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cybercops2004 Send email
Jul 27, 2020

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud being committed by fake Cashnetusahub telephone 888-351-0036. they are making customers
place money they send into customers bank accounts and instruct customers to withdraw money sent into their
Accounts after giving them personal banking information and to buy Walmart Cash Cards and later they steal
Their own money back by asking for Walmart money card information and clear the Walmart money back and
Later put in a claim for money put into personal bank and thereby ripping off customers for their own funds.
These people seem to be from India doing these scams using telephone system "Magic Jack" to move their
Criminal organizations from state to state avoiding Police and federal authority in their Cash scam.

I Remain,
Ricardo Cruz/ 484-903-3957

Bank Fraud

dynomitejoe Send email
Jun 3, 2017

Cash Net US Group - $832.75

Same fraud letter copyrighted back in 2006 - Exact same Email and exact same amount but instead of Kevin Jones
mine is Kevin Johnson

Cash Net US Group - $832.75

mpws6030 Send email
Jan 27, 2014

CashNetUSA letter

Received a letter from CashNetUSA today (27 Jan 2014) saying I had a loan severely past due. The amount of this loan, in the letter, was $587.50 and the settlement offer was $440.63. The letter has an account number: 18269677, and the mailing address for CashNetUSA is listed as P. O. box 643990, Cincinnati, OH 46264-3990. The letter says it is from Calvin Kesson - Sr. Department Manager - phone # (888) 627-3560.
I don't know what account this letter is referring to. I filed for bankruptcy in 2011, so I don't know what is going on - a scam?
Themrs_n Send email
Feb 27, 2012

They tried to SCAM me

I applied for a payday loan, I recieved the loan and paid it back, 5 months after paying back the loan, I was contacted by a so-called attorney for CashNet USA saying that I still owed them money. First off, I had to listen to the message about 12 times b4 I could understand what the man (Darryl Simms ) as he claimed was saying.I told Darryl that I could provide proof that I paid back this loan.He then said to me, he doesn't care what proof I think I have, if I didn't pay the money today, I should contact my lawyer immediately..To add injury to insult he even went as far as to say May GOD help me, because I had no idea what I was in for. I could do nothing but laugh !! In fact my laughter mad him angry..I said to him take me to court if you !! hahaha, I have bank documents !! He said that the police would be at my job in the morning to arrest me nad again May GOD help me...and then he hung up... To no surprise to me, I wasn't arrested the next day!! Darryl had the nerve to call me around 3pm that day and say that he took mercy on me but if I did not pay TODAY..he couldn't stop what was going to happen next... Exuse my language but I told Darryl where he could get off at, and it wasn't nice!! that was 1 month ago... I haven't heard from Darryl since !! I think it's sad the way these ppl prey on others...MAY GOD HELP THEM !! CashNetUsa (aka..CNU ) =SCAMMERS!!!
Anjilkat Send email
Feb 27, 2012

