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Rickie1 Send email
Oct 6, 2018

Poor Service Poor quality people

Canada Post continues it’s poor service. I had a package sent to me from the USA and was shipped with guaranteed delivery date. It got to Canada lightning speed and tracking a day early but once it got to Canada Post that’s when service became brutal. Got to Calgary a day late which wasn’t a deal breaker but I was happy I was going to get my delivery. I checked the next day online because I still didn’t receive a notice and seen my package was accidentally shipped to Winnipeg. After 20 to 30 calms and emails to Canada post and trying the chat line which they just hang up on you I did manage to get a manager that promised to have it redirected with a reference number. “Oh boy I have a reference number now I am going to get service”. Nope. It gets worse. I was promised I would now get a phone call and I for sure would have my package in my hands this weekend. I checked tracking status and still being processed in Winnipeg so I try the chat line again was disconnected 3 times and finally Kate said sorry she can help. She assured me that they are doing their best but I would NOT receive my package and in fact there is still no knowing when I will receive it now. I said can I at least speak to a manager or get someone to look into this further. Disconnected again. So that is the service you can be guaranteed to get at Canada Post
madame paulette Send email
Jul 31, 2018

Another lazy delivery (as above)

I see that other complainants have had the same experience as I and this is just not acceptable. Trying to talk to the phone number provided is a merry go round of press "# _" ! No person to talk to and 10 minute wait and with a need to fill out a survey just to get to talk with a live body! I hung up!
PROBLEM: The notice for a package was left in my mailbox and no one rang my bell! This has happened twice, the other time a few months ago. I also am somewhat disabled, and was waiting, able to come to the door and now have to traipse off to the drug store, which was closed when I got there, after closing on Sat.at 2:00 .Turns out the person who answered my query about it being after 2:00 was the postal employee herself! Is this how you enable the postal substation at Shoppers to have work?
I will be expecting another package in two weeks and there better be a ring on my bell before the employee leaves the door!
Next I will be using options for another shipper!
andrewstevenward@aol.com Send email
May 17, 2018

delivery time

Just received a parcel posted in UK on 19 Jan 2018, received 16 May 2018!
Was sent international airmail, contents one piece of small clothing!
No tax or duty needed to be paid on it?
Parcel was large envelope size, good condition when delivered,

4 plus months to deliver ?
I have gotten used to very slow delivery from UK family and sending to UK. but this plane must have been on the back of a slow boat?
Davis Abele Send email
Mar 27, 2018

Mail to wrong person

I live in the laurel meadows area in Edmonton Alberta, There have been a few times when you guys have just left my mail with the people at the front desk, when the mail has the exact unit number and building number on it. so please don't be lazy and put it in the right mailbox please and thank you
blzbub Send email
Feb 27, 2018

no parcel

Ì am a disabled person, on Saturday February 24th I received an email telling me I had received a parcel. Tracking number told me parcel left at the back door, not possible. Called post office told to contact sender, they would resend or refund money for said parcel. They have also received notice that parcel was delivered. So the next thing was contact the sender, so the can contact Canada Post to start an inquiry as to what happened to my parcel. As I will never see the parcel or the money, it would obviously be a waste of time. So then I called Oshawa main post office no human being answers the phone you get directions of what button to press. The only one that would help me was the supervisor, I called this number about 200 times over three days it was not answered once. And they wonder why they're losing money.
blzbub Send email
Feb 27, 2018

no parcel

I am a disabled person, spending much time in chair at front window. On Saturday February 24th I received an email telling me I had received a parcel. The tracking number told me my parcel was left at the back door. Not possible. Called the post office was told to contact the sender, they would refund or replace parcel. Bearing in mind they also were told it had been delivered to my back door. Then I was told to contact the sender, so that they could contact Canada Post to start an inquiry as to what happened to my parcel. As I will neither see the money or the parcel this makes no sense. So I then tried to contact the post office in oshawa, there is a phone number, which tells what number to press. The only one I could use was for the supervisor. I called this number over 3 days about 200 times, it was not answered. Somehow I think that this just may be the reason they are losing money.
Dem Send email
Feb 27, 2018

Poor Service

Canada Post used to be a reputable service. Now they don't seem to be able to read a typed address label.
We no longer have home delivery, we have to walk to a box, 2 blocks away. Packages are placed in little boxes in the mail delivery boxes and a key is dropped into your mail box to retrieve your package. That is if you are lucky enough for them to put the key in the correct mail box, or if the weather is bad, the box may be frozen shut, and unable to open.
How hard is it, REALLY? How difficult is it to put a key in the correct box for a package delivery.
Tracking report says it was delivered, but I did not receive a key. After a month of waiting for the tracking process to complete, I had to reorder my package, part of which is no longer available. The original package which was sent to whoever was apparently never returned to the vendor. Mail is constantly dropped into wrong boxes. I have had several pieces of mail that were sent to me that I did not receive. Income tax receipts, RRSP Receipts, Cheques. For what may take an extra second to check the correct box for the mail, could save months of waiting and inconvenience for the correct recipients of the mail.
They want annual pay raises, more benefits, less work. I want Responsible Mail Service. Apparently we are both disappointed.
Bruno26 Send email
Feb 3, 2018

