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Diamond Resorts International

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Diamond Resorts International

ritawusa Send email
Mar 7, 2017


We purchased the package and informed representative that we travel as a family of 6. However, each time we attempted to schedule a vacation there were not rooms large enough to accommodate us. We were also told that we could travel anytime without any issues. We found that not be to true as no rooms that we were interested in have been available. So far we have not been able to use this poor investment due to misrepresentation.
sarabrewer Send email
Jan 8, 2017

Sampler Package Scam

We purchased a Sampler Package. The short version - if you bought one, CANCEL IT NOW. You have three days. Send a registered letter. If you are like us you have been sold a pack of lies. They will hold you to every detail of the contract that you signed, and initialed 11 times. Anything outside the contract that you were told by your salesman, about quality, condition, availabilty etc. CANNOT BE PROVEN.

We were told by our slick, snake oil salesman that the Sampler Package was the ideal way to try out ALL of the resorts as, essentially, a super primo VIP owner. He assured us that DR only sold these packages to high income persons, who were smart enough to want to try out a timeshare before they bought in. He assured us that DR wanted our business and would give us first priority, the best rooms, etc. (It does seem like this would make sense, doesn't it?)

It was not until the very end of the four hour presentation, once you agree to sign, that you wait another 20 minutes for the contract, they shove it under your nose, and you are pressured to sign right away. I am actually someone who reads contracts. (As I was reading it, our buddy the salesman asked me repeatedly, "Do you have any questions for me? Is there a problem?!" As though I was assaulting his integrity. Hah.)

I asked "why does it say here we can only go to these listed resorts?" His response: that's just an example, but you can trade out your time at these resorts for affiliate resorts. They want your business! They want you to become a member! They are going to want you to try out as many resorts as you can with your points. (This is not true and there is no way to prove this was said later. The contract says what it says. Also important to note: look up the listed resorts on tripadvisor etc. The nightly rate for most of the resorts is cheap! You are not getting any bargain with the Sampler.)

I asked, "It says your can use these points for only 18 months here - you say it's indefinite??" Response: They just put 18 months to get you to use it as soon as possible! They will let you roll the points over. They'll want you to use all of your points. The more you come back the more likely you are to become a member. (Now we're being told it's 18 months. Period.)

I asked, "What is this about having to attend a presentation EVERY time we visit?!!" Answer: Oh that, yeah, they'll want you to come in so they can show you how to use your membership. It's only 60 minutes. (This was the first time we were aware of this requirement. If I hadn't read the contract, we wouldn't have known.)

We read the contract. We should have known better. However, we were told by our slick salesman that, despite what the contract read, they wanted to market the best of the best of their resorts to us so that we would become owners. It does make sense that they might want to do this from a marketing standpoint. But in retrospect, our experience has been that this is not their goal at all. I believe they probably offer this package to everyone. They send you off to some of their worst resorts, charge about what it would cost on the open market, and force you to come in again and again for presentations (at our last one, the guy literally said, "Why are you staying at this dump?! This is one of our overflow hotels. Didn't you see the asterisk next to it on the Sampler? (The asterisk denotes hotel rooms only - not substandard hotels.) If you were a MEMBER, you could be staying at...." It never ends.)

Also note that you cannot access the website for 14 days (at least, that's what we were told) after you sign up. This puts you well outside the 3 day cancellation period before you find out how little availability there is within the next 18 months.

They are so full of SH$$!! Do not trust them! And if you bought a Sampler, like us, and have to sit through the 60 minute presentation, take photos of you being there with a time stamp and walk out after 60 minutes.

