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Consumer complaints and reviews about Circle K

Marshall Parker Send email
Jul 27, 2018

Manager starting false rumors

I was working shift 9:00-2:00 on July 17, 2018. At 1:55 the store manager gave me a list of things that I had to do before I could leave. I informed the manage that I had other obligations that day and had made appointments for after my shift ended. She told me that I had to do these things before I left. I then told her that I would have to give her my 2 week notice that I would have to quit. Her reply was that she does not need a notice that I could leave right then. I clocked out and left the store. Now I hear for relible sourses that she is spreading rumor that I hit her, which is a lie. I was never within 4-5 feet of her and there was other employees in the store that could hear and see where I was at and what I was doing. I regret having to quit and have had a good relations with everyone at the store for the last approx. year. I am 71 years old with some healt issues and have worked hard there and kelp up with younger employees. Never came to late late, and was always ready to work without be told what to do. I have called a corp. office phone number that I have (1-602-524-6711) and I'm waiting for a return call from Christine to explain to her. Don't know if that is the proper person to call but it was the only number I had. There is cameras in the store that will show the truth if they have not been erased.

A delicated past employee.
Marshall Parker
Mark1 Send email
Jul 16, 2018

Store ows me gas

I went to get gas at location # 3220 in Cecilia Ky this morning, and after paying for it I sat in my car and drove away without paying. A few miles down the road I realized I was still in need of gas, and being tired from 3rd shift work, called Mona at the Circle K and asked if I could just come in at 10 pm the next evening to get my fuel. She wrote my name down and said that would be fine, but when I showed up, they would not let me have the fuel. I paid in cash so I didn't take a receipt, and now even though they had the amount and my name written down, they said their drawer would be short and I cannot pump the gas owed to me. The night lady was rude and Mona the manager hung up on me when I tried to contact her regarding this matter. I'm not sure why I was treated this way but it is unprofessional and rude. Mark M 859-475-6876
An0n1 Send email
Jul 12, 2018


I was waiting for an employee to get off work, they were expecting me to walk them home safely, ive been going to this store for over 8 years and never had any problems. Well i go in and instantly the manager yells at me in front of everyone accusing me of loitering and stealing. This abuse of power and defamation is uncalled for. I request for the manager to be moved to another location permanently. Largo, FL.
petergrasso Send email
Jul 8, 2018

Discrimination and personal safety issues

I have felt unsafe and threatened by panhandlers. Homeless solicitors and drug addicts that co.gregate outside the Valero Circke K Cornerstore at 6902 Seawall Blvd, Galveston Texas . When I reported this to the black female employee that worked the lare night shift this evening (7/7/2018) at 11:00 am she did not acknowledge the Issue oi f danger and harassment to me and other customers and stated another issue between her and me from a previous night. She admitted that she was told to watch me to make sure that I did not use a empty cup for a free purchase of ice.
I felt very discriminated against because I am a senior white male and was repremended by her both nights in the presence of maybe 29 customers. I told her again I felt threatened by the homeless solicitors that harassed me both nights and told her I would talk to her manager on Monday morning. She then refused to let me purchase bag of peanuts and told me to leave the premises. I was so upset that I did call her a discriminator and heavy set female canine on my way out if the store. On my way to the vehicle I was verbally assaulted and threatened bodily harm by one if the homeless drunks on my way to my vehicle. I told him to back off "or else"! He did. I left
Again the Valero Circle K Corner store is located at 6902 blvd
GALVESTON ,Texas 77551 at approx 11:00 Am
I truly feel my life was in danger and I was discriminated against the black female employee whom as allowed dangerous solicitors to remain right outside her front door and continues to serve alcoholism beverages to the already intoxicated while they continue to harass customer both inside and outside the Valero Store. Thank you for your investigation of this ongoing problem. Sincerely, Peter Grasso Veteran
Tarheelfan Send email
Jul 7, 2018


I stood in line 7 minutes. Cashier's talking back and forth. Slow with no sense of urgency. Once I finally got at the register to pay the cashier was helping a vendor and not me the customer. Ran my card for the purchase of my gas. At the end of the transaction the cashier opened the register tape machine because obviously it was out of paper. I told her I did not need a receipt and I left the store to pump my gas. Tried to pump my gas but was unable to do so. Another customer was leaving the store and told me that my transaction did not go through. I went back inside and the cashier looked at me with a puzzled look. I said I paid for my gas. She said well if you had waited for a receipt you would know that it didn't go through. Ran my card again and iof course it went through that time. Both cashier's were rude and very unprofessional! I will never go to that store again nor will I ever recommend circle k to anybody else.Obviously customer service is not a priority!
Jsmit57725 Send email
Jun 27, 2018


