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samnoefab9 Send email
Sep 2, 2023

Flat Dr Peppers

The past ~5 times I’ve bought 24- or 12-pack cans at WalMart, they’ve all been flat. Probably going to get a refund on this latest batch as last time I was hopeful and went through the pack, this first can was flat and I don’t trust the rest. What’s going on?
SteveSapp Send email
Jul 1, 2023

Flat Dr. Pepper

Over the past several months, I have experienced a large number of the 12 oz plastic bottles of Dr. Pepper being flat. Have others experienced this problem?
[email protected] Send email
Jun 30, 2023

dr pepper

I have 2 complaints
1. Why in the world is there two different kinds of Diet dr pepper
one is in the same color box as the regular dr pepper only it says zero sugar and the other is the Diet dr pepper.
Does that make no sense? can you please explain that to me?

2. The other is why is there no more diet dr Pepper with cherry there is regular dr pepper with cherry but none for diet why?????
3. what happens to all the fun drinks..
[email protected] Send email
Jun 30, 2023

zero dr pepper vs diet dr pepper

I am so confused as to why dr pepper has decided to go with Zero dr pepper which looks exactly like the regular dr pepper and Diet dr pepper what is the difference??
and why is there no more Diet dr pepper with cherry???
you can find dr pepper with cherry but no diet what is going on. I have been a diet dr pepper with Cherry drinker since the beginning of time. what is going on? What happened to the drinks that were making lots of money??? like the diet dr pepper with cherry. you can not keep that on the shelves no it is nowhere to be found.
Slusherh Send email
Nov 13, 2022

Flat Dr Pepper cans

I get my Dr Pepper pack from Costco and lately at least half the case is flat. It’s happened several times this year. You can tell before opening it if it’s going to be flat too. The good cans still feel solid but the flat cans feel thinner when you squeeze them a little. Is the carbonation not working and these are somehow making the packs before it’s noticed? Definitely need more quality checks because this has become a waste of money and disappointment.
R.M. Send email
Oct 22, 2022

Flat dr pepper

I have tried numerous times but NO MORE. Prices are soaring and we get flat or non carbonated Dr Peppers to throw away. It's a shame, I've drank them for YEARS!!!! Good bye nasty DP.
[email protected] Send email
Nov 27, 2021

Flat diet dr. pepper six packs

I have purchase many four six packs of dr. pepper and have found that roughly 15% or higher have been flat. I have decided to go back to coke zero as i had no problem. It is obvious the quality control of this product is poor.
CarlaIke Send email
Oct 1, 2021

Lid Issues

I submitted this same complaint in February, and obviously the Dr. Pepper Company doesn't care. The Diet Dr. Peppers and Dr. Pepper Zeros in 16.9oz bottles are flat. The lids are not securely tightened, and the product often leaks out when the bottles are placed on their sides in my office refrigerator. Fix it or not because at this point I'm switching to Coke Zero.
Cmr1985 Send email
Aug 8, 2021

18 pack of flat Dr pepper

I bought an 18 pack of Dr. Pepper from the store savealot in Bronson Florida this last week.. every can that I have opened has immediately tasted flat..what's up with that? I would like a refund or some "not so flat" free soda..

Thank you
Charles Edwards Send email
Aug 7, 2021

change in taste

Once again, it appears the taste of your product has changed. In particular, 2L bottles of Dr. Pepper, purchased through Walmart, have a distinct cherry flavor, that is not there on product purchased elsewhere. Please recall this batch!
Charles Edwards Send email
Jul 12, 2021

change in taste

Both my daughter and I have detected a change in the taste of your product. It tastes like cherry flavor has been added. We do NOT approve! If this was accidental, we'd like to know. If you are trying to change the formula, these Dr. Pepper drinkers URGE you to revert to the classic taste!!!
CarlaIke Send email
Feb 5, 2021


For a couple of months now, all of my Diet Dr. Peppers in 16.9oz bottles are flat. The lids are not securely tightened (which may be the reason the soda is flat), and some of the bottles leak. Please fix
bevclifton Send email
Nov 8, 2020

Plastic caps on bottles

I understand everyone is always trying to do it cheaper BUT there must have been a cheaper way to make the plastic bottle caps. Half of the time the cap doesn’t break away from the cap rim as supposed to. This makes it impossible to recap the bottle. I’ve not had this problem until lately. The cap is fully intact. Cheaper isn’t always better.
Keithb1 Send email
Nov 17, 2019

