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NBMorales Send email
Jan 11, 2019

Gas Meter change - CenterPoint

On January 7, 2019 CenterPoint Energy set a service person to change the meter.

This person change the meter but was unable to relight my water heater, the repair person, the manager and now the customer service clerk tell me "it is not their responsibility to light my water heater". This guy was so incompetent that when the plumber came in told me; "there is nothing wrong with your heater, only air on the lien" a quick bleed and poof it light up. Of course the service call was $110.00 and CenterPoint continues to say "its not their responsibility, not their problem"

I need information to escalate the problem, I think CenterPoint is responsible and should refund me the $110,00.
nbjones723 Send email
Oct 5, 2018

accused of gas fraud

I got home from work at 5 and went to the kitchen to wash my hands to start cooking. I tried to cut the stove on and realized my gas was disconnected. I called customer service because I knew that I didn't have a bill due. They informed me that they had removed the entire meter because I had committed fraud. I how can I still gas and she told me that she didn't know people do it all the time. I told her I didn't steal anything and why wasn't I informed of this before they disconnected my gas ore removed my meter. She said the letter went out today to explain everything to me. I told her that I had disable family members and that I could not wait for a letter. She put me on hold and came back and informed me that I had put in a move order then reconnected service and that I owed $8.31. She said their was a discrepancy in the meter reading I told her I have been purchasing my home for the last 12 years and I have never put in a move order and what kind of fraud is $8.31. She said people steal all amounts. I asked for a supervisor she put me on hold and came back and told me that a mistake had been made on their part and no fraud had been committed but one of their reps put some information in wrong and they would have my meter put back and turned on tomorrow. I asked why do I have to take off of work and wait until tomorrow for something that was you all fault. I was put on hold and she came back and said she had to escalate it to get it done tonight but they will be out. Needless to say I am still waiting. No apology for accusing me of stealing,,,NOTHING
martineleve Send email
Jun 4, 2018


We are in may 4th 2018. Last last sunday, i had a power outage that lasted 11 hours from 5:00 pm to 3:30 AM. Do not ask me how I survived and what I had to do to overcome the heat and mosquitoes without electricity. THis Sunday, another one starting at 8:30 yesterday, and today monday it is 10:30 AM it is still going on. If you ask them, they will tell you that "Power will be resolved at 1:51 PM'. How the hell do these incompetent bunch that cannot be dependable for one bit have such precision in me.
Centerpoint Energy is bringing THIRD WORLD power supply to Houston a city on the shabby side already. When you call them, if you act as if you are frustrated, they hang up on you. And wether you speak to a supervisor or the CEO no one of those dummies know anything about the cause of the outage let alone what the customer should do. I guess we will just wait for the next bill. POWER POINT ENERGY is a backwards energy company that is remining me of the ones in the small villages of Africa. I said , 'small villages'. This is a shitty service for a lot money. I hope I will find a way to cut them of my life because I don;t think I can sustain those 12 plus hours without electrictiy in the United States of America.
Highbill Send email
Nov 18, 2015

Energy Usage Report

Every month or so I receive a energy efficiency report from Center Point, I am always the lowest consumer in my area, this week I receive a notice I was the highest and most inefficient user in my area. Here is the problem, I only have a gas hot water heater and I had just installed a high efficiency gas central heating system. I have not even turned on my heat this year, so all the gas I use, is to heat water.
In the colder month we only keep our thermostat at 68 degrees and use heating pad and lap blanket to stay warm.
How can I go from the most efficient to the worse efficient consumer in one month????
meridethshields77 Send email
Feb 2, 2015

smart meters

I have a small two bedroom 2 bath house. I have reliant energy with a center point smart meter. My electric rate is 10.7 cents a kWh and my bill keeps going up every month. Now it is $792.36. There is no way my bill is that high. Everything in my house is energy efficient and my central heat and air to. Its set at 69 degrees all the time on heat. So it hardly runs. When I called they tried to tell me it was the central air unit till I explained it stays on 69 degrees on heat. Then they say maybe something is wrong with your electrical in your house. I explained my father was a contractor and I grew up building houses so I know when there is a problem. I have watched the meter and everything in house will be off except for porch light and you can still watch the kWh go up on meter. IT IS THERE METER!!! If they do not fix this problem I will invest my money into wind generator and solar panels. I am not playing with them. I'll do it to prove a point. We have a choice and don't have to have them as provider's. There is always a way around them if you put your mind to it.
Watcher77 Send email
Sep 5, 2012

Smart Meters - electric and gas

Is anyone is the state of Texas here on this board having problems with their smart meters?
Victim07 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Smart Meter A/C electrical damage

We would like to know the out come of your problem with your smart meter, we are having health problems due to the smart meter.
Zac Foster Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Smart Meter A/C electrical damage