Live and learn. Sigh.
ama00 Send email
Jan 6, 2017

Diamond Resorts

Purchased the lowest amount of points possible during a Vacation in Vegas October 2015. (2500points) Had been to several of the presentations that week in Vegas, but none made all the promises that Diamond Resorts made. None wrapped vacation with ease, and almost limitless choices in the red bow that they did. Something that was supposed to take two hours took probably close to 5 hours, lots of switching players, whispering, information gathering, and meaningless small talk. Because if the sales rep really cared about my family or kids, she would have let us leave the first time we said No.. Not go get the big guns from the back behind the divider. Something that is supposed to bring your family so much relaxation, peace, and "quality time you can't put a value on" this is a headache and a nightmare. I asked TONS of questions at our presentation, and was never told this was something I would NEVER be able to get out of. I was told this was something amazing that when I paid off, I would be able to leave it to my children with ease, forever passing on quality time and a legacy of traveling the globe. Within a couple months of purchasing my husband and I knew, we let the excitement, lights, pressured sales pitch, and show tickets blur our vision, and that this was a very BAD investment. One that we would not be able to keep up with easily. Even If the 198.00/month payment isn't unreasonable the 900.00 yearly maintenance fees are. We wanted out only to be told there is no way out, and if the payments are the problem, to go look for another lender and refinance. We so desperately want out, our income has changed since signing on to the program, our living situation, has changed, and every month we struggle to keep our Credit in good standing so we pay something that we do not believe in anymore, and that has NO value, and Overall is just not a good deal. I really wish I had the opportunity to talk to the head of the organization, but I'm sure they have read the reviews, or do they even care....So what is one more sad story of a person who did not read the 30 page contract in its entirety. And then when you finally do book your vacation, you have a special check in desk.....Its presented at the initial presentation like this is some type of VIP service, but it's not. Its only to try to sign you up and have you do your "annual owner update". I thought this was something mandatory, something to fulfill additional obligations, only to get there and it was yet another sales pitch. This time they didn't even put a bow on it, they keep switching out staff....each talking faster than the one before them, and then the final guy comes in with a blue paper in his hand and asks you to sign something. Something for what?!?!? To lock in some type of price for the next 18 months if you want to upgrade or some nonsense. Whatever it was the more questions I asked they kept picking up the paper and didn't really want me to look at it, they just wanted me to sign. It made me so uncomfortable that I refused to sign anything, and verbally expressed that I just wanted my free gifts and wanted to leave. He said give me a moment. That turned into another 45 minutes sitting in a booth and nobody, comes back for you, and when you go to look for them, more sales people are in huddle always whispering, and always clueless as to where the person you want has gone. Finally someone said well at least sign her that you are declining. I said I will not, I'm not signing a thing, you guys have really out done yourself and I'm done. They still had me sign up front, just to get the waterpark tickets, who knows, they may have used that signature for some type of upgrade acceptance ANYWAY. I am so done with this company. I have worked really hard over the years to begin rebuilding my credit, and now I'm so STUCK and afraid to not scrape to pay them, but every month, I contemplate just letting it go into default or something and take my chances with collections. At least with collections I can say I will pay my debt but at 50.00/month. I'm so sickened by this, and if anyone knows what I need to do to get out, or to get linked in with the many Lawsuits against them I am all in.
Neuby Send email
Nov 26, 2016

Location lies

Sat in on a seminar, ended up buying the sampler package after having been told we can stay at any of the resorts. Not true. The sampler has a limited selection of resorts. This industry is notorious for lying in order to make a sale.

Buyer beware...... better yet, just avoid any vacation timeshare
LWhiston Send email
Sep 1, 2016

Sampler Package Misreprentation

My wife and I purchased the sampler package out of Scottsdale, AZ. after a lengthy (three hour) high pitch sales pitch. We were promised that we would save money on our upcoming trip to San Diego, CA. Not true! The closest "Sampler Package" equipped resort was about two hours away and the availability was not there even if we did want to stay there. We have attempted to book a reservation several times since and there never seems to be an availability where we need to stay. We paid a lot of money for this service for nothing and I am both frustrated and angry! It appears this company; Diamond resorts, is only interested in one thing - money at the expense of people suckered into making such a fraudulent purchase!

Protect yourself! Do not fall into this TOTAL SCAM like we did!
LWhiston Send email
Sep 1, 2016

Sampler Package Misreprentation

My wife and I rented a room at the Scottsdale, AZ DOI. While there we endured a high pressure sales pitch for almost three hours. We decided to try the Sampler package because the sales person told us we would be able to use it on our upcoming trip to San Diego, CA. The truth is that we were only able to use DOI's facility in a "Sampler Package" designated DOI! We have attempted to use our Sampler Package several times with no success. I am frustrated and angry because of the price we are still paying for nothing!

