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Jul 27, 2020

Bank Fraud

July 14, 2020

Honorable Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20500

Honorable Donald J. Trump,

As director of operation S.T.O.M.P. fighting police corruption in New York, Puerto Rico and Pennsylvania
For 27 years using Martial Law as my personal protection came at a very high price, my life. My operations was established in Carolina, Puerto Rico during the Honorable William Jefferson Clinton
Administration. I started the operation with pen and paper letters to the White House and my operation was to be kept secret by the Clinton Administration due to the danger I was involved
In with massive Police corruption in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico involving cops on the take
With drug kingpins. Every time I made a report to the White House using expensive next day air
Letters to speed up the process of all my reports, the Clinton Administration would send my letters
To Honorable Pedro Rossello and he would contact the Commandancia de Carolina, Puerto Rico to
Have the Carolina, Puerto Rico Police interfere with my secret operations. Me being the sole director
Carried no guns or weapons of any type. I had no back up, no radio communication or no protection
At all to save my life, my mind and skillful writings using the code of military justice was my weapon
To combat police corruption and reporting my findings to New York City internal Affairs division for
Their support. Police used to come to my home and tell me the Captain wanted to have coffee with
Me to sort out the massive Police Corruption in Puerto Rico while the Police Commissioner Pedro
Toledo’s son was a drug kingpin working with the Police. Since I refused to have no part with the
Puerto Rican Police they would come to my home, cut open the locks in my gate and beat me down
With 36” Police sticks and would put me in the VA hospital for two weeks due to the severe beating.
Since they knew that this was all out Police corruption they figured that the beating would stop me
And keep me quite once and for all, but they were so mistaken because then I brought 8mm carmeras,
Night scope vision goggles, computers and just advanced my operation as I patrolled the capitol
Every night in a black suit and tie to look official. I brought a Blue Chevy Malibu 420,000 dollars cash
To make the car my cruiser at the Capitol in San Juan, Puerto Rico. word was going around Puerto Rico
And Governor Pedro Rossello wasn’t to eliminate me from the Capitol and the Puerto Rico Government
Put out a contract hit on me and ordered the Police of Puerto Rico to assassinate me on highway 22 one
Evening as I was traveling from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico to San Juan, Puerto Rico. as I got to the toll booth
In Bayamon, Puerto Rico a State Police Officer with a jacket on to hide his badge number began shooting
In the air as he then pointed his service revolver directly to my chess, point blank range. I immediately
J-Turned my vehicle and escaped a fatal shot to my chess and the State Police Officer shot my passenger
Side tire as I took off one way down highway 22 in order to save my life from this attempted assassination by the Pedro Rossello Administration and Police commissioner Pedro Toledo.
12 State Trooper squad cars chase me down highway 22 and I was going 80 on three tires and
I had to stop because my rack and pinion system was loosening up my car’s stability to with stand
The mechanical features of my vehicle as nuts and bolts were flying every where. Once I seen more
State Troopers coming I immediately stopped and surrender myself over to State Police and the officer
Who shot at me grabbed me by the hair and tried to smash my teeth to the ground and another state
Trooper Stopped him and told him what the hell was he doing. The State Troopers took me to an undisclosed Police station and they contacted the U.S. Department of Justice and informed them
Of the Police shooting and the U.S. Department of Justice confiscated my vehicle and took it to ballistics
And found a bullet in my tire as proof that the officer was shooting at me. The DA then put charges
Against me for attempted assassination of a Police officer and immediately locked me up in the
State Penitentiary: OSO BLANCO with half a million dollar bail and I just was trying to save my life
From a fatal gunshot wound to the chess. I was locked up with prisoner serving 500 years in jail.
I didn’t know what was going on and knew that I could get killed by an inmate, so I just stayed
In my cell all day and night taking massive showers due to the extreme heat in the prison.
The State Police officer who took the contract hit was a 15 year Veteran of the force and three
Months past and I faced this killer for hire in court. The first question the Judge asked the state
Police Officer was: “ did you use your service revolver against Mr. Cruz Serrano”? the officer
Reply no and the Judge went into an outburst and shouted at the 15 year veteran calling him a
Liar! He then told him that he was lying because the U.S. Department of Justice found a bullet
In my tire matching his service revolver during the ballistics examination of my vehicle and
Immediately dropped the Charges of attempted Murder to simple aggression and sealed my
