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Apr 20, 2019

Auto-Payment Malfunction

Went online on March 18, 2019, and payment via their online telephone portal, as I have done for FOUR years with three different cars through Chase. Have never been late once in all that time. I have phone bills evidencing a three minute call to them, the same amount of time spent on the phone as every month. Chase only sends me statements every quarter, and did not call or send any kind of notification that the payment didn't go through. The first I learned there was an issue was when Experian sent me a notification that I was 30 days past due. My FICA score dropped 44 points, so basically Chase ruined my credit overnight based on a technical error of their system. They claim I hung up before the payment went through, which is obviously incorrect. I would not have hung up the call until I heard "your payment has been accepted."
justhope Send email
Nov 14, 2016

name change

I got married back in March and was changing my name on all my accounts including my Chase auto account. Some accounts were easy to change and I could just go online and do it. But some, including Chase, required documentation, which I understood and complied with. I received a letter in the mail from them with the wrong name change and promptly called them to correct it. The man I spoke to was very helpful and made notes on the account said that he reviewed the documentation again that I had sent in and agreed that someone had made a mistake at Chase and messed up my name change. He said he corrected it and it would take a few weeks to take effect. It never was changed, I was still receiving mail from Chase and note on my online account that my name is still wrong. So I called them again and talked to a woman, who was very nice but I could barely understand (heavy accent) so I wasn't sure half the time what she was saying but I didn't want to be rude and ask to speak to someone else so I just tried to get through it. She put me on hold a few times and tracked down past notes in the computer, my documentation that I sent in and who knows what else. At first she said she couldn't do anything and then put me on hold again before finally coming back to tell me it would be taken care of. I was so relieved because this was there mistake, not mine, I had fulfilled what they had asked and they did change my name, it was just wrong and needed to be corrected. I now have received a letter requesting documentation proof of my name change.... that I already sent them, that supposedly is on file because they keep telling me when I call they have looked at it. I don't understand why this is so difficult for them to just change my name, for them to fix a mistake they made in the first place, it's just a simple name change... why is this so difficult for these people at Chase, they have managed to do everything fine. I do not want to have to send in anymore documentation, I have already sent it and they said they had it on file, as they should, and they just need to fix it finally or I may have to move my auto loan over to a reputable company that is capable of accomplishing simple tasks like this.
tmlucas04 Send email
Mar 25, 2015

Happy with Chase

I think you guys complaints must have hit home because Chase approved me with a low interest rate!! So happy to report that yo might want to reconsider doing business with them again. So far so good!!
snapdragon112 Send email
Mar 30, 2014

auto loan payoff

Car sold to a dealer...they took 4 weeks to send payoff to Chase. Chase calls me about "late" payment (overdue). Splained to them that I had sold vehicle. Two of their Ahole dudes kept up a threatening diatribe with me. Two other female operators while helpful to the extent they could indicated what I needed to do. For example...gave one of their Aholes the name and number of the dealer and he stated he "could not contact" them. One of the females did so and kept me on the line during the call. It all worked out as the payoff was really "in the mail". Will be cancelling my Chase credit card and suggest that one should be wary of using their services! You have been warned. Peace out.
unhappy Send email
Mar 21, 2013

Business Practices Fails

I recently paid off my automobile 3 months early and was told that the title would be sent out in a week. Next week, made another call and now principal shows $0.00 but account is still not closed and shows a balance of $352.04 which is due on 6/27/13.
UMMMM... principal $0.00 but still owes $352.04.

Called again, it should be closed by 3/15/13. Still not closed.

Called again, it should be closed by 3/27/13.

Now, if I owed them, they would have been out to get the car.
vishwanath s Send email
Mar 8, 2013


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daveberry717 Send email
Feb 1, 2013

Chase overnight payoff

I decided to sell my car after two years of ownership. I called Subaru Financial(CHASE) and requested the payoff and the turn around time from payment to title in hand. I has informed by the rep that I could overnight the funds to their overnight mailing address, along with a prepaid Fedex overnight envelope for title delivery. I called today to verify that the transfer was handled, then was informed that there is a minimum 2 day turn around...

Not usually a big deal, but WHY LIE???!!!Why have your customer pay for Fedex overnight with Saturday delivery fees, if you have no intention of honoring your promises???!!! I have a couple of very interested buyers, and I only hope that this does not sour the sale.

Long and the short, Waiting on title...Chase CC to be paid off immediately and never deal with again. They have been great at collecting my money for the past couple years though...customer service in 2013!
User686151 Send email
Apr 11, 2012

I will never do any kind of business with them again

I recently lost my job and fell 30 days past due on my auto payment. I contacted Chase to let them know and attempt to set up a temporary repayment plan to get caught up and avoid getting another payment behind. to my surprise they do not offer any assistance and if you make any payment other than what is due is will not change your status! I tried to be honest and upfront with them and because they will not deal with me at all I am fearful of losing my vehicle. I have never had a loan through such a horrible company. After talking with other friends and family I discover I am not the only one completely dissatisfied with this company.

