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rebinjose Send email
Oct 7, 2020

project fees taken

my amount of 555usd was taken by freelancer on accepting a work and still i didnt get any work. Shall i get refund for the amount. For me its a very huge amount. if anybody can help me on this please help.
M sod Send email
Jun 20, 2020

Support team issues

I submitted a ticket to the support team to dispute a project fee and non-payment issues with my employer for a fixed price project. When the employer awarded me the project and I accepted, Freelancer charged me a 10% project fee since it was a fixed price project. Fixed price projects mean that you are paid the full amount upon completing the project. Payments can be made via milestone payments throughout the project as you complete tasks.

This project fee made my account negative since I wasn't compensated for the project yet. I completed several tasks over the course of 4 week period and My employer only paid me one time via milestone payment which didn't even cover the 10% project fee. After that one payment was submitted I never received another payment again. Ive been trying to contact the employer for my outstanding payments for over 90 days now. I submitted 2 tickets to the freelancer support team and both times they said that they could not help me resolve this issue until the employer responded. To date, the employer hasn't responded to me or freelancer support team so I am unable to resolve this issue. Also, my account is still negative money due to the project fee and non-payment.

The freelancer support team made it very clear that they can't help me. It's unfair that I was charged a fee for a project I haven't even been paid for completely. They won't even let me dispute the fee because the employer marked the project status as complete. Clearly, the support team does not help freelancers resolve their issues and they favor the employers because according to them mine can't be resolved since the employer won't respond. This is obsurd!
penalist123 Send email
Feb 24, 2020

Company Cheats freelancers by joining fake clients has become hub of cheaters and dacoits and the website itself help the clients to cheat freelancers easily. and if you complain about this to their support they will take action against you instead. These peoples steals money from your account without your consent. They literally survive on the blood of freelancers working on the platform. Bloody cheaters. They have all the means to verify freelancer's Identity, payment method, adrress, photo. but they never care to verify any of them for client before letting client to put any money on the website.
druidmaciek Send email
Aug 28, 2019 - stealing funds from workers

I completed a project for an employer.
I worked on it for over 30 hours.
I paid around 100$ In fees to accept the project.
When I got my earnings and tried to withdraw them I learned they are being held, because the employer hasn't finished verifying my account. The employer has no intention of doing it and I am left with nothing.
Their official answer is that after all that work, and employer who got the project. I am the one who is being penalized, basically got my money stolen by
Employer got their project, got their fees and held my earnings.
I am left with lost time and money.
Stay away from this site, they treatment of freelancers and customer service toward them is deplorable.
[email protected] Send email
Feb 18, 2019

Unauthorized charges

Beware of scam.
This company is using deceiving methods to make its users, people who hire freelancers (employers) to deposit money claiming that funds will be stored in the escrow account and it should be released to the freelancer (employee) only by the account owner (employer) if the account owner (employer) is satisfied with the work done.
This is not the true, the money will be never refunded or returned to the account owner (employer), without any account owner's consent keeps any funds deposited in a form of the so called milestones. In case if the account owner does not find the work performed by freelancer satisfactory and does not wish to release funds to the freelancer the company demands to pay $30 for the arbitrage to review the possibility of returning money back to the account owner. If the account owner does not wish to pay the extortion amount of the $30 the arbitrage team of automatically decides dispute in favor of the party that paid $30.
This is a clear case deception and scam practices utilized by
MD Send email
Feb 3, 2019

Unauthorized Charges after I closed account!

First, let me qualify myself by sharing that I'm a fulltime freelancer and that I use other sites and have extraordinary results. I am a top provider with hundreds of satisfied clients around the globe, so I speak from experience.

I found to be entirely useless, ineffectual and a total waste of time. When I closed my account, these gypsies continued to bill my PayPal and help themselves to MY MONEY; and they had the gall to act clueless for a MONTH as I endured a half-dozen back and forth email exchanges. As I tried to get these brainless airheads to return the money they took from me, I got the feeling that they may be trained to drag out the return/credit process as long as possible in order to hold onto the funds. Basically,, from my perspective, offers ZILCH value for a legitimate fulltime freelancer. The site is antiquated, unsophisticated, and very unprofessional; and from my experience, I have no trust or faith in (*Also, take note of others' complaints that the site holds onto freelancers' money for a long time before remitting it. Had I seen THAT before, I'd have never bothered to explore the site, in the first place.) It's just my opinion, but I suspect that we'll see this site will fall on its face and go away before long. There's no way such a poorly-run, unprofessional, desperate business can sustain itself --
Ouseph Rozario Send email
Jan 11, 2019

