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denicereich Send email
Mar 29, 2021

Bausch and Lomb

CrystaLens has ruined my eyes. I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars, gone to every eye specialist, done everything recommended - no fixing the major problems that this product has caused in my eyesight.

Why is this inferior product still on the market? How many people have to have their vision destroyed, and their lives compromised by Bausch & Lomb?

Please read all the reviews - how is this dangerous product still approved?
janlin1 Send email
Oct 18, 2019


Same story. Im 2016 had it implanted. My vision is now 20/200 in rt eye. Left eye just as bad. In June 2019 HAD to give up my job as school administrator, 6 years earlier than planned.
It is a disgrace that this continues with no options for restitution. Thank God for my Retina specialist. He saved what little sight I have left.
Stay away from these lenses.
lrodgers Send email
Oct 24, 2018


you can add me to list, horrible results from the crystalens. I too was sold a pack of lies. my vision is worse then before the lens placement. 4 months and my eyesite contuines to deteriorate.
would like it removed. has anyone had sucess in removing this lens and replacing it with the standard c lens?
HonestReview Send email
Sep 21, 2018

Take Action

To do something about the Crystalens problem call MedWatch at the FDA. 1-800-332-1088. When you call you will select 3 twice. They regulate contact lenses and need to hear from all of us that have had these faulty lenses. My doctor called Bausch and Lomb, I have written many letters to them complaining about the Z syndrome. A lady called me named Melissa Jurado and she acted like she worked for Bausch and Lomb. She totally misrepresented as she is actually the senior class representative for ESIS on behalf of Ace American Insurance company. They gave me the run around until the statute of limitations ran out. Bausch and Lomb takes no responsibility. I think a class action suit is very justified.
HonestReview Send email
May 17, 2018

Had them removed

I read all the complaints and fortunately Dr. Davidson at Anschutz advised me that it had to be taken out. They put a plain lens in and because of damage from the previous Crystalens they had to use a ZAG laser on my eye to reduce the fogging left over. The Anschutz eye clinic certainly never puts a crystalens in because it is well known that the lenses cause huge problems and that bausch + lomb denies any accountability. Dr. Davidsons number is 720.848.2020. He is well aware of the problems with good solutions.
Kerry Send email
Apr 15, 2018


Tried to give complaints description as everyone before me as stated however told my email not corrected. Please do not ever have a procedure done with these lens. I was instructed that if l try to have the problems corrected l risk blindness.
dmacri Send email
Jan 25, 2018

Crystal lens is a scam

I had Crystal lens put in both eyes in 2014 by a Doctor who was an expert in his field. It cost me $10000 for both eyes cataract replacement. This was done by Dr Nichamin of Laurel Eye Clinic in Brookville Pa. I have had 3 years of frustration. These lens were suppose to give u vision for close and far range. Well I am now learning this only works for a short period of time. Now the close range is gone and this is inherent of these lens, which I found out from UPMC eye clinic. Nothing I can do about it now. Also this so called specialist left scarring tissue around the cataract causing blurring on all lights at night and not crisp clear vision. Also he left me with an irregular astigmatism in my left eye. After he put wrong lens in he did PRK and screwed that up.
So I first I would tell you if you are thinking of Laurel eye clinic definitely go somewhere else. Secondly save your money on Crystalens or any other lens that make the same claim. They don't work and you can check that out with Doctor that is money hungry and don't care how many lives that they screw up.
LadyDy724 Send email
Dec 30, 2017

Bausch & Lomb Crystalens Implants

$15,000 epic failure for me. Right eye was successful but nothing but problems with the left. I really thought it was the way to go after cataract surgery at 59, never having to wear glasses again. Boy was I wrong! Multiple surgeries later and scar tissue forming has me rethinking my choice. Laser surgery is next. I've already seen a retinologist twice, as well. Obviously not covered by insurance and each surgery is more out of pocket expense. I'm disappointed in my opthalmologist whom has now turned me over to "the best" as he referred him. The nightmare is not over, but the new eye doctor at least got the ball rolling for me to get a minute refund for the Crystalens. I'm very sensitive to light, glare for night driving is still present and left vision is 20/50. Glasses are a way of life after wearing contacts for years. Best advice; know your risk and really do your homework. My doctor put me in the 1% failure catagory to justify his greed. Sorry not sorry for saying this. My saga continues!
HonestReview Send email
Dec 2, 2017


