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ARISTOTLE2012 Send email
Mar 21, 2012

You spend an awful amount of money and usually get nothing

I have been waiting for delivery of a Nikon camera since August 11, 2011. I have written on several occasions and have been assured that the problem would be rectified. The "problem" was (a) a lax shipping department, (b) showing the item as "in preparation for shipping" for several weeks, (c) showing the item as "shipped" but listing an ineffective tracking number and (d) and so on. The Customer Service department was great at making assurances in writing. They were a failure at carrying out their assurances. At last writing, I was to have received a refund of the money I spent on the camera. As you might guess, I have been waiting for the refund since December 11m 2011 (even though I was promised the refund within five days). Yes, when it counts, DealFun is a ripoff.
Lucybugg Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Don't waste your money on the site it is not legit at all

I agree!!! I also got ripped off for $120.00 I had little amount of money for Christmas and Birthdays to get for. It sounded good and I heard they were good. I didn't get to spend all of my $120.00 before they took it...I'm going to my bank and have the money put back into my account and let my bank fight them.
Larry R. Brown Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Stay away from these guys

WELL "Chris" must have grown up on a FARM...!!!...You are so full of "bovine EXCREMENT", (otherwise known as B.S.)...I can smell your breath from here...!!!...EVERYTHING I have read from your lying posts, should be able to fertilize the ENTIRE farm-belt in the U.S.A. for many years to come...!!! I am a 100% DISABLED VETERAN, who was only looking to give my GRANDCHILDREN a few CHRISTMAS and BIRTHDAY presents...!!!...However, YOU & YOUR SO-CALLED (business)...are responsible for me NOT being able to give them THE ITEMS I WON, AND PAID FOR, but NEVER received ...!!! Your "pride" should be flushed down the TOILET...!!! Right where YOU and your "company" should be FOREVER...!!! In addition...I had OVER 1, 000 bids that you so generously deducted from my account, right before you "DEACTIVATED" it, WITHOUT returning any of my MONEY...!!! If you were a totally "legitimate" or "honorable" entity, I would not be posting my COMPLETE and TOTAL DISGUST with ANYTHING you have to say...!!! ( ALL ARE LIES!!!) Oh yes...the 24/7 just that...MORE EXCREMENT...!!! You REALLY don't need email ID or username information RIGHT?...RIGHT...??? You can tell who a person is by their IP address, and NUMEROUS other means... RIGHT???...RIGHT??? I am an Electronics/Communications/Computer Tech, and have NO PATIENCE for BOZO's like you...!!! I just want my DISABILITY DOLLARS BACK, so I can TRY to ERASE the sad faces I had to endure at Christmas and 2 Birthdays so far, and make up for YOUR SCAMMING business. THANKS FOR NEXT TO NOTHING...!!! Larry R. Brown
TSAlber Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No Auctions

I am having the same issues as above. My items have not been sent and it no longer will allow you to get the item when your bids are equal to the price. It says to "buy it now as your bids have exceeded the cost", but when you try to it is unavailable. I can't even pay for the stupid sweat band I got for 6 cents because it is not taking my credit card. I was just trying to use up all my bids and get out. Doesn't look like that will happen. I did get some nice things before Christmas, but many of my items were cancelled.
A.user Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Failure To Provide Services Promised

Got the same message - supplier problems.

Also stuff I won in Dec still had not shipped a month later. I sent a note and then I got a "your product has been shipped" but still waiting. Good thing I only bought a small bid card.
Huntington Send email
Feb 23, 2012

I have not received items I won still

call cll call is all I can say. They say they will be back on line by Monday night all brand new...lets see how that works out folks!
Huntington Send email
Feb 23, 2012

I have not received items I won still

January 26th, 2012 on 5:07 pm
The number to reach a live person about a complaint or dispute is 855-701-2091
Huntington Send email
Feb 23, 2012

You spend an awful amount of money and usually get nothing

FRAUD sounds about right after reading I am not the only one having the same issues!
Where are those customer service reps now?
Probably out of a job as none of the live chat options work work now.
Off Dealfun into the Hall of Shame with you!
Huntington Send email
Feb 23, 2012