New York freelancer corporation

They offered me data entry job through [email protected] Tel.918297424863. I completed the job and I got approval letter from company. then they asked us to pay Rs.6,609 pay as POC charges. I paid the money to google pay account they asked to pay a/c 8142052672. they promised me payment on 7th of this month. Later they said 10th. Now agents mobile is switched. E_mail account is disconnected. Company's watts up number is 9703783134..
dalalsunil1986 Send email
Feb 23, 2018

my account is closed without any voilation of rules


I am new to freelancer. Few days ago, i registered on your site as a freelancer. I place bid on some projects ,from them i was awarded one .I worked and the project get closed on 22feb 2018 evening time.But in next morning, i found that my account is closed.They said some rules were broken but i follow all procedure, i m unable to recall which rule i broken can u explain me, why closed my account? and this is not the fair way to provide freelancing services on such a can communicate or notify me if i broke some rule, i m new on In this difficult time instead of helping me , are reacting oppositely.I have sufficient amount in my account.They even don't tell the procedure to reopen my account or refund my deposits that are in my account.

Farah Naz Send email
Jan 11, 2018

Be careful, they are scam

I am new on have bid for on two days client contact me and told me first you have to accept a file term.exe than i will reward you project.I ask from client what is this term.exe file(client replyme its for legal reasons that this has to be done since if i award and then the job is not done the way specified or not done at all then there will be legal action taken to get the money back that is all this is for and once opened a dialog box should open and once opened it will say "do you agree to all the TOS quoted" and then there is two options yes and no once you accept and hit yes then i will award you since then i am legally good to do so).After i run this exe file he award me a project and offline.This exe file was a virus he try to hack my laptop and my email.So my request is suspend his account(@RyanStreamline) and delete his project.


linamancii Send email
Jul 31, 2017

Money Despoisted

I created freelancer account and deposited funds in the account. Funds was 200 $. From that day, I did not make any transaction. I did not hire any person, I only deposited funds.

Yesterday they close my account and got the money by saying you have violated Clause 23.

When I did not use my account from a week, I only deposited funds in there, How I violate the terms?

They are playing with me and took the money, They are scammers. They are not replying on tickets. i also text them on Facebook but no hopeful response...

Why ?

They are scammers, they take the money without any reason. What the hell is this?
RichSlater Send email
Jul 28, 2017

They are a scam!

I advertised a couple of jobs on Freelancer and did get them completed. Not to a high standard, but that's not the fault of Freelancer.
However, when I decided to stop using Freelancer and try to get my balance back that I'd put into my Freelancer account (over £1000), that's where the trouble started.
I'm two months into a fight to get this balance transferred back to my account. They ask for financial details, which I supply, and then after waiting a week I email them again - nothing - I email them again - nothing - finally I get an auto-generated email saying I need to supply the details that I'd already supplied. I email them - nothing - I email again - I get asked to supply more financial details. I supply them and then what happens - you've probably guessed it - NOTHING! Eventually I get another automated email saying that "Decline reason: Account has been limited."
So far I haven't got my money back after weeks and months of trying. Maybe they are just criminally inept, but I suspect they are actually just criminal. It's now in the hands of my legal reps so they can step in and take this over.

And if anyone from Freelance actually reads this and suggests that I email your support teams - shut TF up! They either go weeks between replies or simply don't reply at all. Get your house in order and stop ripping people off.
taylormade Send email
Nov 13, 2016


I woke up 2 days ago with an email in my box.
It said I had been AWARDED a Freelancer job for $600.
Problem was, I never applied for the job.!!
But there it was, sure as hell.. a $600 job AWARDED and ACCEPTED by me.
Nope.. never spoke to the guy, never saw the job posting.. NEVER ACCEPTED THE JOB.
It was no where near a job subject I could even perform.
So here's the part that pisses me off.
Freelancer took $60 out of my account as a Freelancer fee.
I had 2 on-line chats with FLr support hacks, who simply refused to absorb what I was telling them.
They just kept repeating that Freelancer takes their pound of flesh as soon as the job is accepted/awarded.
"I DIDN"T ACCEPT THE JOB" - Nope... they didn't want to her that.
Then they mysteriously cancelled that job for "violation of their terms of service".
Did they refund my money.?
They put it into the BONUS area.
Which means I can't withdraw it. Only use it for Freelancer expenses.
Shit..what kind of business is this?
Could be a wonderful relationship, but sadly it is not any more.
jasonliu120 Send email
Oct 15, 2016 scammed me and ran away with $773

