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marilu180 Send email
Jun 28, 2017

Over billing/Bogus charges

Hello I signed a contract with Century Link on 10/8/2015 for internet services, they offered a bundle with tv paired with Dish network for a better price so I accepted. After months they were charging a lot more than was agreed so I called them and was told the the 3 month trial was up and would be slightly higher so I kept it but it continually went up. Century link said it was Dishnetwork fees so I decided to cancel my tv services as I didn't really use it.I contacted Century Link and they said I had to contact DN to cancel and pay them the 200 dollar cancellation fee and any fees associated with them. I did that and closed my account with DN and called Century Link to inform them of this the same day I did it. Three mnths later Century link is still charging me for tv services that I did not have or owe. I called every month until they said they needed proof so I again contacted DN to send me proof that i had paid them directly and they did. I was also told by them that they were not billing CL as my account had been paid in full and closed for 3 months. I called them back and told them what DN said and they would not remove the excess charges not owed to them. After almost 1 year of their bogus charges every month adding up I decided to break my contract with them and pay them a 200 dollar contract fee. I called to cancel services on 6/14/17 and asked them to disconnect me on 6/18/2017 when I get home that day I have no more internet. On 6/14/2017 I check online what my balance is and pay it in full. I log back in on 6/15/2017 and find out i now owe them 24.00 extra from the day before...for what? I call them and they say it is for discounts I received and now had to pay because I cancelled services. After paying in full everything owed on 6/14/2017 I receive a bill on 6/27/17 saying owe them 282.00 again for what? I am fed up with their service, rude employees that do not help you when you call them and try to explain the issues,. But I am especially fed up with their bogus charges they come up with, can someone please help me tell me where I can find help. Do I sue them? what are my chances of anyone listening or making them change their shady business practices.
cindycolvin Send email
Jun 16, 2017

Bills for Modem Already Returned

I continue to be harassed and billed for a modem which I returned to the Century Link Tallahassee office in February when I closed my account, paid in full. I received bills for 0 amount and then all of a sudden I get an overdue bill for this stupid modem, which is now up over $100. I have contacted customer service several times and 2 times got transferred around and my call was dropped. I have had one employee indicate that he saw on my record that the modem has been returned and he planned to notify his supervisor to remove the charge. Nothing happened. Today I have mailed a copy of the receipt I have for the returned modem to the office where the bill comes from, I believe it is North Carolina. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
Jose Dell Send email
Aug 8, 2016

unprofessional services with poor customer service

I have been a customer of century link for 8 months and till this day I have not received the bandwidth that Ive paid for. I have up graded my components dsl to broadband router and still unsatisfactory results syill remains. When I call customer service they do all they can to keep me asca customer but not help other ghan scheduling a technician to come out to tske a look at the system. The technician has only been out once in a timely manner otherwise such as today I was scheduled for am service from 8 to 12...he calls at 1248pm saying i got one more thing to do and ill be there in 10 minutes. Ive wasted my entire day off waiting around the house on a person who could care less. He gets here about 110pm. He says the speed is terrible...I've been telling him this for 8 months...
Roger That Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Excessive late fee

My bill was 57.84 and I was out of town, did not pay it before the due date. They charged a late fee of 22.00 on the carryover balance. I have been told Florida law sets utility late fees at 1.5% but cannot verify that. Unbelievable greed.
Roger That Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Excessive late fee

Screw you
Atomicclock Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Violation of 30-Day Guarantee

Why doesnt the FCC do something? Theyadvertise fast uninterrupted speed...that fraud.
JayCKing Send email
Feb 23, 2012

rip off

I had comcast, until I spoke with a century link rep, who told me I could get the exact same services from them for $68.99 a month. That's a third of what I was paying, so I thought it was too good to be true, and I asked "how can I know for sure that you won't raise The price or that this includes all the services?"
The rep replied "well this call is being recorded, and if you ever have a problem with your billing, you can ask to have this call played back to verify the price of your services."
After getting my bill for $280.00 (yes FOUR times as much) I called the billing department to find out what happened, and was rudely told that I'm basically screwed. They said that they only keep recorded phone calls for 30 days, so it's IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to check back and hear what you were told at sign-up. This is illegal. The rep gets money for every account they set up, and purposely lied to me for financial gain, which is better known as fraud. After speaking to two supervisors, they said there's no way I can get WHAT WAS PROMISED to me originally, and that I need to drop almost all my features to get the price Down to $80. When I said that the rep lied on purpose, they tried to cover their ass and say "I don't know how or why she gave you the wrong info, but we'll look into it" then I asked if their reps had knowledge of the prices they charge for their service, and she said they did, so I replied "if she knew the prices, why would she tell me $70?" I didn't get an answer. I'll tell you why, the reps get money for getting me to sign up and know that I have no way to prove what she told me, basically defrauding me so they can get the commission for signing me up. This just isn't immoral, it's ILLEGAL!!! I'm either going to get what was promised to me, or I'm filing a civil suit against them, and turning the case over to the police so they can investigate the fraud they are comitting. AVOID CENTURY LINK!! they did nothing but basically tell me I'm a liar and there's nothing they can do to fix this problem. Great way to do business, lure people in with lies, then screw them over, hey if they don't pay we can always shut off their Internet and phones so they won't even be able to complain to anyone.
Worst company I've EVER dealt with. The customer service is worse than Walmart on the day after Christmas.