Nastiest Circle K ever been to Very disappointed in the customer service or should I say sack of.Toilet ran over and the messes all over the floor
Store number 7949 off of Winkler and Evans In Fort Myers Florida
Dano2581 Send email
Jun 3, 2018

Nastiest Circle K I have ever been to

Restroom trash was overflowing onto the floors, no paper towels, sanitary napkin bins overflowing so bloody pads and tampons were sitting on the floors, staff was too busy socializing and eating behind the counters to care about customers. Very disappointed in the customer service or should I say sack of.
Mima Send email
Mar 27, 2018


I've called there hot line several times and they never reply.

For the last year this location has been poorly managed.
Employee's are old grouchy and rude.

The red headed manager parks her car in front of the front door.
How inconsiderate!

I used to go every day and fill up weekly but 99% of the time coffee is out
creamers are not stocked or no half and half in the dispenser.

Coffee counter is always dirty and unorganized

The circle k down the street is EXCELLANT!!!!!

Guess I'll have to start using 7-11 across the street.....
SirIntegra Send email
Dec 19, 2017

horrible management

The manager at the Location on Ambassador and Robley is a horrible, lazy human being. She gets paid for 50 hours and barely works 20. She leaves literally every day with a group of other black women (apparently they are other store managers in the Lafayette area) and goes shopping, or eat out, or goes meet her boyfriend for hours on end. She leaves the freight truck and most of her manager duties for other employees, and if you do ANYTHING to :upset: her your hours get cut. If you interfere with her "going out" time your hours get cut, you get cussed out and hung up on. SO unprofessional. I have heard several other employees complain about their managers, which happen to be in this little "clique", and that the manager above them is their friend and if you happen to file a complaint about any manager under him he will find out who complained and tell your store manager, who will fire you for some stupid reason. Several employees have been offered raises and assistant manager positions but the managers never submit the paperwork for it. Your stores have severely gone downhill and while it's nice to air these grievances, I seriously doubt anyone from the company will even know this complaint exists.
Babyhinson Send email
Dec 8, 2017

My manager

I been with circle k for three months i have never call out yes i have been late ti work but i still do ky job and i love my job the first time i call out she tells me if i didn't come in i would be fired and tell me that her superviser is going down her throat about peopke getting over time but i can't help being sick as hell
betjones Send email
Dec 2, 2017

filty water and ice machine

I often see buy ice at Circle K in Forrest City and the ice machines are often dirty. Yesterday, November 30, 2017 both were extra filthy and unsanitary. There was rust, hair, calcium build up. So I ask to speak to the manager, I said to her " I'm not trying to get into your business but the ice machines are very nasty, with rust, hair and water in on just standing" she said ok. Today I went to buy a cup of ice you would not believe it was worst today. I took pictures if you need proof of this situation. Someone really need to get on top of this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for listening.
Pharro28 Send email
Nov 7, 2017

Assistant manager is craz

Store1413 has an insaine assistant manager her name is Mariah. She reused my cupon for herself right infront of me just stole from her job right infront of me im floored
Francesca_20 Send email
Sep 25, 2017

Bad manager

The manager store at SR 44 in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. He does NOT know how work right. He is so UNPROFESSIONAL. I do not know how can he become a manager of store. He does not even know how to runs the register. I usually went to this store and I saw a lot of employees who worked there for a long times kept quitting the job. It was because of the manager store crossed the line by saying stuff that did not concern him AT ALL. He is not good enough to be a manager of store compare to other managers at the other store in the same company. This guy name is Doug Messner. I only hired the girls who does NOT know how to work right just like him. One girl has guy keep staying around and flirting in the store. She has a red hair and she doesn't work right. And one young guy only works alone at the register and other just staying around store and do nothing. I don't know how this store works but this is so messy. I hope the big boss can do something with this guy. I really hope that.
Francesca_20 Send email
Sep 25, 2017

