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John Taylor Send email
Dec 18, 2019

reservation r1787458834

Booked through GETAROOM .Found out after that there was NO cancelation policy. got took for the full price .
terrible website DO NOT USE!!
Hekos2016 Send email
Dec 17, 2019


Googled phone number for Travel Lodge in Niagara Falls. A number came up as 1-888-724-1575. I called it to make a reservation. At no time was I advised that this was in fact NOT a Wyndham company, which the online search alleges it to be. ( I realized that much after the fact). So not only was I not advised the number I called was a third party vendor, they gave me two rates. One was non refundable and one was refundable. I took the refundable rate because with kids and travelling during the holidays we know anything can happen.
When I realized that we could not make this travel date, I searched for the booking confirmation they were supposed to send me. I realized that I never did receive it. So I checked my credit card to see if it was charged. It was charged but by a company name i did not recognize. The charge showed up as CCI*HOTEL-EBOOKING. (I still didn't think anything of it at this point, but did notice that they charged me the incorrect amount).I called the number on my credit card charge to make the cancellation.
I was told at that time that my reservation was non refundable. I told them that I asked for a refundable reservation. They said they would forward my inquiry to the escalations department. It was also during this time that I realized I had booked with a third party vendor. So at this point I had NOT cancelled, but was inquiring about why my reservation was not refundable as requested.
Only to receive an email telling me too bad, nothing they can do, my reservation could not be refunded.
In the meantime, they had cancelled my reservation. And still no refund.
After several emails back and forth to point out that they had still not investigated the issues of not sending me a booking confirmation, of charging me the incorrect amount, and of charging me for the incorrect reservation, all I get is "thank you for contacting us. There is nothing we can do".
The entire situation is fraudulent and sketchy.
So when I called the number in an attempt to figure out why I got so duped (I consider myself a savvy consumer), there is no name given ever, you are taken to an automated system before you get to a rep, so the rep already knows which hotel to claim to work for. And still all the while, not giving ever, at no point, the actual name of the company they are representing. And because you assume you are calling a specific property, there is really no reason to catch that little dubious part of it all.

This is so frustrating. I hope that this company is investigated. It makes me sick to think of how many families they are ripping off that are saving up perhaps the very last of their money, and not getting what they asked for including the wrong rate and a non refundable booking even though a refundable room was requested.
jim heil Send email
Oct 2, 2019


I booked a room on what appeared to be the Hyatt Regency .was entitled to a special event rate ,CCI*HOTEL said I got the special room rate for our event. Compared notes with my fellow members to find out my credit card was charged double the special rate.
I canceled the room , they E=Mail a canceled response , said refund less fee $ 12.00 in one week.
90 day later room still book now by Priceline, Hotel can not cancel that reservation , only Priceline. Charges were still on my credit card.
Good thing I have Bank of America. showed them the E-mail cancel notice. got a refund for all charges in 2 weeks.
I stayed at the hotel on a replacement credit card.
Hotel said Priceline was on the hook, since I did not book with Priceline, for any charger and Priceline " made it right " per the Hotel.
The symbol " * " in there name is a trap so you can't find them , on my bank statement the true business name showed up.
SStout Send email
Jul 9, 2019