You spend an awful amount of money and usually get nothing

Joined this site for fun when we saw it on the news two months ago.
Since then we won quite a few things. Waited and none were delivered. Told they would be sent soon and some had already showed up on there records as received. Months later I am told the vendors they used could not meet the demands and that they would credit me in bids spent for the items!
Now all the nice auctions are gone and been replaced with the most unwanted items you could ever imagine!
So they gave me back the bids now there is nothing to bid on!
No one answers questions now and what do I have to show for the money I spent?
Sounds fishy to me at best!
Huntington Send email
Feb 23, 2012

You spend an awful amount of money and usually get nothing

I too got into this DealFun because I saw it on the news about 2 months ago. Things seemed to go well. Bought my tokens and away I went to auctions. I won things I never dreamed of owning, but hey it was a fun things to do even if I had no use for the items I won!
Fast forward 2 months later...FEW of the items I won were ever delivered! They told me I had already gotten a few, then told there was a mistake and they had not been shipped. Now I get a letter saying that all the items were from venders who could not meet their demand and NONE of the items will be on their way to me.
They credited me for the bids I spent and my credit card for some of the items, or so they say they have or will! Now when you go on there are very few auctions at all!
Oh hello...sounds fishy to me!
Save your money and find another hobby
SMB55 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Failure To Provide Services Promised

i had the same happen to me with the same letter as did my daughter.
Thankfully we have had our credit cards reimbursed.
However, the site has disppeared for maintainence they say.
What worrys me is :just before the site went done i looked in my account and found that my credit card details have disappeared.
I queried this 3days ago and still had no reply i have followed this up every few hrs and still no reply.

I want to know what is happening with this site as it is looking more dodgy every day that passes
Jeepster95 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Failure To Provide Services Promised

Recent email(s) recieved from DealFun on Jan. 25, 2012, 5:43pm CST, USA,
NOTE: Personal information removed where applicable.

Dear DealFun Customer,

Please accept our sincere apology for the delay in
processing DFXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Unfortunately, our
vendor who did not provide us with an accurate
stock count caused the delay.

Due to the inconvenience this has caused our
customers, we will no longer be using this vendor,
as they are unable to guarantee top-level service
that we expect for our customers.

For the inconvenience:
1. We have refunded you the amount you were billed
for this product.
2. We have credited your DealFun account the
retail value in the form of bids

Thank you in advance for your understanding and we
look forward to hearing from you.

DealFun Support

... I replied to the above email(s) with the folowing ...

From : Mike, Jan 26 10:07 (EST):

For the auctions that were cancelled on me on Jan. 25, I would like
all money immeadiately refunded back to my credit card.

I agree, that it is unfortunate that the vendor
you were doing business with could not meet the necessary
requirements of business terms.

If you credit back to my credit card my money, not Bid Credits,
then I will feel much more inclined to hopefully continue
to do business with DealFun.

AGAIN, PLEASE exercise 'Good Faith' and return ALL credit back
to my credit card.

I sincerely hope your company will honor my wish so that I, and am sure others,
can hopefully continue to do business with your company.

Thank you,


Dear Mike,

Your request (#XXXXXX) has been received, and is being reviewed by our support staff. We do our best to answer all emails within one hour but due to the excitement and current higher volumes, it may take us a little longer and we greatly appreciate your patience while we get back to you.

Dealfun strives to provide a quality shopping experience for our customers. Quality service and security are of great importance to us.

To review the status of the request and add additional comments, follow the link below:

"MY" overall opinion and steps being taken to the above situation(s) :
Personally, I will be lucky to get a reply, let alone today. They have their bases covered in the first reply
to my first reply in that "due to the excitement and current higher volumes, it may take us a little longer and we greatly appreciate your patience while we get back to you."
Second, since my account on DealFun has been credit back via "bids" and I have not been credited money back to my
credit card, (yet, as of this writing), I haven't LOST anything technically YET. However, I am waiting ( for a SHORT time), to see if my request for refund back to my credit card will be honored. If a non-automated reply is not received within a few days, then I will be forced to go through the channels to file a consumer complaint with them and with my credit card company for non-receipt of goods purchased and their failure to refund and/or resolve my issue in a timely manner. If they fail to acknowledge and honor my request with a non-automated reply, that too, constitutes failure to address my issue with them and allows me to report non-communication to my credit card company in order for the credit card company to recind all payments made to them by me for services and/or goods not recieved.
This will then place a huge burden on me to have to do this, but frankly is the only recourse I have at my disposal for proper compensation.
"IF by chance, they follow through with my request, PERHAPS, I will do business with them again. BUT, from a more cautious standpoint. THIS allows them to possibly(!!!) retain good standing and opportunity to continue to do FAIR trade with me.

