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kim sanghee Send email
Nov 3, 2015

About cancelled booking

Plz read from below to up.

‎Sanghee Kim‎ 에게 Booking.com17시간 ·
.I haven't any reply about my several complaint mail to you.
I want to know that your company try to effort to understand every irregular case for your customer.
My booking reference no is 464773822. I couldnt understand and accept your policy about my case so discuss again and want have different reply untill now from you.

좋아요 댓글 달기 공유하기작성순으로 보기.댓글삭제 Hi Sanghee, I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way. I located your reservation and can see that my colleague addressed all the points in your correspondence 11 days ago. If you change your mind you can reply to her email and also let her know if you accept her offer. Regards, Mac
좋아요 · 답글 달기 · 16시간
..삭제Sanghee Kim What offer? Only 1 night differ against my 2 nights booking? Who can accept it?
좋아요 · 답글 달기 · 16시간
..삭제 Hello. The offer of USD 100 as a goodwill gesture is still available. If you choose to accept this, please inform us. I am afraid that nothing further can be offered in this case. Regards, Kelly
좋아요 · 답글 달기 · 4시간 · 수정됨
..삭제Sanghee Kim Accept it for the time being
좋아요 · 답글 달기 · 2시간
..삭제 Thanks for your reply. There will not be any additional offers. Please verify if you accept the goodwill gesture of USD 100 offered and I will escalate your case for the reimbursement to be processed. Thanks, Kelly
좋아요 · 답글 달기 · 1시간


There's irregular case in everything.... Plz understand this... i made a booking b4 the date that i left to trip.

In my side, i had confirmation mail from and there's no mentioned about that i should recheck my e-mail for invalid card data.

I booked 2 other vandors HTL on the same day and there's no problem with same card....

I don't understand why you sent a confirmation mail though my card was not approved. Is this really no responsibility of your side?

I'm working in a GDS company now so i really don't understand this.

As your logic, you don't allow to book 1days b4 check-in date and you should mention any notification to prevent like my case.

You insisted you sent e-mail to me so there's no responsibility but you sent e-mail around 11PM Korean time after 7~8 hours booking and i slept at that time and next morning i was departed to NYC.

That's why i complaint this. I think that this case, HTL or your side contacted to me by text or phone it would be cancelled my booking then this unhappy thing was not happened.

Yes, you offered Night HTL timesquare thru mail many times that was around 11PM ~ 1AM but the link that you sent was faile it was brokent into my mail so i told your staff this many times but they didn't change to solve this problem so i asked them what the HTL was and i checked but it was very expensive HTL so i worried your side was ok to reimburse with this HTL to me bcz my room rate was KRW366,872 for 2night but the HTL rate was over USD450 per night.

I told this to your staff, she said that she call me again after check whether this could be or not.

After check, your colleague called to me that could reimburse only 1night difference with my 2day's payment.

If you, can you agree this sudden changed reply? B4 that 1st staff told me that you would reimburse 2day's difference rate and RT transporatation from Manhattan to Newjersy and received phone rate.

And who can accept that reimbursement only 1night difference against 2night booking?

From the date to now your company's response was not consistent and i was very upset with this.

Your company is HTL booking vandor so i think that you should provide the very best costomer service than other company.

Then your company didn't made promise aginst customer.

I think that your customer policy for evert irregular case like the following and it's same any other countries language.

"The offer of USD 100 is non-negotiable. I am sorry, but we are not able to offer any further reimbursement. Should you decide to accept this offer, please inform us"

I try to fight with your company untill you give a reasonable reimbursement to me for my loss, for your changing about better cusomer service.

------ Original Message ------

Date: Wednesday, Oct 21, 2015 12:59:48 PM.
From: " Customer Service" <[email protected]>s
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: City Rooms NYC - Chelsea (464773822)
Home | FAQManage booking

Dear Sanghee Kim,

I am contacting you regarding your reservation at City Rooms NYC and your most recent post on Facebook.

I have reviewed the case thoroughly and I will reply to your complaint e-mail that we received on October 2nd.

First, it is the booker's responsibility to enter valid credit card information for their reservations. This reservation was non-refundable. This means the property requires payment in advance. You made your reservation on the 24th of September, and the property tried to take payment at that time. They could not, so they marked the card as invalid in our system and you received an automated e-mail asking you to update your details. I understand you did not have access to your e-mails, but City Rooms followed procedure, and a valid credit card should have been supplied.

The property waited several days for you to input updated information, they never received new credit card details and cancelled your reservation. Please understand that they are not obligated to hold a room if a booker provides payment information that is not valid, or does not have sufficient funds to cover the cost of the reservation. My colleagues offered assistance in relocating you. Approval was obtained to offer one property, Night Hotel Times Square, and we informed you via e-mail that if you booked this property the difference would be reimbursed after your stay. The difference was USD 285.55. This property was not booked, and that reimbursement was contingent on you booking that property.