Consumer Club d/b/a GetARoom

I logged onto a website that I thought was the website for Weber's Hotel in Ann Arbor Michigan. I found it by Googling Weber's. The site when I clicked on it appeared to be Weber's. I made a reservation for 3 days in July -- and entered my credit card number. The confirmation email I received looked very similar to one I had received the previous year, when I did book directly with Weber's. I failed to notice that the terms and conditions were far more onerous than those offered by Weber's -- or that my joint [with my husband] Capital One credit card was immediately charged $659.22. When before my trip, I called Weber's to change the number of nights and the departure date, the hotel told me that I had booked with Priceline. I could not find any receipt of confirmation from Priceline,so denied this. I did go and stay at the hotel -- told them I wanted to change the departure date. Again, they told me to call Priceline -- who they had recorded as the source and number of the reservation. I called the Priceline number the hotel gave me and was told that they had no record of me and that that was not one of their registration numbers. With many telephone calls and interactions with the hotel, I realized that my initial reservation confirmation was with a company doing business as Get a Room -- though they were identified only as CCI*HOTEL RES800-468-3578TX on the credit card charge. Multiple phone calls and searches led to Get A Room. I got a refund of $219 from this company --and a $50 "good will" credit from my credit card company (as it was too late to stop payment). But through the Weber's site I would have paid $189 for the first night and $139 for the second, so even with credits,I still grossly overpaid. This company is scamming people -- taking advantage via its advertising and ad placement on Google. The 'false flag' alterations-- no, it's Priceline --or other vendors-- are particularly obnoxious. Suggest anyone complaining here also file a consumer complain with the Federal Trade Commission.
Rad1co Send email
Jun 6, 2019

Fraudulent CCI

These CCI jerks tried to rip me off $ 636.54. Even Barclays didn't detect this. I had to call Barclays to inquire. They Barclays tells me it was Expedia. I called Expedia. They said wasn’t them. I had to call Barclays again to dispute. After several days, i had to call Barclay again. Only then did they inform me that it was fraud. Barclays sent another Hawaiian Airlines card. Haven’t activated it yet until i receive my refund, inconveniently by US mail in 7-10 business days. So, I doubt i shall do any further business with Expedia or Barclays. F that CCI.
Billythekid Send email
Feb 14, 2019

CCIHOtel Reservations/Get a

I booked a Hotel Reservation online on January 15th 2019. I thought I was making the reservation with the actual Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, Mass. According to my bank statement, the money charged for my Reservation) was taken from" Get a" and the amount taken was $768.21 on January 17th 2019. I cancelled my hotel reservation in time according to the hotel's cancellation policy which was done on February 5, 2109 before 11:59 p.m. When I called the Four Seasons Hotel to see where my refund was, I was told that I booked the reservation through a third party and they don't deal with third parties! So I contacted the people at Book a and was told that I didn't cancel with them in a timely manner! I told the person I spoke with that I thought I had booked the reservation with the hotel not a third party!!!!!! I told them I want my money refunded and they can call the hotel to confirm I did cancel in a timely manner. I was told they will get back to me in 7-10 business days with an answer. I told the person I spoke with that I will not give up on getting my refund. I will take this as far as I can for a solution. I believe this whole thing is a scam and the Hotel might know about this. I will make phone calls and look into this, everyone that gets scammed by these people needs to take this as far as they can and not let them get away with this!!!!!!!!
Cindyk Send email
Jan 27, 2019


I made a reservation for a business trip through Starwood and some how was charged by CCI Hotels for my reservation when I checked out. Mind you, my Mastercard business card was charged at the time of check out but CCI Hotel charged my personal Alaska Airlines card for the same charge. I called the number that showed up on my statement and there was no answer. I contacted Alaska Airlines to dispute the charge and provided documentation showing that I've been double charged (once with the Business MasterCard, which is valid by the hotel, and again for my personal Alaska Airlines Credit card. I am getting no where and have been trying to get a credit on my Alaska card that shows the charge from CCI...I hope someone helps to put them out of business and prosecutes them. I don't believe I'm ever going to see the refund and there's no way of reaching these scam losers.
jadon8573 Send email
Jan 1, 2019

Double Charged

CCI charged my credit card for a hotel stay and upon check out so did Wyndham Hotel. Wyndham took the reservation from CCI Hotel Reservation so they should get the money from them. Now I have to worry with being double charged.
estory Send email
Nov 29, 2018


I booked a room with what appeared to be the MCM Fundome Hotel in Odessa. The operator actually pretended to be reservations at the MCM Fundome as I asked to verify. I was actually charged by at a much higher rate than the hotel listed.