Returned to Sender

We reside in the rural community of Durham West Grey Ontario with a population of approx. 2800. Small town, small post office.
We recently mailed a birthday card to my father-in-law (who resides in Newfoundland) with a postage stamp. Three days later the
card was back in our mail box indicating that we owe an extra 40 CENTS for said card to be delivered. What?? WOW! Canada Post
paid someone to pick up the card, paid someone to sort it, paid someone to write the return to sender notice then paid someone again to deliver it back to us. All this wasted TIME AND MONEY to collect their 40 CENTS??!! What is wrong with this picture?? I took it upon myself to weigh the card and couldn't believe the result...A WOPPING BACK BREAKING 30 GRAMS! shame on us!

It's obvious that the postal workers in Durham Post office have a lot of time on their hands!
We are disgusted the way Canada Post and their employees run this CROWN service.
Bruno26 Send email
Feb 2, 2018

Returned to Sender

We live in a rural Ontario area (Durham) with approx. 3000 residents.

We mailed a birthday card to my father-in-law who resides in Newfoundland, the card was returned to us three days later
stating that we owed an extra 40 CENTS for the card to be delivered. WOW! Canada post actually paid someone to pick up
the card sort it at the post office, paid someone to weigh the card then paid someone again to deliver it back to us so they could collect their 40 CENTS!

I weighed the card when it was returned to us and it was a WOPPING 30 Grams! Canada Post really needs an internal Audit, what a waste of time and money to collect 40 Cents.

Disgusting Service
camerastrap Send email
Jan 30, 2018

small post offices

My complaint is directed at Canada Post in small communities. In Nipigon - population of about 1300 - everyone MUST go to the post office building to get mail. Canada Post, without consultation, directed its employees to remove the sorting tables and litter bins in the lobbies, supposedly to encourage recycling. Nipigon's residents are now 50% over 55 years of age - and at least 30% over 65. Many people walk, so they are carrying purses, bags, packages etc and suddenly in the posy office lobby there was no where to set these packages while one fished out the mail key and then sorted through the mail from the box. Yes - we can set them on the dirty and sometimes wet floor?
To me there was not consideration for the customers who have no choice but to go to the post office.
Well, customers decided to walk into the counter area to sort mail causing the customer bell to ding, ding, ding, ding - bringing the employees hurrying out to the front - for nothing.
Fortunately our post mistress called Canada Post and said she was putting the sorting table back for the convenience of the the customers and to reduce the stress level of the employees. Hopefully people will take the flyers home to recycle - for over 2 years I personally have recycled hundreds of boxes of flyers and discarded mail from the post office.
Small communities deserve treatment that has been checked out first not decided by someone who has never been there.
Hearing people whine about having to walk to a community mail box gets hard to bear after a while!
NotHappyAtAll Send email
Jan 23, 2018

lazy delivery

January 22, 2018 and previous dates unreported
Packages to be delivered but the post driver did not attempt to deliver, only left a notice to pick up the next day
My husband was home all day, no one rang the door bell
Post driver has done this before, my husband was at a neighbors outside while the driver drove up, no package in hand with intention to deliver, and just popped the notice in the mail box.
Pathetic attempt and member should be talked to as every parcel to be delivered to my door in the last year, I had to make the effort to pick up at a location and wait the next day. This is unacceptable for door to door delivery paid.
nonename Send email
Jan 14, 2018

Dangerous employees


There is this insane, schizophrenic, Irish, Catholic religious nut working there named Shadi, I watched her kick a five year old kid in the head. Then when I went up to the counter to get my mail she tried to give me a Catholic religious poster. When I wouldn't take it she went ballistic and started shouting at me that I had no respect for women and better start praying to the virgin mary. When I hold her I wasn't catholic she pulled out a switch blade on a spring, started waving it at me and then stabbed into the counter shouting that if I didn't pray to the virgin mary the knife would be in my head next.

I ran out of there as fast as I could. Now I know where the expression "going postal" comes from.

ROSEURBAN Send email
Jan 12, 2018

Rude Employee

Postal Delivery Person is Dean Grassel - works out of Lindsay Post Office he delivers at Whitney Town Centre 370 Kent St.,

Dean or Deno as he says is very rude and puts mail in wrong boxes I discussed him with others and even his co-workers agree. I find most of the Postal Service to be polite but I was shocked by Dean and how rude and destructive he is (he rattled the mailboxes to complain about the condition of the mailboxes Maybe the Post Office should replace these boxes
Wolfrider66 Send email
Dec 4, 2017

Undelivered mail/extremely slow xpress post!!