I had it put in by Dr Stephen Slade in Houston, TX who was supposed to be the best. It was $4,475 and I had nothing but eye pain and could not see well after the lens was put in. I went to several doctors and finally Dr. Kahook at the University of Colorado asked me if I had a hard time seeing. He saidi the lens was tilted and that it had to come out. He sent me to Dr. Davidson and he said the university never puts those in because of the Z factor (which I guess is the tilting of the lens).
Dirgo25 Send email
Nov 28, 2017


I had both eyes done with Crystalens and they done work.
Dirgo25 Send email
Nov 28, 2017


I had Crystalens put in both eyes and they suck. I have to wear glasses and have halos, starbursts and blurred vision.
Dirgo25 Send email
Nov 28, 2017

Crystalens suck

I had Crystalens put in both eyes and they have not worked, I wear glasses now have blurred, vision starburst and halos. I hate them i'm thinking of having them removed.
jahayes5 Send email
Aug 30, 2017

Cant see as promised

Had cataract surgery in November for both eyes. My right eye was extremely cloudy and had black floaters. Dr. said that a membrane sometime grows in back of the eye. Had a yag procedure to remove those membranes and the problem is still here. I can see far away but anything in between and close is awful. I'm wearing glasses to help but vision is still not good. At night the blurriness gets worse and the glasses are no help. Now the Dr. is telling me I can have surgery to make the left eye better to read or I can have a piggy back surgery in the right eye where they add a lense on top of the original! In order to do the second surgery I would have to go to a retina specialist! $$$$$$$$$ I have spent so much money out of pocket it's rediculous. I think Bausch and Lomb should reimburse me for this disaster! Its my vision that's being played with!
AJBenbrook Send email
May 18, 2017

Crestalens vision problems after implants

I had cataracts surgeries on Mar 2016 and Apr 2016 with rigth eye distance, left eye near multi focal Crestalens's. Since then I have been having problems, black floats, cloudy vision, etching, dry and mostly uncomfortable feeling in my eyes. Due to problems I was kept going to Dr. Office ,Dr. Said he needs to do mini laser correction right after hah two, left eye had one surgeries and was told to go back to Dr. Office with in a year unless I have problems worsen. I have spend $8000 out of pocket and my insurance paid more than me and still I have problems and afraid to go back to the Dr. Office and still have to buy those expensive eye drops. I too need help and advise regarding to this matter. Anyone who knows what to do please guide us. My vision has black floats like small bugs flying, clouds that blocks my vision, halos, stars and unable to see at night.
Zsyndrome Send email
Feb 21, 2017

Z - Syndrome with Bausch and Lomb Crystalens

I had cataract surgery March 04, 2015, and had a Bausch and Lomb Crystalens implant put in my left eye. Dr. told me this was the way to go and the best lens I would not need glasses, so I went with his advice. It was OK to see far for just a bit could not read at all but then I ended up losing eye sight completely one day when I woke up to nothing but fog. I went to his office as an emergency in pain and he had his assistant put numb drops in for the pain and did not really say anything about the situation beside to keep putting drops in my eye and come back to see him in the next day or two. I went there a few times and all he did was tell me to keep my eye dilated and use the numb drops. It was still hurting and could not see. Dr. had rep from Bausch and Lomb come to his office to see my eye and I was told it was Z-Syndrome which meant the lens popped out of place and it is in the shape as a Z and that is why I could not see. Bausch and Lomb ended up getting a hold of a few other doctors to help fix the Z-Syndrome because the Dr. that put it in could not fix the lens, which took about another week of pain and not seeing. The second doctor accepted me to go to his office to fix the Z-Syndrome. He did a laser surgery that day and put it back in place. It felt like he pulled out the sliver that was stuck in my eye for several days, which was the pain I was feeling. It was in instant relief and all I could do was cry from relief that it did not hurt and I could see far again. Unfortunately, it has popped out again and again and still is not correct. I have now had several laser surgeries on it, thought he could fix my eye did make it to where I can see, but now I have to wear glasses full time because my Crystalens from Bausch and Lomb does not stay in place on its hinges, and still changes my site often . Dr. was saying he could shape my eye with a surgery to the lens but then changed his mind and gave me glasses instead. I have had 7 surgeries on it now and he does not want to touch it anymore.

