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Century Link

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Century Link

Madandrobbed Send email
Feb 18, 2017

Paid another persons account

I paid several hundred dollars online to my internet account. After 4 months of paying my bill on time I received shut off notifications. When I called to see why a representative pulled up my information and it was attached to a strangers account (It was their personal information but my bank account.) They made the switch and sent me to there fraud department. For months now I have been asking for a refund and they always say they will help me but give me some other step to perform. I have pulled all of the transactions form my bank and sent them over several times. It has been almost a year and they still have not refunded me. They never get back to me like they say they will. I don't have the time to follow up with them anymore (I work two jobs.) It is almost worth the hundreds of dollars lost just to not deal with these incompetent morons they keep sending my way.
roccimalone Send email
Feb 15, 2017

Electronic over payment of $5670 that Century Link refuses to reimburse

I bank with Bank of America. I requested an electronic bill pay to the company for one month (1st month of service) to Century Link. The check was sent for $5728.00 but this was a mistake and should have been $57.28. I've spent two days on the phone with Century Link Financial supervisors and was told today that Century Link would not reimburse me the over payment. I would have to take it up with the bank. The bank supervisor was on the phone with us in a conference call with Century Link supervisor to help explain to them what happened and what needs to be done. Century Link refuses to reimburse the over-payment of over $5670.27 dollars. I have filed a case with the Authority Generals office in Arkansas as well and will be contact the police department.They refuse to reimburse the money.
Joshuaesp Send email
Feb 11, 2017

Billing issues and lies

I have had multiple issues with Century link over the years. If you set up an account and have a modem and decline renting a modem they will still incorrectly bill you. Whenever they incorrectly bill you even when you call or chat and they promiss to correct a bill they do not always correct it. If you pay on line or by autopay there are fine print aggrements in clicking to agree to pay that say you wave a lot of your legal rights. So I always pay by mail. Now recently when paying by mail they hold the check and then say the payment is late. I send in the payment way ahead of time. They do not like people paying by check because they want you to go on line and autopay and agree to the lousy terms. Furthermore never get on a contract with them if you can avoid it. They do not tell you but they are required in some states to provide low income people with lower rates, if you have medicaid or food stamps. But when you sign up for such a program they will bill you wrong on purpose to try to get you to get off such a program. They treat the poorest people like dirt. There has been times where on the phone they straight out lie to you. Therefore always use their chat service and always click email chat record to your email to have record with all correspondences with this company. if you talk on the phone record all your phone calls with them. I have delt with them for years. this is by far the most currupt company I have ever had to do business with. Furthermore in Colorado the governors office and century link have been involved in some scandals. Total monopoly and greed oriented company. The only think i could say is that it is sort of just the climate of there being no regulations agains monopolys in the phone and internet business, so we only have two big internet providers. the prob is systemic. Still CL is the worst. They will start you on a low price but they already have a plan to steal your money through unethical means. Furthermore they keep thorough records on you as an individual so when you call and talk to them they treat you differently and direct you to special departments. They use very tricky, techy means to try to steal from you. Or in my case they will hold the check and make it late. I mail my checks at least 10 days in advance. They are the worst. .
thucs Send email
Feb 8, 2017


I enrolled in a so called promotions, 29.99/month, I used my old modem. then I was charged 86.53, 92.73, 70.59, 54.61 for the past 4 month with autopay set up. I kept calling their service, I returned modem, and they had confirmed the reception as well. Still every month I was charged for modem lease, I even has their confirmation#s, every time I called service, I was transferred many times and spent hours and hours. The first 2 month the service was intermittent, I had reboot the modem every 2 hours which it was frustrating, I told the company, it sent technician told me it was wired wrong the first time. Since it was their fault, I ask for credit back, they agreed told me they will issue me credit and nothing at all was done, instead I saw high bills continually.
AbbyA Send email
Feb 1, 2017

