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Consumer complaints and reviews about Frigidaire

Dovely46 Send email
Apr 20, 2019

Frigidaire refrigerator caught fire

I have had this for around 5 years. Yesterday noticed smoke and burning smell. The last thing I suspected was the fridge. This is dangerous
tcornell Send email
Jan 21, 2019

frigidaire refrigerator

My refrigerator started making crackling and popping noise. Then the house started filling with smoke. Upon pulling out the refrigerator. I notice flames coming out of the bottom cardboard area. We quickly unplugged it only to find that it was on fire from a electrical component. With all the complaints on this site. These components should have a recall. The house could have burned down if we were not home. Something needs to be done!!
Pennohio Send email
Dec 25, 2018

Fridgidaire catches on fire

As the others have said my wife heard a crackling sound and found sparkes and flames coming out from under the refrigerator. Luckily she unplugged it and got the extinguisher. If we were not there or sleeping it would definitely had caught the house on fire and my children could have been killed by Fridgidaire. Side by side FGHS2631PF.
zalzan Send email
Nov 27, 2018

Frigidaire refrigerator fire

6 year old Model # FFHS2322MW2 two nights ago heard a massive metallic rattle and though someone was smashing my screen door open...then kitchen started filling with smoke and burning electrical rubbery smell.. after ten minutes of unplugging everything and more smoke, we decided to pull out stove and fridge, and thats when I saw the massive electrical sparks and fire in the lower rear of the fridge by where the plug goes in at the base, behind a CARDBOARD cover.... shut off breaker. 100% sure that had I not been home my house would have burned. Will never buy one of their refrigerators.
Irideus Fly Fishing Send email
Jul 14, 2018

Fridgidaire Refrigerator CAUGHT FIRE

Same detail as all the other people who all most lost their home and family. It seems this does nothing. The company still does not care and its now 2018. Does any higher party even read this? It will not be long before the faulty product from this company is connected to a burned out home,building or death. They just do not care.
Frididare model #FFHS2622MSF is a defective model sold by LOWES. We own 2. We also bought a Fridgidaire Stove new from lowes which also has a problem documented on the internet. It may even have been recalled. If so they never even notified us. Now we have 3 Fridgidare units that need to be replaced. Who has the money to replace basically new appliances? Never will ever buy anything from LOWES or this company again. If you own one of these you should get it out of your home.
Lilla Send email
Jun 21, 2018

Frigidaire side by side that is 6 years old having major problems

It started in September 2017. The mother board was replaced. March there was a leak from the filter. Fixed it. Then the loud noise and beeping started because of ice stopping the fan in the back if the freezer. Now the code is popping up on the door that is saying something is wrong. It stopped cooling had to move food and throw food out. Spoiled. The codes are back in after replacing the main board again 6 years old mind you. If there isn't a recall on this there should be like last year. Model number Fgus2632LE2 serial number 4A20811316. This is so frustrating to have a refrigerator that is only 6 years old falling apart. Frigidaire you need to replac e this one and any others that are falling apart.
soohnam Send email
Jun 15, 2018

Frigidaire fridge fire: Serial 4A82214436

Last week my tenants in San Francisco reported that there was fire inside of the fridge. Yes, inside of fridge! I've never heard this one before until my property manager mentioned that the fatal tower fire in London was caused by the refrigerator fire (https://www.consumerreports.org/home-safety/how-appliances-catch-fire/)
Fortunately, my tenants were at home and detected the fire quickly so no personal injury and damage in condo happened. Other residents in condo hit a smoke detector button and firefighters came.
I found there were many fire incidents from Frigidaire in the past (https://www.complaintboard.com/frigidaire-l2254.html) but the company has not taken any recall action. After I spent the customer service agent today (I escalated to the higher level agent too), all I can do about this is just posting at Facebook.

