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LovelyG21 Send email
Nov 15, 2020

Thieves and deceivers of money/romance

Black people meet is a scam made by con artist. I was blocked after a week today and paid for a month. I cannot get into the site or email to complaint, I want a refund of 20 dollars. They need to be sued for deceiving, lying manipulating and exploiting black women and men. Very sick people, conning innocent young and older people. I will be glad to see when blackpeoplemeet is sued and pay for the damages they caused.
helenrogers Send email
Nov 20, 2018

Taken the money out of my account

signed up for one month and I was charged extra for an upgrade. Although they refunded the $13.99 My account was overdrawn. I asked them to refund my account for all overdraft fees, they informed me my financial institution would have to do that and i was fine with that my agreed to adjust my account and needed a letter on your letter to complete the process. I was told yall have a generic email that yall could send me which was of no help. Had you not taken the money out of my account my account would be ok, I'm asking if you could send me a email r letter on your letter so that i can take care of this matter with my financial institution.
grantva Send email
Mar 16, 2018

Sending Flirts To People

I have been a member of Blackpeoplemeet. on and off for several years. I think it is unfair that you don't have an easier way to communicate with whomever has this site up and running. I have tried once to cancel membership because they renewed me and I asked them not too. My biggest concern is sending flirts and messages to people that I have not communicated with. I have never sent a flirt to anyone but yet I am getting messages from people answering flirts that I did not send. Also this is happening when I have gotten of gotten off the site. Once I get off the site, then I have 40 and 50 views. That don't happen while I am on the site. I am not planning on rejoining if I have to encounter flirts and messages being sent that I didn't send. Hopefully I hear back from someone because if not I will contact the BBB and see why you are can not be contacted.
Ladellj Send email
Jan 27, 2018

Cancel Subscription

This is a fraud, you can’t cancel! I want to cancel this account and I haven’t found a site!

You aren’t told that you can’t communicate with others without additional fees, it’s in fine print if it’s there at all.
MoneyBack Send email
Jan 26, 2018

Unauthorized Billing

I've been trying to cancel​ my membership and automatic payment renewal but there is no option available in the account setting. I did not authorize BPM to bill my account or add an automatic renewal status on my account​. I was simply taking advantage of the free trial to view singles. My account is in the “pending” charge situation at this time. I sent an email requesting the cancellation and also called the customer service number, that rings then automatically disconnected. I am being held hostage and forced to pay for a service that I am not pleased with and do not want. BPM does not offer an option of membership cancellation in the account setting, nor do they offer a cancellation of automatic payment renewal. I am going to place a “STOP” on the automatic withdrawals even if I have to pay the bank to do so. If you have an iPhone go to “ACCOUNT SETTINGS” click on “PURCHASE HISTORY” then write down the “TRANSACTION CODE” take it to your bank and have them to “STOP AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWALS.” The bank may charge a fee but I would rather pay the bank to help me rather than pay BPM for the right to extort funds from me. It is utterly pointless in trying to navigate there site or expect BPM to “DO THE RIGHT THING” and cancel the account. I tried to uninstall the site, and logged-out but it does not cancel the membership. BPM is intentionally, denying potential members an option in the account​ setting to cancel and reject their service after they bill the credit card for the what is supposed to be a free trial on their BPM platform. They support their company by “STEALING” through memberships fraud because they have a horrible product and there customer service is nonexistent. I hope this helps!
Somor9 Send email
Jan 25, 2018

How to cancel

This site never provided a link to my account status. So i found another way to cancel the account. I called and had the automated payments stopped as a courtesy my bank didnt charge me because I explained the situation to the rep. Then I went on to the site logged in and scrolled down go the very bottom of the page clicked on term/policy there you will see contact us link click on that and select cancelling put in your request to cancel the account and wait for confirmation number you then be sent an email to confirm the cancellation.
Hope this helps.
Ujimma Send email
Jan 4, 2018

Get this right or we will be taking it to our legislators

I have tried to get into my account to cancel. Then I found the complaint site. I am not the person who stands by for BS to continue. I will contact the attorney general, BBB and any consumer advocacy board to put you guys on blast. You are conning people through this deliberate coon-ing method, called 'duh' (I can't hear you). I wanted to start the new year closing this site. I hope that this does not become an issue.
[email protected] Send email
Jun 4, 2017

