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Mar 30, 2021


0n 3/29/21 i called children abd families about me and my daughter's foodstamps my daughter only recieved 208 for March 2021 those was the extra stamps from Covid19 she they didn't give her her monthly foodstamp benefit for march 2021 which is 408 for her and. her two kids i was told that she recertified late which is a lie my the Head of house hold she's on my case and i recertified in December of 2020 then they said she had a sanction for non compliance with childsupport which is another lie they was called eight times children and families would say call childsupport and vice versa and i recorded all those conversations childsupport never sent no appointment or ask information about the baby daddy. the have it in the system like they gave her the 408 for this month but they havnt and i never received any extra foodstamps for this year 2021 only from march 2020 until December 2020 because they was plotting to stop my foodstamps but couldn't and thats the real reason they stop my daughter's stamps for a whole month. and thats why i was sent my new foodstamp card without a expiration date all foodstamps card have an expiration date and i was told i received the maximum foodstamps benefit and im not im not working at this time and was told i get my regular benefit for me and my other daughter is 379 and one something due to covid19 but its only showing 430 they sopose to break it down showing my monthly benefit and then what im getting due to covid19 so my daughter is still owed408 for March 2021 and im owed my stamps due to covid19 and ima keep posting let the world know about the state of Florida and its corruption towards me and my family just because i sued them im not the first to sued them and want be the last and they keep on they gonna be sued again for harassment i no longer work for them and sure am not putting up with their nonsense like i. still have forgot about my workers comp money i never received i had to cases not one with the same lawyer and law firm and he didn't have my best interest at hard every thing that i told him and gave him he told and showed it to them. and i reported that lawyer to the Florida Bar Association and sent them documents proving that attorney was lying all they did was make excuses for him and try to cover up his wrong doing and i have the pics on Twitter i posted it there to you might know find this post because they removed it because im telling the truth to stop people from seeing eveything i posted is the truth the state wanna hide
ginnius2000ad Send email
Feb 2, 2020


In short; these people are rude and do perform their job duties. In discretion for those involved and for those reading, their appears to be no oversight on case workers or their assistants. I received a phone call three weeks back regarding a phone interview for renewal from the assistant of my case worker. First problem, after I was done with an appointment I checked my voicemail and I found my friend needed a interview to renew food assistance. The assistant left a 10 digit number for me to call back and I'm not talking about the #1 in the area code so I then checked my phone logs to get the right number as there is only 9 digits for local calls. I then immediately called her back after I was done with an appointment when at during which time I got the call. I stated my name, case # etc. and asked what day and time is good for the interview with my friend, the assistant was silent for a good 5 seconds (this is rude.) Then in a angry and condescending tone she said why are you calling me. I said you called me and said my friend needs an interview I assume this is a phone interview correct? I would like to schedule a time and day. She then said you need to call your case worker. Note: she did not even acknowledge my question. She was talking at me not with me. I then called the case worker and got a voice mail basically saying, leave your info and we will call you back in 48 hours don't call us cause we get to many calls. I heard nothing for 72 hours so I had my friend who shares the came case number as we both need assistance and live under the same house call, leave a message and call then leave a message. Each time she gave her time and availability to interview and stated our history of attempts to reach them. Never did we hear from a live person, just the voice mail system. Then, it gets even more interesting I get a call out of the blue from the case worker stating that he would like to have a "phone" interview with me???? Note: My friend was calling this case worker because the assistant originally stated that my friend needs the interview and my friend was the one who called and called Wow! Now I get a call? Further, the case worker did not even state that he was sorry to miss our call or anything; it was like he called for the first time. I then called him back later that day and wouldn't you know it I got the voice mail system. I left him a message stating that since he is now asking for me I am available all day and wouldn't you know it he never called back. I then called back before they closed for the day and again got the voice mail so I said that if he calls me again and I miss the call or my friend misses the call to please leave us a day and time to have this phone interview. We would like to let us know when you are not busy, please put this day and time on your calendar as we can never seem to reach each other. Okay so as you can see these peoples phone logs are not monitored, they don't care about their jobs or you, they are not organized, rude and do not know how to set appointments with clients not too mention the whole calling my friend then not returning her calls then calling me....what kind of rackett is this? I worked seven years for the same company then got the boot. I have a doctorate degree, mortgage and student loans coming out my ears. My friend is working two part jobs because employers do not want to higher full time to save money on benefits. I have been seeking employment feverishly and this is what our state bodies do! According to the letter if we do not have an appointment or reschedule one, note: the case worker never even set an appointment, I did, then our benefits will end January 31st 2020. Oh believe me, if our benefits are not reinstated this is not the last DCF will hear from me. It is now February 2nd 2020 (Sunday) so they are closed. Guess who I"m calling tomorrow when they open.