Ps. I'd LOVE for someone from century link to respond to me and explain to me how this "mix up" happened, and explain to me if they teach their reps to break the law intentionally, or if this is just an isolated incident.

[email protected]
Ripoff Customer Send email
Feb 23, 2012

rip off

This company is a fraud, takes for ever to do an installation. There is not other land line service available in my area. I need a line that is not VOIP. They are taken advantage of not competition for this segment here in SW florida. They change due date on my paperless account, Late Fee is more expensive than phone service. they charge in advance, no credit for down time I can't believe that companies like this can still doing business today, Crap service very very expense. I'm considering take my alarm off premises since phone service cost more than alarm itself... BEWARE CENTURYLINK = THIEVES
AngryButreasured Send email
Feb 23, 2012

rip off

Joey H is more than likely a bot setup by Century Link to cover their @ss. "They" have to make it seem like their was an "attempt" to resolve the issue, that A+ from BBB takes lots of money. I don't want to bash Century Link just yet but I've been having issues with Qwest since January. I have 3 separate bills from Qwest showing discounted rates starting in April til end of July (Around the same time Century Link officially took over (the world haha) Qwest. First bill from Century Link shows a modification to my account/service not authorized by me. They cancelled the $29.99 12 month contract I was 3 months into ( I have the paper bills with confirmation number a legal document I believe) and started charging me $79.99 (Seriously for 20MB!). Not to mention a slap in the face with the "Price for life" $10 off so $69.99 for ADSL? LUDICROUS! I have been calling with billing issues every month since January. I'm sick of being nice, pushed around like a sheep talking to these support reps.. Calling Monday to speak with a manager to find out why they altered our legally binding contract (fraud) in order to charge me a lot more. I wonder if losing customers cause rates are too high or defrauding the consumer (Oh yeah I am not a "new" customer I fell for that couple years ago) is smart economics. Rather, reducing rates in a time where people are debating whether to pay internet bill or rent. This is not 1996 when DSL providers could charge these outrageous prices the competition is steep and a company the size of Century Link should be considering America and it's current state. GREAT IDEA EVERY CUSTOMER CURRENT OR NEW CAN QUALIFY FOR THE SAME PRICE FOR 5 YEARS. The internet is a necessity for everyday life (School, commerce, entertainment) and charging a reasonable rate will eventually make the big wigs the money they can waste on another G5 or yacht. "But, Bill I want that latest G5 now, I can't wait a year my life is over, " said the filthy rich shark bathed in only the finest silk suit. If I were CEO rich I would have some one wipe my ass for me, like that's all they did. Carry wet wipes etc. Oh I wouldn't pay them much, I mean they are wiping my ass for money, I'm thinking $69.99 per toilet dragon. The End. Good Day/Night/Life. Rich get richer, poor suckle off their teat. MMMMM Good Ole American sustenance at its best. Still greatest place to live and surf the net no matter the price.
Cbright78 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Violation of 30-Day Guarantee

My fiancee and I subscribed to Century Link on May 1, 2011, purchasing their 10 mb/s high-speed internet package. After a good amount of back and forth, we had our service started on May 4, 2011. In the subsequent week, we never received a signal faster than 1.5 mb/s. After more than 30 phone calls in that week to Century Link, as well as three different technicians coming to our home, it was 'discovered' that Century Link does not have the infrastructure in our area to supply 10 mb/s internet speed. However, they continue to sell this service. Once we discovered that, we promptly canceled the service under Century Link's own '30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.' There was a series of forms and phone calls to satisfy the company's own policy, but all of these were performed by myself and my fiancee to the letter. Additionally, both phone calls made to confirm the '30-Day Guarantee' was properly performed were recorded on my end, with consent and acknowledgment from both Century Link representatives.
In the following month and a half (from May 13 to June 20th, 2011), we received 2 bills from Century Link, the second of which included charges made after the May 13th cancellation date. Subsequent phone calls made to Century Link customer service stated that these bills were mistakes, and that the '30-Day Guarantee' takes up to 60 days to completely take effect. We were advised, again through recorded phone conversations, to ignore these bills, as the charges would be resolved naturally through the guarantee.
On June 28th, 2011, we received a letter from I.C. Systems, a debt collection agent from St. Paul, about our Century Link account. The letter stated that a total of $99.04 was due, and that Century Link had turned our account over to them, at some point prior to June 23rd, 2011 (the date on the I.C. Systems letter).
We have contacted I.C. Systems with all the printed proof we have, as well as contacted our lawyer. We will be filing notifications with the Florida Attorney General, as well as the Better Business Bureau.
PLEASE BE ADVISED - Century Link should be avoided as an internet and telephone provider. I cannot speak to their television service, but they sell internet service they cannot readily provide; they fail to provide adequate customer service when required, and, when their own customer guarantees are enacted, they ignore them, choosing instead to falsely and fraudulently send former customers to collection agencies.
My fiancee and I have no intention of caving to these strong-arm tactics. Anyone currently in a similar situation should also fight this soulless company.
Quadamputee Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Violation of 30-Day Guarantee

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