Centerpoint installed the new smart meter in my neighborhood just over a week ago and caused my unit and my neighbors unit to blow out. Centerpoint claims that they are not responsible and that I would have to talk to their independent contractor's adjuster that does the work for them. Of course, the independent contractor's claims adjuster stated that they never had any problems with the smart meter's installation before. They find it important enough to knock on your door and recommend that you turn off appliances and A/C units if you happen to be at home, but if your not at home you are out of luck.
Angry Houston Citizen Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Natural gas interrupted

Thank you Ms. Nirple. Money is not the issue. The fact that they did not advise me if the disconnect prior (they claimed to have called and sent notice) and that they lied about reconnect date and amounts are why I'm frustrated. This entity can do as they please because we here in Houston have nobody else to turn to because of regulations. There is no competition, therefore no service.
Angry Houston Citizen Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Natural gas interrupted

Thanks for the kind words.
Angry Houston Citizen Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Natural gas interrupted

I am very frustrated and reaching out to you in hopes of getting the word out reagrding this matter. Below is my email to the BBB. I am currently without natural gas, in the winter, with kids. No heat or hot water.

I had my service disconnected for the first time in the 19 years I have been with Centerpoint for a late $41.00 payment. It was my oversight, my fault. But now they are trying to charge over $200 to reconnect. I talked to manager "Lucio" last night who agreed to waive the deposit and suggested if I pay the remaining $101.83 last night before 9:00 pm, my service would be restored the following day. I called this morning and spoke to manager "Alma" who 1) said Lucio did not waive the deposit and 2) said I would have to wait until tomorrow or pay another $40+ dollars to get service today. I have 4 kids at home tonight with no heat and no hot water. I am not a second class citizen and refuse to be treated like one. It is also my understanding that service is not supposed to be interupted during the winter months? I have been lied to and cheated and because Centerpoint is the only provider (monopoly), they could care less how their customers are treated. TRUST I am sending the above to every major news agency in Houston right now. I am beside myself with their lack of service, compassion and integrity.
TxsonofLiberty Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Some other states have deregulation in Gas like we did in electricity. Hopefully soon Texas will be deregulated...

Maybe we should form a nice protest/picket line... see how they like hundreds... thousands... may tens or hundreds of thousands of people converging and complaining at once.
Stdmif11 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


This email is expressing my disgust with the subpar service and unfair treatment I have received from center point regarding my natural gas service. Last month center point claimed my gas billed totaled 188.00. Because I have never had a gas bill larger than 40 dollars, I disputed the charge; even though the customer service representative did his best to try to reassure me center point was correct in the charges of 188.00. I also asked the representative if I needed to set up any payment arrangements anyway, because I did not want to have my service interrupted especially if this was no mistake on my part. I was told not to make a payment until I was contacted by center point. A month had gone by and I heard noting form center point until they came to my home to cut off my gas, in the middle of cold weather. When I spoke with customer service, I asked why I was not notified and she claimed there was a notice sent via U.S mail, which I never received, notifying me of an attempt to collect payment. She also claimed there was a call made and a message left, which I have not received. All in all, at the end of the day my service was interrupted because the 50 dollar payment I made (on my own not having received any communication from center point regarding my bill issues) was not enough. It was 38 dollars short of the adjusted bill from the month prior which came out to be 88 dollars instead of 188.00. At this point to restore my service it cost me the $38 dollars that was the remainder of the bill, $60 reconnect fee, and a $90 deposit. I asked if I could have the service restored the same day and I was told I could for a$50 fee. This was an upsetting situation on my part because the interruption of my service all came down to center point making a mistake by attempting to overcharge me on my bill, and then not notifying me of the corrections. Even though this was not my fault I attempted to rectify the issue by making the payments with no argument. I did not have the all the money to pay to have my service reconnected the same day, but as a loyal customer I asked a supervisor if I could just be billed for the charges because it was detrimental I had the service restored because I am alone with 2 small children. The representative was rude and simply told me no. When I asked if I could speak with someone else I was told no but he would have them call me. This all began on Thursday February 25 and today is February 28th and I have not heard from anyone regarding the issue and I and my two children are in a home with no heat, no hot water, and no way to cook. I know center point does not give a damn about me being a single mother trying to make it, but as a loyal customer I felt as though I was treated as if I were a customer who never pays their bill, and as if I were being unreasonable. I was willing to pay the ridiculous charges which were put on me by no fault of my own. This whole situation has come because I disputed the charges on a bill, which was determined to be WRONG. This seems as though it’s a plot to scam money from me, all because center point was not able to get me to agree with the bill they previously sent out. And even if I were late on the bill by my own fault…. $38??? Really??? Center point would not go into bankruptcy if I refused to pat this amount. Today we are home with no service and I intend on taking this complaint as far as it will go. I hope someone will contact me so I can have a chance to further explain and express my disgust with the lack of respect or customers and the attempt to scam money f room those who are considered “loyal” customers.

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