As of today I wear glasses to help but its not as clear as it should be and have floaters and a black dot that looks like a bug flying around the right side of my right eye. My eye is very sensitive and gives me headaches most often.It also has a film like looking through a microscope sometimes for hours at a time. I get sharp pains in my eye almost like a back spasm. My first surgery was March 04, 2015. I guess now that I have done everything Dr. said to do and it’s still not right, I should go to the next step of talking to a professional on what is next.

I am out thousands of dollars for all these surgeries and the first Dr. is still sending me a bill for the last time I went his office and left there not seeing and feel I should not have to pay for that visit! If you think you can help me in the matter I would really appreciate your professional help in this. I have all the documentation from the doctors and the dates all the above I've been through. Hoping someone has received the proper help with eye surgery and possible suit against Bosch and Lomb. PLEASE send me email if you can help! Good luck with anyone that is going through what I am going through. Never in a million years did I think I could go through so much aggravation and pain for a simple Cataract surgery.
dirgo Send email
Feb 13, 2017


i had crystalens done in both eyes. did not work as advertised i have halos starbursts and eye pain.and can only see at a distance.
EMG330 Send email
Feb 2, 2017


About 3 years ago at my eye exam at t CostCo I was told I developing a cataract. My vision seemed blurred so when I turned 65 I thought I needed cataract surgery. When the doctor came into the exam room he asked "Why are you here?" (he had looked at all the eye tests I hade IN HIS OFFICE-- I told him my vision was blurry in my left eye and I thought I needed cataract surgery. Se sent me to his assistant--after many--many eye tests and measurements--for pre-op exam the "assistant" then told me about the lens choices. I was shocked to learn about the miracle lenses--not paid for my Medicare--hat I could buy-- I thought I was just getting regular Medicare cataract operation--I was sold on the CrystaLens--she told me that I would have full vision the lens adjusts for distance-computer reading and for reading-- and I MIGHT need glasses--AT NIGHT--Reading a Menue--in a dark restaurant-- if I got both eyes fixed with these miracle lenses. So instead of FREE MEDICARE Lenses--I learned that for $3,400 PER LENS I would have miraculous sight with these "Inter-occual" Lenses. SOLD--Why would I choose to wear glasses for the rest of my life? I am 65 years old--I thought possibly 20 years of wonderful vision-- NO GLASSES (dark restaurants only--readers). That is what I heard from the "assistant". WELL--I wish I NEVER put this lens in my eye--I CANCELLED the second eye surgery. I am now about 3 weeks out of surgery and am being told that they can LASER my eye to correct the sight. After reading this web site I am afraid to have my eye touched again. I have VERY BLURRY distance Vision in my left eye--now--WORSE than before surgery--in fact-- my sight was 20-25 in my left and is now 20-70--AFTER the Miracle CRYSTALS--hard to believe. I have NO DISTANCE in my Crystalens left eye and I paid $3,400 for this--WARNING--DO NOT GET SOLD on this Crystalens! So now I can read the computer for a few hours with blurring with the left eye-if I close my right eye it is clearer. Using both eyes makes me dizzy! I would not be able to drive with my new lens--without my Right Eye--whick the doctor told me was worse in vision than my Left eye--I cannot believe how stupid I was to do this. PLEASE do not have this surgery unless you are very desperate--do your research on other lenses before you do this or get the standard lens and take your chances with having to wear glasses.
[email protected] Send email
Nov 4, 2016

crystalens not as promised

I'm not upset about trying something that didn't work. I'm upset that it seems to not be able to be corrected. I feel like I'm going blind and don't know what to do. I am 62 but very healthy and active. I can't see clearly for more than a minute at a time everything is blurry almost all the time. When they check my eyes, they say everything is ok. NO IT's NOT. I am told that I have dry eye but the test performed was not as dry as in the past when I could see without blur. I had 20/70 vision in one eye so we only did the crystalens in the good eye but the strain of trying to see is making the bad eye worse yet. I just want the problem fixed. I did the surgery because I was told I had narrow angle closure glaucoma and needed to do something and this was my best permanent option. Please, if there is anyone out there that has a solution, I'm all ears....
giffine Send email
Nov 3, 2016

