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Charlottek Send email
Jan 3, 2022

Unable to pay loan due to unemployment

To whom it may concern at the Capfin Team

Good day,

I trust my email finds you well…

I need urgent assistance from someone who has some compassion please…

I have been permanently medically boarded due to kidney failure of both my kidneys… I am currently on dialysis & I’m awaiting a kidney transplant…

I no longer am working and I cannot pay this account off anymore… Last month I asked the consultant please not to put the money into my account, I’ve spoken to various consultants, I also advised them I will not be able to afford it…

I’ve been a client of capfin for many years, I’ve paid off my account twice & this last year when I took a capfin loan I had no idea I would be without a job…

Family & friends are not able to assist me financially any longer as I already have help with paying off my medical aid & buying the medication which I cannot afford to pay for….

I am really asking someone to have compassion & assist me somehow, I will never open an account with capfin until I’m certain that after my kidney transplant I am in a stable job…

Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do to make these payments…

Please can someone assist me… I’m just a human being who’s fighting for her life currently…

Please feel free to contact my nephrologist (kidney specialist) Professor Graham Paget on (083) 297-0246 or [email protected] in you don’t believe my health condition & have any questions.

Can someone higher than a consultant perhaps call me on 079 3733 778

Or email me on [email protected]

Help needed urgently please!
Elizabeth Kelebogile Send email
Aug 25, 2021

Money was debited in my account and I've settled it on the 19 of August

Today capfin has debited a loan and I've settled it on the 19 of August.8411180682081
[email protected] Send email
Jun 23, 2021

Hand Over

Due to lock down I was unable to pay my account but the moment we started to work again I spoke to a consultant and made an arrangement. I kept to my arrangement and paid as arranged but a month after arrangement was made I was handed over to a debt collection company. I requested several times for the recordings but to no avail. I kept on paying Capfin and we are now down to the fourth collection company that wants me to pay them. Each one of them is charging fees and none of them is reflecting the payments that I have been making directly to Capfin. Please I do not deny that I owe the money but I do disagree with the extra charges that is adding to my account and the fact that none of my payments are being processed by Capfin. No assistance from them. My final step will be to report them to the National Credit Regulator.
CG1 Send email
Jan 15, 2021

Debit Complaint

Capfin sent me an sms saying they will debit my account on the 11 Dec 2020. I immediately phd them and spoke to a consultant confirming that I will only get my Dec salary on the 24th Dec. (As opposed to other months when I get it on the last day of the month). Low and behold they debited my account on the 11th. I phd in and asked them to reverse because that little bit of money I had in my account was what I had left for the month of Dec until I got paid on 24th Dec 2020. They refused to reverse so I reversed at the bank and email them that this is what I had done and that they were to debit my account as I had requested on the 24th Dec. They did not debit my account on the 24th Dec and now I am in one month in arrears. I have phoned them and emailed them to say I will have to catch up on the outstanding premium over the course of 3 months and will make additional monthly payments at the nearby Pep stores until the outstanding amount is paid. They keep on call me and threatening me etc. NOW if they had done as I asked in the numerous phone calls and emails to them - I would not be in arrears and they would have their damn installment.
GinMD Send email
Nov 27, 2020

Money Back


I was in arrears and have paid the amount. I was left with R300 plus to settle the account. A debit order of R1138.09 went out from my account.

How do I get my money back?

Please assist.
GinMD Send email
Nov 27, 2020

Want my money back


I was in arrears with Capfin and was left with R300 plus to finalize my payment. They debited R1138.09 from my account.

How can I get my money back?

Please assist.
CWild Send email
Aug 28, 2020

Debit order wrong dates

I told you since lockdown only get paid 31st.

Stop taking my food money!

See my profile. Says Last day of month!

ID 6806080056082

Charlene Wild

Debit order wrong dates

CWild Send email
Aug 28, 2020

Debit order wrong dates

I told you since lockdown only get paid 31st.

Stop taking my food money!

See profile. Says Last day of month.