Fraud by century link

Right from my very first bill In May 2016 Century Link consistently overcharged me by at least $30.00. I called numerous times trying to get it straightened out. Either no one there understands their billing system or they are deliberately scamming their customers. I finally figured out exactly where the extra charge was (on the billing statement which is ridiculously misleading) and got my bill reduced by $30.00. I had my service transferred at the end of Dec. 2016 and they are again adding charges that I did not incur.
It's so irritating because my income is extremely limited. I budget down to the penny, have no money reserves whatsoever, am disabled, and yet this company feels free to do these things to people in my situation. I am looking into bringing a lawsuit. Just trying to figure out how in the world to do it!
sl_reed Send email
Jan 27, 2017

Bait and Switch

Pretty straight forward bait-and-switch. Someone claiming to be a Centurylink representative came to my door, promised me a specific price for a 24 month contract. I made them reiterate that the quoted price included ALL fees and taxes, and I also made the person that they dialed into to finish the signup, reiterate as well that the quoted price included taxes and fees, which they said that it did.

When I received my first bill, it was more than double what I was sold. I called Centurylink Billing, and the rep there applied "other discounts and promotions" to bring my monthly charges down somewhat from these highly inflated charges, but still not to the level that I was explicitly quoted when I was sold the service. And, on top of that, these discounts would only apply for the first 12 months of my 24 month contract. He did say I could call back after a year to find out what other discounts I may qualify for at that point, but could not give me the price I was quoted, for the timeframe that I was quoted for.

When I requested to submit a complaint about this bait-and-switch, I was transferred (blindly) to someone who said that they had no authority to review my account, couldn't tell me why I was not receiving the amount I was quoted, and denied that this was a common practice. They said someone would "review" my account, and call me back with "options" that may include a different price (but maybe not what I was offered), or possibly cancelling, which this person said may or may not incur the cancellation fee agreed to in my contract (it's too bad that they aren't as adamant about following their own rules, as they are enforcing that you follow them). As of this writing, I have not yet received a call back about this review.
Fk h gg Send email
Jan 19, 2017

Hidden fees and lies

They are perfect at lying expects me to pay 50% more then what it should be with all the hidden /fake mandate fees ,,, after 4months a bill gets sent to you and asks to pay $700 or the service gets shutdown ,,done and done find your shity modem in front of your century link parking lot ,, complete ripoff , that's why they are not going to get sht...
harwood Send email
Jan 19, 2017

Overcharged for MONTHS

I've had to call CenturyLink every month for the past 11 months. It took them over six months to remove cable from my bill (I had cable for two weeks and then disconnected). I was charged for equipment I returned. Thank goodness FedEx told me CL is absolutely incompetent and be sure to save the tracking #. Apparently this happens often, even the CL person on the phone advised I do the same. She also said not to return it to a local office because they frequently lose equipment. Honestly, this is probably the worst customer service experience I've ever had. I'm satisfied with the home phone and internet, but honest to god, 11 months of calls has eaten hours and hours of my life. In short, I hate CenturyLink.
Dave MacLean Send email
Dec 30, 2016

Charging for Equipment I returned

Back in March 2016, I returned the modem and was given a receipt. I tossed the receipt in June. Now, I receive a collection notice from IC Systems that I owe $108.04. This has to be a scam to make up for there in house mistakes. I never received any info in the mail that is was due. I did get phone calls but never answered, I thought it was a survey or sales. They should have sent a registered letter.

If I don't pay, my credit is trashed. They seem to have this down to a science. Terrible company and experience.
teresarobi Send email
Dec 15, 2016

Charges for Internet

Too Many Details but short and sweet....

I have DSL only no phone line, I chose the 24.95 a month plan, I pay an extra 9.95 a month for the modem, they bill me $73.95 every month minus $10.00 for auto pay discount.... yet they deduct $64.32 out

There are two specific charges I called about that are ** non-regulated according to the bill
non-telcom service charge of 2.99
Broadband recovery fee of 3.99

When I asked the rep why I was being charged twice for the same access charge he stated those are federal charges they can't take those off. I argued, I said those are not federal charges it even states they are non regulated on the bill. I went on to disclose that I know better and that he was seriously misinformed about those charges on my bill and that i need to speak with a supervisor. he flat out refused to let me speak with a supervisor. I hung up and called back and spoke with another woman and once I explained it to her she seemed very interested in the fact that A} she was taught in training that those were federal charges and they lied to her and B} She was pretty upset that the company she worked for was ripping people off.