Crystalens in left eye, vision worse than before

I am 36 years old, and discovered I had a cataract in my left eye that needed attention, which was bad enough for my insurance to pay their part to correct it. I went to an eye surgeon to discuss the different types of lenses, and listened to their recommendations for my position, being younger than most with cataracts. They pretty much talked me into these crystalens, promising that I would be able to focus in and out, see far away as well as near and mid-range without the need of glasses or reading glasses, so I paid an extra $3500 for it, but it was much more than that in total, considering what my insurance paid. I have seen the Surgeon probably 5 times since then, and every time he acts as though it's normal and it's due to my age, and because my muscles in my eye are too strong, they are not working for me as they would an older patient. I just wish I was warned about these downfalls ahead of time, instead of being told I would have near-perfect to perfect vision, and have no more halos or glare from lights, but it seems at that time, they were really just trying to get as much money as possible. I have had laser correction once so far and it didn't help whatsoever, and now he says that he wants to see me in another year, and in the meantime told me to see my regular eye doctor and get some anti-glare glasses and buy some reading glasses. I am really tired of taking time off from work to hear the same thing over and over, that everything looks good, and I can't expect it to be perfect, which is what the surgeon says when I tell him it's worse than before the surgery. If I knew it would be worse, I wouldn't have got the surgery done in the first place!
mrbinski Send email
Sep 7, 2016

crystalens implants

I have had the Crystalens implants November 2014, and have suffered sever inflammation ever since. I need to were sunglasses at work and all the time outside as the light will make my eyes burn. My vision is either out of focus most of the time or blurry due to inflammation. I have to spend a fortune on prescription pressure drops prescribed by a retinal Dr as well as dry eye drops. I have an excess of floaters that also block my vision now. I have a very hard time reading a magazine or news paper let alone not even thinking about picking up a book to read. I had to drop out of College due to not being able to read or use a computer as I once did all day long when I worked for the Clerk of Courts. I will never be able to do the same kind of work I once did, and I am just grateful to be employed in a low paying entry lever cashier job at this time, and I am continuously concerned about being let go for my lack of vision at work.
Wondering if there will be a class action law suit.
ossiron Send email
Aug 16, 2016

Awful problems since crystallyne lenses implanted

Since February 2016 when I had crystalline lenses implanted I have no end of problems. I lready had two lazer correction surgeries in the left eye and getting ready to get a second lazer surgery on my right eye. The deterioration of my eye sight is so acute that the eye surgeon delayed the lazer tretment today and sent me to a macular specialist. He didn't find any macular impairment so I am hoping I will get that lazer treatment tomorrow. I am so miserable to be suddenly almost blind. My depth perception is so bad that I have to be careful with everything I do.
I paid about $7900 for the lenses and over a $1000 for the various drops and the future looks grey and blurry. It is a shame that there is no warning and no one takes responsibility for pushing and selling such a bad product. If there are mistakes here it's because I can barely see what I write.
Rgemi Send email
Jul 7, 2016


I had paid out of pocket over $5000 for the crystal lens so I can see clearly on my right eye. I was promised that the lens would self adjust so I can see near and far. That did not happen. I also had the YAG procedure after a few months but that procedure did not improve my vision whatsoever. I cannot see near and distance vision is blurry. My ophthalmologist has very good credentials but you are only as good as the product you represent. There should be a class action lawsuit against the Crystal lens company, they need to be held accountable. This company cannot continue to sell defective products and ignore the law. We have laws to protect consumers. Totally disappointed.
6319 Send email
Jun 20, 2016

Crystalens doesn't work

I had crystalens implanted a month ago in my right eye after my doctor told me it works perfectly well. My vision has become worse, blurry and feels like I have a Vaseline film in my eyes all the time. My doctor said he had success story with his other patients. He said my cornea was rigid, smaller than the crystalens and I have dry eyes that's why I have problem with the crystalens. I regret using the crystalens. The standard lens was implanted in my left eye, it works perfectly well, I started seeing 20/20 from day 2 of surgery
Please don't waste your money on crystalens, it doesn't work
To be forewarned is to be forearmed
Kathyg Send email
Jan 1, 2016

Poor Vision

I always had 20/20 distance vision, needed readers and mid range glasses in my 40's. After crystalens implants, I need tri-focals. I spent $5500 out of pocket and feel cheated. I wish I had opted for the industry standard instead.
Allenb Send email
Dec 4, 2015

cant see as advertised

I had my crystalens put in spring of 2015 I still cant even read my IPad with out reading glasses I can see my computer screen but that is all. I was lied to about how these things work and been told I am too picky. I asked how good they are and was told the best
I would love to sue bosch and lomb they are misleading us when they say these things work

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