Frigidaire fridge fire: Serial 4A82214436

LaDonna Douglas Send email
Jun 1, 2018


Dishwasher heating element overheated which caused it to warp. The element warped into the bottom of the dishwashing causing the bottom to melt through and dishwasher leaking onto my new flooring. A definite dangerous fire hazard as well!! Dishwasher is only 3 yrs old. Age doesn’t play a part of the problem, it obviously is a manufacture defect. After researching I have found there have been MANY reports of this problem by other consumers!

shamurti Send email
Mar 5, 2018

Frigidarie Refrigeratore on FIRE

Our less than four years old Frigidaire model FFHT1826PS caught on fire this morning. Thankfully, the fire was contained within the unit. Firgidaire has refused to recall these units even though there have been many reported incidents.


Frigidarie Refrigeratore on FIRE

shamurti Send email
Mar 5, 2018

Fridge on FIRE - Do NOT buy

Our less than four year old Frigidaire refrigerator FFHT1826PS caught on fire this morning. We are putting out a do NOT BUY alert out for all Frigidaire products.

Fridge on FIRE - Do NOT buy

Krugerrands Send email
Dec 20, 2017

Cook top slide in range has bad area

I purchased a slide in range late August 2017, with a glass cook top. One of the burners will not come completely clean. I have cleaned it after every use, making sure there is nothing remaining on the cooktop area. But for some reason, one area will not come back to the grey that surrounds the cooking area. Is this under the glass? How do I remove it if I can?

luckytobealive Send email
Dec 18, 2017


I purchased 26-cu ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator Single Ice Maker (Easycare)
Item #: 488403 Model #: FFHS2611PF on 05/07/16

on 12/16/17 the capacitor spontaneously burst into flames causing an electrical fire which resulted in the loss of my appliance. When calling the local lowes I purchased I became aware our `1 year warrantee expired 6 months ago and there was nothing they could do to help us. So I reached out to the manufacturer Electrolux who claimed they had no obligation to resolve this manufacturer defect and claimed this was not an issue they've had with this product in the past, although I have found many others on the internet with the same issue immediately after only a short google search. I advise anyone looking into purchasing this product to refrain from buying and any other owners to be aware this product could potentially take your life or burn your house down
george23 Send email
Nov 25, 2017

Frigidaire defective dryer control panels

We bought a Frigidaire Dryer Model # LEQ1442ES in 2008. The control panel had to be replaced in 2014. Now, the replacement control panel has also stopped working. It's obvious that Frigidaire has a defective control panel product. Will never buy another Frigidaire product again.
cdlm Send email
Nov 15, 2017

Useless discharge hose for the dishwasher

We purchased a Frigidaire dishwasher and put it in on the weekend. We ran a cycle to ensure that it was operating correctly, and the discharge hose has a couple of leaks in it. Let it be known that the hose is made of some cheap, thin, useless plastic. As a women with a small amount of brain power I realize this hose is pathetic (not sure why you don't). That being said, of course we have to get a new hose. Nothing available in the location we purchased it but I can order it from you guys and wouldn't you know......it is the same pathetic cheap hose.

I would hope that as a reputable company you would at the very least provide us with a new hose. As I have previously indicated we have not even had the opportunity to put a cycle of dishes through.

I would appreciate a response as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention to this concern.

E-mail address [email protected]
rcbk inc Send email
Sep 6, 2017

Frigidaire Refrigerator Break Down

We are a 35 unit non-profit seniors complex. In January 2016 we had purchased all new refrigerators for the units. Model No. FFET1222QW KA54315357. Since our purchase we have had 13 refrigerators break down and several people who lost all of their food. We purchased these refrigerators from a dealer in Port Colborne, Doug Swartz. Although Mr. Swartz would like to blame the building for this problem, we have been around for 40 years and we have never had a problem with any refrigerators that we had purchased until now. We even went to the expense of having an electrician into the building to check things out. It was bad enough that the refrigerators broke down but then we also had to wait for parts to get them running again. In the meantime the tenants would have no refrigerator.
We are very disappointed that such a big company would have such poor service for their customers. If in the future we will again have to purchase this big ticket item I can assure you that our Board will not be looking at Frigidaire for their replacements as we cannot afford to replace these items continuously.