No help

No help from
[email protected] Send email
Jun 4, 2017

No Help

I have asked for help for the past few days about not being able to log into my account. I live in NY and not Va. My password is not being accepted and I'm not getting any emails from your people in regards to help. But your site could can ask for more money in various ways. I'm not a happy customer and word of mouth goes a long ways.
[email protected] Send email
Jun 4, 2017


I have asked for help the past several days about not being able to get into my account. The change of password link is not worj=king for me. But your site is quick to send me a link in regards to something that would cost me more money. I am fed up with your none help. Word of mouth goes a long ways.
50gorgeous Send email
Jun 2, 2017

black people

they be false advertising because they say free trial and be taking all of your money off of the card i want my free trial right now iam not paying all of that moneyfor no dating site that is crazy
50gorgeous Send email
Jun 2, 2017

about the charges and not giving the freetrail to contact

i got the impression that the free trail is for you to be able to use the site to contat meet and greet with someone you met and then you guys are over charging people for this it makes no since i use to be amember of black people but i cancel out i would like to use my old email address back on my account tasha granberry [email protected] its a shame that we have to pay the women we should not have to pay anything and that is not fair to us so can i get my free trial like i was promised to do so i will very much appreciciate this because i do not have the funds to pay all this money to chat with a man right now but you guys agreed to a free trial and i want it thank you foryour time in this matter
NPettway Send email
May 14, 2017

Can't cancel membership or automatic renewal

I've been trying to cancel​ my membership and automatic payment renewal but there is no option available in the account setting. I did not authorize BPM to place an automatic renewal status on my account​, and I am being forced to pay for a service that I am displeased with and do not want. BPM does not offer an option of membership cancellation in the account setting, nor do they offer a cancellation of automatic payment renewal. I am forced to contact my bank and cancel my bank card, because I am being forced to continue a membership with BPM, and being robbed of my money by this company. Uninstalling the site or logging out does not cancel a membership, they continue to fraudulently take money, from forced memberships​. BPM is intentionally, denying members an option in the account​ setting to cancel their membership and reject their service.
mccyvck Send email
May 7, 2017


Can not delete profile or account off your site.
NeverAgainSite Send email
Apr 11, 2017

Refund and Cancellation

I signed up for a free trial yet was asked for my credit card for a subscription after the trial. I entered in my card under the impression it will not be charged until after trial. WRONG!! They not only charged me for a subscription but also tagged on fees on separate charges. Then when I emailed them to complain and request a refund, they got my information wrong twice and then gave me the run-around. I called two representatives that both refused to transfer me to a supervisor. Finally the third representative said they don't do refunds period regardless of the situation. I had to google this fine print for the company:

"However, in no event, will you be eligible for a refund of any portion of the subscription fees paid for the then-current subscription commitment. If you paid for your subscription using a multi-payment option, you must make all payments even if you cancel your subscription prior to the end of your then existing subscription commitment period."

On top of it all, I was receiving messages from guys all over whom I was not interested in, kept receiving spam email from other websites even when I chose the option under my setting not to, and was only on for one day and stopped because I noticed the charge. This website and company is a disgrace.
robertclark Send email
Mar 13, 2017

Account was compromised

I had just join Black People Meet for 4 days when my account was compromised. I had over 100 men leaving me messages that I did not contact. When I spoke to Customer Services I was told the problem was taken of, but it was not. I kept getting more and more messages for men. When I requested a refund and my account to be closed. I was told that I could not get a refund. I suggest that you do not joined this website because these people are crooks .
Vstone234 Send email
Mar 1, 2017

Over charged

Every time I check a message they want more money and they charge it to your account with out authorization!! I want a refund. ASAP!
strongwoman Send email
Feb 20, 2017


I clicked on the 1 month for the 40% off @ 8.99, but it charged me for 6 months; please refund me and give me the service I asked for
Shaunkia Palmer [email protected]
tmrbroo Send email
Jan 25, 2017

log in

why can a person not log in directly to the website? when you try to access your mobile account, it directs you to the webpage. Something is not right here.
moomooman Send email
Jan 21, 2017