On November 15 a series of post dated checks was mailed from Cambridge, to my address. It is only supposed to take three business days, yet I still have not received them as of December 1. I need this money to live on as I am a senior citizen. So another series of checks were mailed by xpress post on November 28 th. It's supposed to be delivered by next day. I haven't received that as well and was told it wouldnt be delivered until December 4th. each time I phone they keep telling me it wiill be delivered by that day, yet I'm still waiting. These checks are vital to me, and I find the service by Canada Post totally inexcusable. I am now overdue on my rent by almost two weeks, all due to the incompetence of Canada Post. Simply atrocious!!
candy06 Send email
Nov 28, 2017

Rude employee

I have a bad experienced with the staff named Stella Choi and Canada Post in Shopper's Drug Mart at Bathurst and Lawrence that I will never forget. She is so rude and disrespectful. She is not very nice in explaining things.
S@#63 Send email
Nov 27, 2017

Unregistered letters in Canada Post Mailbox

Unregistered letters in My Mailbox (Canada Post)
I would like some advice...Please. Is the co-op I am renting from allowed to open my mailbox?
What agreement is between co-op and Canadapost?
Is CanadaPost aware that Stoneworth Co-op places unstamped, unregistered mail in postbox?
Is it not illegal?
Is this tampering with Federal Mail?
It is still happening?
Canada Post, why are you allowing co-op to place these letters in mailbox?
Isnt co-op supposed to only maintain mailboxes from Canada Post?
Co-op removed registered letters and withheld them, isnt that against the law?
Is Canada Post even aware that Stonewoth co-op is illegally entering my mailbox?
Can CP please send me some information on my rights with CPmailbox?
Violated tenant in Hamilton
Please email me with advice at grampersaud19@bell.net
thank you kindly
Psadpro Send email
Oct 21, 2017

Attendant away for 40 minutes

No attendant during stated open hours

Myself and othe client travelled far to come pick up a parcel yet the attendant is taking extended break thus closing the counter. This is unacceptable - fire that employee!!

Attendant away for 40 minutes

Anne Abolins Send email
Oct 11, 2017

non delivery

The mail person did not attempt delivery of a package and there is no attempted delivery notice even though the computer says that one was left. The mail person did not buzz us. I doubt that she was by as her usual delivery time is after lunch. It seems as though someone keyed that in before she even did her route. Why is it that seniors are receiving such poor service from Canada Post? Delivery of packages is the fastest growing area for Canada Post and you should be trying to please the public you serve instead of mail persons trying to get away with not doing their jobs.
dkmbr Send email
Jul 1, 2017

stamp charges

Re: Sheffield and Son's Smoke Shop in West Oaks Mall in Abbotsford, BC

I went to buy a book of Canadian stamps (10 stamps). I was handed 10 individual stamps and was going to be charged for each individual stamp ... not a book price. Was told they do not sell books of stamps. I feel this is wrong ... 10 stamps is what is in a book of stamps. I strongly feel this is very wrong, as there is significant difference in price.
Pilgrim Send email
May 18, 2017

post man does not deliver

Our post man does not leave a card to say he attempted a deliver even though it says he did on Canada Post tracking. He often does not deliver packages that are supposedly on his truck. He does not use the intercom to notify me to come to the mail box to collect my package. As a senior with mobility difficulties, getting to a physical post office to collect my package is quite the inconvenience for myself and anyone I ask to take me. How do I complain about my postman's failure to do his job?
Nothappycamper Send email
Feb 22, 2017

Rude employees

I went in to mail some packages for my business I sell jewellery, I use the lettermail service be chase ta cheapest and that way I can offer my customers free shipping, I also have a venture one card that gives 5% off, to get more % off you have to spend so much to move up to the next bracket, so I asked the lady to use my venture one and she saying it's not going to make a difference and not worth it, I saved .30 cents how is that not worth it ? It's better then nothing, I'm young and living in the poverty line so yes 30cents is worth saving to me, also if I don't use my card il never move up brackets, so I was like explaining well I know it's not much ($6) but it adds up and I said in a nice joking way like gotta start somewhere right ? And she just kind of half smiled and went hmm .. Then I was curious about a stamp book and asked if it is cheaper to buy a stamp book and she literally looked at me and said "what do you mean" I was like "like a stamp book ?" And she's like "what?" By this time I'm really confused ??? You work at a post office and don't know what the f*** I mean when i said stamp book? The lady next to her literally was like "like a stamp book ." Like in a are you serious tone ? And she's like oh no not your you it won't make a difference ... I'm like ok I just sent my nail and left .. So then what's the point of buying a stamp book if it's the same price as buying individual stamps ? Unless she thinks cuz it may only be a few cents it's not worth telling me or explaining ? Like ok lady .. I seriously hate going my post office and I wish there was another not as far, because I have to prepare my self before going in there because they make my feel anxious and stupid for wanting to use my venture one and for asking normal questions ppl ask about mail and postage ! Like jeez
trentlee Send email
May 6, 2016

