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Consumer complaints and reviews about Compressionsale.com

jhess Send email
Apr 27, 2018

Poor Return Policy

I ordered hose from CompressionSale, which developed holes within a few days. The company will not refund or exchange my money because they claim, I should have been able to see these were defective BEFORE I wore them, and returned them then. SO BEWARE. Not an honorable company. Rude reps online, too.
stocking Send email
Apr 14, 2018


I purchased two pairs of Jobst Beige 20-30 mg stockings. I have a difficult size leg and foot, being tall and thin. My ankle is 8 and 1/2" and my calf is 11 1/2". Since I am tall I have a size 10 or 11 sized shoe. When the stockings came there was no flexibility in the toe area. Other compression stockings did. I wore both of the stockings hoping that I could wear them and the foot of the stocking would expand. They did not. Since I threw away the box, Compressionsale will not let me return these stockings. I, too, found rudeness from those I spoke to on the phone. Reluctantly someone gave me an authorization number and then I sent the stockings back for credit. I paid the postage. About a week later the package was returned with 'Refused', twice on the package.
Again I called and did not receive any sympathy. It is not the people answering the phones it is the company and their CEO's. Will not purchase from COMPRESSIONASALE again. The BBB should look into this company.
jncbi Send email
Mar 20, 2018

10% lowest price guarantee-FAKE

Compressionsale.com refused to honor their internet ad. Did not reply to two emails. Phone conversation with customer service rep explained that "their guarantee" meant that their suppliers of products (in this case it was "It Stays") has already searched for lowest market price and beat that with their listed prices (no matter what other such as AmesWalker.com show on their reputable sites).

That is NOT what the compression sale ad says however. Customer service person then hung up on me.

I should point out that this same discussion also happened in 2015 for the same product. Then, the customer service director agreed with me and I was actually given a 10% lower price as posted by AmesWalker.com. I can supply that data transaction should anyone want to file suit against CompressionSale.com. My addy is jncbi.usgov@gmail.com.

I am tired of companies ripping off people, especially when retired and on a fixed income.
skss Send email
Mar 7, 2018

Wrong merchandise sent

I ordered #72116 and the Compression Company sent a#75116. The packing order sheet had the correct order number #72116.
My printed copy of the original order has the correct order number. The company filled the order incorrectly. Customer Service on the phone and internet would not assist me with this company error. I sent 2 emails asking for help and no reply received. I am unable to get a return authorization number. Why should I pay shipping and restocking fees for their company error. I ordered correctly and trusted I would get what I ordered from this company. If you have money to lose and time to kill trying to get help this is your company!!

Do not use Compressionsale.com
-if you want your order filled and shipped correctly
-if you think you may need customer service
-if you cannot afford to loose your merchandise money
juanis1031 Send email
Feb 15, 2018

Return/Exchange/Credit Card Charge

This is the worst place to order from. DON'T DO IT!!!! I made a return/exchange which took about a dozen emails before that was completed. Then we received the replacement items only to have them be the wrong sizes. As I am typing this I am live chatting with the company who now can't even find this order. And let me not forget to mention that they charged my card again WITHOUT authorization. WORST!!!!
Barb S Send email
Jan 5, 2018

Non Responsive for Returns

Order merchandise then requested a return within 10 days, no response. Contacted them said all had to go through online request.
No response, then stated I was over the 30 requirement....wrong. Called then "Rudy" was evasive in giving me the address to return the merchandise. The whole conversation was evasive. No Money Back! Bad business practices for customers.
lewisbussey Send email
Aug 29, 2017

Shoulder Warmer (Angora) Arthritis Relief

Shoulder Warmer (angora) Arthritis Relief # 79030 was shipped on 8/23/17 and received on 8/28/17 box containing Shoulder Warmer was previously open. To my surprise whenever I pulled the out plastic bag that contained Shoulder Warmer it was already open, wrinkle, no tags attached and did not look new. I called the Customer Service and asked to speak to a Supervisor then was told E-Mail was the only way to communicate about my complaint. This morning in was given the CSCOMPRESSIONSALE.COM I was so happy to see that I was correct in contacting my credit card company immediately about this company. The Customer Service person was not helpful at all.
RebelCowgirl Send email
Jul 16, 2017

Horrible, just horrible

Ordered a pair of Juzo only for them to tear right after getting them. Did everything required to get an exchange. Contacted them several times after they received my return just to be ignored. After multiple emails being ignored I reported to The BBB. That got me my replacement. But they lied to cover their back sides and said they were on back order. But when I received my replacement pair the tags on the stockings and the box were stamped medical sample. So I ended up paying full price for samples. Well I made the mistake of dealing with them again. But the deal was just to good not to take the chance. The Sigvaris were on their site for $54.00 a pair so I ordered two pair. Paid to upgrade the shipping as I need them right away. Got receipt stating accepted and my account debited. Now they are emailing saying they want an additional 137.00. They are attempting to charge me more and if I don't pay up they are canceling my order. Seems like a scam to me. Looks like I have to report to the BBB again. Maybe this time time the Attorney General.
vik Send email
May 25, 2017