For those who have problems with DCF as I have please let the office of inspector general know as a first step. The online form and directions can be found here.

When you notify this office give them details of your names, phone numbers, phone extensions and nature of the case/problem.

Please also check this forum on or after February 14th (when I get food assistance money) because if you see another post from me it will be because the office of inspector general did nothing nor did DCF and for those sharing my problem you certainly want to see my next comment because it will help to you.
sunshine0336 Send email
Aug 20, 2018

Phone interviews/Additional documentation need

I fine it ridiculous that an Agency that is responsible for the well being and care of others in need is run so inappropriately and miss managed to the point that it has become predictable and laughable.

Here is my issue. Applications for benefits for food stamps and Medicaid are filled out, dropped off and given to the worker at which time they are stamped. Then they drop in to this big black hole of miscommunication and incompetence and "I just don't care" attitude.

Letters do get sent asking for phone interviews. Calls get made, no one answers the phone and voicemail is to be left which is funny because voice mail is full. So you keep calling and finally you can leave message after message after message and NOBODY EVER CALLS BACK.
Result: Denied because you did not complete your interview!

Next problem. Letter comes asking for addition information needed in order to process the application. So you gather the information required, fax it to the number provided on the letter and there it goes into the black whole.
Result: Denied because you did not provide information requested.

The problem is probably to many cases and not enough workers or I think I will go with workers working in a government agency
not held accountable and just do enough to get by and pick up that paycheck.
patrese horner Send email
Dec 6, 2017

case workers and phone conferences

have had 2 case workers neither have answered their phones for so-called conference which was given a time limit to fulfill left messages ,now have been denied due to so called missed call appointment this is getting ridiculous even tried other numbers listed just to talk to somebody no one answers the phone
brow[email protected] Send email
Dec 5, 2017

ebt card zero balance

I was approved for food stamps from November-April. The card still reads a zero balance! The phone number on the card is useless they only will say that there is a zero balance! they never even told us what date the card should have been usable. The website gets us no where. I am faxing them again tomorrow. I think the should compensate us for November because the letter they sent clearly says eligible for November. I wonder if I should contact the govenor?
[email protected] Send email
Dec 5, 2017

ebt card zero balance

In October of this year we were approved for food stamps. We finally got the card. We should have had a balance from November-April but the card reads a zero balance. The phone number on the card is no use. They only will say that the balance is zero. The website is no help. My husband activated the card and even tried changing the pin number. We were not even told what date the card would be usable. Well the last day of November has come and gone and nothing! Tomorrow I will fax them AGAIN. Should I contact the governors office?
Kellyb1668 Send email
Sep 22, 2017


I guess these idiots don’t understand that when a person applies for disability it is a lengthy process. I was enrolled in food stamp assistance for almost a year with DCF having the knowledge that I was applying for disability for almost a year when all of a sudden they want proof I applied. I faced that to them. Nothing...I called and they re-submitted info. Nothing....I called again. Info was not related properly they said and they re-did it. Then...nothing....I was told by that man that I may need to re-apply, so when I did I received my phone interview. I was told by that employee that I was denied disability so that means I am able to work!!! SHE decides that???! SSI decides that?!?!? SSI sent me to a nurse practitioner who took an X-RAY!! Oh, okay...THAT’S the same as a surgeons and MRI’s!! Right? Otherwise, they want a letter from my doctor stating I’m unable to work. They’re IDIOTS!!! Doctors won’t and no long will get into that. The state won’t allow it. (Lawsuits etc.)., she says(during phone interview) that since I’m already sanctioned, I will not receive any benefits until I get a letter from my doctor!!!!!! Absolutely ridiculous!!!
Kellyb1668 Send email
Sep 22, 2017

