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Consumer complaints and reviews about datehookup.com

brianjohnsey Send email
Oct 29, 2017


it tell me to confirm my email adress but it still wnt let me send messages
uniquesoup40 Send email
Sep 3, 2017

Simple can't sign up..

I used to be on this dating site years ago and it was a good free dating site..., It looks like it is still free like it was but the site refuses to let me sign up and keeps sending me to different dating sits that has nothing to do with datehookup.. I simple can't sign up to be on the site of datehookup ... Can anyone tell me what the deal is with this? Seems I'm not the only one having problems with this...Thanks..
ill_tell_me_ma Send email
Oct 18, 2016

Just a Question

I'm talking to this man from Indiana. I tried to view is profile but it says that it's invisable and only friends can view him. I asked him about it since he says he wants to be friends. He told me that he has not filled out the profile nor have any friends added. We talk in DHU only. Is it possible to talk to someone without a profile on DHU or is he a scammer? We have talked for about 2 weeks. He hasn't asked me for anything. Says he's lonely and that's why hes on the site. I see red flags but then again it could be because I have a trust issue in men after finding out my now ex husband started cheating on me before we were married and until the divorce. Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate it.
Kathy anderson Send email
Jul 1, 2016

Man is fake

Ladies Beware of the man who calls himself Iamgregory this man is in Nigeria speaks with a very heavy accent. He will not video chat with anyone. He has women sending him money through moneygram and western union. I don't believe the pictures he is showing are if the man that we all speak to. Myself I have sent him over 2000 and yes I am a fool. I never directly send it to him I send to another person that forwards to him which I found odd. When I ask him if this he changed the subject. It was only upon my nosy nature that I found him to be in Nigeria. BEWARE!!!!!
midnightblue Send email
Mar 12, 2016


My complaints are trying to sign up and not letting keeps going into Match .com fix these problems been a 1 year still fix apps
DesireeS Send email
Jul 23, 2015

I'm not abled to send messages

When I send messages it says your message has been sent then it goes into my sent folder but they don't get the message.
DesireeS Send email
Jul 21, 2015

Forum Posts Not Showing Up

When I submitted my post in the forums this morning it says your post has been added but nothing shows up.
brandi4401 Send email
Jun 25, 2015

Sent msgs not being seen

I've been on this site numerous times. I created a profile Sunday night and I was able to see other's profiles and send msgs. My profile said I was visible, yet asked a friend, who informed me that I wasn't even showing up to them, nor were any msgs/posts showing up to people. I cancelled it and opened another one yesterday. Now I'm viewable and able to receive msgs, yet the sender's aren't able to open responses, nor are others able to see a msg or wink I've sent them. I've addressed it to the "Company Profile" as a complaint with each of the last two profiles, yet it still shows Unread and is definitely still not fixed. FIX THE GLITCH!!!!
Jun 16, 2015

Unable to create new profile

I used to be on datehookup and deleted my profile and am trying to signup and create a new profile but it keeps switching me to partner sites. I have searched for help for this problem with no success? Is there anyone that can help me with this and tell me how to get back on datehookup without getting switched to a partner site? I've tryed just about everything to get an answer. Why does it keep switching me to another dating site?
XXX Send email
Apr 20, 2015

familytreenow dot com and datehookup are scams ran by Dustin R. Weirich

The owner of Datehookup dot com is Dustin R. Weirich. His nickname on the site is merely Dustin. FAMILYTREENOW dot com is also registered to Dustin R. Weirich. There are a number of complaints on ripoffreport dot com and all over the net about Dustin's criminal and unethical business practice. Datehookup dot com is a scam website. You can simply google Dustin R. Weirich and see a number of complaints come up. If you search for Dustin R. Weirich or datehookup dot com at the website, ripoffreport dot com you will also seea number of complains there.

Mr. Weirich also incorporated a business in California on August 30, 2004 called Search Floor, Inc. The registered address for this internet related business is 117 Lost Oak Court, Roseville, CA, 95661. This address is believed to be his home address,This is his business telephone number where you can reach Mr. Weirich is 916-787-0817 https://www.facebook.com/dustinw?fref=ts . His home telephone number is 916-788-9629.

FAMILYTREENOW.com is also a scam genealogy website. It is also registered to Dustin R. Weirich. They will take your information and publicly post it without your consent to the internet and sell it to anyone even other identity thieves and you won't ever see a dime. Also, anyone can add your personal information in several ways. One way is by downloading a special type of software to build a family tree, add all your personal data to that family tree then share it with these identity thieving websites which they will end up selling it to anyone. Another way is by going to these genealogy websites and starting up a family tree simply by adding your name and your personal data and anyone else data they want to include, even if it's inaccurate. How do I know all this? Again, the tracks both stalkers keep leaving behind.

As long as these thieves can make money off you, they will continue to do so. In my case, my stalkers (sister & brother team - Amy Lynette N. and Michael Alan D.) shared my personal information WITHOUT my consent on this genealogy website as a tool to harass, stalk and seek revenge. How do I know it is them? The tracks they have left behind and keep leaving behind. It's been over 2 years now. SMH

Regardless, this website should be held accountable and not allow psychotic nut jobs to add someone else personal and private records without their consent. Genealogy websites claim they get your information from other public databases which is not all true, (pay attention to the wording in their terms and privacy policy...what a joke!)