If there is something that you can do for us about this problem we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

My name is Delcie Dennis and I am the administrator for the corporation R.C.B.K. Inc
i can be reached at either 289-686-1117 or 905-894-2314
Gene Send email
Jul 19, 2017

Frigidare fridge started smoking/burning

Purchased at Lowes approx 5 years ago. Model FFHS2612LS. Same experience as some others - black smoke and clicking/loud humming noise. Got lucky - a unit starting to catch on fire while we were visiting the cabin - we could have been away for a while This could have caused a major fire in our absence would we have not been so lucky. There was no warning signs of any kind. Working fine and one day left the house in the morning and by 5pm found it smoking. This seems a suspect to have so many similar stories from Frigidare fridge owners who purchased at Lowes. Some action/investigation seems in order.
Macoute Send email
May 6, 2017

Fridge Caught Fire

Thankfully, I was home getting ready for work. If this had happened twenty minutes later the outcome would be grim. I smelled an electrical burn smell, and emerged from the bathroom. Smoke filled my kitchen. I instantly cut the breaker to the house, opened doors and windows. I contacted an electrician friend who helped me eliminate each appliance at a time. It took about two seconds to confit was the fridge. Upon pulling it away from the wall, an orange flame erupted with sparks and crackling. After reading the multitudes of complaints it's obvious I am not the only one. Thank the Lord I was home, awake, and no lives were lost. I think it's time Frigidaire take some responsibility and show some remorse and rectify the wrong. I honestly at the point don't ever want a Frigidaire product ever again!

Fridge Caught Fire Fridge Caught Fire

Dr LT Send email
Dec 11, 2016


I noticed many of the Refrigerators that caught on fire, were purchased at LOWE'S.

I purchased a Refrigerator from LOWE'S less than a year ago. All of these FIRE COMPLAINTS are FRIGHTENING!
My Refrigerator makes a loud Buzzing noise, when the motor is running. (Your Customer Service said it is because this model now has a Larger Motor.) It also "pops" occasionally. >The Freezer in this model does not have a light! <

L. T.
[email protected]
[email protected] Send email
Dec 1, 2016

Fridge caught on fire

Our four year old Frigidaire fridge caught on fire Saturday. Thankfully, we were home and able to put the fire out. When I called Frigidaire, they couldn't have cared less and and acted like it was not a big deal. They said since it was not under warranty, they would not do anything for me. Now after reading online, I see lot of stories of Frigidaire products catching fire. They should be removed from all stores!
ganttc Send email
Nov 8, 2016

Frigidaire Fridge Caught Fire

I own small apartment buildings. In 2011, bought a 12 unit building and renovated all the kitchens. Installed Frigidaire baseline stainless Fridge/Stove/Micro/DW in all units (and subsequently in another 20 units in 2 other locations). In August 2016, had a call from a tenant that her refrigerator had caught fire at 2am. Luckily someone was up, they quickly called the fire department that responded quickly. There was substantial damage to the apartments (smoke/water damage everywhere, fire damage in kitchen). Luckily, no one was injured.

I called Frigidaire and received the same "we aren't responsible" for this reply. They advise there is no recall on any of their refrigerators. To be honest, I'm not looking for a new refrigerator. My concern in the 31 OTHER - IDENTICAL refrigerators I have in various apartment out there and the tenants in each of the units. If there is a needed fix, Frigidaire should come clean and let us know.
gbrown11251970 Send email
Oct 25, 2016

Frigidaire Refrigerator CAUGHT ON FIRE!