Career Source Sanction

I guess these idiots don’t understand that when a person applies for disability it is a lengthy process. I was enrolled in food stamp assistance for almost a year with DCF having the knowledge that I was applying for disability for almost a year when all of a sudden they want proof I applied. I faced that to them. Nothing...I called and they re-submitted info. Nothing....I called again. Info was not related properly they said and they re-did it. Then...nothing....I was told by that man that I may need to re-apply, so when I did I received my phone interview. I was told by that employee that I was denied disability so that means I am able to work!!! SHE decides that???! SSI decides that?!?!? SSI sent me to a nurse practitioner who took an X-RAY!! Oh, okay...THAT’S the same as a surgeons and MRI’s!! Right? Otherwise, they want a letter from my doctor stating I’m unable to work. They’re IDIOTS!!! Doctors won’t and no long will get into that. The state won’t allow it. (Lawsuits etc.)., she says(during phone interview) that since I’m already sanctioned, I will not receive any benefits until I get a letter from my doctor!!!!!! Absolutely ridiculous!!!
wayne4346 Send email
Apr 12, 2017

Food Stamps

The Florida Department of Children and Families cut off my Food assistance with no notice or warning. They claimed that they had mailed several notices letting me know what i needed to do to keep my food stamps which i never received, although my mailing address is correct in their system no notice was ever received. I spoke to a Representative and tried to file a complaint and she said said nobody is available to take my complaint but a supervisor will call me within 24 hours I asked what time she said she didn't know. I was supposed to receive my benefits on the 9th but did not and the reason given was I had not completed any work searches and was not eligible for a month. I never received anything from The Department of Children and Families they claim the mail was sent back every time. I have been looking for work for awhile just landed a job today and was never instructed to fill out work searches cause i never received a notice. I found out my benefits where canceled the day i was suppose to receive them only through logging onto the access Florida website, there where several Notices the with instructions that where supposed to be mailed to me that where never received. The address on the notices is the correct mailing address
yellowrosetat Send email
Nov 15, 2015


i needed a sitter for my grandsons that were placed by dcf, i called several times with no response back, a week later they removed my 2 year old grandson for no adult supervision. which at the time i had asked the women who i was helping get on her feet to watch him. i just moved into that apt and wanted to child proof it only had weekends to do anything. a case plan was placed on my daughter
YoandaShedd1 Send email
Mar 24, 2014

Unwarranted Reunification denied

I have been fighting DCF since 2005 to be reunified with my children who live with my aunt. I have completed my case plan, been reunified to my oldest and have always maintained custody of my two youngest (3 year old twins). My children are 13 and 11 and have not been allowed to even speak to me over the telephone. They have not been allowed to have a relationship with their siblings either. My parental rights have not been terminated and if I am so unfit, why do I have custody of my other 3 children? In court, DCF lies under oath, yet they are never reprimanded. I have been doing a lot of research lately because I have decided that this year....enough is enough! I am preparing to go to war against the department and the elected gov. officials who condone their wreckless and corrupt actions which result in our children being removed from parents who may have needed a little guidance, yet weren't so detrimental to their children that the children should be placed in foster care where too many of them have died. In the cases where the children should be removed the department fails to intervene! They have proven themselves to be immoral liars. One Hope United's proclamation is "Strengthening families". Just how do you strengthen a family by using the divide and conquer model? In many cases when a mother is in crisis, all she has to live for is her children (even if she is not doing such a good job). When the department removes her children, (her reason for living), and gives her a lengthy case plan to complete with little to no assistance, is it any wonder how she could give up and become even more immersed in her addiction or calamity? And when this happens they are quick to terminate parental rights and place the child in a permanent home or the child is adopted, never to see their mother and sometimes their siblings again. What does this do to the child? What about the children who die in foster care and then the truth is exposed, the case manger falsified documents thus they never knew the child was being abused by the foster parents. If you feel like I do, or if you know someone affected by the injustices of DCF, please contact me [email protected] (931)308-4479
jacksally327 Send email
Mar 14, 2014


Dept of Children and Families took my goddaughters from her guardian back in Oct 2013 , have verbally abused and lied to the guardian, she has done everything they have asked and it is now 6 months later, they have been in foster care all this time, DCF has told her the children will come back if she goes to drug classes, codependency classes, medication management and many other things she had to do with NO result. Now they are asking for a home study for an adoption placement and do not want to return the children after all. I am a godparent and have not been able to see the two girls at all despite the fact that I have been in their lives since they have been born. Is this supposed to be for the welfare of the children? Or money from govt. funds because they are still in foster care system and adoption also gives them more of taxpayer money that they waste?