They tried to SCAM me

I have to say that SOMEone out there is doing exactly what this cashnet worker is saying. I applied on a few different sites and began getting calls but I hadn't gone any further in accepting or signing when suddenly some guy with very broken English called with the exact same kind of "collector" or authoritative kind of tone. I told him I had an emergency and had to hang up before he got too far into anything. But he was kinda sneeringly saying good luck and he wouldnt be able to do anything but said something like he wouldnt be able to stop what was going to happen. I have been seeing this same kind of thing popping up on a few truly legitimate looking loan company reviews and I also had my bank account attacked via EFT from a "CASHLOAN" at 8008777689 (something like that on the last 4). Several other people had this same thing happen with the same entry. First they deposit 15 cents in three increments, then remove it and then about one week later they deduct $30. A couple of people have had more taken but most only the 30. Most people say the cadh loan thing but a few say another term. So SOMEone is misrepresenting legit places and trying and managig to fraud many people and they better be caught soon. Just an absolute disGUSTING thing for anyome to do. I even saw one comment from someone who used to work for one of the people and they said they made bank while working there. Another person produced somemphoney webpage saying the $30 was a processing fee. At no time did I sign one ANYTHING saying there would be a 30 fee and I DO take the time to read every word. There is one company who I DONT find any poor reviews about that just about had my loan go thru and were rushing me to sign it but apparemtly I was taking too long so wach time it would make me "re-apply.". Thus was a huge red flag to me although I had spoken to a rep and thy seemed quite legit. But in that company's loan docs there was a special paragraph seperater from the actual repayment part that point blank said they could randomly take money or drafts out of any of my checking accounts at will. SECOND red flag cuz the guy said for me not to worry they would only take out the loan and interest fees. THIRD red flag was the signature date in the docs dated the month prior as I had initaited but didnt follow through. I even emailed the guy back explaining that I had these concerns and that I hadnt found any poor reviewz on them but had others and had my bank acct dinged so I couldnt follow thru. I was essentially inviting him to reply to speak of their legitimacy--No reply back, which told me that they appafently were'nt so legitimate afterall! Their name was GuaranteedCashNow. He had mentione other companies but again, i wasnt about to sign anything that had the wrong date and if the loan was approved once, it should continue without any need to completely reapply. That yells me they might attempt yo say that you did the extension of the loan no matter what and each time reapplying would possibly subject one to multiple loan applications they could attempt to collect on. I read thru all 18 pages and printed out other companies loan docs and they do NOT have this extra paragraph I am referring to. I dont know if I habe a copy or not, but I beliebe I do. I will attempt to post it later. Once I get my internet up as I am on my iphone now.

Thanks to the cadsnet worker for all the info as I need to turn all my stuff in and still need an additional loan. People really do need to take the time to read EVERYTHING before signing anythng--especially electronically! And print copies of everything. I feel confident I can tell who os legit now and who isnt.
I wish everyone well with all their pursuits that bring harm to none but those who have harmed.

Anonymous.driver Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Customer Service & Application Process Blow, Impossible To Get Loan

I needed to take a payday loan to get me through the next couple of weeks due to some unexpected expenses. I received a solicitation in the mail from CashNet USA offering 50% off loan fees. So I thought I would give them a try. This is the first time I have EVER tried getting a payday loan from anyone.

I go to the site, fill in the application and click continue. The site returns "you already have an account." WTF?!? So I try resetting the luck. I try the "forgot email" luck (my info "not recognized"). I contact customer service through chat. It takes 20 minutes for them to comprehend the situation. They finally give me a temporary password. I complete the application process only to be denied. Denied? For $250.00? I TAKE HOME $725.00 PER WEEK. My bureau scores are 700+ across the board. My FICO score is 700+. The maximum payday loan limit in my state is $600.00. How the hell was I denied???
Yakazzula Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Customer Service & Application Process Blow, Impossible To Get Loan

I actually stupidly applied for a Pay Advance Loan through them also, the same, that I messed up my S.S.#; they wanted me to fax my social security card to them, that is when the alarm bells started to ring. I said that I would not do that. So about an hour later while I was filling out a form with a different company for some temp. moneys; only $100; a woman called me and asked me to verify my S.S.# and the loan would go through. I am on disability so I am so glad I did what I did= I used my Business Account checking number; which is not the account the direct deposit goes into (I run a small business freelancing graphic design) and just happened to be using that account as I had lost my primary debt. card for my primary checking account. I was approved until 5 p.m. I got an email saying that I wasn't approved, that there was an error in the approval process. Where as I am relieved that it didn't go through, I am still nervous of identity theft; and since both of my accounts are at a 0 balance, I am thinking of calling the bank and see if they will change the number I have on my business account. Or close it. Than I will reopen it with another #. I don't have very good credit, own any credit cards so good luck with what anyone will try to do if they try and steal my identity! LOL the laughs on them this time! Ha.

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