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Bill Kirchhoff Send email
May 28, 2021

Central Florida Publishing

We had to move. The company has 14 employees. Our press needs 480 volts. There is a transformer at the back of the building with that capacity. We are told FPL can't hook us up until June 10. We have to rent a power supply from Sunbelt in the meantime. This is costing us a lot of money. I don't understand why FPL takes so long. Is there a hurricane somewhere that I have missed?
M131 style Send email
Mar 1, 2021


lights where disconnected at my residents on Feb 22 2021 by FPL and reconnected on Feb 23,2021 in someone else name without Permission or Notification to the owner. I want t find out hw this could happen if the person have no lease at the resident.
mrsmomnana Send email
Jun 8, 2020

FPL Deposit & Closed Account

After having service for more than 3 years FPL decided to hit me with a $275 deposit. I asked to be put on a payment plan for purposes of paying this sudden deposit and they agreed. However less than a month later they removed me from the payment plan. No notice at all, I just happened to see it when I went online to pay my bill. I called and they told me they couldn't put me back on because I was moving and transferring service. They said I would have to call back after I moved to get the plan back. I have since moved and they did not reinstate my plan. They have listed my old account as closed and transferred the deposit and the final bill to my new account. They are saying I owe $332.15 but 75% of that is the deposit! They are not helpful when you call, in fact they treat you like you are stealing electricity rather than being a good customer. I have never not paid my bill and I have a 2 bd apt that I share with my husband. Our usage is low and there was no change or reason to suddenly require a deposit out of the blue.
stewse Send email
Jan 17, 2020

Asplundh tree trimming

Fpl tree trimmers have not picked up all the mess they leave everytime you trim here the mess was left over from the last hurricane

here, thats plan sorry that was the bunch from aniston alabama. This time its asplundh that left the mess.

My case # with the county Sheriff is sjso20cad10773 dated 1-16-2020. I will also call the local tv station to get the right person with

the public service commision or state agency that is approiate for this crap you pull. I 67 years old pay you price for power and I am not cleaning up after you people.
KarolMorelund Send email
Dec 6, 2018

sudden, one seckond power outage

Lately and more often we experience sudden, lasting less then 1 sec power outage. This is very bad for all electronics, appliances personal stress, our tome to reboot electric equipment. Just wait for next damage of our appliances. Ready to file lawsuit if reason not explained and stop the power outages. Decembers, as we remember, are the worst times. Fills like it's special made for damage our appliances and consider to buy new ones before Christmas,!!!!!!!
Are You Serious?? Send email
Jul 30, 2018


I had gone through a domestic violence situation in the winter and ultimately my ex partner jumped our lease on the day it was due. I have plenty of police reports and documentation around all of it, but at the time, he also cut off my power. I opened up a new account with FPL right away, but was so busy with court and getting back on track with work, I forgot to sign up for auto bill pay. They cut my power off because of this..I rectified this immediately. Concurrently, I had been facing eviction because of my ex, and managed to to pull myself out of it through hard work and the kindness of my leasing office who set up a payment arrangement. This matters very much because of what happened next and how FPL affected all of it.

I was a victim of fraud at the beginning of June 2018 and have been working with my bank to get to the bottom of things. I lost money obviously because of this, but the worst part was the fraudulent reversals on my account that were made to obtain funds. I notified FPL to the fraud and provided my bank's claim number & a police report number. I ultimately provided documentation my bank gave me acknowledging this. FPL was adamant about getting documents and claimed they would work with the payment I was able to give... until I gave them everything they asked for. I lost an entire day of work complying with their demands and staying in touch with my bank's executive offices to expedite a letter from the bank to provide FPL as per their request; only for FPL to tell me that the absolutely would not make any arrangement outside of what I could afford, and they also gave me an extension of two weeks to pay all current bills ( now affected by the loss of funds from fraud) I pleaded for an extension just to 8/15 and I would pay in full. FPL refused.

Fraud issues are absolutely draining in finances and time and because of all the chaos, I missed a payment arrangement by a week but agreed to pay above the original agreed amount. They stated that because I was a week late, they would not accept my payment unless it was a new higher amount. I was shut off for a few days. It became dangerous to the animals and myself ( I have had lung surgery- constant heat & humidity literally starts to choke me) and to the small child that lives with me. I was forced to take the money from my rent which has compromised my housing. It was a safety issue for my household, no I could not delay and had to immediately take care of it.

To date they have not fixed my payment history (which is why I got the shut off- the fraudulent reversal affected FPL bill) and would not accept that I was not the one to reverse / dispute the transaction, until it was too late a month later, but made an agreement that was impossible for me.