Please do something about this problem. The caseworkers in Kids Central or the Centers are Pam Williams who has lied under oath and to the guardian (grandmother) and Lynn Ogletree. After I have written my district representative and other govt. officials, now the DCF workers said I want to create drama and should not be allowed to see the children so they punish us.

Please help us. My phone no. is 585-300-3759 ior email is [email protected]
lesa1 Send email
Apr 15, 2013

eckerd community alternatives

disatrous error in case management, filed a formal complaint. Eckerd has done nothing to resolve happening again or helping my daughter and I
User929988 Send email
Apr 11, 2012

Nonfunctional System

Very nice...we are encountering the same issue...extremely rude people on the phone, hours of attempts to make a phone call to rectify all of this information that they need, though we continue to give it...their website has issues with internet explorer 9, on and on.

It is obviously a numbers game meant to discourage those who aren't willing to try hard enough to make it through. Glad we found this page, and are not the only ones with this issue.
User929547 Send email
Apr 10, 2012

Unable to contact a live person

I agree there is no way to get through to the customer call center, it is horrible. I have been trying day after day and all I receive is a message saying all representatives are busy call back later.
User928248 Send email
Apr 6, 2012

Nonfunctional System

My name is Mike I can only say this, they messed me up on November of 2011, they turned everything upside down, they denied my 3 kids, all with medical conditions of medicaid for the months of November, TODAY April 6 2012 i got the food stamps on almost all of us and the medicaid, after a million faxes, two certified return receipt letter to the district coordinator, and I gave up on using thee phone to contact them, I FAXED everything, i got to the point where I faxed everyday, until I got someones attention, i sent them everything and more for what they asked, which they already had, I must have re applied 4 times, I even asked for appeals to their denial letters, supposedly you have the right to request a hearing and appeal their decision, forget it, is a joke, is just a formality, and I agree that they are overworked under staffed, and there are people falsely getting help they don't need, but some of us do need it, and we get the hardest of all barriers, and the language they use in layman's way is totally out of place...but FAX is my triumph, make sure to have your case number and your access number in the faxes and then go online and check that if has been uploaded in their system, it takes about 3 days for them to upload it...I am thinking of volunteering to help others do this...and PLEASE don't wait until your case is about to be closed to re it a month in advance...or what happen to me will happen to you, it took me almost 5 moths to get back on track...good luck
User926910 Send email
Apr 3, 2012

Nonfunctional System

Totally agree that they need to overhaul their system. You spend hours trying to get through to them and then you get a caseworker that does not care about you at all. I had my foodstamps case reduced by over 300.00 because they thought we were receiving unemployment (we were not). But now the burden of proof was on us. It took me six weeks of nothing but bs trying to convince them we were NOT receiving this money. I sent them all kinds of proof, the case woker would tell me to send one thing to prove it, I did, then she would tell me she could see that in her system too and it wasnt enough proof. Out of sheer desperation and frustration I got ahold of a call center worker one morning, I must admit she was quite good. She fixed the issue and did just what she promised she would do. In six days the issue was corrected and the amount was restored on our FS account. But we lost seven weeks of benefits because one case worker didn't give a crap. fast forward to this month, my sons medicaid was shut off, no reason, no warning, next re-eval is not until dec of 2012! I called yesterday and got that fixed as well. Thankfully I got a call center worker who was true to her word and actually called me back and told me she got it all straightend out for me.
Medicaid, foodstamp and cash assistance recepients should not have to feel like a second class citizen when trying to get ahold of their case worker when trying to get information on their benefits or when a problem occurs. The system is broken and needs repair.
Svcb Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Nonfunctional System

I'm a legal residence in the United State and I can get cash assistant when I see people that are illegal getting cash with no problem it is ridiculous seen people that are US citizen
and can get help I think the government has t do something about it otherwise illegal will continuing having more babies the more babies the more benefit they get
Lawsuit2012 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Nonfunctional System