Get-A Room is a fraudulent company that
1. Never sent me an e-mail conformation as they were supposed to
2. Never sent a receipt as they were supposed to
3. Cannot pull up a record without me providing the confirmation number they did not provide to me
4. Hang up on me when I try to get a receipt because they did not provide this information.

In my opinion, the FBI should raid the offices in Dallas (which you cannot contact) and shut them down.
stevepaint Send email
Oct 25, 2018


I thought I was on the Quality Inn website when I booked my room for three nights at $87.20 a night, but after the representative took my credit card information and confirmed my reservation through my Costco Visa card, and gave me a confirmation number, we hung up the phone. Immediately I got an alert on my phone for several charges. I found out that the reservation charge was increased to $330.00 plus three charges of $12.99 as a "booking fee". I immediately called them back to cancel my reservation but was informed that it was non-refundable. I filed a dispute with my CC company and am still waiting for a resolution. This is a big time scam that I hope no one else gets taken in.
phil7777 Send email
Oct 21, 2018

Cancelled but still charged

I believed I was speaking directly to the Hotel O in LA. I made my reservation on 10/16 for 10/18. The seminar was cancelled. I called back two hours later to cancel. They (CCI-hotels) told me I had to cancel by 10/13. I told them I made the reservation on 10/16. They would not see the stupidity of their argument.
[email protected] Send email
Oct 20, 2018


I did not even realize I booked a stay for a recent business trip through them. I was significantly overcharged for the "Tax Recovery Charges & Service Fee" and now they cannot or at least will not even provide me with a breakdown of the amount by day.
Pat29918 Send email
Oct 15, 2018

CCI [email protected]

Very disappointed this company is a fraud. I was trying to get my money back. We pay for room on arriving. Try to get money back off card they will not answer.
lorenzot37 Send email
Oct 11, 2018


this is a fraudulent company that the government should take it out of business
they double charged me on hotel reservations to Puerto Plata DR.for the amount of 473.08 two times ones on my credit card and ones on my wife's card because GETAROOM never paid the hotel for our reservations all inclusive never again and I will tell all my friends and anybody out there be aware of this fraudulence company ( ladrones)
lorenzot37 Send email
Oct 11, 2018


we ware double charged on hotel room in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic and they don want to reimburse me for the amount of $ 473.08 they never paid the hotel room the hotel never received any money from this GETAROOM all we can thing that this is a Frode charge on my credit card please don't get involved with this company because they take your money and never reimburse you, for the passed three months I been fighting for my money L.T.C.
Wildcat Send email
Sep 22, 2018


When booking a hotel room on the Drury Hotel website it took me to [email protected] and I completed the transaction. The room charge was booked at $182.19 on my credit card. When arriving at the Drury Broadview Hotel they said I had a reservations thru a third party - did not think much about it. When checking out the next day we were given a receipt, of which after talking with the hotel I should not have been given the receipt, as it was for the hotel selling the room to cci hotel for a total price of $130.66 which was actually the price that ccihotel paid - therefore charging my card an extra $51.53! This is a scram to overcharge so please make 100% sure you are on the hotel website and not a third party scammer who overcharges you.
cdrephal Send email
Sep 11, 2018

False Information - Refuse to refund cancellation

I booked a stay at a hotel in Appleton, WI through TripAdvisor and The information provided for the hotel stated it was pet friendly. I decided to follow up on that information immediately I clicked the reserve button. I found that in fact, the hotel is NOT pet friendly and only accepts service dogs. The hotel informed me that they had been trying to have the information updated for quite some time and the sites have not done so. Therefore, I made my reservation under false pretenses provided by the site for this booking. I cancelled the reservation 5 minutes after the booking. ( even confirmed this when I called to request a refund) I was told that the reservation was absolutely non-refundable. I have now submitted a dispute with my credit card company due to the false information that led me to believe this reservation would work for our stay.