I am being grossly over charged with ridiculous taxes and fees that do not make any sense. and personally I am looking for another provider ASAP! class Action lawsuit is definitely needed against centurylink and BBB needs to step up as well as Federal Trade Commission and the FCC If they can CLass Action Against AT&T then why can't we get this together against Century Link????
AZChoice Send email
Dec 6, 2016

Erroneous Billing Charges, Harassment, and Threats by their Attorney!!!

In early 2016 our office moved to a new location in Scottsdale. Upon contacting Century Link to have our service bundle transferred, they informed us that "they" were unable to transfer our bundle because "they" did not provide internet service to the new location. When entering the address onto their website to initiate services, the website even confirms that they do not have our bundled services available at our new address. However, Century Link has opted to utilize Weinstock & O'Malley Law Office for the last 2 months demanding that we pay a $550.00 "cancellation" fee because Century Link was "unable and/or unwilling" to transfer our bundle. I explained to them that we shouldn't be charged if they could not transfer the serviceS, and they told us since our telephone (ONLY) was able to be transferred, that the charge for cancelling our internet bundle was valid. Unfortunately though, Century Link never even offered to transfer anything for us, they simply denied our transfer request, cancelled our services, and charged us for their inability to transfer. Now the Weinstock & O'Malley Law Office is threatening us because we refuse to pay an erroneous cancellation fee for a service that WE never cancelled, Century Link did! We feel that if Century Link cancelled our bundle because they were unwilling to transfer our bundle, then they should be responsible for any fees that may have been associated due to their negligence in honoring our request to transfer the service.
rustiturck@gmail.com Send email
Nov 23, 2016

centurylink internet

They jerk you around with the monthly internet fees and I think Direct TV should be ashamed for having anything to do with them. I will therefore direct my complaints to Direct TV since they want to keep customers.
jillhopkins Send email
Nov 19, 2016

Billing practices

I have been trying to pay my final bill with Century Link for two months. Every month, they tack on ANOTHER month's charges. I have asked them to adjust the bill every time. They just say to wait for the next billing cycle, then claim I have to pay it because my service was reinstated due to a payment plan. I never made a payment plan. I owe them $400. Why do they keep reinstating my service?
Fredstina18 Send email
Nov 4, 2016


I signed up for phone, internet and direct TV. I was told it would be bundled at $89.99 a month.
First bill I was told would be about $120 $130 plus free installation. But guess what I got a hug bill.
After arguing on the phone about receiving two separate bills totaling way more then I was quoted. I got the bill down to what it should of been.
Next month two bills agian, with way more then $89.99 being charged. After being on hold for 6.5 hours wishing to speak to a manager. I was disconnected.
I have to say I'm not happy I will not promote your company and I will be reporting..
leeboysmom Send email
Oct 22, 2016

Continues to bill for services not being provided; refused to cancel service without hefty charge; Rudest customer service' imagineable...

Its too lengthy and exhausting to 'fully' disclose every egregious detail of my experiences with Century Link, but in an effort to save others from unnecessary drama in their lives, here goes...

I initiated service with Century Link about a year and a half ago, as I was living out-of-state and was planning a move to AZ, and wanted to have INTERNET service at the house. I do not subscribe to television/cable, nor landline service (I strictly utilize cell service, and stream Netflix and such) so I only requested internet, alone. Mind you, in CA, I had been accustomed to paying about $20 a month for internet, so it came as a shock to learn from Century Link that I'd have to pay nearly $50 for this same type of service-- basic internet.

Well, from the get-go, there were problems; I had to call 'customer service' as my first bill reflected a large sum-- not remotely near what I had agreed to pay for new service. What was to follow, I never could have imagined...I have a fat file of notes which document date and time called, the representatives name whom I spoke to, details of what was said, etc.-- this never counted for anything, though, when I asked to speak to a Manager-- I was even told, "calls are recorded" (basically calling me a liar); I said, "wonderful! you can go back and listen to the recording of the call, and verify what I'm saying is true!" (of course, I was told then that the recordings are only stored for 10 days).