ID 6806080056082

Charlene Wild

Debit order wrong dates

maloseisaacledwaba Send email
Dec 12, 2019


Mve Send email
Oct 19, 2019


I am receiving messages that threaten me about payment from capfin I settled all my 6 payments I paid 550 for 6 consecutive months yet they say I am still in arrears I am a student and currently not employed with no bursary whatsoever. My email is [email protected] please leave me alone I paid your money
Marina Smal Send email
Oct 12, 2019

Account under debt review

Dear Sir/Madam,

This account was handed to Debt Busters to be put under debt review. Since my application, other payments was suppose to be made firstly and my contribution amount wasn't sufficient to cover all service providers. Court consent form was received and contact was establish between Easton-Berry Incorporated and Debt Busters for banking details for payment since money was paid to the Capfin account. Arrangements was made that the amount allocated for Capfin should be made directly to Easton-Berry Incorporated as from now on.
Capfin has not made contact with Easton-Berry Incorporated to confirm that payment was received. Now I am being harassed with phone calls which are making to decide to change my contact details with immediate effect. For neither Capfin and Easton-Berry Incorporated are in contact to end this non-stop harassing calls.
CAPFIN you are and will receive your money, just accept the Court Consent Form and the money coming from Debt Busters to you via your legal service, Easton-Berry Incorporated.

Marina Smal Send email
Oct 12, 2019

Payment directed to Capfin and not Easton-Berry Incorporated

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am receiving constant phone calls from Easton-Berry Incorporated regarding my Capfin account, which is on the list of service providers with Debt Busters. I have applied for Debt Review in March 2019 and since my contributions was not that high, some of the service providers didn't receive no payment. I recently increased my monthly contribution and the first payment could be made towards my Capfin account and other accounts that could not be covered.
I can mail the up to date Hyphen PDA statement where it proves that money was deducted for payment and why there was non-payment for a long time.
Kindly be informed that if I receive yet another phone call from Easton-Berry Incorporated after Debt Busters contacted them and received their banking details to make payment directly to Easton-Berry Incorporated, which will be done from now on, will I have no other alternative but to change my contact numbers for this harassment is getting irritating.
As you can see there was a payment made to Capfin directly, whether Capfin have received it, is unclear and would appreciate if correspondence could be established that payment was received.

Your assistance would be highly appreciated.


Michellestrydom Send email
Jul 2, 2019

Prescribed account

Account confirmed as prescribed by 3 different individuals. Confirmation received via email. Suddenly the account is appearing on my credit reports again and Capfin claims innocense. This is by no way an acknowledgement of debt. This is a complaint. I have mailed their Ombud 3 times to no avail.
Michellestrydom Send email
Jul 2, 2019

Prescribed account

I have emailed the Ombud for Capfin 3 times with no reply. My account has prescribed and this has been confirmed by 3 individuals. Suddenly Capfin is requesting the amount again and has listed on my Credit report details. I urgently need resolution. My email : [email protected]
Alma Send email
May 24, 2019

Debit order

I have requested, that i pay my account at PEP, My account is currently on debit order. My payment is due month en Capfin sent me the references etc to pay at PEP, but being the 23rd of the month they are trying to take the debit order. This costs me money. I am very unhappy with this. Please can thia be sorted out. I am going to reports this to FISA. This is unlawful loan practise.
LStrydom Send email
May 17, 2019

Calls from Capfin

Calls from Capfin

I keep on receiving sms's & Calls from Capfin notifying me of non payment of loan which I have never took. These messages are not for me and I keep on Informing them it is the wrong number but refuse to remove my number from the system as I was given up as a 3rd party without my knowledge and approval. The Agents phoning is so Rude and disrespectful. I would like for Capfin to STOP phoning me and to REMOVE my number from the system.

Please rectify your mistake.
So annoyed with Capfin's rude Agents!!
Kgadie Send email
Nov 19, 2018

Paid Up letter

I have paid up my Capfin account in December 2017 and sent emails requesting a Paid Up letter to no avail. The account still appears on my profile as owing. Please send a Paid Up Letter to [email protected], account (ID #) 8101140547082.
7803015055080 Send email
Nov 5, 2018

Falsely flagged as under debt review

I had an old capfin account. I recently found out I have been flagged as under debt review in 2017. This is false. I have numerous times called capfin and their head offices. And their legal department's and emailed their legal department's. And called consumer friend and easton berry. Capfin cant seem to resolve this issue. Told cant find me on the system. And to call their legal side. They are just as useless. Only to be told I'm flagged but they dont know who the debt counseling is. How stupid. Because I'm not under any debt counseling. I need them to update me and remove me off credit listing and to have my paid up letter sent to me. Come on Capfin. Get it RIGHT.
Katlegom Send email
Oct 27, 2018

Reloacation of payment

On the 08/10/2018 i paid R4500 to capfin settling my loan but made a mistake on the Ref number.i have sent capfin my atm deposit ref no but they still refuse to realocate my payment requesting a proof of payment from the bank.