I will never do any kind of business with them again.
User930364 Send email
Apr 11, 2012

I will never do any kind of business with them again

i have a loan as well w chase, i had been behind and missed an agreed payment so the following week instead 500.00, i had to come up with 870.00 with in 4 hours or they were going to come get it!if someone is willing to make a payment i believe they should make arrangements work with people alittle more.the economy isnt fair right now.its best to go to a buy here, pay here car lot and buy a car then have to worry or skip ur rent to make a payment...i was behind a bit i know but making pmts every month.due to divorce and lies i got behind...ITS A NEW DAY THOUGH...KEEP GOING FORWARD ND BE THANKFUL.
Nicolino Send email
Mar 16, 2012

JP Morgan Chase LIES. Fraudulent business practices.

Called chase auto finance customer service, If I paid off my car loan in cash, how soon can I get the title. They said they can mail it overnight to local bank ( providing cash pay off was made) So I have made arrangement with my out of state buyer to fly down to Fl. to pick up the vehicle. Paid off the car at the local Chase bank branch in cash. Banker at the local chase bank called Chase Auto Financ. and we did all closing paperwork online . My banker and Chase auto Cust. representative who assured Us the title will be send by Fed Ex . overnight !!! Following day went to pick up the title - No title yet, it is coming later today, Ok later just before the bank closed I get the call from my banker, Chase auto screw up and sent the title reg. mail to my house . They offered to provide me with a copy -- Unacceptable - I yelled They know I have a buyer from out of town flying down and I needed to provide the title and Yet they screw up.
INCOMPETENT IDIOTS, what am I supposed to tell my buyer ??? wait a few days or a week or two ??? INCOMPETENT IDIOTS

Please note this has nothing to do with my local bank branch banker who did everything possible she could to help me !!!
Techride0020 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

JP Morgan Chase LIES. Fraudulent business practices.

In a nutshell, I am writing this because I want the world to know JP MORGAN CHASE, and CHASE AUTO FINANCE as a whole cannot be trusted. Anything credit related that this company tells you is a blatant lie.

I financed my vehicle over two years ago at an extremely high interest rate. I was ok with paying this interest rate in the hopes of rebuilding credit. I was told by a Chase auto finance representative that if I paid on time for 12 months, I could simply refinance and get automatically approved guaranteed. So in 2010 I applied for refinancing and was declined. Bear in mind I have never missed a payment. Again in 2011 I applied to refinance, and surprise, DECLINED. I called a manager at the chase auto customer service branch and explained to me that the loan rep told me I would be 100 percent eligible for a refinance so long as I paid on time. The manager pretty much said "Oh Well"

Now I am stuck with a 28 percent interest loan, as a result of fraudulent information given to me by JP MORGAN CHASE.

If you lie to chase or any other bank on an application for credit they can prosecute you for fraud. If they lie to you, they apparently suffer zero consequences.


They could care less about you, your credit, or the harm their fictitious information may cause.
Your Mom Knows Best Send email
Feb 23, 2012

JP Morgan Chase LIES. Fraudulent business practices.

"Now I am stuck with a 28 percent interest loan, as a result of fraudulent information given to me by JP MORGAN CHASE."

No, you are stuck with it because that's what you agreed to.

lol 28 percent. Can I interest you in some magic beans I ha
Techride0020 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

JP Morgan Chase LIES. Fraudulent business practices.

I agreed due to the legally binding information conveyed to me by a JP Morgan Chase employee.

PS. Go fvck yourself creep.
Your Mom Knows Best Send email
Feb 23, 2012

JP Morgan Chase LIES. Fraudulent business practices.

"I agreed due to the legally binding information conveyed to me by a JP Morgan Chase employee."

Verbally? No such thing in that case. Better luck next time. My advice, always read what you're signing before signing it. This may be the most obvious advice ever, but you clearly are too retarded to understand this.

"PS. Go fvck yourself creep."

Troll complaint confirmed.
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Feb 23, 2012

Vehicle repossession after payment arrangement was made

A payment arrangement was made with a representative from your company and the company still repossessed the vehicle before the agreement could be kept/honored. When the agreement was being compiled the company never said the vehicle would be repossessed.
TeeLH Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Vehicle repossession after payment arrangement was made

Chase is the worst bank to ever, ever, ever do business with...I would never do business with them again. No one ever can answer any question you have...they call you the day the car not is can you give thee mail time to get there. They also called my job and was harrassing a co-worker telling her to give them my cell phone number bc its urgent all the while they had my payment and never posted it to my account. No one ever gives you the same answer ever. My vehicle was repo'd by them in dec 2010 I had to pay close to a 1, 000.00 plus a storage fee and they didnt even have the car for 5 hours. They are the rudest people to ever work in customer service and they now have progressive financial doing collections for them. I can not wait until this car is paid off next yr and i no longer have to deal with such a horrible bank like chase ever again in life. Ive had the car for 4yrs and although i have been late with my payments ive always paid; and im sure the interest is paid off at this point. one rep tried to act as if they would repo my car bc i had a $5 late fee due. when im doing paying the car off they will receive some choice words from me

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