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Chris1244 Send email
Jan 8, 2021

Replacement Screen

I have been paying off an omen 15 laptop from easyhome for over a year now with no late payments or defaults of any kind.
i managed to crack the screen and understood that it was my fault and it wasnt covered under the insurance i was also paying for but i digress. The original screen for the omen 15 laptop is
HP Omen 15 2020 Display Performance
The HP Omen 15 2020 review unit we received has a 1080p IPS panel with a refresh rate of 144Hz, manufactured by LG.Jul 21, 2020

but what they put in was a 60hz screen that was only capable of running a resolution of 1366x768 for a GAMING LAPTOP.

Not only that but it took over 3 months to get the repair done and i will be paying for the repair on my payments.
....... Send email
Jun 12, 2018

Loss of job

When you tell them you are Ina. Financial struggle right now and thy constantly bug u say you will have the money when it comes in and they consist on giving them money would they like us to pull it out of are ass. Not everyone is financially set like they like to think and all they do is constantly harass you I get it it's their job but when you have already told them you will be in with the money when you get paid or your waiting money to come in and they pull this shit like come on when your told one thing don't keep bugging
Kylene A Mazur Send email
Jan 10, 2018

Ripped off

I figured that Samsung 7 I rented a lease was refurbished and cost me $106.98 for 24 payments total is $1,906.08 and when I paid two payment in same month of December. They actually stoled my $3.56 which was bit over paid of lease was $110.54. Dec 13, 2017 paid $67.75 and Dec 21 paid $42.79 total was $110.54 - $106.98= $3.56. I went to easy home store to talked the manager and he said that's charge for half payment in same of month. I was like "Huh, not making any senses to me and was not so happy." Next payment will be giving $103.42 instead of $106.98 which stoled few dollars from me, hmm. It's is ridiculous!!
happy_turnip Send email
Sep 12, 2017

Practically Criminal Profiteering

I have financial troubles and no credit history, so I decided to get a computer through easyhome for university because they required MacBooks for the particular software needed and only available on Mac. I pay $400 per month for the next two years, to have and eventually own my $1,449.00 MacBook Air. That's an $8,151 profit to easyhome. I understand that lease-to-own will always cost more than buying it outright, but a near $10,000 profit on a product that costs less than $2,000 is messed up. Do not get into any type of agreement with these people. Plus if you fail to make even one month of payments they will harass you, and completely ignore any type of circumstance that out you in a bad financial place. They have also threatened legal action against me if I didn't make my payments. They indiscriminately eff you over, and will never hear your side of any story. They make thousands of dollars from you, and then try to sue and arrest you when you land in a bad place. They have no regard for their consumers, only their ridiculously high profits.
Prrebel Send email
Aug 13, 2017

Loss of job

Paying club fees but when my husband got layed off but because he was on contract the store manager put in contract ended.he did reveive a roe and is getting unemployment but we couldnt get help with our payments.
Becky Kaeppel Send email
Mar 22, 2017