Dear members, scammed me and ran away with $773
I worked with a client. we first introduced from worrier forum. he had a deal posting project. from worrier from he added me in Skype.
after our first introduction i knew that he posted a job in but already I applied his job before our first introduction. then took my interviews and he also took interview to the other applicants of Last of all he found me as expert and he hired me in I worker for him and he paid me in
After project client told me that he trasferd to other job. and he already leaved the office.
a week later when I applied for money withdrawal then rejected me and again and again . they told me that without client response they wont give me money.
Contacted lots time via support center but they also failed to contact with the client. last of all I told them to take a decision to send me money.
Yesterday then leaved me a massage and they wanted to know about the client source. I told them clearly but they rejected my application and took whole project money $773.
Freelancer admin told me that they reversed that money.

How can I get back that money? have any solution. I'm a poor worker so that's great amount for me.
if anyone know about the admin mobile number then please let me know that number.
felix Send email
Sep 19, 2016

unauthorized debit from my card

I have a case against, they took money from my card without my permission because the stored my CCV number, i requested refund and the refunded to another card that i no longer have access to instead of refunding it to the card they took the money from.
I have spoken to legal sources and i can demand compensation but i do not have thier contact address in the UK.

I need an address where i can send correspondence to in the UK.

Freelancer is registered in the UK and should have a postal address which they are refusing to give me.
aamiya09 Send email
Mar 26, 2016

payment loss


I want to file a complaint against They are a scam, they always delete employer account without even intimation to a freelancer who is working on the project. I have lost $250 a few days back and $360 recently and what they have to say is employer violated our term and policies so we closed his account but they failed to answer my question that why should I suffer all the time for employer's mistake. All they have to say is settle down your payment outside the portal or client will contact you through email. but why would he contact me, he has got the work now why would he pay me? if is doing this then whom should we trust? When I said I will contact to consumer court then their answer is "we respect your decision". Please help me to get my money back.
Obama1985 Send email
Jan 7, 2016 STOLE MY MONEY


I started a project on (as an employer) to start a website. The freelancer I chose turned out to be a complete waste of time (despite all the great reviews!). He agreed to refund me. However, Freelancer, despite their constant promises, simply would not refund me my money back. After a few exchanges, they simply decided to ignore my emails altogether. Their attitude was rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. Plain and simple!

I will make it my mission to let everyone know what a thieving scamming website this really is.

Thank you

manojo Send email
Dec 2, 2015

looking for refund from a freelancer as he gave me a app that doesnt work

View Ticket: #XWH-499-92753

hi i would like to file a complain and requesting for refund as i awarded a freelancer for my website to do a app and he said he will do the app for both ios and android , and i awarded him and he return me the app so went to google play store but the app was rejected i have been pinging him for past three day , as he said he will fix it and publish for me but no reply and end up reply me say that i got copy right issue so cant publish the app and after that he dont want to reply any more

later i found a new freelancer and i gave all my access and he told me clearly that the app i gave is not app and it cant be publish it google play where that is just a icon that cost only INR 100 and he just link my website using his icon.

i want a refund and suspend his account as he will spoil the name for your website and many user will be cheated by him

freelancer deatils


Shoshannah Send email
Jun 21, 2015

Money taken away

My Freelancer account has been closed without my approval and agreement. I had 66 US dollars in the account and then the next day, I discovered that I could not even log into the account anymore.

I tried to send emails to the site itself but the emialscould not even go through. They bounced back immediately.

Now, I've lost 66 US dollars which is a far cry to some unfortunate men and women who have been scammed by this horrible, unethical Australian website. This is a defamation on the reputation of Australia as being a very reliable nation, country and people. Now, I do not trust any Australian websites anymore.
shafrazmoh Send email
Mar 31, 2015


Don't believe,
i am new to freelancer and got my project worth only 99$ and when i try to withdraw, my account became limited without any reason, and asking same verification and same question several times whenever my answer is same
finally, the freelancer team ask me to inform the employer who gave me the project , to verify their account. ...... Bull shit...., That's not my job and, the freelancer must do that before employer post the project,
People spent their time to do the projects, and freelancer stop our withdrawals and hold our earned money with them