When I called to speak to an Executive, I was told executives do not speak to customers. I am 100% squared away with FPL but at a great cost all because they could not have the understanding and compassion nor the common sense as a company to fix my payment history. I was not in fact late on my payments (my bank statement proves this)... they were fraudulently reversed and stolen! All in all, after trying to reach the CEO (which is now a mission out of principal) I was contacted by a nice man the CEO asked to call me. (It has been 7 days and still no contact with the CEO)

The man FPL's CEO had call me, stated that the executive specialist assigned to my file had made an arrangement with me, but again I had to explain that the arrangement was something I could not comply with because it was above what I had. In short... I could not afford it, the fraud issue was to blame. I provided documentation and the specialist was giving me only 2 weeks to come up with the rest or face another shut off. I only get paid twice a month and I am still trying to recover funds lost from all of this and now perpetuated the issue of financial losses by missing a full day of work trying to get FPL what they asked for!

I asked if they could just extend me until 8/15/18 and I can resolve everything without risking losing my home. FPL absolutely refused. So, I took the money out of my rent, paid FPL in full. My power was restored, but I have broken a payment arrangement with my building to do so. A payment arrangement that was made stemming from the domestic violence issue. Now my account was sent to lawyers and I have accrued an additional legal feel of almost $500. But FPL has their money.

I understand businesses need to get paid but at no point was I trying to avoid a payment. It was an unfortunate set of circumstances, and I get it... businesses are just that, but FPL showed a complete lack of care for human & animal safety & health. They showed that it's more important to get paid even though they know a customer could lose their home. In essence, profits before health and safety.

I am completely paid up with FPL, and however long it takes me I will reach the right people who can help affect change to protect people like me, especially women who go through Domestic violence issues, fraud issues and such who need to have some kind of protection against companies like FPL that only care about profit rather than human & animal health. If it's the laws (like I was told) that prevented FPL from doing anything to help me (the extension to 8/15), well I will go to whoever I need to go to to try changing those laws. (and FPL likes to refer people quickly to the resource assistance programs without understanding how long they actually take... I would have still been without power if I went that route)

No one should ever have to choose between having a roof over their head, or having electric. You got the money FPL... but, I am not done. I promise you that. It's been 7 days since I asked to speak to an executive and was told CEO's will never talk to customers & if I tried contacting one, "they won't contact you back". Still no call from Mr.Eric Silagy and I was told he fielded my call when I contacted the Chamber of Commerce.

The good thing that came out of this is I learned where they stand with customers and I now have work to do to make change happens. One way or another something has got to change.
Payables7710 Send email
Oct 24, 2017


FPL has taken it upon themselves to transfer final bill balances to active accounts without advising or making the customer aware. This has caused major issues with the tenants of the active accounts because the transferred amounts are shown as past due FPL turns the electricity off from the active account. No final bills or warnings were received and neither the bills for the transferred totals were received. We pay according to what FPL bills us but when you call them they have different amounts owed because the balances were transferred. This is WRONG in every way! FPL needs to do something about this instead they create chaos doing what they're doing.
GRS Send email
Sep 27, 2017

FPL trimming a tree already cut by FEMA

A few days ago FEMA trimmed a tree near the light post. Oddly, the trees really needing trimming with huge branches hanging dangerously weren't touched a block away. Now, an FPL truck parked by the same light post is trimming some more..(@ 10:30pm) without any need while blocks away numerous trees need urgent attention. What is going on?
Beekay Send email
Sep 25, 2017

Power Failure

Given the intense hi- rise density and total population, the infrastructure ( cabling , transfiemers etc) should have been robust.
In fact, in addition to transformers catching fire, FPL took six days to restore power.
The delay is outrageous - given the surcharge to upgrade the grid. FPL should be heavily penalized for having an evidently fragile and unstable grid.whappened to have underground cables and localized substations which were allegedly monitored by real time networks.
I hope urban Floridians are vocal in expressing their outrage and asking the overseeing authority to hold FPL accountable for failing to meet minimum standards for power reliability. FPL must be required to adhere to strict performance standards for power restoration in dense urban population areas such as Singer Island.
abaker2422 Send email
Sep 22, 2017


My 100 years old grandmother [Virginia Thomas] was billed $600.00 for service. She did not receive any notice via mail that she would charge an excessive amount for a one bedroom apartment. She cannot afford to pay this exorbitant charge because she receives a monthly pension check for $1,100.00. I access her account online and noted that her light bill has been increasing in the past months. Her meter needs to be check and adjustment should be made to her bill to reflect the proper billing amount. It also appears that she was removed from the budget billing program without notice from FPL.
abaker2422 Send email
Sep 22, 2017


100 years old woman charged $600.00 for on a one bedroom apartment in Plantation, Florida
mig0822 Send email
Sep 18, 2017