False advertising, misinformation. and still paying for a tv that was stolen

In late December beginning of January my 60 inch Samsung TV was stolen from my house we reported it have a police file number went through all the corret processes that we needed to through easy home to resolve our issue with our TV , we ended up having to pay for the TV that was stolen for the last 3 months and realize when we looked at the receipt that there was an extra computer laptop added to the file that we were also paid for that Steve the manager said he had recredited us for in our payment history and with all the inconveniences he did on his end he promised us a new agreement with a 60-inch 4K Ultra HD LG TV. For a one-year contract instead of a three-year contract at a rate of $12 a week instead of $29 a week for a year turns out I go in to pay the new agreement and my monthly payment on the 20th of this month it being March 20th and my bill was not supposed to be hired it was supposed to be a dollar more than the initial price I was paying turns out I had to pay more than the initial price by almost $30 and then the laptop that was on my account I have one that was belong to me and I've been doing payments for on and there was one that had been added to my file with no contract signed nothing that he had screwed up on and he had added to my file and he had taking it off which he had put the money that I paid for the computer tell this point into my existing contracts deductible I waited for him to show up on Monday the 20th which was our booked appointment at 1 o'clock there was no show I found later on that day and he said he couldn't make it he was supposed to show up today at 1 o'clock and did not show up once again and said he would be late and he be there closer around 2 o'clock hits and he's still not here it was almost just about 3 o'clock before someone showed up. one of easy homes employs was setting up the TV when i started readimg through the agreement and right away started finding inconsistencies about the contract , the agreement date was 2 years longer than we had originally had talked about. the information on the agreement was false advertise about the TV he had had saidbhe had a 4K Ultra HD LG 60 inch TV which was not written on the contract when I had asked the employee if that was our 4K TV he recognized right away it was not the 4K Ultra TV the manager told us to look it up through the model number which was located on the back of the TV and store it was a 60-inch 4K Ultra smart HDTV and that he wouldn't lie to us and that's what the agreement says it is and swore it was the 4K 60 inch HD TV and told us to to double check by looking it up using the model number located at the on the back of the TV on Google and it turned out it was the not the corret TV and thatTV turned out to be a 60 inch LED LG TV with no smart function and no 4K Ultra it was only a 1080p not even HD so we're kind of having a lot of issues now regarding everything that's come up and would really like some head manager help as I'm really not happy and completely thinking about ending all contracts I have existing I'm a good paying customer who pays on time he's been with you guys for almost 2 years now going on 3 and don't feel like I should be treated this way lied to and treated like an idiot . This was a total Act of bait-and-switch and I'm not happy with the manager at Williams Lake easy home store at all and hoping that something can be resolved properly
Shantel36 Send email
Dec 12, 2016


My child had some furniture her mom die
She called them and told them at day. Of funnel
They was calling. Wow then after day harassment started. Then strom in how now she in weelchair
They throwing thing not only that they stolen her medical. Weed. There in wichita falls. Easy home
Muggie Send email
May 17, 2016

Bad service

I went in to make a payment for a week which I told them but they put it down for a month , called the manager about it to get a refund for the 3 weeks I didn't want to pay for and its been almost 2 days now for the refund , its total bullshit , I keep calling back for the manager but he's always busy , they tell me he will call me back but never does , I have been with easy home for almost 10 years and never missed or been late on a payment , shitty service , why do I have to wait so long for a refund ?
Rto Send email
Nov 13, 2015

Additional charges after lease pay off

I complete pay off a three year term with easy home. Even though, I paid all rental amount and contact date has expired. The store manager choose to add on additional charges, without explanation. This preventing my file to close, even though the least date as expired. Now, I am seeking legal advice and I am considering taking them to court. If any other individuals in Ontario is experience this issue, let me know. Store with issue is located at 1742 Dundas street, London Ontario
toreal306 Send email
Oct 20, 2015

EASYHOME SUCKS you cant tell me different

easyhome is full of scams,cons and rip offs. i bought a laptop on cashsale. they left the rent to own program in it. laptop locked after 2 months. i lost everything from files to baby pics. 1st they said there was no program in it,, but luckly im good with pcs. i showed him the program,he decides to fess up, then says the guy who sold it to me forgot to turn off the program, and it was that guys fault. but they told me they couldnt do nothing becuz i dont know who the guy was who sold it to me, so they turned it around on me and said its my fault cuz i dont know who sold it to me,..

then, i sent an item i was renting to own in to get repaired. this alone was a struggle. it took at least a month to get them to take the item in to repair. then they said they would give me a bran new item, turns out, the brought the same one back. the guy Mike Meridith, said he, it wasnt fixed. sent it in again, same thing. got the same item back after waiting forever, the guy says its fixed again, but this time. he used scotch tape. is that what they call a repair. scotch tape? and to top it off. i was billed for the months that my item was away on its scotch tape repair. stupid place. dont ever buy from them, they need to be shut down. period
suzie Send email
May 14, 2014

Paying for second hand furniture charging brand new

My issue is to do with Easy home in Brooks alberts, we got furniture there and to find out that easy home is charging us brand new furniture and tv as new and there all second hand the television was worth 300$ i am the fourth owner on that furniture i have already paid 2,000 on the tv reason for finding out the worker at easy home showed me everything on the computer how i was getting ripped off there are others that are in the same boat we work hard for our money i don't need to get ripped off easy home is a big scam someone need to investegate i have stopped doing my payment the 2,000 they charged me i told them to take the 300$ out of that money that pays for the tv and 1700 towards my furniture the only item i should have to pay for is the stereo everything else should be paid this really frustrats me to be ropped of like that. I waseven going to the press about easy home and how there ripping off everyone i am acitizen i have my rights to ripping of people just to put our money that we work hard for into there pockets that is not right not at all.

