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Florida Department of Children and Families - Food Stamp program

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Tg71 Send email
Jan 5, 2022


I am sick over this!!! I have been on phone straight though since 9a.m and it is now 4:02 p. m. The customer service at the food stamp department is horrendous and all they do is transfer transfer transfer. The least amount of time in hold today was 48 minutes per hold... disgusting!!!!!!. What the hell do these people do all day but their nails and transfer? They sure as hell aren't working! But God forbid you complain! Wouldn't want ANYONE TO REPORT DISCRIMINATION! OH NO!!!!! Don't get educated people to work! No don't do that! Pathetic, sad and disgraceful!!!!!! Wake up people! Maybe one day you all can make something of yourselves instead of sitting on your lazy asses transferring people all day!
Tg71 Send email
Jan 5, 2022


I am sick over this!!! I have been on phone straight though since 9a.m and it is now 4:02 p. m. The customer service at the food stamp department is horrendous and all they do is transfer transfer transfer. The least amount of time in hold today was 48 minutes per hold... disgusting!!!!!!. What the hell do these people do all day but their nails and transfer? They sure as hell aren't working! But God forbid you complain! Wouldn't want ANYONE TO REPORT DISCRIMINATION! OH NO!!!!! Don't get educated people to work! No don't do that! Pathetic, sad and disgraceful!!!!!! Wake up people! Maybe one day you all can make something of yourselves instead of sitting on your lazy asses transferring people all day!
Amalie Vollenbroek Send email
Oct 1, 2021

Snap Assistance

I am 77 years of age. I live off of my social security. I have complied with all requirements to include the following: the last fax sent was on September 8, 2021. I also had an interview at that time and had to set up security information and create a user number. At the time of the interview the we made a request for changes from my original application. I also gave her authorization to endorse the application over the phone. So you can see I did have an interview
Today I accessed my findings and the decision stated that I was not eligible because I did not have an interview. Based on my social security income and paying everything with no assistance I have $73.00 left for Octobers food. Snap is the only assistance that I have applied for. All other bills I have not asked for assistance. Up until Covid 19 I was an Uber Driver which changed my ability to deal with non complying riders. Within the next 2 weeks I face lung surgery which will hold me back from work. I of course, did not expect to be denied for the wrong reason. I truly believe I have met all requirements. I look forward to hearing from you should you check my information that I forwarded at an earlier time in September. I live alone, my husband is deceased and there is no one else to assist me. Thank you
SharonJean Send email
Sep 24, 2021

Denied without Interview

Denied because of no interview, yet I literally watched my phone, even called worker before expiration time.
Now it's up to ME to start all over??
I get it, it's incredibly busy right now with covid. But you still have a job to do. I did my part, you didn't do yours.
Wish I could complain to a supervisor or something.
FRUSTRATED and need our SNAP.
sunshyine9827 Send email
Jun 21, 2018


All of you complainers this is what you get for voting for the Republicans who take your benefits away and give them in tax cuts to the rich. Remember, under Democrats you had CETA, , job training, job placement, Free Cheese, Free Milk, Free Meat, more food stamps and more money in cash on all welfare programs. Thank the Republicans who would rather send your money to other countries and fight wars with them and build weapon systems that we don't need. Thank yourself for your vote and blame yourself.
Summergirl83 Send email
Mar 27, 2018

Called for assistance

Im a single parent...mother of two...and a full time student.. I called to ask why my benefit's were not on my card..

and i was told because i already received them for the could that be when i got my benefit's late because when i did my review a month ago....and the person who was supposed to be helping me at that time gave me the wrong info on my in actually the late benefits were for February...

.but the representative i spoke to was so passive and even when i humbled myself and asked to speak to supervisor she told me that basically that would not help me ...she was trying to discourage me from speaking to someone and i thought that was a big no ....but i still.