Representatives have shouted over me, cut me off mid-sentence, ignored my concerns, and reiterated the same rehearsed script, like a robot, as if they weren't participating in a conversation.

Calls made (over 40) were an average duration of over AN HOUR each, most of which were entirely fruitless-- remaining on an endless hold-loop, being transferred multiple times, having to repeat details of my plight to a new agent after the previous one places me on "a brief hold"...

Many times,I ended up having to hang up, without having accomplished anything, as I had somewhere to be-- life responsibilities (picking up kids from school,etc.) that wouldn't allow me to hang on the line on 'eternal-hold', after an hour of being on the phone. As a result, I didn't have the required "reference number" which was later demanded of me, to document my attempts to cancel service.

I returned the equipment months ago, attempted to get resolution by alternate means (avoiding phone reps)-- via online/email & "chat" (they just tell you to contact them by phone), written letters to Corporate headquarters...all of those wasted hours of my time.. Adding insult to injury, months ago, I moved out of the house where I had had Century Link service...yet, you might've guessed, I'm still being billed! (account balance is now over $400!)

It seems to me that negative comments are written in a customer's "file" by a passive-aggressive phone representative, and forever thereafter, you are 'messed with'...eternal-hold...disconnection...rude and aggressive behavior...I've never before been treated so poorly by a company (or any person, for that matter!)-- Century Link seems not to have any basic Customer Service training for their phone representatives and so-called-members-of-management.

I will be reaching out for legal assistance with this matter-- its a matter of principle-- I'm not paying for services that I did not receive.
anava08 Send email
Oct 14, 2016

Loyalty DEPT lied to me

I was paying $21.94 and month for 20mps for one year on a promotion. After the promotion ended which i didn't realize cause i had auto pay, it jumped up to $36.99. I caught it after 4 months of paying and called in to ask for a better promotion. I also complaint at the same time that the service slowed down when the promotion was over. Weird but it did, i promise. Anyhow they wanted me to pay for a tech to come out and i told them to pound sand, it wasn't happening. Then i told them to just cancel my service for i was not going to pay for the technician. They said ok, ok then sent me to talk to loyalty dept. Loyalty dept arranged a free tech and told me if the service turned out to be better to call back and they would give me a better rate. I said ok will do. 2 days later the tech came by, switched my router and it appeared to be working fine. I called back the following days to get the promotion price and they claimed to lock me in at $21 and some change for 24 months. I said great, I don't have to worry about it changing for two years!!!! well i received a notification by email today stating that my bill was ready for review and it showed $116.82. I contacted loyalty dept and asked what went wrong, the lady told me to hold.......................... I waited for appx 12 mins and someone else answered who didn't even know what was going on. I assume she didn't know what the hell she was doing and just decided to leave me on hold hoping i would hang up. Well I didn't.. So this next individual "Jake" told me that there was no way that i could be quoted for a price that cheap, because there have never been any promotions that low and I said ok, so why did they tell me that last month? He said that they charged me for purchasing the "new router" and which never agreed to purchase a new router. I told him i always leased one. He then tried to offer me a promotion paying $36.95 plus a $9.99 lease fee for the router. I told him to pound sand and asked if he could provide me with all the dates that I have made calls over the past two months.... So here they are AUG 22,24,29, SEPT 12,14,15,20,21,22, OCT 3,5 and today the 13th. I said you think i call you guys cause i like wasting my minutes and being on hold, obviously there is a litter of calls and you mean to tell me there aren't any notes giving me the promotion last month ??? He said nope. So I asked him to cancel my service and expect a call from the attorney generals office. I hope to find a good lawyer or someone who can help me sue their sorry, worthless, thieving company... If anyone has any advise please feel free to contact me.

fbyas Send email
Oct 11, 2016

over billing

I have been a customer with Century link since 2014 with only internet service. I was paying 30.00 per month as the months rolled on they began to add more and more charges. In a matter of the past 3 months I have paid them almost 400.00. When I called to dispute my charges all I got was attitude and disrespect from the representative. They lie about the service and under mind you with hidden charges. If you decide to go with Centurylink, just watch your bill on a monthly basis. They will add charges without you realizing it. I would consider another company. Centurylink is the worse and the customer service team really are ghetto and disrespectful!
Summertime Send email
Sep 28, 2016


I called to remove my home phone from my bill. The customer service rep told me they were offering an internet upgrade at no extra cost. I told her that it seemed too good to be true and was there a reason that I would not want to accept the upgrade and she said no. A couple of days later I got a call from the techs telling me that they needed to trade out my modem. Surprised, I told them I was not told they would need to deliver a new modem.