I do not recommend purchasing from these sites until you have verified what they say is accurate. (I have learned me lesson!) It will now be approximately 90 days until I know the results of the dispute.
TexasCPA Send email
Aug 29, 2018


I thought I was calling the Crowne Plaza in Stamford CT, but instead, got these unscrupulous people. I ended up paying not only $30 more than my partner I was traveling with, but paid additional of $14.95 in "other charges". I will NEVER use this company again!!! I would recommend that anyone booking reservations asks to make sure they are talking to the actual hotel. This company should be fined for FRAUD and closed!!!
ccisucks Send email
Jul 26, 2018

Fraudulently posing as hotel, tax for nothing

I just booked a hotel thinking I was on the hotel's actual website. Now I know it was a third party company called Guest Reservations TM. This company should be charged and put out of business as they are sneaky in the darkest sense of the word. As many others have stated happened to them, I was charged large confusing useless taxes that only showed on my bill AFTER the charges all went through. This is fraud. I don't care how they color it. It's fraud pure and simple.

Hotels should start caring about getting rid of this kind of fraud, because it gives them a bad name they may not have earned!!!

I finally found the real number of the hotel and called them directly. I did have a reservation and confirmed this, but they said they have nothing to do with Guest Reservations dot com ( I wonder if that was the truth?).
I'm not usually taken in by scams. This one was very slick. It was an expensive mistake. I hope cancelling my credit card is enough to assure I won't have to worry about more crap from them.
My advice would be to phone and ask for restaurant/entertainment suggestions in the area. If they don't know, they are not the hotel, so don't give them your card number.
Theresagb6189 Send email
Jul 23, 2018

Reservation cancelled and still billed

I made a reservation for 2 nights thinking I was doing it through Holiday Inn Express. I called my credit card before the charge went through to cancel it because I found a cheaper rate. Was told to contact the merchant which I did. The reservation was cancelled but the charge still went through
pannes Send email
Jul 23, 2018

Double charged

Credit card charged for 220.16 and one for 180.47..Transferred to GET A ROOM they don't know what I am talking about and then transferred back to Super 8 by Wyndham in Williamsville NY as I was told by CCI res they do there own billing. Not so. After being transferred 6 times, no resolution. SCAM.
jsilvey Send email
Jul 16, 2018

double charged

Booked online for $119 for Hyatt hotel in Addison TX., which took me to Guest Reservations, assuming still Hyatt website. Charged me $119 x 2 for two nights . I never received any confirmation and only found pit when I checked into the hotel. Tried to call CCi and got terminal hold. . I have paid one reservation but am disputing the other one. On hold with CCI right now and have been holding for 2 minutes.
WNagle Send email
Jul 12, 2018

Fraud Charges

My husbands AmEx card was charged for 1509.67 for hotel charges he never made. When we tried to call we only got a recording telling us to call whatever hotel directly and then we were disconnected. AmEx said the hotel was CCI Hotel Rooms booked through Am Ex took the charges off and issued us a new card. This is another reason to book only with the hotels directly. These third party sites are problematic.
jctownsend Send email
Jul 8, 2018


Complete scam. I guess they forgot to mention the $45 convenience fee until after the room was booked.I called the moment I saw the charge and they said they could give me a 10% discount on the convenience fee. I called my card and immediately disputed the charge.
Gwendolyn Send email
Jul 6, 2018

Getaroom charges not approved

I booked a hotel room through The charge for the room was immediately posted to the credit card, but a while later, a second fee was charged to my card as well. When I contacted the number that was included on the description of the charge (800-292-0712), I reached a call centre.

The agent requested my confirmation number and then proceeded to read off the booking information. It was like listening to a parrot. I knew the details of the reservation but the agent failed to ask for the purpose of my call and then indicated that she did not see any additional fees charged to me. I asked to be redirected to the finance area or to an escalation resource that could investigate my complaint rather than just rattling of my reservation information. She was unable to do that. At this point I believed my credit card to be compromised either by this fraudulent company or ignorance of the resources working there. Cancelled my card and will tell everyone I know about this bogus company and steer them away from ever using their services.

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