In this case, Freelancer should verify the employer before they put any project, they fail to do that and they ask me to inform the employer. shit.........
em20 Send email
Sep 26, 2014 is a Scam

I registered at, I was working on since 3 year, they asked me to verify myself, i submitted documents, everything went well and there was no problem. I had an account on skrill, they also took my documents and then verified me completly and removed all limits on my transactions. On the other hand, right after i got my first project on and got paid, they suspended my account, asked me for verification. I have submitted all documents, but still they have rejected and have kept my account suspended. When i contacted their support, their reply, "your case is handled by verification dept, so submit documents there" , they refused to give more info or get me to talk to verification dept. support, I want to take legal action against this company for holding my money illegally.
kimchi247 Send email
Sep 5, 2014

Money Was Pulled Without Permission

I will like to file a complaint against Freelancer. I am a business owner as well as a freelance Web Designer and even though I belong to Elance, I decided to try out Freelancer. I had not taken on any jobs nor created any, yet shortly after linking my Paypal account to try to get a 100% profile complete rating, I was charged $35 to my Paypal account. I did not sign up for any kind of paid account, I did not create milestones or ANYTHING to justify even touching my personal financial accounts. I had actually tried to cancel my account, since I realized I was getting nowhere on that site, and then THIS happens. Now I can't delete my account completely because I want a damn refund.

I also work for a large and connected Los Angeles TV news station and if I don't receive a refund within the next few days, I will be taking this to friends in the investigation departments. Any news run by my station is picked up worldwide, so I'm sure a story about Freelancer cheating businesses and freelancing creatives out of money just by randomly pulling funds from their bank accounts will NOT go over well for the image of Actually, it could lead to major investors and potential clients pulling away from Freelancer.

Please don't post a generic "contact our customer service" reply. I have been constantly emailing and have NOT heard anything back. Your 24 hour time is a ridiculous lie. Please contact me directly if you want to avoid the storm coming your way. I don't appreciate being violated like this.

Money Was Pulled Without Permission Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Be careful, they are scam

Hi Dowen,

Our thorough verification process is part of our security measures but rest assured that it is for the safety of the funds and accounts of both employers and freelancers. To learn more about account verification and user issues, please visit our FAQ page at FAQ page

Please note we do not reply to specific user customer support issues on public forums. We have a 24 hour support team dedicated to addressing individual concerns. We encourage users to log support tickets directly via our site or by emailing [email protected]

For legal issues, users can email [email protected]

You can write to us at
P.O. Box 1121
Double Bay NSW 1360

Dowen Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Be careful, they are scam

Be careful, they are SCAM. I opened account for our legally registered company, hire one person for one work and put $150 in milestone. Day after this they immediately suspend our account with $200 in full balance, after I provide ID from me and they still refuse to reinstate account with our money in. They need to reply/if 2-3 days, before I upload funds in account they reply in less than 1hr always. They can not require any ID from own customers as they dont have this in terms of service and they are not any type of bank.

THEY JUST WANT THAT YOU UPLOAD FUNDS AND THEN YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN, I already call my bank for Chargeback so I will not have loss, but il never again use it!! Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Hi tanicos,

In order to help create a safe environment for the freelancers and employers, has several measures in place. We do not usually respond to particular issues published publicly so please issue a support ticket through or send us an email to [email protected] One of our support managers will help you with your concerns.

We request verification measures to secure your account and money. For further information, please visit our FAQ page found here:

If your complaint is regarding a legal or compliance issue you can send an email to [email protected] or write to us at

PO Box 1121,
Double Bay NSW 1360,

Tanicos Send email
Feb 23, 2012



I am filling this complaint form and also address myself to other institutions regarding the fraud that the company which is registered in Australia as: Suite 501, 35 Lime Street Sydney, New South Wales Australia 2000 ACN 134 845 748.I have been awarded with a project and paid 1120 USD. The company refused to release the funds and asked for IDs from me and from my employer. After all these were submitted they started to ask question after question regarding the projects in order to delay the payment and they refuse to handle the situation. I must say that different people asked questions to whom i have answered but they still refuse to release the payment. They have also requested photos of me holding my ID although this was not stipulated in their Terms and Conditions. I am going to fill a report to the Australia Police and also in Sweden. This
company must be held responsible for what they do to people that uses their service.

Because of their action i cannot provide the job i have been awarded and also i have lost the business contact with the person who paid me.

I can sustain with evidence all of the above mentioned.

Thank you

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