Can someone please assist as i am starting to get frustrated with this matter.

Reloacation of payment

louannw Send email
Sep 14, 2018

Loan application

I applied for a loan on the 10th September with Capfin.

Uploaded documents as they requested. today is the 14th and no feedback received from them confirming the application.

Agents have been calling me since 11th September telling me the same story of a IT issue and promised that it would be resolved by yesterday 13 September.

Guess what, no feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[email protected] Send email
Sep 3, 2018

Misuse of personal information

After viewing ads on TV for Capfin loans, some friends suggested that we should go on a week's holiday so I decided I will apply with Capfin for a loan to take this holiday overseas.
It was the 5th July 2018, I did my telephonic application and capfin requested my statements from my bank.

The next day a consultant called me about the statements she had informed me that even though I earn 40k per month they cannot find a suitable date to load, however she said she will see what she could do and she will personally call me back, this went on for another 2 days the a new consultant calls me requesting statements again as they cannot find the other one. I then got it scanned and uploaded via the Capfin app.

On the 10th another consultant calls me to say that I need to go to a pep and scan my ID and upload statements again.

On the 13 th another consultant says the same thing.

Time jus ran out for my holiday so I decide to cancel my trip overseas due to this delay.

By the 18th I received over 15 sms informing me that I need to upload my docs again at a pep, did that twice in one day.

20th Consultant calls to inform me that my details have all been captured incorrectly.
So she will try to rectify the issue with her supervisor.

The next 2 or 3 days I get a call from another loan company saying that I applied for a loan with them which I have not done I am a male and the fraudulent applicant was female.

I just decided to cancel my application with Capfin as a lot has gone wrong in this time and I pray that nobody goes through such an ordeal.

I now have this fake person applying for stuff everywhere with my details.

Thanks to my application with Capfin.
nyokongpp Send email
Sep 3, 2018

Section 126B Letter

I have arrange to pay all of my account balance and have been told that my account is prescribed, so i am struggling to have a Section 126B letter or a letter stating that i no longer owing the Company. I also want to know which steps to follow in order to clear my name from Credit Bureau and how long am i going to take.
nyokongpp Send email
Sep 3, 2018

Clear Credit Record

I have 2 prescribed letters from my creditors and 1 paid up letter. How do i clear my name from Credit Bureau?
Zinta Nel Send email
Aug 15, 2018


I am very upset today. I paid two months upfront on installments in the hope that I will qualify for more cash. I qualified for R5000.00 3 months ago and never missed a payment. I am now left with one installment of R1162.89 after I made the two months payment this morning, but I was immediately declined for further credit.

I do not understand why i was declined, because nothing changed on my credit profile or my affordability, instead I got an increase on my salary at the end of July so I do not know why Capfin is declining me now.

But I would rather like them to then please reverse my money back into my account and stick to the normal debit orders if they do not want to give me more credit, because I need this money.

Thank you

Lungani Lungie Javu Send email
Jul 31, 2018


I have been having issues regarding my loans at Capfin, when I try rectify these on their web-site it kept on giving me an error.
So I spoke to a lady by Shafieqa she asked me to screen much and send an email to her Customer Services Team Leader Andile Calana. who is always busy to take my calls, but you can hear him on the background. I’m tired of being treated like shit by people who don’t want to do what they have been hired to do. I have sent numerous e-mails to Andile Calana and spoken to Thabisile , Funeka and other agents whore of not help to me and my issues. I was promised results and feedback in 24 hours that was on the 25 of July 2018 now it is way past that 24 hours. This makes me look at pep stores CAPFIN in a different perspective, this Andile so called Team leader is rude , as some point he hung up on me, This is really frustrating especially the level of professionalism or lack off. They are rude as if they are doing me a favour forgetting that they are paid to resolve and attend to us.

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