Partial power outrage

My block power was restore on Sep 13, my my house and my next door neighbor only have partial power. We are unable to run AC and not all lights or outlets work.
On Sep 14 FPL closed the Ticket saying was resolved. But noting, Reported again
On Sep 15 same scenario, FPL closed the Ticket saying was resolved. But noting, Reported again
On Sep 17 the same FPL closed the Ticket saying was resolved. But noting, Reported again. They told me crew were on the area and they will come to the house. Nothing still in the same situation
They do not finished the job properly and false report restorations that actually did not happen. I just wonder how many household are in the same situation
EagleStar75 Send email
May 19, 2017

FPL. Increased There Rates!

Seems FPL has Increased there RATES upwards of $18+. Starting Jan 1st 2017. This Increase will reflect on Fuel surcharge and Service. USA Energy cost have been dropping for the last 2yrs +. Why is FPL not lowering there Cost.? Also ever since FPL changed over to all Digital Meters, This again imposed a Rate Hike. plus there saving on not having to pay Employees to walk and read Meters. I fined that the Digital Meter system is also Flawed. Being controlled from central offices where they Spike the Meter up to gain more revenue. IF No Electric being used FPL still charges 0kwh for 0.01c showing you still pay 0.24c for that day. This will total upwards of $7.50c a Month on your Bill. This Company has become to BIG with Monopoly controlling powers, Bypassing most other REGULATOR base Systems. Who is Watching over YOU!. LOWER Your COST..
ADA95 Send email
Apr 20, 2017

Excessive Tree Trimming

Today, April 20, 2017, FPL butchered my avocado tree in my back yard! We have contacted them several times over the last 3 years about trimming some of the tree out of the power lines but they refused to come out so we paid to have it trimmed ourselves. Then today, with no notice, the butchered the avocado tree, over trimming it! That tree has been there for decades providing shade in my yard and today they have ruined it. It was one of the reasons I bought the house and today it looks horrendous! There was no notice given and they did not minimize the damage to the tree. It's amazing how uncaring people are of things that don't belong to them I am positive that if any of them owned a house with a tree they loved they would not have butchered their tree the way they butchered mine. Is there any recourse for this?
janis0707161954 Send email
Jul 7, 2016


I would like to have FPL trim the trees.I live in hallandale bch FL.there are 3 gigantic trees that are touching the power lines and they look like they are about to fall on the other bldg.even the mayor has tried to get them to come out here, as well as her city mgr.there is no Vegetation out here just grass and trees.we are in hurricane season and all it will take is a crack of lighting to split the trees.well.....thank you.
arnie Send email
May 4, 2016

Meter tampering / electricity theft

An occupied house in my neighborhood has no meter and is receiving power (lights on at night). The address is 5242 NW 24th Ave. Miami, Fl.
Bryson Send email
Apr 19, 2016

Tree Trimming

April 18, 2016. Beautiful Oak trees in front yard were destroyed by tree trimmers (Asplundh) trimming for FPL. We received no notification that trimming was to be done. Wife was at home - no attempt to contact her, no prior phone contact, no mailed notice as stated in FPL trimming FAQ. Trees now have a large lopsided V pattern in them - cut back to the trunk on one side. Have always been contacted in the past and trimming was done to preserve the look of the trees and maintain FPL integrity. This did not happen this time and view of property as well as our view is ruined. No consideration for maintain the look of the trees, simply a destructive cut as quick as we can.
[email protected] Send email
Mar 22, 2016

Paper Bill Suspension

I have found today that the last two electric bills were sent only by my e-mail and not by paper as is usually the case. This has caused the disconnect notice of non-payment. Customer Service by phone did tell me that the bills had been switched to e-mail only but could not advise me as to how this occurred. I am extremely upset as I regularly both receive the monthly bill in the mail and pay by the due date but now someone took it upon themselves to change my account to e-mail only. I have had Customer Care switch it back to paper bill notice but I would like someone to tell me how it got changed without my consent.
EH1 Send email
Feb 5, 2016


I find it so strange that a person cannot afford to pay 1-month, receives an extension, complies with the extension - only to find out the next month a deposit in the amount of $300.00 has now been applied to your account.