Flat, capping issue

I have been a fan of Dr Pepper for over 12 years. I buy at least one bottle daily. In the last few months, almost every bottle I buy is flat. It’s a problem with the caps. They have changed and don’t seal like before. They are loose and just have a weak ‘click’ when you open them. I know it’s the caps, because the cans are fine. Called Dr Pepper and the lady on the phone said there’s no issue, no change. My entire career has been food/beverage production management. I know what I’m talking about, but they won’t admit it. Doubt any changes will come. Most likely, they found a cheaper supplier for bottles or lids and won’t go back. They’ve lost a customer in me!
Mariekanning Send email
Jul 24, 2018

Questionable offer

I have seen bright red signage at Speedway service stations since July 1, 2018 saying to look for specially marked Dr. Pepper beverages that advertise Children's Miracle Network. They are to be at the Speedway service stations in the US. If a person find this the "specially marked bottle" they will get 1,000 Speedway Points and Dr. Pepper will make a $1,000 contribution for that bottle to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. The person who finds this bottle will need to enter the on label code at

SOUNDS SO CHARITABLE AND GOOD. However there are only 500 bottles available NATIONWIDE according to a Speedway customer service rep that I spoke with the week of July 8, 2018. In the fine print in the online of wording of explanation is is stated:
"Minimun donation is $1,000. Maximum donation is $50,000." Apparently either Dr. Pepper will only honor the first 50 people who responds or they think few people will find the bottles. After all, how many bottles of Dr. Pepper are distributed to Speedway gas stations in the USA? And only 500 winning numbers are among thousand of bottles?

SHAME ON YOU DR. PEPPER!!!!! A disenchanted customer in Fort Wayne IN M.A.Kanning
Jojo6696 Send email
Jun 4, 2018


I bought a 6 pack of 16.9 oz diet Dr pepper and one bottle was squished looking and flat and half empty 😟
Shelua1968 Send email
Nov 21, 2017

Flat soda

We had went into neighborhood market on Nanook r in granite city ill and bought the 20 once diet Dr peppers for our diabetic grand daughter and we had spent well over 20 dollars on her sodas for the week, it totaled 10 bottles after taxes every bottle opened taste like pure carbon water, no fizz no flavor , we complained to the owner and they told us to come back and talk tithe owner for a refund, which we still haven't heard from and it's been a week,, they kept the money and bottles, how do we go about fixing this issue? I refuse to shop there anymore
belt Send email
Mar 12, 2016

plastic that holds Dr. pepper cans with suger (green cans)

I have lost countless cans of dr. pepper that fall out of the plastic packaging that holds the six pack of green cans, which have dr. pepper with sugar. The cans are not secure in the plastic and when they fall out they usually fall on your toe or fall on the floor and puncture, which allows all of the contents to spray all around the room. I have never seen such a shabby unsecure carton for anything. Dr. pepper has had a lot of problems with keeping this particular variety with sugar on the market. Maybe they are trying to get rid of it altogether! I prefer the sugar product, but the nuisance of having the cans falling out of the packaging may stop me from buying the product altogether.
User670539 Send email
Apr 4, 2012

I will never buy this product again

by the way, i did meet a charming young lady who loves action movies, pity she's only 20
User670539 Send email
Apr 4, 2012

I will never buy this product again

i had a long, illuminating and alliterative post that explained my comments, but it is now in the great abyss of cyber-space. suffice to say my name is merely a tip o' the hat to my pre-banning nic, and my town (palm springs, ca) is a destination for those of a homosexual proclivity. i myself side with you: life is too short to judge on love, and its direction
User836846 Send email
Apr 4, 2012

I will never buy this product again

I am confused Mr Alien... enlighten me if you will...? My excuse for being confused = worked like a donkey today, as fu£$ing usual and therefore can not fathom the lingo because my brain is dead. Were your remarks; satire, humour or fact? Do you meet girls who DO????? like action movies... and other girls. Or having looked into yr nic a bit deeper than usual I suspect Dykes (as we call 'em over here) are not in your top 10!! I don't have an opinion on that really, in that, I don't really give a toss... I got other things to worry about!!! Although it's a shame to waste a good woman... none the less... there is naff-all I can do about it so I don't bother trying!!
User670539 Send email
Apr 3, 2012

I will never buy this product again

i meet them all the time here, ian. they are called lesbians
User836846 Send email
Apr 3, 2012

I will never buy this product again

I never met a woman who likes action movies either
User441513 Send email
Apr 3, 2012

I will never buy this product again

suck it up, i am a women too and i didn't find it offensive at all. You are just being too sensitive
User919266 Send email
Apr 3, 2012

I will never buy this product again

I know what you mean. Huggies had an advertisement that said there diapers and wipes were so simple, even dad's can use them. As a father of a 2 year old girl, words cannot express the sadness my heart felt as I have changed hundreds of diapers and the insinuation that dad's aren't good parent tore at my heartstrings. I just cried and cried...

Ok seriously, I couldn't have cared less. Stop being such an oversensitive wuss. Seriously, grow a pair.

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