. Oops, banks mistake but you'll be charged anyway because during the "pending" not posting amount was overdrawn. YOU WILL STILL BE CHARGED BECAUSE OF THE PENDING was over the amount.

Usually, in all banking institutions; you are not being charged until the amount is posted to your account without the available funds. However, this was not the case. Pending amounts are at times different when it is being posted. For instances, when buying gas, or at a restaurant; it will always shows as pending because the correct amount will post when they do their nightly postings. Reason for it being under pending.

However during the March 10th postings:

They posted my deposit, and then POSTED my transaction on the same day. Even if my posted deposit went through BEFORE the posted charges; therefore I had my funds there before any of my charges were being posted. Apparently the new policy is that they calculate the time that you made the transactions and then charge you.

For instance. We are use to seeing everything the next morning all together added the deposits and the charges. Now this is how they calculated.

Charges made at 5:24pm.. and you are negative of $3.00'¦ You made a deposit at 5:54pm of $600.00. THAT IS NORMALLY OK, BECAUSE EVERYTHING GETS PROCESSED AT THE SAME TIME, AND USUALLY YOUR DEPOSIT IS THE FIRST TO BE CREDITED. THIS IS NOT THE CASE HOWEVER.

Usually on normal circumstances and normal bankings; all of those we would see it as follows:

Current amount $1.25

Deposit credit: $ 600.00 = total: $601.25

Credit debit amount: $3.00 = total: $ 598.25

Above is normally what I see every night.

Now the new system.. you'll see the above on the same statement plus an overdraft charge of $35.. because you made a transaction 20 mins prior to your deposit.

How ridiculous is that???

Also my situation. Why even bother to let me see my $100.00 credit; when that isn't the case.. when in my 5 years of banking with them.. I had $100.00 available immediately AFTER WHATEVER TIME I MADE THE DEPOSIT. Why are they charging me for money I had in my account?

Does this makes sense to anyone?

Now I would understand that when it was actually posted to the account and my account was in negative status, I would understand my overdraft charges. But because I was actually NEVER overdrawn; how are you going to charge me the XX amounts?

A lot of people are going to close their accounts with them.. and probably open up with their competitors. I am one of them. I would rather invest on something that has the same system as all other bankings. Good going bank of America!
Zelliej Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Home Loan Modification Fraud
Craig66 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Home Loan Modification Fraud

I have had a simple clerical error with Bank of America. A payment in the amount of $1302 was called into the bank. The operator entered $1032. This error has magnified into a great deal of confusion at the bank.

One branch wants to foreclose.

Another branch is stalled in modifying the loan.

Another branch is stalled trying to sell the loan.

In the meantime the bank has ceased communicating with me. I can't get through. It is always voice mail and a call is never returned. My last formal communication with the bank was mid November.

When I started the modification process I was current on my mortgage. Now because of Bank of America's bureaucracy I am seven months behind. The missing payments are from misapplied HAMP payments and other clerical errors. The bank does not recognize the HAMP payments yet it is keeping the money. Why do they want me to fall behind? Do they get paid twice as much then because of Federal guarantees?

I have been told to reapply, yet nobody has sent me anything.

As administrator of the law that created HAMP, Bank of America has accepted a fiduciary obligation to fulfill the intent and purpose of the law. A clerical error that the bank refuses to correct is an obvious and blatant violation of the law. It may be apparent that Bank of America is using the money for corporate profits.

It has also come to my attention that my mortgage may part of an accounting strategy to spread the banks losses over several quarters to manipulate it's obligation to the IRS & investors in the company's stock.

This I do not understand. I have been given a "Advocate" & a "Negotiator". My case has been "Escalated" several times. Apparently this means nothing. Nobody has ever called back.

I do not want to lose my home because everybody is blaming somebody else. I have filed with every Federal and consumer agency. Everybody wants to point the finger at somebody else. I have contacted the 'somebody else's" already.

Craig Sobolewski
JOSH, Send email
Feb 23, 2012

accounts closed without notice and world points lost


100 N. Tryon Street.
Mail Code NC-1-007-18-01
Charlotte, NC 28255

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