Humbled. Myself and told her i understand it's not her fault and i still needed clarification..she still sounded like i was bothering her....and then she had the audacity to say....have a nice day...i didnt say anything back...because how can i have a good day if i have to stress on how im going to get food in my house for my children and myself....God bless everyone in a situation right now
Tlopez Send email
Feb 15, 2018

No call back... ever

I have been trying to apply for food stamps for over 6 months. I have called over 20 times and everytime I get a voicemail, I leave my messages and get no response ever and then receive the letter that I was denied due to never completing the interview. On several occasions, I have even sent all the papaerwork that they required and not even a call either. I have all my call logs, for what.

It seems like they call once, if you do not pick up, you are automatically denied. So, I do not even know what is the point in calling and them telling you that they will call you withing 48 hours, and having a deadline, when they already know that they will not call and you will get no assistance. It's frustrating when you are trying to get help & not even the goverment helps. My case worker was April, aparently it does not matter who your case worker is, I guess this is how the system works.
vickyc Send email
Feb 10, 2018

Phone interview for food stamps

I recieved a letter stating I had to do a phone interview on or before today's date to determine eligibility for food stamps. I work but my hours have been cut and I am having a hard time, I'm not a life long food stamp recipient, I just need a little help til my situation at work improves. Called the person listed with a 772 number all day yesterday and today, his phone goes straight to voicemail. I left 3 voicemails between yesterday and today, no call back. I called the help number or whatever it is and a lady said "she'd note my file that I called in" but she sounded like she didn't know what she was doing. I see other people have had the same problem. How can you miss your interview when you do all they ask you to do but no one answers the phone or returns calls? Useless system.
Soupansoul Send email
Feb 6, 2018

Interview never happens

Its Feb of 2018. My story...
Husband lost job. He fills out application and is told to call for phone interview by xyz date. He calls twice before the date and is directed to one caseworkers voicemail. Voicemail says leave your name, case no. etc and I'll call you within 24 hours. Caseworker never calls...not even one of the two times. Next his application is rejected for failure to have interview.

Ok so then I fill out application and he and our kids are on it too. I'm told to call for phone interview by xyz date. Different number and different caseworker than his but same thing happened. I called earlier and days in a row because I knew what happened to him.

Fed up and nearing deadline I decide to call Governor's office . Great decision because in less than 2 mins I am having my interview with a case worker. She tells me what to get together to send to them as proof and a deadline.

FINE until today. I faxed and mailed doc's today (way early) and for kicks I logged into DCF account to see if anything needed attention and SURE ENOUGH I see where they have prepared a notice for me saying I have been denied because I never completed an interview!!!!!

So frustrated. They don't want me to get these benefits it's obvious. How could this go overlooked?

I'm calling the governor's office again first thing in the morning and saying all I can. We all need to speak out about this problem!!!!!
ajs03k Send email
Dec 28, 2017

Not mailing to right address

Hello, I have not eaten in over a month due to your office's inability to send my mail to general delivery for a little while. I have changed this address over the phone and that did not work. I went on line and changed it and the adress took, then never got it 10 days later so looked online and the address online was totally wrong. I changed it again and resent it and the same thing happened. I changed it again and now it took but will it change again. Each time is 10 days wait time. I am starving,tired, cold and hating florida every day i live here. I came down for school and am stuck as nobody hires me. So I rely on this service only to be not helped. I have contacted a few officials about this problem only to be ignored by them.

I have receipts from the changes. How can this be resolved so I can get my stamps card? Do I have to write the president?

The addresses that you entered are being validated through the United States Post Office. If the addresses are not valid, you may not get mail from us or your benefits may be delayed.

Living address:
The living address that you entered has been validated and standardized with the United States Post Office.

2800 ADAMS Street
TALLAHASSEE , FL , 32301 -0000

Select this option if you would like to correct the address that you have entered.

Please, can I come to the Food Stamps office and get my card there. I cannot starve anymore. I have no source of income. I am sure Karma for you all is appropriate right now and elections are coming up.

Thank you,
alex Sutherland
Jessepoo88 Send email
Nov 2, 2017

Ebt cash benefits

I was supposed to get cash assistance today byt it never came
lopezkrmen Send email
Oct 22, 2017

Disrespect from a customer reprentative

I used to go to this office to help some people who needs help, I do that frecuentllly and I do it without any kind of payment.
Always when I am in this office I sit down and wait for the person because they need to talk with the lady in the front desk.