Records and released me from the State Penitentiary Oso Blanco after serving 3 months.
After I got out I went into hiding and still went after the Police Corruption because I knew
That the Police Commissioner Pedro Toledo was involved with his son, a drug kingpin and
Also knew that La policia de Puerto Rico were being paid off by drug kingpins operating
In the metro areas. I also knew that Pedro Rossello was not dealing with a full deck and
Knew that William Jefferson Clinton tried to expose my secret operation to the government
Of Puerto Rico which were stealing funds from the American Government to support their
Bad habits. Before this incident happened a state Police Cruiser rammed my vehicle in front
Of the Capitol during la marina fuera de vieques protest in front of hundreds of people who
Witness the Police corruption and came to my aid as the Police officer started to bash my
Car’s windows with his Police stick. I was arrested and immediately released when Police
Found out I was a U.S. Navy Veteran. My vehicle was all crashed up and the Police ordered
Me to have the vehicle towed and I refused and took off and left the car behind. I walked
Around San Juan all night as the Pedro Rossello Administration called out a code red on me.
I was walking down Condado, San Juan, a tourist area about 2:00 A.M. in the morning when
State Police found me undressed in my swimming trunks. Two female Officers and three male
Officers came out the squad car and yelled in Spanish,” there he is! They then began to beat
Me as they pulled down my swimming trunks and placed my Penis and testicles over a hot
Lamp and attempted to castrate my penis with the hot lamp. I fought for my life and overcame
The Police brutality and I landed on top of the light on my butt and the hot lamp give me a
First degree burn on my butt, leaving my skin behind on the hot lamp. Police then dragged
Me to the beach and tried to drown me as they put beach sand in my eyes, mouth and ears.
After Police knew they could not handle my power and might as a United States Navy Veteran
They seen my dogs tags on my neck and they began to panic and said oh my God, this guy is
A veteran and they immediately threw me in the Squad car and dropped me off in the VA
Hospital and placed me in front of the emergency room, said noting to no one and took off
Before anyone seen them. The more I got beat down by LA POLICIA DE PUERTO RICO, the
More stronger I got and then completely started using computers to communicate without
Snail mail. I wasn’t going to give up that easy and continue Operation S.T.O.M.P despite
My beatings and injuries at the hands of Police Corruption. Martial Law gave me the edge
Against the Police of Puerto Rico using the Uniform Code of Military Justice against them.
My operation S.T.O.M.P. lasted 10 years without anyone in Puerto Rico noticing what I was
Doing in secret and when the right time came to make a change up of my secret operation
I moved my operation to Pennsylvania where Easton, PA Police were involved in Police
Corruption and again I was abused by Easton Police due to my mental Illness and Police used
2 tasers against me and shot me twice in the back and I nearly had a heart attack as they left
Me in no condition to fight and dragged me out of my apartment and took me many miles
Away from Easton, PA and placed me in a mental hospital without telling my wife. Right there
And then I knew that Operation S.t.o.m.p. would bring down Police Corruption in Easton, PA
By using Martial Law. In an earlier incident a Police officer from the Bath Police broke both
My shoulders due to excessive use of force. So I know what is Police Corruption by my experience
With dealing with corrupt Police officers and this is how I got my power from the white House
As director of Operation S.T.O.M.P. for the past 27 years and I know how to bring down the
Corruption in Americas Police forces. I never even bothered to press charges against the Police
Because I didn’t want to blow my cover as director of operation S.T.O.M.P. Finally in 2016 Mayor
Sal Panto of Easton and the Obama Administration and the democratic Party had me arrested in
My own home by Easton Secret Police who wore only street clothes, never showed any badges,search
Warrants, or even a simple arrest warrant and they charged me with impersonating a Police officer
And Terrorism in the city of Easton and placed bail on me of $ 185,000 dollars and just threw me into
Northampton County Prison without clothes directly into the hole claiming I was with terrorist Group
ISIS and even put me in the newspaper Lehigh Valley Live, Fake News. The Obama Administration knew
They had arrested an innocent man and my attorney Phil Lauer got me into an Obama second chance
Program for the mentally ill and I served 18 months in the Obama Program and I explained the facts
To Honorable Craig A. Dally, courtroom number 5 and after 18 months of testimony the judge dropped
All charges of terrorism on me and sealed my records. The judge was so impressed with me he even
Gave me a clock and I gave him a brand new Judge black robe to show my gratitude towards the
Justice system of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Director Operation S,T,O,M,P,
U.S. Navy Propulsion Engineer Top Watch
Ricardo Cruz Serrano.

Bank Fraud

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