Bad manager

The store manager at the circle k on SR 44 new Smyrna Beach Florida, he is so unprofessional. I do not know how can he become a manager. He doesn't even know how to runs the register. He is name Doug Messner. I always go to this store but I feel uncomfortable for this store at the moment. One associate manager just quit the job because the manager store said something that wasn't about the job AT ALL. This guy crossed the line by saying stuff so much. He only hired the girls. And those girls don't know how to work right. Many people who worked there for a long time keep quitting the job because of the store manager. I do not think he should be a manager compared with all the manager with other store in the same company.
elsajudith67 Send email
Aug 30, 2017

circle k store 1772

I have a complain on the supervisor of the store #1772. Her name is Norma Ortero. She gives work to guys that don't work for the circle k company there is 2 that she gives work to 1 of them works mon- fri in the mornings what he does is norma work he does stocking, makes the coffee, sweeps the floor, cleans the restroom, takes the trash out and handles the money from the register. And the other man works wed and sat at nights he sweeps, make coffee, takes trash out, clean restroom. mean while they are working norma leaves the store for couple of hours without clocking out and she returns before she has to clock out for the day.
She is very rude, she treats the customers and employees very bad she yells, fights, disrespect and gossip about the employees. I would appreciate if the human resource would see the camaras in the store so they can see that norma shouldn't be working for circle k that what I know is what I see and hear. There has been complains of Norma Ortero in the past but the company never took the complain to a higher level of investigating her.
Navyboi6869 Send email
Aug 3, 2017

Dirty Food

I wasted 4 dollars on this produce only having to throw a 1/3 of it in the trash. I don't appreciate dirty veggies :/

Dirty Food

Alf Taylor Send email
Jul 17, 2017

monster manager and assistant

Dear sir...
I am writing concerning a pair of employees at your Tucson, Ft. Lowell-Country Club location. I have a store across the street from your store. For almost two years I have witnessed two large women, one I believe is your manager, berate insult and terrorize customers. More than a few people have told me they would never go back.
There is a big homeless problem around the country right now and many of the homeless kids are reduced to pan handling. I know it's bad for business and cannot be tolerated but yesterday I watched the manager chase a little girl away. There was no need for the foul names she was calling her. The woman was actually enjoying her power-position and gave little credence to the fact the little girl was a human being, a hungry one at that. I thought the manager was going to start foaming at the mouth. Each time she lets loose on one of her tirades it embarrasses everyone in the store.
At a time when so many people are looking for work, it's hard to believe the Circle K corporation has to employ such nightmares,
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, Alf Taylor 520-250-2786
TLivingston Send email
Jun 12, 2017

drug dealer cashier

I have had the cashier, a young black man named Keenen. Asking me if I would like any tree, herb, green, aka (marijuana) hard aka (crack) soft aka (cocain) ice aka (methamphetamines). Store location - Pace and Fairfield Pensacola, Fl 32505.
This is not the only employee I've had offer me drugs there's been a inccident where the same young black man asked me if I wanted same stuff off another black woman. This happens a lot from the same young black man. He has told me before he was gone for a while n I said havnt seen you for a while. In which he responded he was suspended because someone ratted(told) on him. I have bought ice and weed off this person and he.continues to short me and thinks playing with other people's money is a game which is why I am creating this post. I'm about to walk in and make a giant scene right in front of his managers. You would think a person with a job and kids wouldbt be dumb enough to screw people over when we as the customers can contact management. If the management team would like to contact me for proof please message me asap. I have.no problem getting video, I also have text messafes.
Martin Neri Send email
May 14, 2017

Store is unhealthy and dirty

This store is about 1 -2 years old and is starting to be like most convenient stores Nasty! Was so nice now it's getting out of control dirty and unhealthy.
howie5 Send email
May 5, 2017


Your web site for signing up for the easy pass will not load up for me. Help [email protected]
Disbeleif Send email
Apr 15, 2017

Habitual unprofessional customer service

I have registered several complaints with west coast ─Ćivision regarding the decline of my neighborhood circle k. Some were resolved, however the borderline criminal behavior of one particular employee keeps going on with little to no attention. This particular employee has verbally, attacked, me and my character on several occasions. When I actually spoke to the regional manager she did nothing but defend this employee, and followed by lying to me.

Tonight at around 7:50, I went to get our evening soda. The store was a mess, the one "cashier" was having a loud conversation about something inappropriate, the extra large cups were ALL empty, I'm talking 12-15 spaces for xlarge cups, completely empty. Trash on the floor, wet sticky counters....

I stand in line, get to my turn, and she blatantly turns her back to me with a glare and a snear. So I tossed the exact change on the counter and walked out. She followed me to my car cussing and screaming. The driver gave her the .50 cents she said I was short, which I was not. And she walks away laughing.