---- I wish EVERYONE good luck in resolving ANY issues that have recently and NOT recently occured with DealFun.

- Mike January, 26, 2012 11:50 A.M. CST, USA
SMB55 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No Auctions

i have the same problem as above here and beginning to wonder what is happening.
SMB55 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

You spend an awful amount of money and usually get nothing

I won 7 items on dealfun at xmas time only to have an email last week to say the items were cancelled, my money was refunded back into my credit card account. Also bid vouchers to the value of their retail price.
My problem has been:
No items that i wanted to bid on ( nothing similar to what i had previously won)
vouchers expiring each day as i couldnt use them fast enough
for the past few days each time i went to bid, the site would log me off and i wasted 100s of bid vouchers as the auctions had finished.
The deal wheel has been out of action the past few days
Now the site is down for maintainance for two days
I have made 2 requests in the past three days long with several follow ups and no answer to date.
I am very disappointed with the customer support not answering my emails.
Jim190212 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No Auctions

Received there email and problems delivering products and shipping me 50 bids? They removed all remaining bids and even the free wheel spin says temporarily out of order. Same for the last 2-3 days without a reply to my request to credit my account reply in days. All the auctions i see at the site are for sweat bands you can get at walmart for $3? No electronics for bid for 2 days this crap auction site shutting down?
Makaizen Send email
Feb 23, 2012

No Auctions

Is Dealfun going out of business? They have only about 7 auctions going on now. I received almost 10 emails yesterday saying that something happened with their vendor and they weren't able to ship out about 9 of my won auctions. They said they would refund my credit card for the price I paid for the auction and take the retail price of the auction and match that in bids. I ended up with almost 500 bids. Of course voucher bids. Last night everyone must have received 1bids back because the auctions were going on and on, the price going higher and higher. I finally won a 800-flowers gift card and noticed something weird. The auction list was getting less and less. Being that fact I decided not to pay for my auction until I knew what was going on. SO WHAT IS GOING ON? Seems obvious we have been scammed! They gave all kinds of bids away and it drove up the price of the cash they receive. They must be planning to close their doors with the money customers paid in hand, to never ship anything else. They have not sent me any kind of email letting me know what the deal is. And on the website it doesn't explain anything at all. People are still bidding on the 7 remaining auction as I write. I can't find any information from anyone, including DealFun. I called them about an hour ago and the girl I spoke with was clueless. She said she didn't know what was going on. i asked her if they were closing their doors and she really didn't answer my question, . If anyone knows what is going on with this nightmarish penny auction site, I would so much appreciate it if you would write in and help me make sense of this. They owe me a lot of stuff and if they are taking my and thousands of other peoples money and running with it, many people are going to be very upset and out lots of cash. Thank you so much to anyone who writes in,
Your Mom Knows Best Send email
Feb 23, 2012

The money was taken from my bank account immediately and I received nothing

They shipped the product to you...
Gabilers Send email
Feb 23, 2012

The money was taken from my bank account immediately and I received nothing

Purchased an r.c. helicopter in early November as a Christmas gift for my son. The money was taken from my bank account immediately, and I've not received it yet (2.1.12). The first time I inquired, I received an apologetic email claiming that they'd 're-shipped' the item, and that I should expect it in two weeks. The next time I inquired, my account was listed as 'closed', and the item 'shipped'. I would LOVE to file a class action suit against these 'fly-by-night' scambags.