Illegal practices

This web-sight leads the consumer to believe they will refund your money if certain criteria is met. The form to apply for a refund even states "return/refund" request, and "reason for "return" request. There are many add on fees that will be deducted from your "refund". I met all the criteria for a refund. I even sent the package tracking from from the post office proving the item was delivered May 19th....I requested the refund May 24th. This was well within the stated time period. The items weren't tried on, because I could look at them and tell they were way too small. The boxes they came in were somewhat flattened because they were mailed in a plastic flimsy bag. After many times trying to talk to someone, (they were all totally rude and would not listen) because they said , this company does not give "refunds". Three people I talked to told me that right out. I strongly believe this is FRAUD, or at the very least FALSE ADVERTISING. Looking on the internet there are thousands of people who have been swindled by this company. Why are you and other agencies allowing them to continue this practice. In my case I needed the compression hose with a zipper since I have to put them on myself. This company has no other brand with this zipper so I can't take the little bit I would end up with & purchase another brand from them. These hose cost $100.72 a pair or the only other choice is $149.00 for a pair. I now have no money to purchase this needed medical equipment.

mississippi Send email
May 22, 2017

Wish I saw this before ordering

Followed fitting measurement instructions, ordered 6 pairs of knee high stockings. 1st time wearing, stockings started rolling down less than 30 minutes later while walking from the train to my office. Could not get them to stay up. Threw them away. Useless!
Compressionsale customer service was nasty. Only want refund for the remaining 5 pairs but they won't give an RA. Don't need a store credit since I won't do business with them again after this experience. I will take this to my credit card dispute board and the BBB. Items sent back anyway well documented. They really suck in my opinion!
DissatisfiedCustomer Send email
Mar 14, 2017


I ordered a Stocking Donner to help put on compression socks. When it arrived it did not match the description of having a 4" opening. It has a 6" opening. Therefore even with a helper, I could not stretch a large size compression sock over the opening. I emailed to get a refund and was told It was only eligible for an exchange or credit. I do not need anything more from this store and I cannot use their defective product for which I should get a refund. I have emailed a second time and received no reply. From the remarks on this website I will not bother persisting since they sound very discourteous. I will complain to the Better Business Bureau about this loss of my funds due to their sending me a product that did not match its description.ti
Kathy Parker Send email
Feb 1, 2017

Return policy & customer service

This is the worst company I have ever purchased from their return policy is awful I am still waiting for a return transaction #. The staff is nasty and has no people skills. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM
Sumner Send email
Dec 15, 2016

Worst company and customer service ever

Call to place an order with this company got a very rude operator so I told the person I will call back to talk to someone else that was nicer then I got another operator sales associate that was also very rude and I place the order. I thought the price might have been wrong so I called back and got a third person a man who was very rude he called me an idiot ask for a supervisor and still got the same rude employees I called back again to cancel my order and they would not let me cancel my order if I was anybody in the world this is a great big warning never ever ever ever order from compressiossale.com you are making a big mistake they have the most rude employees they are awful......... I would never ever ever deal with this company again I will return the merchandise
jonjackson100 Send email
Dec 14, 2016


This is the worst online shopping site. I bought some compression socks to see if they were as good as some others I purchased from some brick and mortar stores (REI, Nike, etc.). The socks received from CompressionSale.com did not come close to the quality of these other retailers. My requests to return unopened items for a full refund were met with a response that these items were only eligible for exchange or credit. I repeatedly asked for a refund only to receive a response that they would only provide exchange or credit toward future purchase. Obviously once this company gets your money they will not give it back even for unopened items. The person I spoke with on their phone line could not care about this issue and suggested I continue to write to the customer service team. I continued to write to the customer service team who said their "return policy" did not allow for a refund. Count me as one of many many dissatisfied former customers of CompressionSale.com.
cellamiera Send email
Jul 20, 2016

won't give return

I ordered 2 pairs of knee highs using the size chart provided compared to the size chart on my current knee highs. I posted the pic I took you also would be in shock. Tried to return them. No return allowed even though all over the site there are "icons" stating 180 day return policy. BS. Customer service person was no help. His supervisor was rude & kept interrupting me. His supervisor did not take phone calls, only emails. (my guess.... not even a real person) Still would not return. Only exchange for additional $6.95. So they keep my money and I have socks I can't wear. They get you with advertised low price and from there, you have been scammed.

I plan to get this on every site I can find so no one else will lose their money. Wish I could find out who owns this site so they can get a piece of my mind! It's the principal. Perfect example of VERY BAD customer service!!

won't give return won't give return

danuta414 Send email
Jun 25, 2016

Compressionsale.com-never order from that company!!!

I order two weeks ago one pair size M compression socks and received size Small.Try to called several times to customer service they hag up on me-the worse,rude customer service ever!!! I am not able to get my money back ,not able talk to nobody.
Please be aware.the worse company EVER.
alpotter Send email
Jun 5, 2016


Requested return authorization. Email said I did not provide the returning item # when request was made. I most certainly did.
Nasty customer service rep has refused to give full refund. Email said store credit or exchange only. I told them I would only accept full refund for both items recently purchased. Yet unresolved.
David Bernner Send email
Apr 16, 2016

Customer Service & Compressionsales.com

About as bad as it gets.