Phone 403=362-3233 cell 403-363-4365.
User925766 Send email
Mar 31, 2012

EasyHome Scam

I had leased a iPad they told me that I would only be able to get the display model. After waiting 3 days for them to set up the iPad which I could have easly done I finally get it deliverd to me just to find that the whole back side is all scratched and dented beyond belief. When I took it back to the store and told them that I refuse to pay full price for something that is already damaged... The clerk said the only thing I can do for you is lower the price by $3... Keep in mind that I was paying almost $1200.00. It's not that I can't afford the damn thing it was just a spontaneous purchases, the next day I went out and bought an 74 GB ipad 2 for $650.00... My mother leased a 43" television not even 2 months latter the thing does not work anymore. Take it back to get it replaced and they give me a 40" for the same price as what I'm paying for the 43" just as a replacement... This place is a damn joke ... Never use them for anything
Kkennedy21 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

EasyHome Scam

you can keep anything under 5000 $
Holl Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Harrassing calls/Calling references

Really...if you make your payments on time, there would be no reason to call you.

As far as the markups, the company has to cover costs of people that ruin or steal merchandise. There are giving you (general you) a $1000 TV for $30 week and TRUSTING that you will come in and make your payments. Its a VERY risky business that is serving people who don't have the ability (whether it be finances or credit) to go to some place like the Brick or Leon's. No one is forcing people to shop there. If you don't like the terms, save up your money and go buy it outright from another retailer.
Rawlins1981 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Prices, Service, Everything

I just got things from easy home and I went in and made my 3rd payment in cash for a month. Everything was good while I was in the store and for about a week after that. Then I started getting calls from the store telling me my payment was late, although I had already paid it. They have called me about 4 times a day even though I went into the store and showed them my reciept that said i was paid up. They said they have no record of that payment and that I need to pay it in full or return the items. They are now going to my parents house and banging on the door making threats about bringing the police here. Can they do that? and what do I do about the money I paid and they say they cant "find"?
JJ535 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Prices, Service, Everything

I used to work for this terrible company as a "Collector". DO NOT EVER RENT ANYTHING FROM EASYHOME!! Trust me, from someone who used to work there. First thing's first, the rate at which they lease merchandise is at least 4 times the book value. Example, a NEW tv is worth $950, they will sell this tv for $24 per week. The catch is the term of the lease is THREE YEARS!!! That totals $3800!!! And that doesn't include the liability coverage which is mandatory at 15% of what the product is worth and tax! So you will end up spending $4938 for that TV, and that doesn't count if you're ever late which is $10 per item! Also, about 75% of the items in the store are used, don't ever let them tell you it isn't because they will try. And any harrassment you get, trust me the employees are forced to do it. If the collector doesn't call you, your references, your employer and anyone else listed he or she will get in trouble. Oh and they will also visit your home and your family's home to try and take your stuff if you don't call them back. Management is an absolute joke, they treat the employees like shit, pay them like shit and that's why the turnover rate is so high. The day I got a better job and quit that place was the best day of my life! Don't ever walk in that store to rent anything! Peace and Love!
Mark3960 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

EasyHome Scam

My roommate is paying $3500 for a WELL USED 50" Samsung plasma tv which was obviously taken from the floor display. I had purchased my 42" LG LED from Future Shop the week before for $750!!! He's paying way in excess of a premium price for a piece of yesterdays technology. Not only that, when they delivered the TV they brought a receipt and paperwork for an LG tv. I am fairly sure there is some sort of SCAM going on at the ORANGEVILLE, ONTARIO EASYHOME STORE. It makes me sick to see people taken advantage of. The guy doesn't have much and just wants to make his life a bit more comfortable
Merritville Send email
Feb 23, 2012