DEBbra Ing Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Worst web scam ever

Requiring personal information about submitters will significantly reduce the responses that could have been received.
How does any potential submitter know who is collecting this input info to be used against dealfun?
DEBbra Ing Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Worst web scam ever

No question - a single purpose operation - - -to lead players into buying their bids and not delivering the products the bidders won using Dealfun on line instructions for bidding and goods won delivery. There are so many complaints on line that now is the time to
1 )launch a class action suit

2)convince all bidders -- to cancel their involvement with all bidding companies. The legitimate -if there are any- will feel the customer/clients drop off of all the sites and take action against Dealfun to recover their players back to bidding or have to shut down

All bidders with missing product deliveries and other financial losses should continue this complait/recover their lost financial status
which has been taken by Dealfun. Advise all of your friends etc to also join in.
Paikote Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Worst web scam ever

You purchase bidding vouchers for hot items then bid on items hopefully being the high bidder (of coarse at a lower than retail cost) but you will never win these items that brought you to the web page. Instead you spend hours just trying to figure out how to recooperate the hundreds of dollars spent on bid vouchers. Worst web scam ever!
Rye24 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

'Support' has no phone number and is by email only

It seems everyone (including me) has recieved emails from DEALfun on January 26th stating their items won't be shipped due to vendors not coming through.. hmm cough*scam*cough.
I doubt my credit card will be refunded. And I will not be wasting my time by using my credited bids THAT EXPIRE on something that I won't recieve anyways.
Rye24 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

I have not received items I won still

I also bid on the Helicopter and won it for 0.9cents on Jan 18th. Yesterday I recieved an email stating that their supplier did not come through and I would not be recieving my Helicopter.. instead I would be reimbursed my 0.9cents (yeah right...) and they will credit my account in bids (that expire) for what the Helicopter was worth (139 bids). You will probably never recieve what you won. This website is crap.
NoMoreScams! Send email
Feb 23, 2012

You spend an awful amount of money and usually get nothing

I heard about Dealfun on TV, and checked it out. Saw the Android machines going for what appeared to be great prices, bought a $119 bid pack with a big wad of bonus bids thrown in, and started bidding. It wasn't long before I'd posted enough bids to "buy it now" for a few bucks, and I did that. I spent a lot of bids, but that's the game. So in total I paid about $125. Not an astute purchase, but hey, ...

5 days later came the email that it had shipped. For the next 2 weeks I tried the shipment tracking info, only to get a web page failure. Emailed DF about it, and asked where the goods were. They gave me a few voucher bids - which expired in 10 days - as "compensation" and told me they would re-ship, then even sent an email saying that had occurred, and forgot about me. The "re-ship" never showed on my account, and the original tracking info from shipper 4PX only showed that DF had "requested" a shipment, not actually made one. Not looking good...

Meanwhile I discover that their system consumes REAL bids first, unless you explicitly tell it to consume VOUCHER bids first. So a few days after my purchase, all those bonus bids disappear, along with my confidence. Another strike!

30+ days into this mess, I complained about the lack of shipment receipt and asked for a refund. To which they email-replied that the vendor they were using had broken promises, and they were issuing a refund of my real cash money in the form of bids. I checked, and there they were. All in the form of VOUCHER bids, which will expire in 10 days. Yikes!!! So I hop on the site, check the auctions, and there's not Android anything to he had. Keep in mind, that's the ONLY reason I bit in the first place. I did bid on and "win" an iPod Shuffle - here's hoping it's actually REAL - and then discovered while bidding that VOUCHER bids don't reduce the buy-it-now price like REAL bids do - so I had top hope to win the auction, rather than switch to buy-it now at some point. Grrrr...

I have since asked DF Support to change those refunded VOUCHER bids to REAL (purchased) bids. Not a peep since then, and I'm wondering if my account is now gone - almost afraid to check. Please - do suspend disbelief when you read that "15-minute response time on all emails!" That just means their auto-bot email answerer sends a message to you saying they got it. Not that a human will actually engage in a response. It's now been 48 hours since my least support email, and crickets are all I hear. Strike three! (Or is it five?!)

DF - make good on your obligation to your customers NOW! Or risk the wrath of an angry web mob. Some of us are even IT geeks...
LilmamaRhonda Send email
Feb 23, 2012

I have not received items I won still

I also bid and won the helicopter, Google Tablet, and mp3 player in November but never received anything, only excuses that they are in process of shipping. I did get emails saying that I will be rienbursed but only in the form of bids and not any credit to my card. I did request an equivalent of merchandise but no answer.RR

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