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Stoke Send email
Feb 23, 2012


@ Bangkok - being a faggot is bad for your soul. In many countries you would be put to death.
BangkokArjarn Send email
Feb 23, 2012


How funny is it that all the ‘good’ comments about English Delivery 2 U were all made on the same day! Methinks they were all written by the you agree? Not so funny is insulting my sexuality, which as well as being rude, is very unprofessional. Do you want to work for someone who personality attacks you?

I sent English Delivery 2 U this email:

I have just read your response to my online review, and even though I have no problem in you defending your company, I do object to you making personal attacks. I read the other reviews of your company, and some of your staff have been very nasty about both you and Apple, which I find equally distasteful. When I wrote my review, I was very careful not not be cruel, and to just state the facts as they happened to me. Insulting my sexuality (or anyone's sexuality) is unprofessional and is bad for your soul. Did you know that in the UK, those comments would have you arrested- that's how seriously I take this. You must also consider how professional it is to write such things about a former employee, how well do you think that will come across to future employees?

In regards to my teaching, both you and Apple observed my lessons and you both said how good I was. Either you were lying to me (which would be very detrimental to your business) or you genuinely thought they were good lessons. In regards to my marking, I left all the work in Sean's top draw, graded and analysed, separated by class and date. In regards to having my hand held, you offered to take me to the school, I did not ask you to do this. I thought how kind you were to help me, but you cannot then throw this back in my face.

I know Thailand very well, it has been as much a home to me as the UK. I also know that the Thai people will call westerners culturally insensitive whenever they aren't getting their own way, so please don't try to fob me off as an Eurocentric lout.

I now have a really great teaching job, much closer to my flat, paying considerably more than I was earning with you. I am much happier in this role as I am working with passionate teaching professionals, not money-minded amateurs.

If you would like to apologise for insulting my life-choices, and cleanse yourself of the cloud you have created in your own mind, I am very willing to forgive you.

PS: I'm not even going to comment on your insults towards my personal appearance- you're just jealous because my Christian Dior accessories are from the boutique, not the market!
Ajarn Teacher Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I worked for English delivery for 2 years and they was fine.I agreed the contracts and worked out the distance in travel all by my self because I am a big boy and dont need spoon feeding or my hand held across the road.If you agree a contract you read where you need to be and leave in appropriate time.You allow for traffic or relocate.You agree the wage and get every piece of information written on your contract before you sign!!!If you dont do this then your the one at fault and should not slander a good company name for your incompetence.I believe you are totally wrong about this company and the way it is run.Tham and Apple are lovely people who try their hardest to please their pig ignorant farang teachers that cant accept they are in a different country where it is a different way of life.You should change your ideas on teaching and be more considerate to those you teach. If your students can not understand you because your speaking at the speed of a leopard on speed then dont teach as your only hurting the learning progress of the students.The good teachers in this country only have to battle though the and mend the damage teachers like you do!By the way I am a farang before you ask one that is from the true native speaking country of England before you idiot Americans decided you knew better and bastardsized the language so idiots could understand it easier.Now stop slagging good reputable people off and find yourself a new occupation.
Feb 23, 2012


To whom it may concern
steve i believe that you are wrong, and also you may need to change your tampon or take off those tight womens underwear that are giving you a queeny's period.
i also live in rathchada and what time did you expect to leave your home ? 7:55 ?
any sensible TEACHER would understand Bangkok traffic, so if you have a 1 hour commute (or 45mins i know personally) you need to be at victory M. or J.J at ????? 7 am, then your 1 hour commute begins
The agency explained this, (i know), so now were you commuting at these times, , hmmm i don't think so to beat traffic we all know you have to be 1 step ahead, right, yes correct,
NOW the salary, the agreement was 2 weeks, you showed up 3 days, 2 of which you were late, not because you got lost, it was because you didn't leave where you live until rush hour traffic times, now lets try and let common sense prevail here, you were late and that is why your commute took so long (rush hour) if you were on time and doing your job correctly you would have been rewarded with the promises either Tham or Apple made, but just because you are a native speaker you think Thailand should bow down to you, when living in a country with different customs you should respect them and people that live by them, any teacher will know going into a new school your speech and lessons shouldn't be in fast forward mode, thats why you were not doing your job correctly, kids in Thailand are eager to learn but when the motor mouth of the south is ranting and not analysing their feedback it would be a deterent, so there was many complaints about your so called teaching skills and abilities, if it were my choice for you to get paid i would have to chuckle and then motion a gesture to TWO WORDS.
English delivery may not be the best agency for people who expect their hand to be held, spoon fed or palm leaves to be throw infront of a native english speaker as they saunter to and from both classes and the beginning and ending of their work day, but to all those who are looking to give back to the Thai culture and honest and very generous hard working agencies who look after their honest, trust worthy and reliable workers i do think we are perfect for that niche
As for your comments about the ladys, take a good look in the mirror, what do you see? not very pleasing, good luck with the teaching career i suggestion you sort yourself out first.
Aj11 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Tham and Apple are great! They have done nothing but help me find jobs and have paid me on time and to the amount we have agreed on. English Delivery is by far the best English agency I have worked for throughout my years and I will continue to work for them with no complaints. And the comment about the Tham and Apple I would love for you to say that in front of me. Get a life people
BangkokArjarn Send email
Feb 23, 2012


English Delivery 2 U isn’t the worst agency in Bangkok (Smartkurve/ Edknovate/Axiom or Apec/Oriental English) but they will still leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth.

My first complaint with English Delivery 2 U is that they were very hazy in regards to the distance of the school from my flat. I was told that the school was an hour commute, but because of this distance I was sceptical. Therefore, I made I very clear in the interview that I can’t commute for more than an hour, but I was reassured once, and then twice, that the school was only one hour from my flat. As it happens it was two hours there in the morning, and two and a half hours back in the afternoon.

My second complaint with English Delivery 2U is the constant promise of work that never happens. I was promised a business-English position and two private tutoring jobs. Alas, these never materialised…strangely these positions were always mentioned just after I shared my grievances about my insane commuting time… carrots on sticks come to mind.

My third complaint with English Delivery 2 U is that they have a very dishonest method in calculating your wage. They divide your monthly payment by 31 days, rather than the working days in the month. Now as they are an agent, and you will most likely be doing contract work for a week or two, this is very important. Suddenly you find that you pay is B2, 000 light because the B34, 000 per month pro rata is (rather bizarrely) counting Saturday and Sunday as working days.

So, English Delivery is not a terrible agency and English Delivery are not total thieves (unlike Fatty-Fatty Kirk Pathumanun and his band of crooks) but still one to watch out for as the truth and what they tell you are, as you have read, two different things.

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