10/08/16 our Refrigerator CAUGHT ON FIRE! As luck would have it we were home when this happened. Had we not been we would've been homeless!
drwoods Send email
Aug 5, 2016

Frigidaire French Door refrigerator

I purchased a Frigidaire fridge back in July of 2015 and also a 5yr warranty at that time as well, by the following December the ice maker was starting to leak, it was suggested to me by Lowes to just turn the unit off which I did and was referred to Frigidaire as it was past the 90days from Lowes. I called Frigidaire and was scheduled to have Ash Appliance Repair come out to access the unit, Tech came out over an hour late but advised to do a 48hr defrost as this model #FFHB2740P has this problem with the ice maker from what he has seen and asked that he indicate this in writing on his repair invoice so I did the defrost and by April I had same problem once again and was determined that ice maker was going to have to be replaced and would take approx. 3-5 days for parts to come in. Parts received and now once again Aug 2016 the ice maker is leaking water on my kitchen floor and no ice is being made, Ash Tech came out again and same story all over again and I refused him to replace part as I felt just replacing the ice maker once again was just putting a band-aid on this situation and requested that unit be replaced with a different model, well hat is not going to happen as I have to play the game by their rules so here I am waiting for yet another service call from Ash to replace ice maker unit once again. I have called Frigidaire and spoken with their Corp Sup and could not tell me how many times the ice maker will have to be replaced before unit is "deemed not fixable". So bottom line here I will have to play the game by their rules even though it was my hard earned money that purchased this French Door Fridge...... this is not over with my complaint
Red Hawk Send email
Jul 22, 2016

Frigidaire Range

We rent our home and in the contract I fix what breaks. But when the control panel and wiring catches on fire on this range,THAT IS TOO MUCH!
My wife and I have been in 6 fires over a 50 year period and when you turn the oven on and an eye on the top of it catches on fire? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. We lost our eldest son in a fire and I was turned around in circles by Frigidaire when I called them about this. NOT GOOD FOLKS.
They told me another company made the range and not them but she would tell her boss and put it on the complaint list. Like I bet she did HA.
If anyone has a Frigidaire model FFEF3015LWA and the wiring burn up in it PLEASE CALL THEM!
Kenneth From Fayetteville TN
deb9195 Send email
May 18, 2016

Frigidaire Refrigerator Caught on FIRE! Model FFHS2622MSH

I have a 2.5 year old Frigidaire and it caught on fire yesterday! Luckily, we were home! I could smell something burning. I walked around my kitchen trying to figure out what was going on. I went in the garage to get my husband. By the time we walked back into the kitchen, our kitchen was filled with black smoke! We could hear a hissing sound coming from the refrigerator. My husband had to pull it out of the wall and unplug it. It seemed as if the fire was coming from the back, lower right hand side of the refrigerator.
Here is the part that is really concerning....when I called Frigidaire, I was passed around to four people and was on the phone for 55 minutes. They could care less! They acted like this was an every day occurrence. They only thing they offered me was a list of repair men in my area!
I am stunned at the poor customer service for a product that is almost brand new! We built our home in 2013 and ordered a set of brand new appliances, all Frigidaire. They just kept repeating "it's out of its ONE year warranty." I understand that things happen and go wrong, but this appliance started on fire! You would think that a fire would be considered an extenuating circumstance and something would be offered to the consumer.
I will never buy Frigidaire again.
KatjVL Send email
Jul 22, 2015


I really wish I had read all of the reviews before buying my washer/dryer a few years ago. At this point, the washer AND the dryer have gone out 2-3x a YEAR! From the beginning, the customer service at Frigidaire was HORRENDOUS. The dryer literally tears apart our clothes and the washer stops draining. We have spent WAY over what we paid for this awful appliance in repair! $400 here and $400 there! This is literally the WORST appliance ever with awful customer service. I am now looking to replace my washer/dryer (FINALLY because I refuse to pay any more on the awful ones I have) and a fridge and a dishwasher and I will NEVER give frigidaire my business again!

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