FP&L gets away with this because we have no other source of power in the State of Florida. I am going to my attorney general to see if this can be regulated. Then, the representative says "well if the deposit is not paid, then we will turn off your lights."
richnewman71 Send email
Nov 22, 2015

Unresponsive to fire hazard and personal safety

For the past 3 months I have been trying to get FPL to cut back the trees that belong to my surrounding neighbors that are entangled in the power lines. on windy days and after rains when the rain weighs the branches down, the power lines begin to shoot off sparks from the lines. I have called everytime and spoke to numerous representatives over the phone and in person. The answers I get are: "inaccessible" or " no imminent threat to the lines" . I then went to the city code enforcement to see what they can do. According to them, there is nothing in the code that would force the home owner to cut back the trees. SO today we had a bad storm sparks were flying and now I am with out power, This was totally preventable. Please contact me at 954-279-9477. I am not a such a squeaky wheel but when it affects my personal safety and property, I am going to find every avenue to get this resolved once and for all.

Perhaps consider giving the residences an opportunity to cut down their trees encroaching the lines and if they don't do it by a certain deadline, You cut it down for them and then you CHARGE them for it. great way to make additional revenue for FPL and keep the residence from planting tree right underneath power lines. You'd think it would be common sense not to plant a tree that grows 30 feet under power lines, but some people lack common sense
NADASHA77 Send email
Aug 13, 2015


frankie frisch Send email
Jul 2, 2015

flickering power

I read your corporate canned response to customers asking about "power flickers". It's pretty weak. I travel extensively coast to coast for work, and have lived in numerous cities around the United States. I have never experienced more "power flickers" than I have in Northern Florida. More often than not, when I hear a rumble of thunder or a distant crack of lightning, I get your "less than 60 second" power outage. What are the other 49 states doing that works, and Florida can't seem to get the handle on ? I know I'm pissing up a rope with this correspondence, but I felt compelled to shed some diminishing light on the apparent darkness.
lexarwill Send email
Apr 25, 2015

unfair charges

extreme charges over a bill under $40 why does fpl charges customer $5 late fees for such a small amount for being over 1 day late is this the worst company ever that is so wrong. customer service are rude and trained to aggressive with customers trying to complain about excessive late fees added to my account for being late for 1 day while I don't even receive paper bills its like I am being charge $ 5 for an email they sent to pay on time.
Ken Wegniak Send email
Mar 15, 2013

FPL Tree removal

I have no problem with a utility company trimming trees growing near power lines but I have a real problem when I am visited by FPL or a subcon of theirs, THREE times in one year. The last time was last week when a FPL service employee told me all traveler's palms had to be removed (this is AFTER FPL sent a sub con , ASPLUNDT(?) here two months ago to trim all trees). At that time, I asked the sub con are you done after they were here an entire day. They said yes. (I also asked why at the time wouldn't they just remove trees if they were so severely trimmed and they said they didn't remove trees). So after they were done, I paid to have a professional tree service remove some of the trees prior to re-surfacing my pool and re-landscaping. Now, I have re-done my backyard at a cost to me and NOW I'm told all trees must come down. But FPL is not willing to reimburse for the new plants, new mulch, stones I've paid for (AFTER the they originally said they were done with their work). And they said the subcon SHOULD reimburse me for any damages to the pool if they do any damage to that but I'd have to take it up with them). Should reimburse me???? And doesn't the subcon effectively represent FPL? Why wouldn't FPL now work with the subcon to make good and protect my upgrades since they said they were done originally and then they came back two months later with a different story. Cover the pool with a tarp, move the new shrubs planted so they don't get trampled, etc. Apparently none of the arbor specialists I call at FPL even admits anything was done wrong. So I guess it's ok to continually let FPL come to your yard, remove branches, trim back trees, and then come back two - three times in the same year and tell you all that work they did is for nothing since all trees have to come down anyway. Sloppy and embarrassing response to a customer who never complains about a bill or is late.
mmorgan Send email
Feb 11, 2013

Abusive Collection Practices - Incompetence

FPL sent me a bill in Jan 2013. I paid the entire balance reflected on the bill. They cashed the check. Next I get another bill, this one says "Final Notice" that if I dont pay the "past due amount" with x days, my power will be cut off. I was furious. I called FPL and they said it was for an old balance that I didnt pay dating back to 2012. My problem is if FPL thinks I owe them money, why did they send me a bill in Jan that didnt have the entire balance on it? They sent a bill that showed a balance that I paid in full, then they send another bill and say its past due, and it is for an old amount - give me a break!
Then I got a new bill on Saturday Feb 9, 2013 that showed the current months charges and the past due amount that they claimed was an old debt. on this newly received bill, they said the new charges were due by February 12, 2013. That is 3 days from the date i received the bill!!!!!!!!!! Also Feb 10 was a Sunday, so i couldnt have possible got anything in the mail to FPL. So as it stands, FPL has sent me a bill that is due in 3 days, and if I dont pay it "on time", they will charge me a late fee!!
FPL is either unscrupulous or incompetent, but to treat a customer like this is inexcusable. I have been a customer of FPL for 35 years. I wish there was an alternative.

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