Rude and unpolite/unprofesional male postal worker


I went to a Post Office at Mount Pearl, 29 Commonwealth Avenue to return a wrong item/packaged that I received from Ebay 8 days ago.This happened today on, May 5th @300 O'clock,2016. I went into this Canada Post Office,Mount Pear.Nl location and,as far as I could see,there was this older man,(45-55 years old approximately.) was the only worker.First of all, I have never had to returned any item(s) to Ebay in my 7 years ,so i felt it was ok for me to ask him options of ways to send/ship it back to the USA. Anyway,After I walked in the office,this man was sitting on a chair toward the back of the post office. He came toward the front counter when i reached the counter.. I decided to ask him a few questions about how i could/options to return a package to Ebay, before i would close/tape up this 10" by 14" x7" box.Such As,As I started the conversation, to ask this guy about the options of returning this package,such as::: Opinions and/or Options/services Avail,Like, I was wondering if I Should send it Priority Post? Should I send Register Mail this company that i purchased it off,or...? The ordeal is,Just as I was about to ask this man of the options that i might have,he simply,in a uninviting voice, told me all he would do,/and his job was to take the box and send it and I needed to have To and From, addresses on the box . (Obviously I knew this much anyway!!!). SoAs istarted to explain to him and ask Questions,which he seems less attentive to listen or give me advice,I knew he was having a bad .Iam a customer of Canada Post and He had no right to be UNPOLITE AND RUDE and not letting me finish my simple questions.... He Acted in a very unprofessional manner and before I decided to say or asking any other question.I just told him that just forget it and decided I would not try to converse with him from this point on.I decided to tell him to have a good day and Ifelt I would go to some other post office and i was not going to business with this person ever again .I have been a business person for 20 +years and never ever did see this type of UN-professionalism and rudeness in my 50 years living in newfoundland.Total Disrespect.. lesson Learned.
Mamajo Send email
Apr 5, 2016

Non compliant post office employee

We have a very small post office. Two years ago Canada Post changed our box number. We have notified everyone about this, but occasionally, someone sends something that is general delivery. Bout post master knows us, jumped everyone in this Ll post office, but instead of putting it in our box, he sends it back. We had a problem with this in receiving remuneration from s corporation, one that had our address change, but another division sent a chequered, the post master sent it back because it said general delivery instead of our box number. When we spoke to him? He said he did not give a rat's ass about that job, he did not care if we did not like it, and he was going to send it back,
If he did not know where to put the letters, and did not know anyone it would be different, but he is downright miserable to everyone!!!
Maria de Freitas Send email
Mar 16, 2016

letter violated -open

It is the second time I am receiving letter violated.
They had opened it... and closed using a tape...

My name

Maria de Freitas
101 - Humber Blvd
Unity 709
Toronto - On
M6N 2H5
HPB3515 Send email
Jan 18, 2016

Return to Sender

For 20 plus years have been mailing parcel to and from same two address. One in New Brunswick and one in Welland Ontario. Last week was expecting parcel that contained a handmade Bday gift for my 12 year old daughter. Got chit on door to go pick it up and not there tracking shows return to sender. So logically request to have it turned around and sent back Canada Post is incapable of doing that. The package has to go all the way back to New Brunswick and be re-mailed (and pay again) then the sender can apply for a refund. Further inquiry as to why after 20 plus years at the identical same address how this could happen we were told the reason for return is only written on the return slip affixed to that package

( I was told by a Canada Post Resolution Specialist that one of the possible reasons that the package was returned as it could have contained "Drugs" ..My reply was so Canada Post Policy is if you find drugs instead of calling the police you send them back to the drug dealer so they can try to sell them again LMAO...No response to that one..And of course the package does not contain any drugs just a handmade cedar open chest)

So in the end our Nations Postal Agency a Crown Corporation does not have any ability to reroute misguided parcels. Once they are set in motion there is not stopping or diverting them...Lets hope the RCMP does not need to stop any domestic mail that may be a threat to our society.

They do not record the reason for the return to sender of any parcel in any system or even on written ledger only a sticker placed on the outside of the package, which again cannot be stopped or diverted for any reason.

Finally Canada Post will return all drugs (if detected by them) to their lawful owner the unlawful Drug Dealer...

One final insult you can only talk to someone a couple rungs up the food chain as we attempted to escalate this matter and speak personally with senior management we were told we must email and that they would not transfer us or give us their phone #'s, hows that for customer service/accountability

I say cut off all public funding tax dollars and sell the Agency.

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