As a goodwill gesture, my colleague offered USD 100. This offer was being made due to the confusion and inconvenience you encountered. This was not being offered due to any wrongdoing on City Room's part, or any wrongdoing on the part of is not responsible to cover any costs incurred because the credit card entered to make the reservation was reported as invalid on the 24th of September, 5 days prior to your arrival.

The offer of USD 100 is non-negotiable. I am sorry, but we are not able to offer any further reimbursement. Should you decide to accept this offer, please inform us.

Kind regards,

Kelly Kensler Customer Service Team

Date: Friday, Oct 2, 2015 11:51:49 PM
From: <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: complainment letter

Dear sir or madam,

1. Hotel:Crowne Plaza Englewood: KRW 257,709 for 28Sep

YMCA: KRW 283,130 for 29Sep

2. Taxi fare: USD 135

3. Mobile phone charges: over KRW 100,000 (approx. USD 100)

The problem is that your call center adviser whom I talked to the last time insisted to compensate only USD 100 instead of the extra costs I had to pay.

For your reference, the following is the summary of what happened:

On 28Sep,your call center employees promised me to help to book another hotel in Manhattan and pay the difference but I was not informed of a new booking till late. So I could not help but reserved a room by myself and managed to find one at Crowne Plaza Englewood and went there by taxi.

For the next day, one of your consultants suggested a room as expensive as USD600 (including taxes) so I asked her whether it was okay as you,, would pay the difference. when i told it she told me that she called after check then her word had been changed and your company's compensation would be only for difference 2nd day's one. of course i couldnt agree it bcz it was different with 1st employee and finally alternative at YMCA and why your decision about my compensation would be usd100. what is from this amount?

Attached is the related confirmation email of my original booking that mentioned hotel confirmation and card guaranteed. it is korean and refer in yellow line with your korean staff.

Waiting for your prompt reply and action. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Sanghee Kim
Suejonno Send email
Aug 12, 2014

Albert& Victoria hotel

We booked a holiday through you which we do on a regular basis,unfortunately this one was everything but what it says in the brochure/review!! We had a Deluxe double room which gave a list of the extras in the room ( which I have in print ) None of these things were in the room I.e hairdryer/ c d & DVD players/ iron/trouser press/ alarm clock... The S/C kitchen had 1 teaspoon & fork /2 saucepans and NO crockery only 2 cups ( the photo shows plates etc) ...the bar closed at 9-30 pm .. The receptionist was no help as all she would say was that the 'Boss' was away till Monday. I complained about the items that were missing ( on Thursday/fri & Sat in a nice polite way even waiting till there wasn't any other guest around as not to embarrass them & was told "We don't put them in now as people were stealing them" !!!! As we paid £260 for the privilege we feel this is a feeble & wrong answer ,To top it all ,when I went to open curtains on the Sunday morn the carpet was sodden .When I told the receptionist about this she replied" well it has been raining so it's an ACT OF GOD!!!! We would like our money refunded as the room was a big factor to our holiday on this occasion ( my husband hasn't been well)We normally stay in the Best Western but thought we would give this hotel a go as it was a bit nearer the pier but sadly we were very wrong ... We hope you can help us as I have continually rang the number of the BOSS which the receptionist gave me but it's always an answer phone ... Thank you in advance...PS i also have photos ( which you wouldn't believe ) our booking number is -403226103......7th August/10th August 2014
Apr 7, 2013

Over Booking is their game

PLEASE do yourself and your family a favor and NEVER use, or ANY of the online booking services to book your accommodations. YOU NEED to call the hotel directly to confirm your booking information. These sites will advertise that there is space available when even the hotel will tell you THERE IS NO VACANCY. Online booking companies ROUTINELY OVERBOOK hotel capacities, and leave vacationing families standing in utter disbelief that there is NO ROOM AT THE INN when they arrive after a grueling day on the road. THEN, in the case of, they will get completely belligerent with hotel check-in desks for NOT having your booking information, when clearly they have no rooms available! LIKE IT's THEIR FAULT the hotel is overbooked. TRUST ME, you DO NOT want this to happen to you. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, don't let them try and fix the problem by rebooking you at another hotel after they've ALREADY RUINED your vacation. They will send you to some other city than where you wanted to be, and hook you up with a hotel that has a NON-REFUNDABLE POLICY, so that even if you never set foot on the property, YOU WILL BE BILLED on your credit card for the FULL ACCOMMODATION. Then, you will have to fight the charges by placing them in dispute with the credit card company, as I am now doing. By the way, Best Western PLUS Yacht Harbour Inn of Dunedin Florida, is indeed one of the SLEEZE DIVES that is in bed with these companies, and WILL CHARGE YOU THE FULL AMOUNT if for some reason you don't want to come look at rich people's yachts floating in their precious harbor but would RATHER stay on the beach where your family was SUPPOSED to have a room waiting after 13 hours on the road. I HOPE THAT ALL OF YOU WILL HEED THIS ADVICE as I would NOT wish ANYONE's vacation to be ruined the way mine has.
User706660 Send email
Mar 26, 2012


Dear bres1,

If you post your reservation number in this thread our specialised team will be able to contact you to discuss your problems. Our team are always on hand to help with any issues you experience in relation to a reservation or any other aspect of our service.