This company misrepresents their business! Beware of them and steer clear of their business!
Franrico Send email
Aug 17, 2016

Diamond Resorts Int

I don't know where to begin, my family and l have been torcherd by these people for years, going back to when we first purchased our time share in VB.
It has been lie after lie, every year they haul us in and come up with a new way to sell you the same thing over and over,
And they do it with a straight face and no shame. So this year my wife and l decided to see what they had to offer,
Get this,,,,, for the low low price of an additional $72,000.00 you can purchase 6000 points, only because my wife and l supposedly missed the phone calls and emails telling us we can use the equity in our time share as points. Which was a lie because they could not produce a valid phone number or email. (What are the chances?) pretty good
Oh well, you'd think something this important would warrant a certified letter, or registered mail, not a chance.!
But we were the Lucy ones. For almost $5000,00'down and $20.000.00 financed at 17% and new annual point fee of $1600.00 a year . You get amazing access to places you will never be able to go to, believe me l know. We tried.
Lucky for us we know a scam when we see one and we were smart enough to walk out.
We like our time share, we use it every year and it is deeded. The way l see it, is that they need for their inventory and they can't have it. Please Beware. Don't get sucked in. Because next year they will want more and it never ends.
Frustrated in VB.
sallydi Send email
Jun 21, 2016

Deed owner

We own a deed - we bought our timeshare free and clear on ebay about 10 years ago. So far its been a pretty good deal, even though the fees keep going higher, to the point you can almost book the same thing for the specific dates and number of days you want on discount travel sites and spend the same. Anyway, they talked us into going to an owner update.... big time pressure but what really got my attention was when he said "if you dont transfer to points, you will be left behind. All the other owners of your building are switching and you will be stuck wit the building maintenance" as if we will have tens of thousands in annual maintenance fees if I dont give them $20k now and convert to points. My reaction was "now why would I want to do business with a company that starts off the new relationship with a threat"? We had a good thing going but now that Diamond bought it, I a feeling very wary.
annoyed92 Send email
Jun 11, 2016

Sampler Package

So I've never heard of DRI before I went on this vacation this past May 2016 to Virginia Beach. I booked my vacation through Groupon as it was an affordable and beach front resort so I went for it. Every person that spoke to us in the area was a member (salesperson) for DRI, trying to make commission off us. We were told we had to sit in for a 60min presentation and tour and then receive a gift card for our time. Well... long story short we were there for 6.5 hours. I kid you all not! The woman we spoke with was very nice. In fact she tried connecting with us telling us personal and serious stories. Things got off topic because we were enjoying speaking with our sales lady, no seriously she was sweet. My fiance' and I kept saying no because we didn't understand it mostly and because I am finishing up my master's degree and he is in the process of changing positions at work so money was tight. Most of these reviews mention money is tight and they keep pestering. Well, our sales lady went and got her manager saying she had to check on things. This man was inconsiderate and disrespectful. Trying to play on sales tactics of my fiance being a father and making sure our kids have good childhoods with these vacations. I'll admit it pulled on the heart strings and I've been in sales. Their tactics are beastly, I'll say that much.

Anyway, they finally went away because we kept saying no. This other man, who looked innocent and friendly ending up selling us this sampler package. We understood more speaking with him for 1.5 hours versus the lady and manager for the past 4.5 hours. We got these credit cards. We were not planning to use them at all and just wanted to have these open lines of credit, well it turns out they charged our sampler 15,000 points onto the two cards.We got two different lines of credit open and the people at Barclay's refused to combine them but the 2995.00 loan was split onto the two cards. We ended up having a balance on the cards not knowing and then the letter came in the mail two days later.

I've ready reviews of time share companies everywhere and everyone says they are all scams. Honestly, I haven't had horror stories just yet because my fiance thinks over things and calmly asks a lot and I mean a lot of questions. The fine print does state that on our sampler stay and our complimentary 3 day 2 night stay we have to attend a presentation but after reading these reviews I'm prepared for them to try and sell us something further and hopefully we have the power to walk away.

I have a friend who works for a time share contract company. These things are all in the fine print.
Lexmommie Send email
Jun 10, 2016

Diamond Resorts International

I too have been beat out of money like the others. This company is full of it. I however did use up the "1500" points on 2 trips to Vegas but our original plan was to go to Hawaii! We go to Vegas all of the time! Did I mention that I looked up the price of the hotel on hotels.com and it was no cheaper than using our "points" we were also required to attend the 1 hour presentation but we were so stern and pissed off to everyone that talked to us there that they let us go 15min into the presentation.. Stay away from diamond resorts at all costs! I also filed a complaint while in Vegas.
lukeharahap Send email
May 18, 2016

Timeshare sampler from diamond resort international

is there anybody know any lawyer to cancel the time Sampler product from diamond resort international.