In the meantime I help the person with their copies and finally faxing their papers. I used to go sometimes weekly, and always this lady asked the person I am dropping in the office if their come with me and makes some rudes comments.

I ignored her comments, but this Friday I received the rudest attitude I have ever dealt with from any company. no matter how polite I was she had and attitude and attempted to make me feel like I am less than a person. I have never felt so disrespected. She is not professional at all.. I understand that they are busy but there still needs to be a level of professionalism. Without families in need the customer representative would not have a job to perform.If she suffer from burnout with big stress work she need to be evaluated, she is a damaged system representaive, overwhelmed with needy people looking for help.I asked to one of her coworker her name and she told that her name is Carlina, Cordero
nilathia Send email
Oct 12, 2017

why must I pay back money ms. jeanette knight received

I can not understand why I Nilathia Johnson have to pay back money for Jeanette Knight fraudulent that she commented by getting money for Shaterrel Boyd back in 2003.Plus I have to pay money for a case that has Annette Johnson Chester and Felicia Henderson for Shanterrel Boyd as the child in 1996.The case should have been LaQuanta Boyd but the payee has been chance Annette Johnson Chester.
Frannie Send email
Sep 26, 2017


Won't give bet to seniors making 1700 a month always denied
DARIO11 Send email
Sep 15, 2017

no noe answers the phones

you leave your number for them to call you back and don't return the calls you choose the other option and wait on the phone for hours and no one answers the phone. I work for 35 years before I got hurt and if I did something like that I would be fired. But this this government waste. AND NO ONE CARES.
bigwolf87 Send email
May 27, 2017

taking my whole tax refund

Well how shall I start I filled my taxes out and was waiting for my refund I checked my card nothing was deposited so I checked on turbo tax saying my refund was subject to ein or child credit for one I have no child two I can't have kids so I know that cant be right I called IRS and they gave me Florida Department of Children and Families number saying I owed a debt so I call them and them and called them left over hundred of messages after two weeks they finally answer well I'm already ticked off so I talked to a girl and she told me there was a card in name of Sherry v. My ex mother in law And that me and my ex. We're liable for the debt of the account now I asked when was the account closed they said 2014 here's the screwed up part I HAVE NOT LIVED IN FLORIDA SINCE 2010 so I get in touch with my ex he said it was because of the new law stating if you on foodstamps and have no job or not volunteering somewhere that you have to pay back foodstamps but it started in 2015 now how does that apply to me when I have been living in ga and working til I moved to alabama and got a different job to me the whole thing this company did was bullshit sorry for the language but it is
Sboyd1094 Send email
Feb 27, 2017

Food stamps

I recieve food stamps because i am pregnant and basically homeless.
I recieved $84 on january 19 along with an additional $194.( i assumed it was because i was going to get them on the 27th of january)
So here it is Feb 27 and i am being told i wont recieve anything until march 27. How is a pregnant woman who is trying to make it in life supposed to be able to afford food while searching for a job. This is absolutely ridiculous.
[email protected] Send email
Dec 27, 2016

SNAP Benefits

My husband and I have 50/50 timeshare of his children. Their mother also has 50/50 time share. She receives 100% SNAP benefits for the children. We are unfortunately in a difficult financial position and are in need of short term assistance. However, since their mother has been awarded 100% of the benefits, we are unable to obtain assistance for the 50% of the time that we have the children. In addition, we are unable to obtain assistance for my child since the fact that we also have an additional 4 children 50% of the time isn't being taken into account.

This is squandering of government funds and tax payers dollars. People should be awarded funds based on the percentage of time they have children in a shared custody situation so that the children receive benefits the entire month and not just a percentage of the time.
sleepless17 Send email
Dec 3, 2016

Medicaid Share of cost killing me!