If you request to have your personal data removed, like I have, they should honor it and remove it, but they won't. If they refuse to remove your personal info, you should file a complaint with your state attorney general, Federal Trade Commission, FBI, law enforcement and Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3.) The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).I've already filed complaints and reports against these websites and my stalkers.
midnightblue Send email
Mar 17, 2015

not able to get in dh

Im having problem signing back in not letting keeps taking me to other sites been trying to
help it not accepted my email keeps saying its taken
Michelle12 Send email
Dec 15, 2014

Beware of this man on datehookup

I had a couple conversations with this guy on Datehookup. The first two conversations went well until he contacted me again. As we got into the conversation a little bit deeper he started drilling me for information. He was very rude, condescending and down right nasty when I didn't give him the information that he wanted. He goes by the name of Aldigi on Datehookup.com. I did send in a complaint about him but to no avail have not received an answer and to make it worse this guy is still on the datehookup. So ladies if your reading this beware of Aldigi. He will be really nice in the beginning but after that forget it. He will manipulate you during the conversation, so watch what you say. He should be banned from Datehookup. How many more men like this are going to ruin it for us just trying to find the man of our dreams.
callsteve Send email
Dec 13, 2014

I'm wondering if my account is active. I have received messages and sent messages.

I joined Datehookup, and received messages. Sent messages. I have sent 40 messages, in the past
Days. Two days, and no responce . The message line says not read. Not delete , nothing. I'm wondering
If I'm active, if people can see my messages. If they don't respond, ok, but all messages say not read.
This is not a complaint, more of fact finding. Thank you in advance for your information.
Callsteve my username.
Please advise, thank you
beautifulgirl Send email
Nov 30, 2014

totally fake profile


watch out ladies for dntalkme2death who has been on datehookup.com for quite sometime. First of all, he is not 47 ... he is 54 and he is not a single widower .... he is MARRIED ..... his whole profile is a lie and a scam....WATCH OUT ..... he is on many other sites as well ..... dontalkme2death ......sad
lynnhamm@gmail.com Send email
Nov 16, 2014

man is married and a rapist n gay

Goes by the name daddy1873. He has raped women n he is gay n his entire profile is fake. He took me for 700.00 and that is not allowed on ur site. Remove him ASAP!!!
muldrowkisses Send email
Nov 16, 2014

morrocan scammer..profile amitie72

Amitie72 is a morracan scammer he needs to be removed he took hundreds from me and proclaimed love and said he needed a visa to stay if I loved him. Please remove this user. We are always warned of these men but yet they lurke on every site. If this user is able to stay I will explode this site for allowing these scams to happen to its users
40 2 successful is a liar Send email
Nov 4, 2014


420 Successful is a registered sex offender and is on probation for two felonies. His name is Matthew Logsdon and you can look him up he is on the Registered Sex Offenders in Dalworthington Gardens, TX.
vmvibou99 Send email
Sep 29, 2014

unauthorised billing

I have just been debited $58.31 from my account and I'm not even a member?? How on earth can this happen?
this is absolutely just robbery. I'm not even subscribed to the site.
reference number on my statement as follows; subchill.com 8009866931 ROFRGN AMT 49.990000


James Boulton
shelly76 Send email
Jul 8, 2014

rip off...datehook took unauthorized money

I paid for the 6 month VIP membership which is only 6.95 or something like that and DH took $29 from my account. They are slick cause there is no way to contact them and dispute it
oneinalifetime Send email
Jun 24, 2014

loggin in to account and your deleted account

There is no customer service to help members on this site they won't respond to your emails this is people personal information and something needs to be done about these promblems

Royal0818 Send email
May 28, 2014

stolen identity

I have sent "date hookup" numerous emails to there support team and have got NO RESPONSE. My picture of 10yrs ago from a dating site I was on was taken and put on datehookup. As a result without my knowledge of this. .. my wife and I are at a challenging point in our marriage and to add to it she found this profile on datehookup and absolutely does not believe my lack of knowledge about it. No one at this company has responded to me so that I can find out what the hell is going on. In the mean time my wife has no trust for me and Im suffering the ramifications of something I was not apart of. If anyone knows how I can contact this company I would be eternally greatful. Thankyou. Royal V 509 528 8167 or royalvargas80@gmail.com.
breezy143 Send email
May 19, 2014

fake profiles

The men in las Vegas are predators there profiles say there in there 50s which actually there 20 years older they either want sex or money after you start talking to them one is qualityplus2 and mrblueeyes72 or 58 women should be aware of these two6471
puentes Send email
May 11, 2014

reset password

I having problems to reset my password , the link that you offer is not appear in my email address.
privateeye11 Send email
Apr 21, 2014

married / prostitute

This is the second I am asking that beckylynn723 be banned from date hookup. She is married and a soliciting prostitute. She has now made herself invisible on this site and friends only can get her. She is now associating on this site with bear67. Being he is associating with such a woman is enticing a prostitute over the internet. Again I'm asking please ban her from date hook up.
fnajstonejob Send email
Mar 12, 2014

having me creat accounts for them

this site is a site that has lonely people create accounts using my email accounts... because each time I try and log in it say that my email is taken but it won't let me log in unless auto login is on.... well I don't want this site to know every time my pc is on...
so when I went to reset password it sent it to my email account but if I deleted the account how can it still be there it is just some tech baiting to get someone else to ok account creation in order to get info about someone.... and is a waste of time its is better to do it the old fashion way go out and talk with someone....

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