I have had it with Florida Department of Children and Families. I plan on starting a Class Action Lawsuit against them if I can get enough interest. The way they do practice is unacceptable
Please email me if you are interested in joining me at: [email protected]
CONCERNED20 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Nonfunctional System

Tsellars Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Nonfunctional System

"DUE TO HIGHER THAN NORMAL CALL VOLUMES, YOUR CALL CANNOT BE COMPLETED AT THIS TIME. PLEASE HANG UP AND TRY YOUR CALL AGAIN LATER... " actually translates to, "The three people we hired to do this job are having trouble keeping up with the 5 million calls we direct to this number. Please hang up and try your call again later, when we still won't be able to take your call. Repeat this process until you have missed the appointment for your interview and are thereby denied benefits due to your lack of calling for a phone interview." I'd like to know who that man in that delivers this message... I think i might hate him. Seriously. This is the most ridiculous thing. I've called the state office to notify them of this issue, and their response? "Keep calling until you get through" Pretty much, not their problem. Remember when they actually called you in regards to an interview? What happened to those days. This needs to change.
Amy_ehrmantraut Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unable to contact a live person

I have called and called and have not once spoken to a live person. I am so angry about this. Has anyone had any luck? I need to fax my proof of income and have an interview but I can't get a hold of anyone. I feel like they do this on purpose.
Keikei714 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unable to contact a live person

I have been trying to get child support since my daughter was a year old, I have a court order and child support enforcement has located him and has done nothing to enforce the order so I have had no choice but to apply for foodstamps and medicaid for my daughter and even that is a hassel. I receive notices that I can not get benefits for her until I speak to someone at their call center to conduct an interview! This is an ongoing cycle, every 6 months for the past yr and a half I go through this. You call the call center and can not reach a person. I have found that if I go to work late and sit home and start calling the call center around 758am you have a slight possibility to get put on hold to speak to a live person but once you are on hold most times a live person will just pick up and hang up on you. Finally I gave up on this, now if you do a search on the departments web site you can normally find lists of email address or telephone numbers through out the state to people in other departments and I have found that the only way to get to speak to a live person or continue with the run around is that you will actually have to send email complaints to all of the email address you can find or call every number no matter what county it is in and speak to whoever answers or leave messages. They get mad and dont want to be bothered but they in my experience always get ahold of a supervisor and the supervisor directly will contact you to resolve your issues within 24 hours and just today I found that if you look for the number to their client relations in your county they too will get you in contact with a supervisor. All of this is so ridiculous, I just dont understand why they can not just fix the issues and make it possible to speak to someone. They either need to put competent people who are capable of assisting others in their local offices instead of just having people there who barely speak english to point you to a phone or a computer or they need to fix the issues with the call center. When I call I would not mind waiting on hold for an hour evern 2 hours but I do mind that I can call all day, every day for weeks and not once get a live person. The system here in Florida is seriously flawed, especially for those of us who need the system rather than those who abuse ir.
A_ricketts Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Nonfunctional System

Due to high call volume...what a crock of shit..not everyone calls this place at the same time. Id wait for 30 mins just to actually speak to someone there. I'm emailing the news and see what they can do about it since nobody else seems to care. I just spoke to someone at dcf Friday and they asked me to call back monday and tuesday. Exactly how am I suppose to do that I asked her, she said I'd just have to keep trying. Its like one in a million chances to actually get through to someone. I've touched every number possible and well the best way that I even have a chance is pressing 1 during the spanish talking, then 2 and then 2 and then putting in a fake number then they give me then prompt to press 0, but then chances are its high call volume again so Fail. It is ridiculous how a working family needing help like this has to go through so much trouble!! Its bullshit!
Dmitry90 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Nonfunctional System

I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH ORIGINAL POST!!! How absolutely unprofessional is this system they have going on! Cannot get ahold of anyone, in fact for 2 days now of almost constant calling, I cannot even get to the point of being on hold! It either says "all representatives are busy, call back" and hangs up immediately or sends me thru a time consuming (time wasting actually) system of push this # for this and eventually says the "all representatives are busy call back later" recording and hangs up anyways still! Seriously, this is ridiculous! Please DCF, read this and step up to the plate, hire some more people or something. This system doesn't work!

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