We look forward to your reply and discussing this issue further.

Kind regards Your Team
Booking.com_CR Send email
Mar 24, 2012


Hi Bres1. We would like to have a look into this. Can you post your booking number? Many thanks. Your Team.
Bres1 Send email
Mar 19, 2012


I booked a room advertised as 39 euros per night for three nights. And the results was that they charged me 69 for the second and 89 for the third night without any warning! BOOKING.COM is a shameless scam site.
Booking.com_CR Send email
Mar 2, 2012

Glitches during booking process caused incorrect reservation

Hi Bsanders44. Please help us get to the bottom of this by posting your reservation number. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Thanks.
Bsanders44 Send email
Feb 29, 2012

Glitches during booking process caused incorrect reservation

I searched for a hotel in NYC for 3/2/2001. When I clicked through to, their system transposed the date and month values, and the hotel received a reservation for 2/3/2001. I of course did not realize the glitch until I called to confirm with the hotel a few days prior to my trip. When the hotel couldn't find my reservation for 3/2 I checked my CC statement and saw that I had been charged as a no-show a month prior.

Unfortunately, since the hotel is not at fault, they have no incentive to offer me a refund or apply my charges towards another reservation. I called where I spoke with an agent who initially tried to blame me for the mixup. When I told him that I would be contacting about the issue, he offered to call the hotel, but could not get them to refund or reapply the charges. He then told me that I was basically out of luck, and because doesn't take payments from customers, they don't issue refunds.

This company does not stand behind their service, and when errors occur within their system, they blame the customer. They are unreliable and will leave you stranded with no recourse!
Bsanders44 Send email
Feb 29, 2012

Glitches during booking process caused incorrect reservation

Correction: the dates in my complaint should be 2011, not 2001.
Booking.com_CR Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Hi G.Lee. Please help us get to the bottom of this by posting your reservation number. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Thanks. Your Team.
G.Lee Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Sorry, regardless of if you have to cancel or not the cancellation policy states that you cannot cancel within 7 days of the arrival. Well, we are cancelling 7 months in advance and are still being charged. However, when you book, the cancellation policy changes when you receive the confirmation email which changes to you will be charged regardless of what they said on their website prior to booking. That is nothing more than FALSE and MISLEADING!! My complaint is very similar to the original poster's comments on the misleading cancellation policy. I am now being told to contact the hotel when it is NOT the hotels policy, but's BS policies at work. I will never go through nor will I ever recommend anyone else do the same.
Angela Send email
Feb 23, 2012


On June 2, 2010 I have made a hotel reservation from on behalf of a friend of mine who was planning to visit Prague and stay in My Hotel Apollon from June 25 to July 6, 2010.

This reservation was necessary for her visa application before coming to Prague, and the reason that I chose was its flexibility in the cancellation process in advance in case the visa in question can not be obtained on time, which can happen quite often in the Czech Embassy in Istanbul.

As you can see from the link: and the screenshots that I attached, the Hotel Conditions section for My Hotel Apollon clearly states that no fee will be charged on the credit card until the 24 hours prior to the booking start date. Based on this information, I logically assumed that would prove a trustworthy site which could be relied upon not to abuse the sensitive credit card information provided. Unfortunately, this proved to be far from the case.

On review, the "small print" of the booking on the second page was understandably missed given the clear assurances to the contrary on the first page of booking. Without noting the small text in the

Conditions column below, I therefore continued with giving my friend's personal data and credit card information, assuming that the transaction would be kept on hold until one day prior to the booking date.

Unlike stated on the website, I was informed by my friend that the equivalent of 423 Euros in Turkish Lira currency was in fact credited from her account by this hotel. On review of the reservation details on, I noticed in a separate page that, in blatant contradiction to the flexibility so generously offered on the first page, that cancellation was in this case not a possible option after all and the reservation would be charged anyway.

I am very frustrated by the inconsistency between the information given on this site and the hotel's policy. Now my friend is having problems with getting the visa, and probably she will not be able to come to Prague on the stated dates. This is not only the abusive use of my friend's personal details, but also a big amount of lost money which has been illegitimately drawn from her credit card just because that didn't show My Hotel Apollon's cancellation policy in a clear and consistent way on their site. I am attaching some proof images, just have a look to avoid falling into this scam. I have contacted both the company and the hotel, asking for a refund to compensate their negligence, but refused to pay my friend back what they have already taken claiming that this is the policy of the hotel and not that of I am going to share this unfortunate experience with everyone I know until they correct their mistake on their site and refund what they have taken from my friend's credit card.
Nicci, Austria Send email
Feb 23, 2012



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