EasyHome Scam

I would agree they are the worst store in the world i have bought out a laptop a bed and a playstation3 with this company and now that im a lil late with my last payment on my tv set hell they are threatening court action...good luck with that for i will have it paid off before that date just makes me sick for im sure with all i bought through them i probably could have bought a brand new car by now and they are so unforgivining if you get a lil behind, , so yes people stay away from easyhome go to aaron's i find their staff and service is so much better then this place tv set retail right now is 195 and so far i have paid i have paid over 4700 for this tv set..i owe 90 dollars on it whats that over 1000 per cent interest, if you were to borrow 2000 from a loanshark he only wants 4000 back but when you buy a 200 tv from easyhome they want 5000 for it and if you dont pay they want it back even if you only have one payment left...if you dont pay a loanshark back he is usually more understanding then easyhome..easy home should be regulated on their prices far as i am concerned this is just a legalized way of easyhome can just take advantage of people who are old or those who had a bad credit report well stick it easyhome i am an arron's girl now...
Sweetestthing28 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

EasyHome Scam

Well less than a year ago, I leased to own some funiture from easy home. And experienced the following - they damaged my landlords hardwood floors, the bedroom set was peeling and the sales people never gave me a consistent answer as to how much each product was. I was told, I could return the items anytime - when I did, my other items were jacked up in price. I was also told, when you return the item - the money could be transered to any other item of the same or less value - which is bull! I leased a very used and very old rearprojection tv - which I had intention to pay off in cash...I was told that my mattresses were only on lease for 1year and could not be returned due to hygenic reasons (which makes sense) when it came down to me wanting to pay them off mmediately - I was told it was over $2000dollars!!! She couldnt even tell me how much and this was after paying for the items for 7months!!! so basically I was almost done paying for mattress!!! I was so angry... that I said take back everything!!! I was expecting for the regional manager to call me back as I had filed a complain - never did!!! I am also angry because a few months ago, when I wanted to return the tv - the sales person said Keep it, you are basically getting it for FREE... talk about misleading.

Please share you stories.. lets warn people not to use the store... these people are shady!
Hohoho123 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Harrassing calls/Calling references

For f**ks sake, no business is obligated to serve you in any way, unless they are government-Easyhome is a privately run business. It looks like you have dollar signs in your eyes, expecting a big payout from a "discrimination" case. It would appear that there is far more to this story than what you are telling-what did you do that made the manager feel you are a bad risk?

Also, please learn to spell.
Easyhomesucks Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Harrassing calls/Calling references

Lease a TV through them. They call non stop if the payment is late, even if the payment is not late they still call to "remind" me to make payment a few days in advance. Staff are very rude and now they are not only harrassing myself but now are calling references telling them the situation when it is has nothing to do with them. I have tried to make payment arrangements but they have not accepted them. They threaten to come and pick up the TV. They are lying to the references, making it seem as if we are the bad guys. Not a fun time, especially around the holidays. I wish I never dealt with this company in the first place.
Goaheadmakemyday Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Good customer treated poorly

im glad you did. i too complained about this person. the cambridge store actually witnessed him in action on the phone told me to complain said his behaviour was ridiculous and to compain. funny last time i talked to him he was sweet and professional lol. maybe alot of complaints coming in i d say lol. they tret us like dirtbags i went somewhere else after 7 years great dealings a few things paid off, never agin i go somewhere else now. too many management chanes and they ll hire anyone.
TekkyBoi Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Good customer treated poorly

I have been an excellent customer for 3 years at EasyHome, the staff have been great, however, recently my grandmother passed away who lives in New Brunswick. I had to pay for the flight home and have been a week late here and there for the past month. They have allowed their collection agent to call day in and day out to my home and be very rude and threaten to come get my items. I informed the manager of that location of the rudeness and she did nothing, so I went over her head. I left a complaint on the contact us page on their website. The district manager called me within a few hours, listened to my situation, is dealing with the agent and also gave me a free week to help me get caught up to the point where I will be fine. Moral is: If you are having that many problems with a store, complain to the right people and they will fix it for you.

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