Because The bill still come every month, even I have cancelled the time sampler packet 2 days of the presentation
janmalvarez Send email
Apr 30, 2016

Rude timeshare Presentations

We have been members of Diamond Resorts and prior Sunterra for approximately 20 years. Over the years we have been fairly happy with most resorts and have bought up recently to Gold. We booked the Lake Tahoe Resort (beautiful property) recently and treated royally by the VIP check in. We decided to do the presentation when we were told there were added properties and changes we should know about. Since we had just bought up to Gold three months before I was not worried about being pressured to buy. When we met with the "so called" counselor (not a salesman) he said on three to four occasions that he would have us out quickly because we were not buying and only wanted to know about the new resorts and changes. Everything was going well and he answered my questions. Then the meeting went south. He flipped over to a selling mode, explaining the benefits of buying into the US collection and that we are not getting as good of benefits with the Hawaiian collection. What?!!! I listen to him talk and talk and talk... I then reminded him I was not changing back and was not interested in hearing about any products to buy. He then went into the credit card they are offering, buying more points, the benefits of becoming a Platinum member, etc. We had now gone from a 55 minute promise to get it done to 1 1/2 hours. I finally stopped it and he got up from the table and said someone would be out to sign us off. Never thanked us for our time or shook our hands. Just coldly got up and left. Then we get hit with the closer. Starts out very friendly but he was not there to do a quick close. He was there to start all over again with the credit card offer, buy more points offer. I stopped in really quickly and explained we had already been there almost two hours and we had somewhere else to go. He got up and said "follow me to get your award". We did and he also just walked away and never said a word. I have had this experience every time I have attended the presentation when I wasn't buying. It is impossible to find out what is new with them as all they want to do is sell, sell, sell. I am shocked this was my first presentation being a Gold owner and being treated with rudeness. I can only think they are trained to act like this. My question is do they really think they are going to get you back in front of them??? Not me, for sure. I am done and there is not one thing they can offer me that will make me sit through the hell they put you through. They have lost my business for any future upgrade. With all the deceit I have read above, I would imagine a class action suit will be happening in the near future. Oh and for anyone who has had the threat of your heirs being made to take over when you pass, they can only pursue this if you put in your trust/will. I did not put in mine. They will pressure you to do it.
bakasyonista_girl Send email
Apr 27, 2016

Diamond Resort SAMPLER package

The sales tactic used by DRI sales representatives are unethical. They would not take a NO for an answer! They scam you into signing up for a SAMPLER package that they rush you into signing. We had this horrible experience. We were held captive for four hours by sales reps who do not understand the word NO and do not care about your financial status (having just had bankruptcy). BEWARE, read the fine prints on that SAMPLER - there is a part where it states: CANNOT RESCIND, CANCEL, AND REFUND. I immediately contacted DRI (3 days after) via phone call, fax, and mailed letter to cancel our contract because it was not properly explained to us. They catch you at your most vulnerable moment - tired and hungry! I've have received three bills already which I have not paid and with no intention to pay because we could not afford to pay. I have just submitted a complaint to BBB about their unethical practice. I hope to have this resolved soon. The more of us writing about this, the more we could raise awareness about this, and hopefully prevent this from happening to others.
24mimi Send email
Apr 19, 2016

Diamond Resort Sampler Package

After my 3rd free vacation and 3rd Diamond Resort presentation, I gave in and bought the sampler package. I was approved through their Barclay Credit and the charge was put on a new MasterCard Account. I have been having buyers remorse, but I'm hoping for the best. I booked a future vacation in Las Vegas and plan on booking another vacation soon. I wanted to do Hawaii but I've been reading a lot of bad reviews so i think I'll pass on it. Wish me luck!!
1jgrunseth9 Send email
Apr 5, 2016

Lied to and manipulated!