I was placed in the program because I had a surgery in January I count pay for.I am in the adap program in which I was covered medically because I am HIV+.unfortunately adap only works at the local health was going OK for first 3 months then the pharmacy I had been going to no longer could accept the I tried 2 other pharmacies they were unable to invoice for my medication went a month without.finally was able to use Winn Dixie pharmacy for about 3 they have denied me going on 4 months!mind u my share of cost is $105 my medication is over 3600 so I should meet the s.o.v c every month right?apparently I have called children and families,adap and case workers to no availability made over 30calls now.I'm getting worse everyday.can't even sleep cause I know I'm dying a bit faster because I can't get medication which I'm suppose to take everyday.this is America where we are supposed to have so much.woke up thinking maybe I should just go ahead and kill myself.what's the point of waiting.thank u.
rama108 Send email
Nov 2, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

All my food was no good after the electric had been out for 5 days. By the time my food stamp card ran out Ebt was no longer helping people who lost their food. Shame on Ebt Florida. I've been hungry for 2 weeks now.
Xoxox Send email
Oct 14, 2016

Unable to access the benefits I was given

I had $190 left in food benefits when my card was stolen. I called to request a replacement card, which never arrived. I called again to re-request another replacement card. It supposedly would arrive in 5-7 business days, but this additional card also never arrived. I tried for a month and a half to get a replacement card for the one that was stolen, but it never arrived. I triple-checked that they had my correct address, so I have no idea what the problem is. Then my benefits expired, and no one at the customer service center was able to do anything.

So I just lost $190 in food for absolutely no reason. I'm already doing pretty terribly financially, so that's a big problem.

I'm still waiting for a call from a manager, but I'm not holding my breath.
Dria55 Send email
Sep 30, 2016

Called for interview

Today I called for the phone interview I was scheduled to have. I received the rudest agent I've ever dealt with from any company! I completed my application online but she asked me every question that was on the application and I answered politely. She questioned me about every little thing like she wanted to find something wrong. No matter how polite I was she had an attitude. She attempted to make me feel like I'm less than a person. I've never felt so disrespected. I wanted to hang up and call back to speak with anyone but her. I maintained my composure and finished the call. She ended the call with "this interview is over we have 30 days to decide what we're going to do" and hung up. Not professional at all. I understand that they are busy but there still needs to be a level of professionalism. Without families in need the customer service reps would not have a job to perform!
Chodelee1 Send email
Aug 9, 2016

Apply for additional benefits

When I go to my access account, it is not giving me the option of applying for additional benefits. What can I do in regards to this?
Eliza Send email
Aug 3, 2016

Cannot make contact

The phone number goes nowhere; puts you in a dead zone.

Drive close to 25 miles just to hand in paperwork that is vital to sustaining the case, only to find out I cannot speak with anyone.

Try the fax numbers and ALL OF THEM come back as 'failed'. (Cannot even fax paperwork without being denied 'Access'.

Taken off benefits because of not reporting to work registration. Made a copy of the verification that was the proof from THEIR site!
It's beyond reason how much opposition, disorganization, and apathy comes from a Program that was meant to help someone get back on their feet.

If the workers suffer from burnout or are underpaid or inexperienced with high stress work, they need to be evaluated. It's a damaged system that is overwhelmed with needy people looking for help, and many are waiting for the Hope and Change to happen.
Marcus55z Send email
Jul 16, 2016

Ebt bias

I hate to say it, but race has become a great concern when dealing with state and federal services. If you're white, you already have one foot in the grave when applying or re-applying for programs like ebt. If you're black all you have to do is ask for it and get it. I've spoken with both sides and the above gets more upsetting every day. If you're white and make negative money, you stand less of a chance to get ebt than a black who makes a million a year. My daughter has two kids and makes less now than last year when she received ebt. Yet the black ebt rep refused her application for ebt. Plus I know of two blacks who make more now than last year and much more than my daughter, and they had no problems retaining their ebt. If that isn't biased, I don't know what is. People are also more likely to get ebt and other services if they lie on their applications for services from the government! There is no fairness in dealing with government services for whites.

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