It turns out that they charged $53 for installation and $9.99 a month for the new modem.

Customer service has agreed to remove the installation charge; however, not the modem charge. I owned the previous modem so I have requested a downgrade to my previous service.

This experience feels like a scam and outright fraud by Century Link.
mpm28 Send email
Sep 20, 2016


I want to thank Century Link for being a difficult company to do business with. they have constantly over charged us double and sometimes triple the amount of the promotion given for a 2 year period, And when I contact customer service this company does not give any empowerment to their employees that no body can seem to help they just brush you off to the next confused rep. They won't allow me to cancel without a 200.00 + fee for early cancellation of a contract yet when I contact them the reason of the increase is no further promotion nor contract. they just want the money from hard working people that don't deserve to be ripped off
Carlih2007 Send email
Aug 30, 2016


In July 2015 I signed up with Century Link, the first phone order took 2 hours, I was told one price and then when transferred (girl didn't know how to put the connection date out more than a week) the other representative gave me a cheaper price, so I thought.. I got my first bill and it was over 190$$$ that was for Internet and cable. I called and after many times being transferred they resolved it, so I thought, the 3rd representative got my bill at a even lower price, so the month past and again I was billed a larger amount, I called and they fixed it. In December I moved a mile away 6 months into my contract. I called to have my address changed and to install my stuff into our new home, boy was that a mistake. The representative said she had to make a new account and would just duplicate what my old one was, I was told it would be around 89$, no biggie right? Wrong!! So let's fast forward to two months ago June 2016, I get a letter from the cable part of my bill and it says I owe them 211?? I freaked and spent many hours trying to get the representative to see what was going on. They gave me a bunch of bull lies and finally found out that the person who duplicated my account never bundled in my cable, so they said well you should be lucky we aren't charging you the 650 dollars and are only having you pay 211. I should be lucky?? First of all why was I paying 89$ for just internet, the Internet wasn't even fast, second why couldn't he grasp the logic of, I was paying around 89$ at one address a mile away from new address and that was for Internet and cable, so no I wasn't getting free cable, it was bundled wrong, I finally got them to credit my account, everything was good and I decided I was done with them, worse relationship I have ever had with anything, so it was time we went our separate ways. I cancelled which took me over an 1.5 hours to do so, I was told to return my equipment which I made sure to get a receipt and that my closing bill would be around 35$. I asked 3 times," so everything is ok with my account and we are good right, I won't be getting a large crazy bill next month right? Guy said everything is good and we are done. Didn't think I would get off that easy did you... Nope I received a final bill which said I owed nothing, ok cool. Today August 29th 2016 I receive a bill for what's the magic number?? 211 oh but they took off some money for some unknown reason and the bill was left at 190, I call and of course they are trying to convince me that I was given free cable for 8 months and that I was only charged for Internet, keep in mind this call has now lasted an hour and more than half of that time I was on hold, I blew my lid, I just couldn't take it, I felt seriously like I had been abused! I had to continue my call while at the doctors office because I was scared to hang up and call back because if I had to explain myself one more time to be transferred a million times I was just going to lose it, I actually almost just didn't go to my doctors appointment, but I really needed to go, I had a total mental breakdown right in front of my doctor, l was crying on the phone, I just couldn't take the abuse anymore. The representative said, " let's continue this call tomorrow, you are obviously too upset and I need to look into this" I'm telling you, I feel like this whole experience was a bad divorce. At one point I asked the guy if I was being punked. We will see what happens tomorrow, but really made me sad was the people they abuse who just take it and pay the bill to avoid their credit getting dinged. Oh and let's keep in mind, they bill a month ahead, so I paid for August in July, however only had the service two days into August, so where is my refund?? I guess I'll find out tomorrow, that company really needs to be audited and they really need to be held accountable.
barb6477 Send email
Jul 21, 2016