Looked to return compression socks (never worn in original cartons) and was told could only exchange or get store credit, and not return. When ordering it does not indicate this policy, so I was told by the rude customer service rep that it's my responsibility to first visit their website and read the return policy before ordering. For real?

Also, was told they price match as I found the same product and was willing to keep the socks. Their matching policy on their website (yep I read it) clearly says that they won't match Ebay or Amazon. I found the same product at Walgreens. Emailed customer service at compression sales and was then told they can't match Walgreens too (even though it does mention it on their price match website policy). Read their website when it works for them and I guess don't when it does not.

I high recommend that you do not order from this company--ever!!!

Terrible policy and even worse customer service people.
dave1110 Send email
Jan 2, 2016

Horrible Customer Service

I bought 2 pairs of compression socks. My Dr told me that I do not meed to wear them so I tried to return them 2 weeks after I purchased them. They are brand new, have never been work,and still in their original packaging I initiated a return online and was contacted by Melissa, a very rude customer service rep who told me that they can only be exchanged or I could get a store credit. I dont need to exchange them and I dont need a store credit. I was advised by my Dr not to wear them so what am I going to do with a store credit or an exchange. Guess I'll have to try to sell them on ebay. Bottom line, avoid this company. I certainly do NOT recommend them and if I ever do need compression socks or if anyone asks me for a recommendation, I will certainly steer them away from compressionsale.com
elizabethnorman Send email
Sep 22, 2014

horrible customer service

I don't know if they don't take the time to train the customer service representatives or what. They are rude and disrespectful to their customers. I was a returning customer with questions. They spoke over me , stopped me in sentence and put me on hold three or four times. She also had a bad attitude . This also happened on the last visit and I ordered anyway. This time I asked for her name and hung up. I ordered from some other site. I spoke with a lady named Love. If you care enough to make any changes.
wendy24 Send email
Jun 24, 2014

defective merchandise

Ok ordered a pair of black compression pantyhose cost 59.00 pls shipping and handling cost to send to canada merchandise came defective so was told to return back to the manufacture and are expense of course they at for photo's and when send that as well they agree that they are defective and should receive a replacement pair yet never received as of yet, so i call your company and they say how did you return them do you have the ra# and invoice # which i provide remember that your company sent me the defective product, then i proceed to contact the manufacture and they said yes they have received them but to contact your company and that you are responsible for sending me a new pair yes ok then i get your customer service and they say to me its going to cost you shipping and handling once again i already paid shipping and handling the first time you sent the defective product not me why should i have to pay twice for your mistake if it was my mistake then i would pay but this was your defective product you should eat the cost since i paid for the return to the manufacture as well and i didn't ask you to pay for that what kind of business are you running. your customer service was not helpful at all and i did ask for a supervisor but you don't have any at your customer service line when you call again poor customer service said that you need to steal money from customers for your defective merchandise.
thanks for the poor service provided
yours truly
truth be told Send email
May 19, 2014

Returns nearly impossible

From time to time a company like compressionsale comes along and you get so mad you have to take a stand. Yes, they took me for $100. However, the stand is to try to help the next guy! Good peolpe of the USA avoid this company. You have been warned.
jjones7791 Send email
Jan 27, 2014

Owner made it right

Was contacted by owner and he made the situation right. I would like to update my current review but the site will not allow this.
jjones7791 Send email
Jan 14, 2014

Worst customer service ever!!!

AVOID COMPRESSIONSALE.COM LIKE THE PLAGUE! The reviews listed here are obviously payed for by this company, because anyone who actually has dealt with them would not leave such positive reviews.

If you purchase and try on a product, they will only accept it back for store credit, no big deal, as this is their policy that I knew beforehand, however when you send in a return, they WILL NOT process it until they feel like it. You will literally be waiting for a month or more to get the products you paid for. Then after they sit on your return for a month or better, they will ignore your emails, tell you something has shipped when in fact it has not, and then to top it all off, they don't send the correct color. After replying back to them regarding the latest screw up, they now simply ignore my emails.

If you want to purchase from a quality company that VALUES your business, go with a site like BrightlifeDirect.com. They will accept any returns, will expedite any order to you whether it's new or an exchange, and just have generally all around good customer service. They sell the same products and you will never wait more than a week to get them, usually less.
edfrienz Send email
Apr 17, 2013

returned hose. this is a scam.

This is n ot a company in my opinion but just someone who bought a lot of compression hose and now take your money and do not want to return it. Make them sign for a return for it is worth the $1.70. When someone called me a crazy liar I think they are the one that is doing that. I doubt that you spoke to a customer support person for this is a hoax and they try to delay giving money back and they say when you order you can return if they are not satisfactory and then when you get them they find every reason in the book not to refund and you will just have to go over their heads and go to whatever means that you can you get your money back.

I also will never buy anything else from them. It takes forever to get them and then when returned they do not follow the policies of the people whose product they are selling. I intend to get my money and I have plenty of people working on this. This is probably run out of someone's home and is not a business as such. Crooks that want to take advantage of the eldery is right.

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