This is not an isolated incident. I am in the process of seeking legal council the obviously blatant harassment on her part, and circle k backing her behavior by not firing her. There are so many people in this state looking for work, that bad behavior does not need to be tolerated.

I'm not sure how circle k runs in other communities, but here we have been customers for 40nyears, since the day they opened. Back then it was privately owned. Since the corporation took over, they are not members of the chamber of Commerce 4 blocks away, they do not work the neighborhood, offer no rewards programs to its loyal customers, and allows the employees to act anyway they want with little to no consequences.

My husband and I are respected members of our community, and plan on making this issue a priority at the next community council meeting. We are not the only ones whom have been abused, our community sticks together, and we will not be the ones changing our routines, we will find a business that wants our money,and our respect. I have approached the other small stores in town and we are working on getting soda fountains installed there so a large group of the community will no longer need to patronize your facility.

I have video of poor conditions of the store after I was assured it was in "great condition" by the regional manager. The list just goes on and on. The company as a whole seems to have no sense of community, customer service, or any good old American values.

The wonderful empoyees is miss tania montes. One of her own coworkers witnessed an unprovoked outburst and reported her, thank you Nathan. Yet I don't see him getting as many hours as she does.
Johnny C Send email
Mar 27, 2017

Store manager

I use to work for your company but ever since i got fired for defending myself I seem to have been "tresspassed" from the area but was not notified till i went in to buy something by one of the employees. But i also need a paper filled out of verification of employment but i cant seem to get the store manager Dan from store 7488# to help me out nor talk on the phone to help me out. What should i do? This is ridiculous !
linda miller Send email
Mar 21, 2017


Hello I live in North Vernon IN. If you are in or around this town and if you go into the circle k on 1660 N State Street North Vernon IN watch out for two employees. Names are Robbie Russ And Apache Blair. They have started stuff with my husband and I she threatened to beat me up with the bathroom key and he called me a cunt and called my husband a fat bastard and the take pictures with the money draw open they have people doing the work for them they let them set behind the counter that does not work at this place and Robbie is the new Asst Manger I don't know how they let people like this work in the stores ill be calling the main place tomorrow and they need to do something or they will get a letter from my lawyer for the employees doing this. what will they do if they do it to more people they wont have anyone. they are nothing but trouble. so take my word if you are around here watch out for them. thanks Linda Miller from North Vernon IN. My phone number is 812-718-7924
errette123 Send email
Mar 13, 2017

poor service

I was in Circle K in Ravenna Ohio Blackhorse and I was waiting in line for 10 to 15 minutes because the cashier waiting on me was having a 10 minute conversation with a customer she was waiting on. She was telling him her life story and talking about nothing that had to do with checking him out. This has happened many times before when I was in Circle K. When I go there I just want to get in and get out I have my children waiting at home. Then the other cashier is busy trying to get the customers out of the store because now she has a line. I think that a little bit of talking is okay but don't hold up the line telling everyone your problems. And it doesn't seem like she likes working there anyway because when I go there she is always talking about getting out of there and getting a better job if she doesn't like it there then get out but I don't need to hear every time I go in there I like the store but she is really making me start to think about going somewhere else. I she needs to treat every customer the same I see she has her little favorites that she caters to. Something really needs to be done about her. The cashier nametag says Angie
Fedup Neighbor Send email
Jan 27, 2017


There is a Circle K Gasoline Station located at 475 W. Colorado Street, Glendale, CA 91204. At all hours of the late evening or early morning hours a cleaning crew comes in and power hoses the gasoline statation with NO regard tor the neighbors in their immediate area or surrounding areas. The gasoline station is even power washing during the rain. WHY??!! I have called the Glendale Police Department many times since this station was opened approximately 10 years ago to complain about the excessive noise during hours when you expect neighbors to be sleeping. The cleaning crew spends approximately 3 hours cleaning the station. There is NO need for such lack of consideration.

I would appreciate it if someone in your Headquarters who handles neighborhood complains contact. Rodd E. Pearsey, who is the owner of the Circle K mentioned above and CEASE AND DESIST from having his crew clean his station are un-Godly hours of the evening and early morning hours.

I am a heart patient and today, 1/17/17, I was awoken from solid sleep at 1:05 a.m. I called the Glendale Police Department to spend a squad car to their location to stop the cleaning. I should NOT have to do this.

Looking forward to a PERMANENT RESOLUTION of this problem. Thank you!

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