Fraud by BPM

About an hour ago which would be 9:45 pm January 20th I went to set up a profile on BPM. Before I was done I kept getting pushed back to the beginning of the section of my profile questions. When I skipped it, and after I posted a picture of myself, I noticed I had several reviews, about 9 messages and 4 flirts showing. I didn't think about how impossible that was considering my profile was not even done nor upgraded for use. Soon as I upgraded and clicked on the messages a window popped up wanting me to hit either ACCEPT in bold letters or accept and continue with safety questions in lowercase. I did not want to hit either. I escaped 2 to 3 different times trying to bypass it. It would not work. Noticeably it never offered me the option not to accept either. I looked for a way to contact the customer service. I found nothing. It should have been as easy to find as ACCEPT. When I upgraded I selected the $4.and change per week, $16.75 for one month option. Now, I go back and hit the ACCEPT just to bypass also. This would not work. By now I am very upset at this scamming attempt. The IT department had written a manipulative program to lure men into the site with fraudulent numbers attracting us. At this point, I went to another browser and looked up the toll free customer service number. The message was that office hours were M-F CST 8 to 5 aot 7 or something near this. Then I called my bank which is open 7 days a week all night and we tried to call BPM customer service and they saw the same thing. Also, now I notice there were two charges from BPM on my pending bank charges: One for $16.75 and the other $3.99 which I was clueless about, considering I made no upgrades to anything since I was already too upset over this initial fiasco. I took pics of the numbers and how they kept changing throughout the process of before I upgraded and right afterwards and then how they disappeared. I wrote one lady whom it said I had 4 flirt messages and she said she never wrote me. So I wrote to her my concerns that the company is engaging in fraudulent activities to lure men to join this site and no wonder the rates have drastically decreased in recent years. Regardless, my bank USAA (100 percent disabled veteran) and I will be calling this possessed company first thing Monday morning to stop these pending charges.
sbryson Send email
Aug 28, 2016

Refund due to wrong amount.

On 8/23/2016 I went on Black People meet web site and while viewing the site a single male was trying to chat with me. It said to chat pay upgrade for $2.99. I was under the impression it was telling me to upgrade for $2.99 because I'm already a member of Our and they are affiliated. When I clicked the button it automatically charged my visa card because I am a member with Our It charged me $53.45 and plus $3.99. I called them right away because I had no intention on paying that amount. I called the right away they were closed then I called again first thing on 8/24/2016 early am and got very conflicting info on my refund and was given the run around. Then I was told after putting up a argument that they would close my account and do a full refund. I still have not received my refund but on 8/26/2016 I was charged $3.99 again. I will call them again on Monday 8/29/2016 to get my refund.I'm very disappointed with how they set up the upgrades but never explain that you would have to pay a full regular sign up fee plus the upgrade amount. I want a full refund on for the monies that was taken out of my account. please email me back if you are able to resolve this in a timely manner.
[email protected]
Cobrakid Send email
Aug 6, 2016


I was overcharged too much and I want a refund. I don't know what you people are up to but I want my money back now. You charged me $ 75.69 and I only asked for one month of service.
Isthisme Send email
Aug 6, 2016


Okay so yesterday they had a 50% off and for one month $8.95 I get on there I check my bank account transactions and see that they actually charged me $30.! I'm like really and that was for a 3 months subscription and I only wanted 1 month. Also u noticed some very suspicious things happening.. men will contact you that live no where near you and will ask to get your phone number... and I find that very suspicious because when you have someone's phone number they can sell it to telemarketers and other scammer and harass you... Idk what happen to this site and who took it over.. because I have bmp 2 years ago and the site was great! Now I only get messages from men 30 years older than me and I noticed they have made fake accounts in areas of where I live to give the illusion that there are people in my area..... strange crooks ! I can't believe this... called my bank and I am going to have to get a new debit card to make sure they will not be able to continue to take money out of my account.. smh this is sad.. I suggest everyone else to locked that debit card you have on file.. and hopefully you didn't give them your checking number to your bank!
starrsigns7 Send email
Jun 20, 2016

Customer Service Number

BPM Customer Service Number 866-727-8920. They don't advertise this number, but I called and got an immediate refund for them overcharging me.
starrsigns7 Send email
Jun 20, 2016


I just signed up for 1 month subscription to BPM (had the 1 month circle checked) and they billed my account for $75.69 instead of $20.98! They don't have a customer service phone number to call, so I emailed them and requested they refund $54.71 back into my account immediately. Although I have not heard back from them yet, this is not the first time this has happened.

BPM has a scam going on because I see this has happened to many others!

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