Retrain your sales force. The first wave of 3 sales guys were nice but highly manipulative. They basically said that when we die or get feeble, the ownership and maintenance fees will get dumped on our 7 children!!! We took great offense and almost walked out. I considered getting out of Dismond all together. They could tell we were upset, so they left and sent in the next guy... who calmed down us down by saying in effect... ' Jim and Barbara, disregard everything the first guy said. Diamond will not stick your kids with the financial burden. Don't worry about the phrase "in perpetuity". The first guy tried to get us to pay like $400 plus a month to get more points to climb up to the Silver status. I said I could not afford that or the increase maintenance charge. This second guy, MJ, was nice, calming, and reasurring. Yet, he still got us to buy the Sampler now for the second time. $2,900.00 plus dollars. My point. Stop using guilt, fear, and manipulation in trying to get more $$$ from us! We were lied to. Period. The first sales wave instilled fear by saying our kids will get stuck with this. The finally guy said to disregard what the first guy said. We were thus lied to. What is your specific plan to insure this manipulation and lying stops?
TSmith Send email
Feb 27, 2016

Beware Sampler Package Bad Value

The Sampler Package offered at Kaanapali Beach Resort is not a good value. These are 2-3 star sub standard resorts, most are not even Diamond Resorts, they are sister resorts. You are tired after being drained at the presentation and this is their last ditch effort to get $2995 out of you to cover their costs for bringing you into the tour. i.e your activity discounts, and what the company has to pay for marketing to bring you in and have a sales agent, manager try to get you to buy timeshare. (I was told this by an existing owner) If you look at the resorts and how many points it takes to stay at those limited 25 resorts that they have you can do much better yourself online and not have to go to a presentation each time you go stay at the resorts. Also when you check in it is a bad room and the resort tries to get more money out of you to get a better room, so it is even a worse value. When you go in on a presentation they counteract the fact the stuck you in a crap hole that if you buy their timeshare you will not stay in crap hole resorts. NOT A GOOD REPRESENTATION.
patrie Send email
Feb 1, 2016


I believe that a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT should be filed against Diamond Resorts International for the fraudulent misrepresentation of the SAMPLER PACKAGE.

Who is interested in pursuing that avenue?

Thanks you.

returnThisVacay Send email
Jan 24, 2016

cancelled but still getting billed

I called and emailed to cancel and I am still be billed. I no longer want this package
diedrich2012 Send email
Jan 21, 2016


After a horrible stay at the Las Vegas Resort, literally my husband was stuck in the elevator for over 2 hours and we missed our show that we purchased tickets for. No refund on the tickets. Also, the staff was rude and inconsiderate. So, after a 90 minute sales pitch that turned to 2 hours, we purchased a Sampler Package. I explained to my sales rep that I didn't want to purchase because with my job I travel and can't be limited to said resorts. The manager, Dallas, came over, verbally told me don't worry about it. You can go anywhere you want, I will notate it for you. So, we agreed and signed the paperwork. Finally, after making 6 months of payments we are ready to use it. I was told I was limited to the Sampler resorts. Umm, no Dallas said he would take care of it, even initialed the paperwork. Guess what? The paperwork I was handed has no initials and Dallas was no longer employed there...SCAMMED. Stupid on my part, if you are a sucker and buy this package or any package from DIAMOND RESORTS, BE AWARE! They will screw you over and with a contract, connected to your credit, you pay or your good credit is gone.PLEASE PLEASE BE AWARE!
manjiro Send email
Dec 16, 2015


My family attended a timeshare event at the Ridge Hotel in Sedona Arizona. We attended a timeshare presentation that was scheduled for 90mins. The reason we attended this was that we received discount tickets to the Pink Jeep Tour if we attended the presentation. We have a special needs child (Autistic) and attended the session with our child. After 4hours of presentation, we signed up for the sampler package. No one told us that we need to do additional 60 min presentations everytime we stay somewhere. This is ridiculous. If we had known this we would not sign up, since we do not want to torture our child by dragging him to the presentations. I have been trying to login and till date (>2 weeks) i still cannot log in and they say it is system issue. How can one cancel if you are not allowed to login for 2 weeks? Isn't this a scam? I hope the consumer board looks into this issue.

I know that i signed up for some paper work at the end....that is because we were so tired and wanted to get out. Now they are telling me that everything explained is in the fine print. Reality, they lied completely and now reading the fine print, i feel CONNED!
The sales person who saw that i have a special needs kid should have told me the truth and not cover up. I just cant believe how professional people can lie. What is the CEO of this company thinking? I hope he is having peace and enjoying the money looted from ordinary class people.