Over Charge

I signed up for Century Link Serivce for 59 $ locked in for 5 years. I have never been charged that sometimes bill is near 100$. I call often and get a different story each call. Someone advised me to file a class action lawsuit. I dont know what that entails but Im willing to go ahead if anyone is interested to going against this company/
Pro_Fetus Send email
Jul 12, 2016


I won't go into all the details. As with most I documented the entire conversation with them. This is the second time I've gone through this and was assured this would not happen again. As we can all see this is a business practice of CenturyLink. I've cancelled all credit cards and means of pay. I will continue to only pay for what I have in writing and no more.

Any changes will result in a lawsuit. I see no problem with a class action lawsuit. There are plenty of people nationwide who have experienced this exact business practice.

Deception and Fraud won't fall under any protections they want their consumer base to believe exists.
dfzdp Send email
Jul 2, 2016

Billed for movie channels not ordered

We switched to DirecTV not too long ago, primarily for the NFL package. We were told that because we weren't getting any movie channels that the difference between our bill from their competitor and the bill from them would save us $20 a month. After the initial billing period our bill went from the agreed price of $173.43 to $227.42. The difference is for movie channels we never agreed to. Now they supposedly have a 2 yr contract done verbally over the phone with auto deduct from our checking account and I am not sure how to get out of this mess. DirecTV blames CL and CL blames DirecTV. I have had CL for years for phone and internet service without any problems. Since the charges come from DirecTV and appear on CL due to bundling, I tend to think that the problem is with DirecTV or that it occurs as an agreed on practice by both. I have called and they said that the correction would take a few months to work through the system. I now have gotten my second bill without corrections. I worked in the business world for over 45 years and we could have corrected this in a week without the use of computers. Using computers it should be as easy to correct and faster.
clarene Send email
Jul 2, 2016

centurylink theft

I was told my bill would be 19.95 a month with a 14.99 one time set up. my first bill came to 92.00 dollars an taken out of my bank account. now I got a bill for 68.00 dollars for one month service. I feel as if they have my bank account under siege. how can a company be okay with robbing people? I have no faith with this company and wish I had never dialed that number.
abcapshaw@gmail.com Send email
Jun 2, 2016

Bad service

In Feb. 2016 I moved about 1/4 miles from where I was living. On the day that Centurylink was to install my TV and internet I was contacted by CenturyLink and told that they could not provide Prism TV so they would set me up with Direct TV instead. After everything was installed I was told that I had a new 2-year contract with Direct and the existing contract with Centurylink for internet only would continue for another year. Since I receive the first bill from CenturyLink for Internet and Direct TV charges I have had to call CenturyLink to discuss the charges. Since Feb 2016 I have been billed $741.15. Considering I was told that the total cost would be just over $100.00 a month. In addition to that I have had nothing but problems with CenturyLink Internet. It is so slow that it's actually a waste of time. I can not download any movies from Direct TV because it's too slow. The internet service they provided to me at the last location was much faster but apparently the speed I currently have is the highest they can provide at my new location. Yesterday afternoon I spend about 1 1/2 hour on the phone with CenturyLink. I was so unhappy that the customer service rep offered to cancel my contract. I told her that I would like to do that but wanted to talk to a manager. I waited on the phone for about 30 minutes waiting for a manager and I finally had to leave. I called back this morning and spoke to a manager by the name of Janie and was told that he would not cancel my contract. Considering the fact that the internet speed is worthless I have no option but to cancel the internet and pay the $200.00 cancellation fee. Even though Centurylink is very aware that the internet speed is very slow, making it worthless you would think that they would be happy to cancel the contract since they can not provide me with the service that I was initially provided. But like all these providers they have no obligations, we the customer are the only ones that are obligated. Does anyone know if there is any where we can go to dispute a contract.

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