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Fleshwoundz Send email
Jan 23, 2023

Greg Olsen

I can’t even with this guy. What an idiot!!! Stop being so opinionated because it shows your ignorance. “He should have made him release to the outside” You idiot! He didn’t have any help on the outside that is why he made him go to the inside where he had help. Yes he made 5yards but that’s better than getting burned for a touchdown. I bet if he would have released to the outside you would have argued he should released to the inside.

I just wish you would SHUT UP!!!!!
Glady Send email
Dec 26, 2022

Fox NFL football announcers

So tired of listening to most of these announcers being so one sided when they comment on games. When a team does well when they don’t expect them too, they don’t give them the credit they deserve. They say things like, if they didn’t have so many turnovers they wouldn’t have lost a game. No s$&t!!!! Not too intelligent. How about getting some neutral announcers.
Stanford1983 Send email
Nov 26, 2022

Cowboys-Giants Thanksgiving

Kevin Burkhardt spent the last five minutes of this game talking about food instead of what was happening on the field. There was a personal foul against Micah Parsons that we never saw or got an explanation of and it ended up a one-score game. Stick to the game. We don’t care that you like canned cranberry sauce. You guys stunk!!!!
Edhiggins3 Send email
Dec 27, 2021

Adam Amin

Listening to Adam Amin is one of the worst nfl experiences of my life
He says nothing. Nobody can understand his nothing. Please
Replace him with a goat or a peekachu
Dale Putnam Send email
Aug 15, 2021

Self Important Announcers

The announcers of the first preseason Seahawks/Raiders game seemed to have no interest in the game itself, only in the interviews and comments they were making. The game and people actually playing seemed of little or no interest to them.
This included a 3 to 5 minute interview with a player while the game was going on with cuts to the game only during the actual plays. No comments or explanation of what was happening. Next time I may listen to the radio while watching the game so I can get some actual description of, and comment on, the play by play as it occurs. They may not believe it, but I have absolutely no interest in the announcers opinions or thoughts unrelated to what's happening on the field. If I want expert comment on other things, I certainly wouldn't get it from them.
linlealex Send email
Jan 18, 2021

Troy Aikman

He never shuts up. Constantly talking over the game . So many complaints about him that i can't understand why he is still announcing games. I have learned to just mute him so I can watch the game without telling him to shut up.
Randykornrumph Send email
Jan 6, 2020

Biased announcing against New Orleans

The game of New Orleans against Minnesota on 1/5/20 was so totally biased against New Orleans and in favor of Minnesota by Troy Aikman made the telecast almost unbearable. How many more times do y’all have to hear this about Aikman. 16000 Green Bay fans have said this , Seattle fans have said this so how many New Orleans have to say this before you pay attention.
Saint and Green Bay Fan Send email
Jan 6, 2020

troy aikman

I know he was a Dallas quarterback; however, keep his comments to himself about the Saints and Green Bay. He never has anything good to say about either team. If my team was not playing, I would not watch any game he announces. He is always giving negative opinions on the teams and gives the opposing team all the credit even if bad play.

His calling of the game is always one sided and it shows.
Dragonsbreath Send email
Oct 22, 2019

Booger MacFarland

We are so tired of listening to this Mr Booger Mr Know-It-All who just can't seem to shut up. He just talks too much and his added commentary on everything and about everyone is just not appreciated. My wife and I couldn't stand Joe Theisman and now here is something worse. We have found Tony Romo is just about the cat's meow of commentators, never negative and always right on the money on everything about the game. As good a quarterback as he was, he has found his true calling. Darrell Johnston is another excellent commentator as are many of the others. Booger is just awful, terrible, overly critical and how can a man who earned the name Booger be taken seriously anyway. He is as disgusting as his name! He just ruins the game for everyone and we find ourselves turning the volume off on the game. Not saying all the other commentators don't have their faults but this man should not be able to inflict himself on everyone else. I would highly recommend removing him for the fan's sake. Everyone can make up stuff but Booger is an expert at it. Let us not be politically correct on this, just give the best man for the job, the job, and it is not he!
Aletafcox Send email
Oct 4, 2019

Constantly talking over the game

Omg can you get the commentators to talk less!! Really they talk throughout the game!! This is not necessary just need to know the plays not hearing their opinions or their personal lives or comparisons of who is best player, lays talked about later. Just shut up and let us just watch the freaking game!! We enough bs the advertisement we don’t need during the game
KimR Send email
Sep 30, 2019

Charles Davis

I'm sure Charles Davis is a nice man, but listening to him officiating the games is horrible! He literally does NOT STOP TALKING!!!!! We end up muting it just so we don't have to listen to him. Please NFL.....ask him to stop!!!!!!
Football4fun Send email
Sep 27, 2019

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman

Nails on a chalkboard are preferred over the commentation. of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. It is almost enough to make me turn off the game. They are clearly bias. Fortunately, I can turn off the sound and still enjoy the game. You can do better Fox...much better!
Joken Send email
Jan 7, 2019

Tony Romo

Tony Romo is the most obnoxious announcer I have ever heard next to Theisman! The man NEVER shuts up and seems to talk over the other announcers. He acts like we know nothing about football. If I knew nothing about football I probably would not even be watching! We mute him a lot of the time! He’s terrible
Natalie6 Send email
Nov 16, 2018

Favoring announcers

Joe Buck & Troy Aikman. When they are announcing the game, they tell you who they want to win. You can also tell they do not like the Green Bay Packers. Any team the Packers are playing and Troy & Joe are the announcers you can tell from what they say that they don't want the Packers to win. When any teams are playing they make it known who they want to win, the announcers are there to tell what is going on with the game. Neither of the two should be announcers.
Midwestmagic225 Send email
Nov 20, 2017

Overly biased on Vikings/rams game

HORRIBLE commentating. Obviously biased towards the rams. Praising the rams and adding excitement and colorfull commentary to everything the rams do and the exact opposite any time the Vikings do anything positive. Calling it luck most of the time. Only shining star is Greg Olson providing some actual real insight to the game of football. Kevin Burkhardt needs to go. He offers absolutely nothing to the game and sounds like an idiot. I actually muted the game after the second quarter because of him. He is just awful.
Zach Send email
Sep 12, 2017

Don't like the female

I don't appreciate that the girl announcer is so boring I don't even want to watch it is so bla and this is getting so ridiculous
Jamartin Send email
Nov 14, 2016

Overly biased in Eagles/Falcons game

John Lynch and Kevin Burkhardt were incredibly supportive of Eagles to the point of being completely subjective and unprofessional. Every call and every play was announced in the Eagles favor. Absolutely disgusting when announcers should be objective!

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