Any advice is highly appreciated.

kevcher Send email
Oct 21, 2015

Sampler Package Fraud

We had high pressure by a couple of salesmen to buy this sampler package after being told we were going to be checked out to leave. Our 2-year-old was there, and once we gave in to signing up for the sampler package we just wanted to get out of there for us and our 2-year-old only to become greatly disturbed about the specifics in the contract (which we failed to take our time to go over carefully before signing). I thought we'd simply cancel if we found out that what we were told wasn't true. Well, little did I know that the package wouldn't be activated until 14 days after purchase at which time the cancellation period would be OVER!! Totally a scam!!! I have to find out if this is legal. Really!? You can't cancel after 10 days, but can't find out if you can even use it until 14 days!! Of course the first couple of dates we requested weren't available - unless we wanted to pay additional money out of pocket for our room!!!!!! If we can't get out of this sampler, I can't wait to attend the presentation(s)!!
juliemica Send email
Sep 14, 2015


I also purchased a sampler after receiving a free weekend to attend an update on my time share. My times share place was brought by Diamond. They were trying to upsell me into points and told me a bunch of things about my current place to try to convince me to buy point. So I brought a sampler package so that I cold think about it and try their places for a 18 month. I have not had 1 positive experience. The sales person told me I did not have to go to a TS presentation when I used the sample package and that is not true. They tell you if you do not go that you have to pay for the time you stay. I found this out after I had to cancel my 4 day planned vacation since they only had 4 days available and I was only going there 3 days. Seems the presentation was only being given on the day I was not going to be there and there was no other option, So I cancelled it and they did waive the $75 fee but I had to book 3 says at another hotel and pay $450. Instead of using the points I had an paid for . Now I am on vacation for a week at a sample place in south beach florida and they used half my points for a place I could have booked on my own for less money. Its also not that nice, the walls as dirty but the cleaning people say that is the best they can clean them. I would not eat here as they walk food from another place and the interest does not work well.

I also within 3 days of buying the sampler tried to cancel but its not a contract where you can cancel within 3 days.

Don't buy a sampler package this company is a rip off , plus since they want me to convert to points and pay them more money my Time share maintenance fee has been going up about $30 to $50 a year.
birdie Send email
May 1, 2015

Diamond Resorts Sampler

We had gone to our home resort at Villa Mirage to simply ask for a member id number. Somehow they ended up talking into staying for a tutorial so that we could understand how to log in to the website. When we showed up for the tutorial we were told it had been cancelled but that one of the reps would help us out. Four hours later we signed the agreement for the Sampler package for a total of over 3,000 dollars! We called following day and asked when we could start using our 1500 points, and was told that we had to wait until we had paid 1000 into it! That was a month ago. I called again to see when we would get our membership card so we could make our reservations and was told the contract was still in escrow! So by the time we can reserve any vacation our 18 months will have almost expired without being able to use it. I had asked to cancel and they said it cant be cancelled. How do we file a class action lawsuit This is the biggest rip off ever! What happens if we just don't pay?
l0ckdady Send email
Apr 19, 2015



I was wondering if anyone has had any luck cancelling their Diamond Resort Sampler Package? I was manipulated just like everyone else on here into purchasing the Sampler package and I want to cancel my subscription. DRI was smart, because I did research on cancelling a time shares, but turns out that the Sampler is not a time share and therefore it does not fall under a regular state rescission law. The salesman went over all the lines we specifically talked about during the presentation, but smartly skipped over the part about mentioning this package is not a timeshare and therefore can't be canceled or rescinded. After reading many reviews this seems like a tough battle that I'm about to take on and I was just wondering if anyone had success and can point me in the right direction?

Thank you,

LDOOSC Send email
Mar 19, 2015


Purchased a sampler package in Dec 29 2010 while I was in the military with the plan to use it when I retired. Prior to being able to use the plan (#21401705) I got deathly ill and ended up in a 10 day coma. On my plan the salesman had lined out the 12 months and put in 18 months and also told me not to worry as they would graciously extend the timeframe with no problem. . After speaking to the sampler specialist I was informed that they could do nothing for me. What a nice way to treat a 26 year Navy veteran I will ensure that I give my "positive feedback" to all my active and retired friends in the numerous fraternities and social clubs to which I belong. Once again, thank you for your consideration, LCDR Mark Ingwersen, USN (RET)

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    Hi Iam malaysian concern citizen,i went to this Nail salon...
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